Thursday, December 18, 2014

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The Call Blog: NYCHA Security Cameras Having Mixed Results

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Cameras are just one part of the security jigsaw puzzle. While they are not the solution to crime on their own, along with monitoring, more officers and other measures, they can help prevent and solve crime. It's a worthy investment, one that hopefully can continually be done over time.

As Mayor de Blasio works to increase security at public housing developments where crime is on the rise, one of his chief tools is security cameras. But, do they actually work? NY1 analyzed crime rates of the 66 New York City Housing Authority developments that received security cameras in 2012 and 2013 and found the results were mixed. 31 of them actually saw an increase in crime for the first half of the year, nine developments saw no change in crime, and 26 saw a decrease in crime.

Some residents say the cameras don’t always deter crime since they aren’t present in all the buildings. But, others say they are a key part of an overall crime-fighting strategy. NYCHA would seem to agree with that, and in a statement said: “A direct correlation between just cameras and crime rates also omits community specifics including demographics, law enforcement presence, and more." Mayor de Blasio has announced a $210 million investment to improve security at 15 developments, through more police officers and exterior lighting. That’s in addition to the $27 million put aside for cameras to be installed at 49 developments.

Do you support the millions in taxpayer money being invested in our City’s public housing? Do you want to see the initiatives expanded to all the developments? How effective are cameras as a crime-fighting tool? Would you like to see more in your neighborhood? How has the de Blasio administration done in responding to the recent spike in gun violence?

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It looks as though every task/project that this administration tries to tackle is never really thought out. Someone has a suggestion and it's you got it and then we the tax payers are left to pick up the tab. They should research things much more thoroughly before allocating funds which run into mega dollars. This was a complaint if you will when this was just in the talking stages and so now we have many questions about this project.

Morris Park

Working security cameras should be placed in all NYCHA buildings in the stairwell elevator and lobbies, the cameras can be very effective in catching the criminals. I would like to see cameras in the subway exit on 97 street and Central Park West it's deserted at night anything can happen there, The Diblasio administration needs to do more when it comes to gun violence and helping young mothers that are becoming to overwhelmed to take care of their babies no baby should be left on a subway platform, the daddies need to step in and help the mothers take care of their kids even if the baby isn't theirs.

Upper West Side

The best thing to do is to have fulltime armed guards and doormen in every building. Plus, every person seeking entrance must be okayed by a call from the doorman to the tenant. If there is no ok from the tenant, the visitor should be told to go away.

Port Richmond

I don't know if Security Cameras will lower, or raise, crime throughout NYCHA, but one good example of how effective theymay be is by looking at what the millions &millions of dollars worth of surveillance cameras did for Rikers Island. Ever since Commissioner Horn had our hard earned taxpayer dollars invested in having cameras all throughout the jails, violence, and crime, has skyrocketed beyond believe, and recognition. Before an additional multi-million dollar investment in cameras are wasted, maybe something more logical can be invested in improving NYCHA, like more police. Lord knows the Department of Correction would have been better off with more Correction Officers, instead of lots of cameras.


The only difference between these new up and coming security camera's for NYCHA, and the security camera's in the gazillion luxury condos that most of can't afford to live in, is that the NYCHA camera's will probably be hooked up to somebody's ferret cage in Yugoslavia. This is NYC 2014. Our security is unimportant to those that beg for our votes around election time.

Upper East Side

it's the parents fault... they have these kids as young as 6 out in the courtyards of the NYCHA projects running wild... they grow up in that environment and that becomes their comfort zone... they are the ones that grow up and start committing crimes... the lady mary from kew gardens has no idea what she is talking about... i am all for the cameras being installed!!

we need to start teaching this kids how to value where they live and teach them morals so they won't grow up committing crimes...

Morningside Heights

Although I don't agree with the last callers classification of "those people" I do agree with her assessment of tax payer dollars being used for cameras. The money for thw technology coi let be better spent helping people raise themselves out of poverty through mandatory programs similar to the federal Hope VI.

Try investing this money in the people instead of technology. Who's watching on the other end?

The cameras are very good idea, but they need to be better than they are now if we want them to meet the purpose of installing them in the first place. Usually they record in poor quality so we can't recognize anyone.


As I listened to Reginald Bowman, my mouth dropped when you asked him about the tenants & the intercom...........I live in a 14 story building that contains 98 apartments, I cant know everyone; so as I exit the bldg & someone is entering at the same time, I cannot close the door on them. So the intercoms are a false sense of security, person just waits until someone comes out.

Another false security method are the CAMERAS, we have a back door that is used by maintenance it is not a major exit & is sublevel (basement) the door is often open for employee use as well as faulty closing mechanics, I can enter the building via a stairwell at this employee entrance and never be seen by the (1) camera in the lobby.

We (media & residents) will be stalled until the excitement of my young neighbor's murder subsides. Monies will be wasted on cameras if they are not viewed regularly by NYCHA office employees, maintained, placed in/at locations that will be privy to crime, ie, elevators, roofs, stairwells, each floor.

Housing Assistants should do more investigating when there are complaints about residents socially unacceptable behaviors.


This whole camera project isa good idea if only to cut down on lawsuits. These residents have an uncanny ability to injure themselves on the property. Witnesses are always friendly and thus NYC just settles.
This project is not for crime prevention

To the last caller everyone who live in city's housing is not on assistance. Some work and those that don't. Try not to pass judgement. The children and elderly should be protected. I like to say Thank you to Mayor DiBlasio for doing something. Crime is getting worse, people are scared to talk fear of they our lives since they still have to live there. I feel the cameras will help the Police Officers and slow down crime. But help them caught the right person. I'm happy to see the Money being used for what it was giving for. The lottery money was supposed to help the school but instead some of Electronic Officer's forgot were the Money is supposed to go. They Pockets get fat and taxpayers get poorer. We can't even save anymore. Now they don't want our children to go to college. If they do, they will be in-depth the rest of their lives. Thank you to all the People at New York call. People have a chance to Voice their opinions and concerns rather any one agree or not. So a very special thank you.

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