Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor Signs Bill To Create Municipal Identification Cards

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The NYCLU no longer supports this bill. The idea, yes. The bill, no. That should tell you a lot about how much thought went into creating these municipal identification cards. Hopefully in the months between now and January we learn more details.

New York City's first municipal identification card will soon be available to every resident, regardless of their immigration status. Mayor de Blasio signed the bill into law today after holding one public hearing on the issue yesterday. The goal is to give people a form of government identification to open a bank account, sign a lease, cash a check, or access other services.

Supporters say undocumented immigrants should have the opportunity to "step out of the shadows" and participate in aspects of civic life. Similar cards already exist in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New Haven, Connecticut. Opponents question how the ID card program was approved so quickly, and say those who are in the country illegally shouldn't be rewarded. What do you say?

Are you celebrating the creation of New York City's first municipal identification card? Will you get one? Do you think undocumented immigrants will take part in this program? Do you question the fast-tracked approval process between the City Council and Mayor de Blasio?

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Many people here have more than one job. I have cleaned apts cause I need to work People should come through proper Chanel's There is no other country that accepts people as we do


Very sad people have so much negativity towards immigrants, I'm not an immigrant but my father in law is and he works very hard and yet he can't even retire and yes he does have his citizenship, but is looked down as an immigrant and doesn't get his fair share. People from the New York area fail to see that immigrants work the "jobs" that "New York citizens" are embarrassed to work for!!


This is Elvin from brooklyn heights, I do support the ID'S for undocumented people providing that a back ground check is done in their home country, this ID may be the best thing that ever happen to making a family life better for the rest of their life. We Americans should think for one minute if the tables were to turn.

Great points made tonight. I certainly don't think about the nationality of my friends at the deli counters in the morning, making my perfect cup of coffee or making my sandwich at lunch time. I do wonder now about all the business hiring illegal immigrants.


I'm completely happy with this new idea. Even though they don't know any regulations yet I'm hoping I, and other immigrants can be able to get one! This will open more doors for the immigrants ,I'm hoping they focus on us a bit more on this one. These people are crazy calling us "aliens" when we are all humans! Have some humanity.


My concern is homeland safety and security.. what can these cards be used to gain access to? To drivers licenses? Passports visas and credit cards.. and further more WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THE MONEY FOR THESE CARDS..#?! Street life thanks..


Unemployment benefits were discontinued for millions And no one has spoken about that it was just swept under the rug with millions of people losing homes and immigrants buying homes getting healthcare not paying taxes


I'm all in support of humanism and holding hands and smoking the peace pipe with the tired poor huddled masses, but as has been reported on NY1 numerous times, this will cost the city EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS. And these cards will obviously have to be re-designed and re-issued ad infinitum. Our public education system is a CATASTROPHE, we apparently have no more cops working at the desk anymore because they're all on the streets, we're launching this massive universal pre-k production; it is INSANE on a purely logistical dollars and sense level to say we can afford to spend legislative funds on something that will only be effective in New York City but will only benefit citizens of other countries.

All the people who came here to do hardworking jobs in new york city are already doing hardworking jobs in new york city. They don't need an eight million dollar card to do that. Secure your own life vest before assisting others.

Kim, Greenpoint

Who say illegals aren't paying taxes? Many of them have a tax id and they pay they taxes every year, so if they dont know that illegals arent paying taxes why they talk about it they should get inform before they say anything.


If they get ID, they should have to give their fingerprints so we can ensure they are not criminals, that they are held responsible for their crimes and that we can find them if needed to DEPORT THEM

De blablablasio has to go


These new ID's may turn out to be a good idea. Undocumented people coming into the U.S. to work can now work legally and get taxes taken out of their pay. Companies hiring illegals now are paying them very low wages and they are being exploited. It should be required that employers pay them the same wages as a citizen of this country would receive. Now maybe we won't be pushed out of good jobs and replaced by illegals, especially blue collar jobs that are being done now by undocumented immigrants. Furthermore now You will be able to track their whereabouts.


Contrary to Spiro's comment everyone didn't come to America as immigrants, they were forced here. Since when are persons rewarded for breaking the law? Entering the country illegally is against the law.


God Bless America I am totally against this ID card. Give give give Who is going to pay for this. Being a legal citizen means nothing. This just the liberals at work.


Contrary to Spiro's comment everyone didn't come to America as immigrants, they were forced here. Since when are persons rewarded for breaking the law.


The people who are in NYC illegally are sending money home, correct? So why don't they have $$ to hire an attorney and become legal? Because we have leaders like DiBlasio who give these people a pass and now...ID cards! We're basically saying it's ok to break the law.

Joan, Queens

I agree with Spyro. These are people and they're not taking our jobs. Corporations gave away our jobs with NAFTA. If people don't want the card they don't have to get it. As far as an illegal alien getting the card it's a means of documenting the person so they will no longer be an undocumented alien.


Hi John,

Make no mistake, all undocumented immigrants are criminals. When they snuck into the country they broke the law. They should be deported!!

Midwood, Brooklyn

Hello John! It's been quite a while since I've written to you, haha. This is Chezza! Anyways, about this new Municipal I.D. card, I have mixed reactions but i also agree with Dolores, who spoke on the show a little earlier. While there are ways you mentioned that we are able to check their background, I still feel that there needs to be more verification methods just to be sure we are not giving more options to past criminals. We have enough of those in New York already...

Hope all is well with you John!


What is the purpose of the municipal ID? Why is the non drivers license ID from the DMV not good enough? Very well may be about the vote.

Edgewater, NJ

Dear Mr. John Schiumo:

I believe that the undocumented immigrants should be able to participate in our economy. They are all hard working people and they come to the United States to look for work. They are not looking for a handout. They just want a chance like the rest of us who were born here. After all, we are all a nation of immigrants with the exception of the Native Americans.

Flushing, Queens

From Williamsburg,

I don't see what's wrong with giving immigrants a NYC ID. It's a great way to avoid carrying around my passport around and even lose it (which would be a huge hassle). By the way, documented or undocumented immigrants are not criminals just for being immigrants.

The people are already here, this will just give them IDs, they are acting like this people are not here.


More than anything else,what will the criteria be to establish ones identity? Who will verify the information. What will be the verification process? Could someone get multiple cards using different names? Check out what is required to get a legal non driver i.d. in NYS. An illegal/undocumedted immigrant can not meet NYS standards.

Know any college kids with phony i.d.,s?

Jack B
Queens Village

Yes I think the ID cards for the undocumented immigrants I a good idea yet a smart one because the immigrants can explore and discover the city and the fact that with these ID cards people can go to places. The only time it is not a good idea is when the person trying to go to NY is a criminal or just coming and is going to commit a crime or just be bad news.

Justin from Dongan Hills on Staten Island

With this new legislation, does it mean the progressives socialists who run NYC are finally open to legal Voter ID? We are the only major western country foolish enough not to have Voter ID...Or, is this a grand plan to get illegals to vote and vote unlawfully straight Demoncat?


Illegal aliens should not be granted these cards.

What legal right do they have to get city services if their very presence is a violation of federal immigration law?

It's not fair to those who enter this country LEGALLY.

Flushing, NY

I don't have enough time to type how crazy this idea is. The women from the NY Civil Liberties union is worried about the police, what about all of the people who can just sign up for the card, services and everything that comes with it. Where is this money going to come from, the hard working New York tax payers who pay State and Federal taxes. This program only will invite people to continue to come here without going through the correct process.


How will these Municipal ID Cards benefit the homeless, when many of the homeless don't have any sort of documentation which is required for these ID's. There needs to be a system in place to help them obtain the required documents to obtain the ID.


What De blasio is doing is creating a safe haven for illegal immigrants. In this dangerous time that we are living in, we should be careful about our nation's security. This is truly a dumb idea and most people wont have any regard for it unless they are here illegally.

upper westside

I think the illegal immigrants should not be rewarded with anything. They are breaking the law by coming here ILLEGALLY. Why give them more free things that can now grant them access to food stamps, free health care, SSI, etc.? Give it to the poor people in this city who are taxpayers and struggling, deport these lawbreakers.

Emilia, Howard Beach

Hi John,

I am not celebrated the new ID cards, but Iam not against it, simple the question is how they verify the data is given by these illigal alliens assuming all the time until the given ID card they have lied about their legality, will they be able to drive legaly which is a privaledge, to many question little answer,

Joco from Sunnyside

Only the illegals will use these cards, so it is a way of "outing" them.

East Village

Let’s face it John - what is the point of having a city ID unless you are undocumented to begin with? People can easily get a state ID or a driver’s license. Why do we need another excuse threatening homeland security? This is a liberal agenda and completely absurd.

Bklyn Hgts.


I have alot of problems with these i.d. cards for illegal immigrants. There is a federal law that prohibits hiring undocumented workers. Deblasio and viverito should go after the business that hire the undocumented.

The one benefit of these cards is creating a database for the NYPD and FBI to work with. The NYCLU opposes these cards for this very reason.

I love watching liberals fighting liberals. It's entertaining.

midtown east



If they're here illegally we should get them out not reward them. It's bad enough we have govt supporting so many legal citizens without tax money.


I know this is an excellent move to improve thousands of lives within NYC. We have always been the hub for immigrants. Without our immigrants we would not have an exciting, diverse city. This is a great move to help many people. I ask of those who impose this bill. How many generations has it been since your family migrated here? Ask those who came and struggled how hard it was and why they stayed and maybe you will understand why others still come.

Jamaica, NY

Hi John

I will get a Muncipal ID Card because it's a government ID card and usually when i have to go to certin buildings they ask me for identification, i do have other ID's but it's always good to have more than one. Those people that are in the country illegally should be able to get one too because maybe they can go through the process of getting legal status to be here. Mayor Diblasio and the City Council worked together on this project that's why it was fastracked.


What is there to celebrate the selling out of America ? People have legally waited years to enjoy the freedoms that we have fought and died for. Now along comes this socialist and racist city council to give our hard earned benefits to illegal immigrants. The current administration makes me sick. None of them are getting my vote next time. Putrid they are.

Park Hill


I'm opposed to this. If a foreign born person wants to live here, then why doesn't he or she go through the process and become an American citizen? If they don't go through this process, they remain an illegal alien whether they carry a deBlockhead ID card or not.

Port Richmond, SI

I trust this Mayor and so hope there isn't a shady reason for such fast approval. I'm happy about this new form of ID, and welcome immigrants, all immigrants to become a part of our diverse and exciting city.

Jackson Heights

I think this is “NUTS” not only do we, yes we the taxpaying citizens of NYC pay through our taxes and health insurance for FREE healthcare to non-tax paying “illegals” I heard of a single lady in Brooklyn who was in hospital for 3 days, her bill was $16,000.00. Okay it would have been hard for her to make ends meet but, she could have covered it but, there was an $80,000.00 dollar charge also added to cover other hospital costs, she ended up filing bankruptcy and lost her house, and she’s a tax paying citizen. (but who cares) Look at our education system I heard that 45% of the kids in schools are from illegal alien families (non-tax paying), classes are over crowded and, teachers have to spend more time explaining to non-english speaking illegals and our American kids suffer. I know this does not sound right but it’s a reality “where do all the uneducated children of American citizens come from? (but who cares) and now Mr numb-nuts wants to hand out our taxpaying city services to non-taxpaying illegals, why don’t we get on top of the Empire state building with megaphones and shout out to the world “come to the city of the free, not the legal way and stay as an alien, we would be happy to pay for you?? (but who cares) What, you need free money (welfare) and, free housing and, free health care what, and you want free education oh, and you want your kids to have priority in college/university “CALL BILL”
As for our citizens, who cares! Wait a minute, maybe thats the problem, nobody cares and it’s a shame.

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