Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: The Plan To Make Public Housing Safer

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Some of these changes, like better lighting and security, are way overdue. Hopefully, the plan can be expanded to all housing developments.

Mayor de Blasio visited the Wagner Houses in East Harlem today to announce details of a $210 million plan to improve safety at public housing developments. The City will add 700 police officers, install 150 light towers, and remove ten miles of "sidewalk sheds" put up during construction projects. In addition, 107 NYCHA community centers will stay open longer during the summer months.

The improvements are taking place at 15 housing developments that make up 20 percent of the violent crime at NYCHA properties. Shootings have gone up 31 percent at NYCHA developments this year, while overall crime is down slightly citywide. Today's plan is in addition to the initiative to add more security cameras to developments in the five boroughs.

Do you welcome more cops, lights, and programs at public housing? Will this $210 million dollar plan make a difference? Should it be expanded to the other 319 developments citywide? What ideas do you have to improve safety at NYCHA buildings?

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He's starting to make me nervous- between the contracts and other spending where is this money coming from?

Midtown East

I see what he's trying to do and I love it . You have to ask yourself this . How will you get the parents involved to help with their kids who are committing these violent crimes.


When did they realize that they had an enormous problem with crime especially in the Bronx and Brooklyn. No one seems to be minding the store. More often than not it seems as though a little ruffling of the feathers by the public that are not fans of this administration at all seems to get them moving on getting things started. Whether this surge of Officers walking the beat or not will do the trick remains to be seen.
When do their parents/guardians take responsibility with these children? People from the different districts of the boroughs seem as though they want the Officers to form an alliance with the residence of the areas. It can't fall solely on Law Enforcement. It always seems as though the blame is put on them and thus their hands are tied once again even before they start. If everyone will do their part we might finely come up with some success.

Morris Park

I welcome the 210 million dollar plan to enhance public housing, it will make a difference and should be expanded to all NYCHA buildings more cops, lights and cameras are definitely needed to prevent crimes. NYCHA should also have a place for young single mothers to go and talk to people that can help them raise their children so they won't become to overwhelmed and ditch their baby on a subway platform. It's hard to believe some daddies don't want to step up to the plate and help the baby mamas out it takes two to create a baby the mother didn't do it alone

Upper West Side

I approve of these improvements, but only if the tenants pay for them, all of them.

Port Richmond

Again I state NYCHA needs to know who is living in their property. There are plenty of people living in apartments that are not suppose to be there. The tenants take them in to get their rent paid. They are get over on the government & taxpayers!!

Red Hook West

With real estate exploding in Brooklyn , they are running out of places for new residents to live , the city is planning on cleaning out the projects so they can transition to above low income housing. The transitional housing experiment has plagued the city for years.


The NYPD should be more diplomatic with respects to their methods. Citizens of New York would respect law enforcement more if they were a little less arrogant. In a perfect world, police and citizens would work together to resolve differences in their prospective communities.

Greenwich Village

Typical de Blasio - reactive as opposed to pro-active. $210 mil for lights and opening community centers - as if the lack of which is what's driving the gun violence. The criminal element will not be assuaged by these things. Even though the mayor refuses to accept it, it's obvious that Stop & Frisk was working to protect residents of these precincts.

Ft. Wadsworth

The mayor's plan is commendable but along with community centers, there should be more access to mental health outreach centers for these young people. IT is obvious if you address the mental health issues, you can begin to address the other major problems afflicting these young people.

Richmond Hill

Al from Canarsie is 100 percent corrrect. These police officers must be permanently assigned to each project. Housing cops had to treat everyone fairly because both the tenants and officers were not going anywhere.

Midtown East

NYCHA's approach to the crime problem will result in more arrests but doesn't address the problem. We really need to grab kids at the preschool level to help them escape the poverty loop. Many of these children have parents who are uneducated with some that have never held any job. The 'Beat Cop' initiative may take years to produce tangible results, you can't drop cops in a development and have them trusted by the people. Short term it will reduce violent crime I believe.



Let's get back to the basics of how the PJ were created - I always tell people that all Projects when built surrounded a house of worship and an elementary school.
So lets start there... Since the belief of God is far and few these days turn these buildings into community centers that provide counseling, AA/NA, family therapy, wellness education...
The elementy schools should be taken over by charter schools and recruit the best of the best teachers / make the schools training schools for future teachers and training ground Teach for America teachers.

Turn the buildings into quasi co-ops... Enable people to invest in the property in the grounds.
Start gardening clubs allow residents to grow and sell greens to other residents.
Allow artists to express themselves by drawing positive murals in entry ways and hold contest for best building mura. every three months a new mural is created...
Create programs that will allow people to build equity in there buildings.

Finally -Allow the residents to self govern. Have an internal court system, that is managed by the people who live there....


Our NYCHA young men need programs, jobs, to keep them off the streets. There is a mall opening in this fall right next to marble hill houses in the bx. Why not have a open house and give an opportunity to the young men and women of that community to work there.


More police on the grounds of nycha and surrounding area cannot happen soon enough. There was just a shooting and murder of a young teen yesterday at Jefferson houses just about 5 blocks from Wagner hses. Jefferson houses has always had a high level of crime. Also nycha housing assistants are expected to do too much. They are burdened with going out doing rent collections, seeing tenants in the A.M. and are expected to be social workers also


Spend money on getting these people educated, audit them to see if they qualify for public housing yearly, help them get jobs. I see a lot of cars including Mercedes parked near them. How can you afford a car if you live in the projects. NYC needs to take a look at the public housing projects as they are using my tax dollars to support someone who should be supporting themselves. Noone supports me, I support myself.


So how is all of this going to be paid for? Taxpayers have sunk billions of dollars over the years to try and fix and maintain housing projects. The tenants living there need to respect the property and be accountable for their own family members.

Forest Hills

How about "three strikes your out"? That would clean house quickly.

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