Wednesday, December 24, 2014


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The Call Blog: Desk Duty Police Officers Hit The Streets

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Sadly, it's becoming a Monday tradition in the summer. We come to work and check the crime stats. And no, it's not a new thing because there is a new mayor and police commissioner. It's been this way for years. Even long before The Call launched in 2005. On the bright side, we are most definitely not Chicago.

Operation "Summer All Out" is now in effect. More than 300 police officers left their desk jobs today to patrol the streets for the next 90 days. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton ordered the initiative to combat a rise in shootings this year. 95 percent of those officers are being deployed in high-crime areas in Brooklyn and the Bronx. As of now, Manhattan and Staten Island aren't scheduled to get any extra help.

2014 still has the second fewest number of shooting incidents in the last 20 years. But this holiday weekend marked the third consecutive weekend with at least a dozen shootings. NYPD statistics through Sunday show there have been 562 shootings so far this year. There were 514 this time last year. The "Summer All Out" program is also aimed at improving police-community relations. Will it work?

What's your reaction to New York City's third consecutive violent weekend? Would you like to see more police in your neighborhood? Do you think the officers taking part in "Summer All Out" should be on patrol and away from their desk jobs permanently? After a two-day refresher training course, are you confident they will be up to the task of handling high-crime areas?

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Hi John,

I hope operation "Summer All out" works because to many people are getting injured or worst, some communities do need to have better relations with the officers that walk the beat. All officers should be on patrol and let the civilians take over desk duty, people need to stop the violence some kids are getting hurt or worse because they get caught in the middle of the violence and parents need to keep a better watch on their kids around lakes ponds and pools, kids are curious they love the water when it's hot if your kids can't swim give them swimming lessons


I am waiting for the speaker of the council and Williams to protest that there are to many police in the black and hispanic neighborhoods. And you know what, they are right. Put the officers in the white neighborhoods to keep the thugs out.......

Park Hill

The biggest problem is how to cut crime without offending someone. My statement could be interpreted as you need to offend someone to solve a crime, or you can find a way not to offend someone. Take your pic.

Rosalie from Canarsie


We need better police rather than more police. Plus, they must get out of their cars and walk the beat.

Port Richmond, SI

Broken families, with no structure and no order is what's producing these young thugs who have little regard for others. Most of our youth's bad behaviour is learned from adults and adopted as street culture


The NYPD should be more diplomatic with respects to their methods. Citizens of New York would respect law enforcement more if they were a little less arrogant. In a perfect world, police and citizens would work together to resolve differences in their prospective communities.

Kenny from Greenwich Village

Crime is not increasing. It's simple, more crimes are being reported! During the past Mayoral administration, many crimes were not listed/ reported in Comstat (tool used to measure crime in precincts month-to-month). We needed more police officers in our streets years ago! However, the Bloomberg administration was so busy falsifying stats (like he did in education) to push his gentrification agenda. New community residents would not move into neighborhoods that didn't seem safe.


This is nothing new. The NYPD did this in the 90's. I don't think it made any difference. If the judicial system wasn't such a joke, maybe the bad guys would be put behind bars instead of having a revolving door system. Make the sentences stick. No plea deals

Tommy C from Astoria (born and raised not a short timer)


I think that you projected the wrong attitude about the Mayor not requesting help from the National Guard for fear of not being re-elected. First, if the N.G. can reduce crime I would vote for him. Secondly, I don't want a Mayor whose concerned more about personal gain than gain for this city

MARK, born and raised in Brooklyn.

Dear John,

Having more cops on the streets is a good thing. But I am disappointed that Mayor de Blasio is not making an effort on gun control as Mike Bloomberg did. If dangerous people did not have a gun, the killings could be avoided.

Staten Island, New York

The Police just have to identify the type of gangs that walk the streets and hang on the corners, it's not that hard just go [online] it's all public info.


More police is good.. But crime prevention must start in the home There's should some legislation that involves the kids and the parents.. Where there being held responsible for there children's actions.. These kids don't work live at home .. With mommy or grand ma.. Running rampant all over the city..and when there older the home they reside in must be held accountable..

Tony - Harlem

Dear John!

Love your program! Great initiative by NYPD HOWEVER.....the responsibility is with the families. These "shooters" come from a home. You should make it your business to know what's going on. Where is the accountability for the parents? These shooters, criminals know right from wrong. If they don't understand how to be civilized get them psychological help in a housed institution.

Hold the media, record labels artists responsible.

Thanks John!

Yes! More police! But, we need MORE regular cops.

For example, in my area, every time I ask for police assistance in non-emergency situations, they all tell me that they belong to a "special unit" and cannot do anything to help, so I should contact 311.

Maybe the mayor should ask for some State Troopers.

Flushing, NY

More boots on the ground and more stop and frisk. But the stop and frisk should be done with respect. No bullying and demeaning the person.

East Village

It begs the question as to why able bodied cops were sitting behind desks in the first place. Will we ever get an answer? I doubt it.


Just bring back Stop & Frisk to high crime areas It obviously works.

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