Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: Operation "Summer All Out" Moves Police From Stationhouse To Streets

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The 360 police officers who are being moved off of desk duty are not being replaced. So, how unimportant is your job that it's acceptable to leave it unattended for three months? And if can be vacated for three, why not forever?

In an attempt to combat the recent rise in shootings, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is adding to the number of police officers on patrol this summer. Operation "Summer All Out" moves approximately 360 police officers who are currently on desk duty or special assignment back to the streets for 90 days. The cops, including detectives on counterterrorism assignments, will patrol specific neighborhoods where crime is on the rise.

Mayor de Blasio repeated yesterday that overall crime is down almost three percent from this time last year. But he acknowledged this decision was made "with concern that shootings have been up slightly." Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch called the initiative a "last ditch, Band-Aid response to the escalating gun violence." He wants the NYPD to hire more officers. Do you?

What's your reaction to moving about 360 cops on desk duty back to the streets? Will it make a difference? Did Mayor de Blasio make a mistake by not backing the City Council's idea to hire an additional 1,000 officers? With shootings up and overall crime down, how safe do you feel in New York City?

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More cops on the street alone will not solve the problem,,,until you have a cop or two on every alley. people should be more proactive in crime prevention.. Criminals operate more freely in neighborhoods where they know they will not be challenged

Ola in the, Bronx ..


My only question is how did they find 200+ civilians that are qualified for these positions?

Jacob in Washington Heights

I agree with the caller Janice. We need to bring back stop and frisk. But, in the minority areas, just like in NEWARK, more social and ethnic intervention is needed in our neighborhoods to bring people and families together.

Washington Heights

Criminals don't deserve respect. Bring kelly back!


Yes we need many more cops on the street. No one confuses a camera or a loudspeaker blaring Ladeez and gentelmen if you see something say something and other bits of annoying advice . No o;ue confuses these soul less but cheap solutions to hiring more people in token booths, more cops on streets in housing projects.

It's become perfectly clear from listening to the call all year that the cities biggest priorities should be safety through hiring lots more cops and also infrastructure. You need to create jobs without bankrupting the city. Maybe all day pre k is a little much for many 4 year olds. Maybe not everybody wants school free lunch( I know what Im talking about.)

Julie on the upper west side

Hi John.

Desk cops should be walking the beat - put them on the streets where they will learn their jobs practically. And hire unemployed civilians for those desk jobs. This is what makes sense.

Peggy in Washington Hts.

Hi John,

I am amazed at the number of people who would trade their liberty for a false feeling of security. Fascism is driven by fear. Be brave, people.

Michael in Greenpoint

What day need to do is get these new york police office in shape and make them look good instead of bums and out of shape that cant run to the corner then will be able to run and catch the bad guys


160,000 pension. I wish!

Midtown East

Where does council member Eric Ulrich get his facts from? Records show that the way Stop and frisk was being administered was not productive. The number of guns found was significantly low for the number of stops. Remember, stop and frisk has not been eliminated it just has been revamped.


If you stop the frisk??? You are looking for more shootings and stabbed victims, or looking for another cop to be shot. Take away the Frisk and the suspect is still in control with the weapon on him!!!

Put the Desk Cops back on the street??? But give them a break once in awhile away from risking their lives 24/7 on the streets of New York City!!!


Former Mayor David Dinkins hired 3000 more police officers back in 1994 as part of the "Safe Streets", Safe City, many New Yorkers have forgotten this program started by Mayor Dinkins, and was basically redundified by Mayor Guiliani during his administration. The point is that many of these police officers are up for retirement, where are the replacements?


Studies have proven that more police on streets does not deter violent crime!!! Education does...this is only the beginning of the fall out from the bloomberg era!!!


I agree with the previous 2 callers the one from the city and the one from Brooklyn. Police officers are trained to patrol the streets, and having more of them out there gives the community a sense of security and safety.

I am a city employee myself sitting behind the a desk and I would like to get more involved in the community. I think is a great decision from the major, not he also needs to assist hundreds of civilians with employment.

Thank you

I don't get why NY is so expensive? It ain't worth the price to live here


This is Brattons first attempt at making a long term mistake. These temporarily transferred officers will consider this a punishment and be totally in effective.

They will stand around and do nothing because the public doesn't back them or the media. You reap what you sow. Stop and frisk worked.

Breezy Point

While this is a good start, it doesn't go far enough to stem the increase in crime. PBA president Pat Lynch, is absolutely right. What's needed is the hiring of more police. Band-aid solutions, aren't the answer to stop gun violence. Don't be deluded. With the all, but elimination of Stop and Frisk, gun violence has been steadily increasing and it's going to get worse, not better! Brownsville, Brooklyn, wasn't always that way. I used to live in that community during the 1960's and early 1970's and it wasn't that way, then.

East Williamsburg

Astoria shooting today! Heard the shots today but thought it was fireworks? ?? Two men down and now the streets are closed!!! Never see any cops walking the streets down here!!!


This is an ineffective way. Done already.


Get the desk officer known as The House Mouse back out on the streets. They were trained & are paid to be Police Officers. They are also in the Court Division where civilians can & should be doing a lot of the processing of paperwork.

Red Hook West

Stop and frisk won't stop crime because a crook doesn't need a gun to rob someone. The woman from west village who says she feels less safe now than she did 40 years ago is sensationalising the issue.

Larry from Brooklyn

Commissioner Bratton could hire me as a consultant and I would guarantee a crime reduction of 60 percent citywide.

Retired Detective

Bad call from Bratton and DeBlasio re additional manpower. Both stated there was no need for additional manning. Nobody saw warmer weather coming with the usual increase in criminal activity?

Jack B
Queens Village

It's a terrific idea to reassign desk duty cops to the street for 90 days. Officers can reconnect to the people they've pledged to serve and bring grtassroots wisdom back to the station houses. It should be a requirement for all desk service cops tp reconnect with the basics of policing.

Park Slope


Having cops do desk duty is stupid. There are plenty of civilians looking for work who could do this. I say also, hire the 1,000 cops. There is plenty of work for them. And despite what DeZero says, crime is up. Watch the 10 and 11 o'clock news. Ignore government statistics.

Port Richmond, SI

I am all for taking Police Officers stepping away from their pencil & paper pushing jobs, and returning the job they were hired to do in the first place. I only wish they would do the same to the hundreds, and hundreds, of New York City Correction Officers they have been playing secretary for too long, and return them back to the jails where they are needed most.

Rodney M.
Rikers Island, AMKC

Hi John,

I guess this mayor and police commissioner are suppose to be educated people and why didn't they just modify the stop and frisk and then send out other cops and or rookies without announcing it to the public. They continue to backtrack. [second guess] For them to take away Detectives that are assigned to counter-terrorism jobs doesn't make any sense at all. Then to ad insult to injury this will only be a 90 day assignment. [A trial if you will] Even if they hired extra cops=how long would it take to train them? I have no idea as to whether Bratton or DeBlasio have the final word on anything but things are not looking good at all. They must pull rank and stop worrying as not to offend anyone with their decisions.

Get with the program guys !!

Thank you John,

Hi John;

Commissioner Bratton is living in the pre-9/11 era. To take police officers from Intelligience and Counter Terrorism assignments is a huge mistake.

I pray that New Yorkers will not pay the ultimate price because of Bratton's failure to understand the important role that Counter Terrorism and Intel officers play in preventing terror attacks.

Midtown East

Have to be careful not to move all of the police to a black or Hispanic community, where a majority of the shootings occur, the city council will say the move was racially motivated.

Park Hill

The administration should have tried to hire more officers -- the mayor's office has been playing fast-and-loose with actual deployment numbers since Bloomberg's first administration, and we've paid the price for Giuliani's merging of the transit and city police officers with far less police coverage on the subways. This city could use 4000 new officers, as long as they're quality recruits and not from the bottom of the civil service lists.

Upper West Side
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