Monday, December 29, 2014

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The Call Blog: Contract Deal Reached With Largest Municipal Union

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I agree with many of our callers who said they feel refreshed that Mayor de Blasio is taking the time to meet with unions and to come to an agreement on new contracts.
We had a few callers who are members of other unions who are still waiting for their contracts, but they say they want to see higher pay raises. Let's see who's up next.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

Mayor de Blasio and the leadership of District Council 37 have reached a tentative contract agreement. The deal announced today means approximately 60 percent of the City's workforce has a new contract or is about to. DC 37 represents 120,000 custodial assistants, police administrative aides, court reporters, school aides and dozens of other professionals who have been without a contract since 2010.

The deal calls for 1 percent retroactive raises for 2011, 2012, and 2013, a 1.5 percent raise in 2014, 2.5 percent in 2015, and 3 percent in 2016. The agreement also includes a one-time $1,000 ratification payment. The deal is also taking into account $3.4 billion in health care savings through 2018, mainly through streamlining choices and auditing health plans.

The total cost of the deal is $1.75 billion. The agreement is consistent with the now-ratified contract with the United Federation of Teachers. It still needs to be voted on by members of DC 37. The tentative deal puts more pressure on emergency service unions who are calling for bigger raises and more retroactive pay. What do you say?

Do you think this proposed contract is a good deal for DC 37 workers? Do they deserve more retroactive raises than 3 percent? Should this same contract framework apply to police officers and firefighters? Should the municipal workforce contribute to their health care costs from their paycheck?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

The contractors that work for the city get their raises. Why shouldn't civil service workers? They provide a bigger bang for your buck. The corrupt contracting of the Bloomberg administration should be investigated.

Park Hill

The unions were treated unfairly by Mayor Bloombergn for 12 years now it's time to give the unions the respect they deserve, every union deserves a fair and decent contract they have familes to support, bills to pay and kids to put through college. Everything is expensive and the economy is bad.

Upper West Side

Where is all this money coming from. That is a huge amount of money. At least they did get some retroactive pay but the % was very small. I question the amounts given and the length of the contracts mainly because why when Bloomberg was there he should have at least made an attempt to solve even part of it. They did or will receive a $1,000 ratification payment. There poll numbers and budget figures are hard for me to ever believe in. The Police officers and fire fighters are in a completely different category and I would also have to add the emergency service workers to that also. I still believe that this whole administration are way in over their heads.

Morris Park

Not to imply that all these government workers are needed, but they have been screwed by Bloomberg. We continue to suffer from his antics. He should never have been elected to that last term. As to healthcare contributions, everyone, including government workers should pay for their own healthcare. Why should everybody else have to pay?

Port Richmond

This contract agreement and prior one and I there to assume future contract will bankrupt the city with this mayor and the city council on the very fringe of far left, I did not like Bloomberg but I pray him to assume his sensible financial position, but this is a dream,


I am a member of the UFT and unfortunately our union set a horrible precedent for those to follow. I cannot believe so many teachers voted yes to a contract that was portrayed to be wonderful. In fact if members took the time to research all aspects for voting, I don't believe it would have been ratified. We lost out on so much. I feel DC37 members better research thoroughly before accepting a contract.
Dissatisfied UFT member ...


As a City worker I think we are long overdue for a new contract and a cost of living raise it's very expensive to live here and get by and I don't think any worker should have to pay into healthcare or give any give backs because we were left out in the cold for too long by the previous administration who was a known anti-union person we deserve a decent salary benefits because it's us who make this city run without us no agencies could operate efficiently. The contract is a start in the right direction but I'm sure there will be more details to come but I wouldn't ratify it just yet to make sure we're not being screwed over.


All unions should wait for nypd and fdny to get their contracts. Their unions fight for their members and will walk away from unacceptable negotiations. Look at what the UFT did to it's members! We will not get our 8% in our salaries until a period of 4 years given at 2% a year. Retroactive pay will not be paid in full until 2020, 2 years after contract expires. If a teacher chooses to get another job - NO retro pay. Everyone should just wait. We have waited years anyway! I wish the public was more aware of the truths of this contract.


I think the contract is a great start it's long overdue and the mayor has done his best along with DC 37 I'm a police dispatcher and I feel we work extremely hard so we deserve that plus more thank you.

St. Albans

Private sector worker no raise in7 years. Tired of hearing about unions.


I am just happy to see the union get a new contract. I know some of the people in my school (I am a teacher) are part of this union and I see how hard they work. I can't comment on the details since I don't know their pay scales, but I am still enjoying the fresh air of a mayor that doesn't see city workers as an enemy.

Bay Ridge

I find it amusing that there are people saying those who cannot afford living here should leave. So if those who work in countless city agencies leave, who is going to take their place. It seems to me they are saying there is no room for the middle class, as such, to live here.

West Brighton

The mayor is doing what he said he would do. Which Is why he was voted in by the majority of people because we we're fed up with Bloomberg and his wealthy cronies. We the workers couldn't get a contract negotiated with a few more dollars, and what would the people like the caller Carey do if there's a fire in his home or he needs a police officer and he picks up the phone to call and there is no operater to get the police or ambulance to him or to instruct him what to do until they get there. City workers help run the city! We deserve to be compensated with a cost of living increase.


Please research the proposed contract with a fine tooth comb. I understand people's opinions but for them to say move out of NYC is offensive. I have 16 years of service as a teacher. I cannot leave. People feel nypd and fdny have important jobs and I agree. However nyc teachers have masters degrees and we are educating the future. We deserve more respect than the callers are giving us. Why don't they move out of nyc and live in a union free city! Thank you.


To the caller who said the uniform agency should get more than DC 37 please remind her and all your viewers the police, emt and fire dept can not get to them without the dc37 dispatcher.


We.keep the city running. We could've/should've gotten a better deal than this. They reached this deal back in May why are they just now announcing it? I'm done.

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