Friday, December 19, 2014

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The Call Blog: Violent Weekend Leaves 21 Shot, Four Fatally

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Here we go again. I've hosted this show for almost nine years. Every summer, gun violence becomes a weekly topic. Every summer, New Yorkers (including politicians) call with their suggestions on ways to make New York City safer. Then, it seems without fail, precious little gets done. What will it take?

No borough was spared. 21 people were shot across all five boroughs this weekend, four of them fatally. Among the innocent victims, a 10-year-old boy wounded outside his Coney Island home and a 12-year-old boy shot in the leg in the Bronx. This year, 611 people have been shot in the city compared to 554 during the same period last year.

The violent weekend preceded the graduation of 616 police recruits today. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has said more than 1,000 young graduates of the City's police academy will soon be partnering with veteran officers to patrol the most violent, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Bratton called the spike in shootings a "temporary increase." What do you say?

What's your reaction to the violent weekend in New York City? After three weekends in June with at least 12 shootings, are you fearful for your safety this summer? Do you feel Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner Bratton are taking the appropriate steps to combat the rise in shootings? What would you do?

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New York City is becoming like "The Wild West." Innocent people are being shot at and/or killed. The person shooting the weapon very rarely gets killed. I do not think at this point that Mayor de Blasio or Commissioner Bratton can do anything. It is "out-of-control." As long as the "laws" are lenient towards these criminals using guns and and as long as we have these gun shops to sell these weapons, these acts of crimes will continue.

Let us not forget, that guns are getting "out-of-control" in other parts of this country. I hate guns and I hate the N.R.A.


A tough question. If you stop and frisk you are wrong, and if you don't do enough about crime you are wrong. Any ideas how to cut crime without offending anyone!

Rosalie from Canarsie

We'll the city council wanted stop and frisk eliminated, operation safe neighborhood promoted, and minimal arrests made in black and Hispanic neighborhoods eliminated with a reduction in arrests for small amounts of pot and we now see what playing the race card is producing. The Deblasio administration needs to leave.


Hi John

It's the start of summer and already 2 kids have been shot, since the kids are out of school they should have someplace safe to go like camp, library or a community center don't hang out in the street all day, since it's hot their parents should take them to a safe place like Rye Playland in Rye NY or Six Flags in NJ or anyplace for amusement that's safe they list so many safe places on the internet. Stop and frisk should be bought back and more cops should walk the beat in crime ridden areas everyone have to be protected espically the kids it's ashame when a young innocent child dies. Commisoner Bratton should make tougher laws on gun violence and bring back the gun buyback program since the economy is bad the criminals will think twice i hope


Hi John,

They seem to be on their own individual page. If Bratton is in charge of security then why is it that he doesn't have the authority to take control of the departments that need his expertise. It seems as though this politically in correct nonsense takes preference to the needs of our safety in New York. They should have continued the stop and frisk. I thought they were going to modify it and continue to implement it. This mayor and city council speaker have their mind on other unimportant things. I do realize that everything is important but some things should be on the front burner. I have been saying all along that we were still encountering people being killed or wounded everyday in one or more boroughs with different types of weapons. They all need to regroup and get this taken care of. Get it together!!!

Thank you John,

Not fearful because all of this is happening in the areas of the city that need the most help.

Ari, West Chelsea

The guns need to be off the street. Any one can get a gun and the slightest thing could set a "usually stable" person off and they grab the gun instead of duking it out like the old days.

Jessica. Arden heights.


I said and others said at the inception of the DeBlasio administration that crime would increase despite what they said. I see we were right. Of course I don't believe government statistics in general.

Port Richmond, SI

Grass root organization, communities, Fed, State and city must come together for real change. While the grass root groups make contact they need the resource to offer youth and families to draw them away from violence. Talk is cheap, real results takes money, committed people and belief in a higher power.

Rev Williams'
Harlem NY

The people in these high crime neighborhoods wanted "Stop & Frisk" eliminated. Be careful what you wish for!

Debbie from Queens

The city of New York doesn't want to make change. It's too easy to give people what they need to reduce crime and the problems of the city. They just don't want to address the issues of the poor because it's important to them and doesn't make as money as kissing up to rich folks. This city is wack.


This is what happens when the police hands are tied. Article 71 and an IG what can you expect.

From Ralph in Sunset Park.

I was in Hamiliton Heights the other night walking my dog, when I came upon a double shooting. While standing there with some other folks from the neighborhood, a detective came up to us to ask us what we had heard. When I implored him as to why there were so many fewer cops out and so much less apparent street stops by the officers walking around, he said "why is an officer going to put his CAREER on the line to go up and search one of these delinquents on the street. If every time we stop someone we have to worry about being sued, the average officer just isn't going to put himself in a position where he no longer has a job to feed his family." Powerful and horrifying words from a 25 year veteran homicide detective.

-Mitchell, Morningside Heights

RAY Kelly and Juamani Williams should visit every person n family shot or stabbed and apologize......they are both equally at fault......cops stopping suspicious people is important.....suing cops for stopping suspicious peolpe is ridiculous.....forcing cops to stop anyone to fill a quota is equally ridiculous.....wish we could go pre Kelly... there was a nice far as speaking to the youth....ass skyline Chicago how it works for them.....they did warn us shootings would skyrocket


The only way to stop violence, gang activities, robberies etc is by creating job skill programs, building community centers and creating jobs. These ppl are stressed, depressed, impoverished and hopeless.

Shayla from Corona Queens

We need more cops on the streets and a return of stop, question and frisk. Anybody notice that it is mostly minorities who are the victims of these shootings? They are entitled to safe streets and there should be more boots on the ground.

East Village

Criminals carrying guns are of a new mindset ever since stop and frisk has been eliminated. They have been given the green light to walk the streets without any fear of being stopped by cops. The recent tidal wave of gun violence needs immediate attention before the violence spills into a crowded subway car or bus.

Forest Hills

So the supposition is that violence is due to the availability of guns; despite a 200 year history of having free access to weapons?

Like it or not, you live in a state that does not require the police to provide protection. Riss v. New York State, 1958 New York Supreme Court. This Supreme Court decision defines the role of the police in New York State as enforcing the law and keeping the peace. The judgement SPECIFICALLY states that the police have NO OBLIGATION to provide personal protection.

Lastly, the founding fathers possessed the assault weapons of their time: The Kentucky Rifle. Use your phone and look it up. It was vastly superior and was no small part in the American Colony beating the world’s super power of the time.


It's quite simple - no more "stop and frisk", police officers have to almost introduce themselves before even questioning someone so of course crime will go up. It doesn't matter how many more police officer you have on the job, it's the way they have to conduct their job. If I were a police officer today I would never stop someone. I would play it safe for fear of the aftermath.

Carol from Queens

Need more youth programs. The more programs the better the youths will stay out of trouble.

Al from Clermont Florida

Crime will skyrocket if the police force does not have the support they need from their city officials, administrators, and community, to proactively perform the dangerous job we count on them to. Case in point, New York City Corrections has practically been ostracized, and badly ridiculed over the years, by their superiors; administrators; civil leaders, and even unions, so much so that no one in that profession proactively does their job, in fear of being punished for it,.So they instead they all practically surrendered each, and every jail over to the inmates who are confined in them. Don't believe me, just read the papers.

Flatbush, Brooklyn

More fun activities for all ages. Less sitting home and forgetting how to play and compete in a good way. Cops Protect but parents must guide. Must check and know what and who children are with and help them be interested in good old fashioned sports, Dancing, volunteering etc.


NYC has become an embarrassment of a city. I've worked all over four of the five boroughs and daily I see the most egregious behavior and a decaying infrastructure. Much of it resembles the Third World now.

Sheldon in Queens


The United States spends over $600 billion a year on its military, has the largest per capita prison population in the world and worships violent sports and entertainment. Then we wonder “what went wrong?” when a serial slaughter takes place. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our weapons of choice, it is in our souls. It’s tough finding someone who has the credentials to fix that.

Michael in Greenpoint

We have enough info on who commits crime to create profiles. Sociologists should be able to come up with ways to address the root causes of violence. Universal pre k, more school counselors, smaller classes and after school programs=less future violent offenders, I believe.

Shelley in Park Slope

Bring back stop and frisk as it was before. Make all guns and other firearms possession illegal and punishable by life imprisonment. Mental health reach out programs in those neighborhoods which are most affected by gun violence.


Additional police can be removed from the Times Square area where less crimes occur like in the high crime areas. This would add more officers to the 600 new officers that graduated today.

James, Harlem

The people in neighborhoods need to give police the help and respect they deserve and the police will do the same. We must work together. More smiles and there will less tears and working together will make us all stronger. Let's protect each other and speak up when we see someone or know someone has a gun or knife


The discussion of the recent spike in violence is somehow being presented as a moment to review the stop-and-frisk rollback by Mayor DeBlasio. I think it is more about gun laws - other than the police and other security services, the regular public should have no business owning guns privately. If it is a hobby, they can join a club and practice skeet shooting in a designated area.


I wouldn't be opposed to more police officers, but what exactly what are they going to be doing? All I'm saying is that their is a lot of waste within the NYPD, and that is why some high ranking officials are opposed to hiring more police officers.

Also, stop and frisk was racially motivated, and this is why it didn't work. I've never seen a white person stopped, nor frisked. Every race commits crimes.

Maria (UWS)


People need to see there is an end to their hopeless and believed helplessness you do it with gainful employment. When people are not feel horrible over what they are going through they can focus in more positive things.

From corona




"Temporary Increase" Bratton has a way of mumbling about stats ending about how crime is down. Tell that to the famiies of the deceased.

midtown east

they should put a muzzle on bratton, to say its temporary is redundant. deblasio is not a mayor for crime and bratton is no longer in tune with the city. we are tired of statistics. violent gun crime is up and we need to work with the police. take more police off their desk jobs. we need stop and frisk.

herb in harlem

The "get rid of guns" caller should realize that criminals don't care about laws. He says no one should have guns? Good luck convincing the bad guys because the SAFE ACT is working so well obviously right?


We've become a society so concerned and so sensitive to our "right to privacy" that the police can no longer do their jobs. Can't stop and frisk for fear of backlash from community. If you look at where the majority of shootings take place you'll find it is in the poorer neighborhoods. Gang or drug related. Yet you can't talk about that because you're being prejudiced or discriminatory. We need to have more surveillance, more guns taken off the street. Gangs imprisoned. Stiffer prison penalties. We have to take back our city.

Ivette/Jackson Heights, NY

Hi John,

I'm pretty sure that the recent increase in shootings in New York City has to with the elimination of Stop and Frisk. We need it bring it back, it played a big part in preventing these incidents from happening. Stop and Frisk works, we can't deny it anymore.

Midtown East

I am so disappointed by the spike in gun violence this month. I am so tired of these headlines being par for the course on Monday mornings. But I'm also tired of communities who reject a stronger police presence. Communities who are unwilling to work with police during their Investigations. It's time to repair relations between communities and the NYPD so people are willing to talk to police, work with police. People in lower socio-economic environments and everywhere in this city should welcome a stronger police presence in their homes and neighborhoods but should also demand more from each other as human beings so nightmares like this stop becoming realities. The Gang lifestyle and gun violence shouldn't be part of our urban setting. We should all be aspiring for more out of life and we need to stop glorifying this image of a violent life on the streets.

Alexandra, Fort Greene Brooklyn

My name is Ernst from bedstuy, brooklyn. I think they should bring back stop and frisk. Point blank


It was a mistake to ban stop and frisk which was responsible for getting thousands of guns off the street. Before NYC becomes another Chicago Bratton needs to get tough and not worry about offending people the Al Sharpton.

Bklyn Hgts

The public whined and whined and whined about Stop and Frisk. They ceased Stop and Frisk. And now, gun violence has returned with a vengeance. What a surprise. Like they say.....Be careful what you wish for.

Upper East side

The present Mayor and city council members are racists and the speaker is the leader along with Williams from Brooklyn. They are as dangerous as they are stupid.

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