Friday, December 19, 2014

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The Call Blog: City Council Votes To Create Municipal ID Cards

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I feel that some New Yorkers need to be more informed about how these municipal ID cards will work. They are not green cards, and do not grant undocumented people citizenship in any way. I believe one immigration advocate that we interviewed, Betsy Plum, summed it up well: New Yorkers who do have documents overlook the fact that a person needs an ID to enter many buildings in New York, including his or her child's school, to sign a lease, etc...While I hope that New York and Washington can do more in the future to help undocumented residents become legal citizens, I believe that the municipal ID cards will help them carry out everyday tasks with ease.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

Please people first inform what this municipal cards ID, will work for undocument people, like me, only for provide official identification; is not a green card ,we still undocumented and for the city will be good to have information for all who lives here .
And please stop attack us , the most of us work so hard and pay taxes.

By a vote of 43 to 3 this afternoon, City Council lawmakers approved the creation of New York City's first municipal identification card. The ID cards would be issued regardless of immigration status. The goal is to give people a form of government identification to open a bank account, see a doctor, cash a check, or access City services. Similar cards already exist in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New Haven, Connecticut.

Mayor de Blasio set aside more than $8 million in his executive budget for the creation of this program. The cards will also provide incentives, like restaurant or museum discounts. Supporters welcome the opportunity for undocumented immigrants to participate in aspects of civic life. Opponents say those who are in the country illegally shouldn't be rewarded. What do you say?

What's your reaction to the City Council's overwhelming approval of municipal ID cards? Will you apply for one? Does it unfairly reward those who are in the county illegally? Do you think undocumented immigrants will come forward to take advantage of the program?

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What insanity - to give illegal aliens - rights! Yes, they are here working (illegally) and not paying taxes - every benefit they receive is at the taxpayer expense and now this. What then is the benefit of being a citizen ? This will just encourage more illegal people coming and getting free benefits. What is going on here ?


I was initially opposed to this idea -- I felt it was the City of New York intruding on what is supposed to be a State of New York function; but as Governor Cuomo seems to have no objections, at least as stated publicly, I see nothing intrinsically wrong with it.

There are other important issues to consider, including the cost, and also matters such as whether the city can require banks, which operate under state and federal regulations, to accept such identification, but those questions can be adjudicated separately from the issuance of the cards themselves. And those who feel that undocumented immigrants are somehow being "rewarded" are taking an unduly punitive and short-sighted view of this matter.

Upper West Side

Let me ask a simple question: If these people want to live in the USofA, why in the name of reason don't they simply apply for citizenship? Am I missing something or are the politicians just playing games and looking for votes?

Port Richmond

This is a shame rewarding illegal immigrants. They shouldn't be in the country at all. Why have a path to citizenship if people are allowed to skip the line. New York is heading for destruction poverty climbing unemployment raising and yet you set aside money for ID cards for people who should be deported.


I'm glad the City Council approved the MIC's, i do have a state ID but it's always good to have more than one ID i will apply for one, i'm glad they'll provide incentives for museums because when the days get hot i can take my friend's kids to the museum. People who are in this country illegally should get a card too i hope they come forward to get one maybe they can get legal status to be here.

Upper West Side

My reaction to the city council's overwhelming approval of municipal ID cards is what was the threat from miss personality herself. They are here illegally and should not be rewarded in any way at all. Once again the big bag of wind puts aside from his budget which is our tax money to create this program. How many blogs and how many ways do we have to communicate with these god forsaken politicians that one of the main reasons is that we don't have the money. What happens to all the people that are here that were born here and have paid taxes all of their lives. It's as though we don't exist. Supporters that are giving our tax dollars away to all of these illegals as though it were a Carte Blanche Master Card. Criminals are let out of jail. What is going on and probably or more likely it's for votes and if one is not a citizen then they should not be able to vote. Period !!! Free transportation, food stamps, lodging, education, and all the services for gratis.
I like many others cannot afford going to restaurants, museums, even at discounts.
I am curious to know what the names of the banks willing to give permission to these illegals and rightfully so because when my bank moved I opened another account at another bank and my ID was a drivers license - i was fingerprinted when i got my job at the court and I was told i had to take a photo and i said what if don't want to and she replied that i will not be able to open the account. What about our homeless In New York City=We don't have adequate housing for the people in dyer here and we even discuss the rents at this point.

Morris Heights


Bay Terrace

Rather than fix our road or take care of Native American Indians, the present administration would rather give tax paying citizens benefits to illegal immigrants. I vote to get rid of socialism. Of course we know this was aimed to keep the many illegal Latinos

Park Hill

Why are we pandering to illegal immigrants? They come in without going through any screening for criminal background, disease, etc., and they keep wages low for New Yorkers who have to compete with them for low-paying jobs. I came here as an immigrant with a Green Card and had to jump through all kinds of hoops. Maybe I shouldn't have bothered.

East Village

What is the difference between the municipal card that was proposed today and the existing State I.D. other than the branch that issues the card?


I whole heartily agree!! People in this country illegally should NOT be rewarded. Since when do we reward people for breaking the law? Did Mayor de Blasio just happen to find $8 million dollars? Where was that money when it was needed for our wounded veterans, our children, our homeless or people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own? The city council is out of touch with their constituents. Of course illegal aliens will come forward. It's something else that's being given to them for free? How do we stop all of the illegal traffic if we keep giving. Maybe Mayor de Blasio should have used that $8 million to assist his own citizens and the people who voted for him.


I am a citizen with a driver's license and US passport. But I will get one of the new ID cards to help de-stigmatize having one. Everyone who is sympathetic with the plight of hardworking illegal immigrants should consider getting a card as well.


This legislation sounds like a real rush job that was ill thought out. Many questions remain unanswered.While illegal immigrants deserve some respect, this is not the way to go, simply because they are not legal immigrants. However, homeless US citizens or legal immigrants and others who for whatever reason do not have a form of legal id, great.

This will open another floodgate just like the one we're currently having along the Texas border with thousands of children streaming through -- only to be held in horrific detention centers and creating a crisis. Is this what want in NYC, because we will?

Upper West Side

The Council took a step in the right direction. Access to basic services such as a bank or government building is essential to anyone living in the City. In the end, I feel that we pay MORE when a large number of New Yorkers don't have this sort of access.


I would like to contribute my opinion that is this card might be able to track people much easier hopefully but my question is are they going to pay tax and will the businesses going to keep the same under table/much lower rate for these undocumented workers?


As usual, our city rewards criminal behavior. The people here illegally would not have to worry about obtaining IDs if they entered the country honestly like all others, by doing the paperwork and taking the oath of citizenship. File the papers and wait your turn like everyone else.


What is the card going to say - that so and so is an illegal immigrant? How much thought has gone into this program and its implications?


a slap in the face to an immigrant who spent thousands to become legal. they still do not pay income tax. they are illegal broke the law. we are not the federal govt. we already give services to people who never paid any taxes. it does unfairly reward law breakers.


Shouldn't all immigrants be screened for communicable diseases? A lot of diseases that were thought to be wiped out are making a comeback. I am against illegal immigration for this reason, as well as the fact that it is just not fair to the people who come here legally.

Stuyvesant Town

This is just another example of the super liberalism under the DeBlasio administration. I do not understand why there is this need to appease illegal immigrants at the expense of the rest of New Yorkers. I think it is a very BAD idea. Don't start what you can't stop.


I would like to clear the matter up about illegal immigrants fulfilling their personal tax burden to live in our city because they pay sales tax. For those who claim that their paying sales tax justifies an illegal immigrant to be here; that they are paying their way here is the math: It costs NYC over 18,000 per child per year to educate a child at a public school. In order to have sales tax compensate for the school expense, at 8.875%, these individuals would have to spend $200,000 per year per child to pay only for school. This was and is an attempt to pull the wool over people's eyes. It is ALL about these politicians pandering for votes. If people think that this will not create a tremendous influx of people from other states, it is just more myopia. Our government rarely thinks things through and gets so much wrong.


I would like to respond to all the callers saying that undocumented immigrants are not filing tax returns. In my profession, I work with many undocumented immigrants, and nearly all of them file income tax returns with Federal Tax ID numbers.


I don't think that taxpayers should have to fund this program for illegals. $8 million could be better spent on legal citizens.


I agree with what shaq has to say about the hard work an time it took to get legalization. Why should it be so easy for them now. But just because they have id doesn't an shouldn't mean they are a citizen.


Please people first inform what this municipal cards ID, will work for undocument people, like me, only for provide oficial identification; is not a green card ,we still undocumented and for the city will be good to have information for all who lives here .
And please stop attack us , the most of us work so hard and pay taxes.

Alma Reyes

If people are here illegally, are not they committing a crime to begin with? What does ILLEGAL mean?


I am somewhat torn on this issue, while I think the tax dollars that I paid in shouldn't be used to for other issues that affect all people in this city. 8 Million might not be a lot but after spending large amount of time waiting this week due to signal problems maybe it could replace an MTA signal or two.

That said, 6 generations ago my father's family came to this country and at that point in time, pretty much everyone entering was illegal, so I think we need to reform immigration and let these people become citizens.

Kew Gardens

Undocumented immigrants should not have the same privileges as regular people.


It will be another database for the NYPD to use when searching for criminals (which is why I don't think illegals will be lining up to get the cards). Will criminal background checks be part of the application process? It should be.

Midtown East

The crass policy of the irs is to issue federal Id numbers so illegal immigrants can pay taxes. But they can't vote. That's taxation without representation - which is why we had our american revolution. These cards are a step in the right direction.

Park Slope

What about americans who have broken the law some of the are felons are you going to give them a second chance to expunge their records a path to amnesty or clemency for americans.


So If A terrorist come here illegally you want to now give him a I'd Card to legalize all transactions for him well that's sure making it easier for our enemies...wouldn't it.


Can't even call them "illegal immigrants", the word immigrants should not be used when referring to this group of people. If anyone believes these people are going to contribute in any way they are clueless to the reality. Also, most undocumented immigrants don't file taxes, instead take away resources which belong to legal residents. The situation is becoming worse now with a government with liberal tendencies, and a major who is known to have been a member of the socialist party when younger. And what part of of the word illegal is not understood? As a US citizen, and a NY resident I demand my taxes not be used to assist illegal immigrants in any way, shape or form. And what part of of the word illegal is not understood? They are living and working illegally in this country. Lastly, why would American Citizens want to assimilate into other cultures? It is the other cultures who must assimilate into the American society.


what about students/kids who did not have a choice in the matter of coming here illegally? they don't have a choice and this might help them register for at least highschool or any school in that matter


Question: Where is the NY1 POLL that asks New Yorkers what they think about this Illegal ID Plan??? !!! This huge support in the city Council is OUT OF TOUCH with a Sea of New Yorkers on this,including LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.This is a huge mistake and a disgrace not only to Americans but to all Legal immigrants who came to our Country and City and played by the rules..They are here illegally.Most American's and New Yorkers don't want this,this is only rammed down the throats of New Yorkers and Americans by Politically Correct politicians. American workers are hurting badly as it is... and this is especially true for Black Americans-The Black unemployment rate is even worse now than it was a decade ago and by doing this (regardless of what the Labor Department says because many people have given up looking for work and those numbers aren't counted in unemployment figures) These ID cards will just encourage more cheap labor coming to America and New York to compete for jobs here in OUR communities.This is the only country that tolerates this madness.All of these Scoundrel hypocritical politicians say one thing and do another,for example many Dominican Americans strongly oppose any Haitian immigrants into the Dominican Republic,but are all for breaking American immigration laws.Just look at State Senator Adriano Espaillat who lost to Charlie Rangel for one example.He is known to have supported people in the Dominican Republic who didn't want Haitians living there!!!. ( YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP!!!) ...And for those who think that this won't lead to illegal Aliens voting,Politicians like Daniel Dromm have already pushed for this,and they will keep doing it until they get their way unless Americans and New Yorkers demand that they stop this insanity .American Citizenship is being watered down and will mean zero unless people take a stand.If people want to come to America they should come Legally.Also Mexico has very strict policies regarding illegal's from other countries like Guatemala,etc.But you don't hear anything about that .Of course not .America already takes in many more immigrants per capita than any other place on earth,but when we insist on people coming legally,we are are attacked for being the bad guys!!! Coming to America is not a right,it is a privilege .Melissa Mark Viverito was known to not even say the pledge of allegiance until recently until she was informed that for Public Relations image reasons on the verge of becoming City Council Speaker that it would look bad if she didn't start doing it. 8 million dollars for this Illegal Alien ID Crap?! You can be sure that will be just the beginning.Does any rational person really think that all the terrorists will not want to jump all over this???!!! ,surely they will attempt to use these ID's to get something else that leads to something really horrible and these disgraceful politicians will act as though they had nothing to do with it. Have we already forgotten about what the 9-11 Commission said about security measures that must be taken to secure our Country and New York City??? These SLIMY Politicians are working against the will of the people- AMERICANS AND NEW YORKERS INCLUDING MANY LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and promoting Anarchy and Danger by doing this .Disgusting.

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