Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: New York City To Add 120 Speed Cameras

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Getting an automated ticket from an unknown source feels like entrapment to me, no matter how noble the intent. One of our callers today said he likes cameras because they are unbiased and have no opinion. But that's the same reason why it's also a negative. Police who pull people over have discretion and can be aware of the circumstances for a violation unlike a camera. To me, it's just a money-generating scheme - hopefully it'll be one that can actually live up to its hype of saving lives.

Governor Cuomo signed a bill into law today that authorizes 120 additional speed cameras for New York City. The new cameras will operate in school zones during and immediately before and after school activities. Speeders will be mailed a $50 ticket, but the infraction would not affect their car insurance rates. Cuomo said, "If you think speed cameras are intrusive, don't break the law."

Cuomo's bill signing comes less than a week after lawmakers in Albany passed legislation that empowers the City to lower its speed limit from 30 to 25 miles per hour. In addition, Mayor de Blasio signed almost a dozen bills into law two days ago that expand on the Vision Zero traffic safety plan. The measures will create more slow zones, study arterial roadways, and penalize reckless taxi drivers.

Do you welcome another 120 speed cameras near schools in the five boroughs? Will cameras and a $50 summons deter reckless drivers? Should lawmakers have agreed to lower the speed limit on most roads to 25 miles per hour? How frequently do you see taxi drivers breaking the rules of the road?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

All of these changes in law are long-overdue, and any of the whiners who are upset about the supposed "intrusion" of the government into their privacy should be aware that there is no such thing as a right-to-privacy in public -- by definition, activity such as speeding that is carried out in public cannot be conducted with any expectation of privacy.

So the governor is 1000% correct -- and I'd go even further: If you can't refrain from speeding, then don't drive.

Upper West Side

I welcome these additional cameras especially around school zones, all that can be done to safeguard against reckless drivers is welcome.

Bay Ridge

I say, Kudos, for the city in adding 120 more speed cameras and reducing the speed limit near schools to 25 MPH. It was about 2 years ago that my neighbor who was 86 years old and his dog was killed by a speeding car trying to make the light in Glen Oaks Village. Added to that we are one block away from a school. The fine I hope will make some think before they speed down our residential streets. Remember this: Speed kills.

Glen Oaks Village

Since school is out for the summer the cameras should also be placed where the kids congregate like parks malls and swimming pools, the ticket price should be like $100 and keep rising every time the driver speeds through a zone. I'm glad the Mayor is making our streets safer for everyone 25 miles is a good speed because a child might dart out in the roadway and the driver will enough time to strop. Parents need to teach their kids to wait for the green light and to look both ways before criossing

Upper West Side

Seems as though things are happening so quickly = everyone is signing bills
and they forgot about the pot holes = I don't believe that drivers of any type of vehicle will be deterred one way or another. They still come speeding down a school block in
my neighborhood and use Morris Park Ave as a drag strip. One can't forget about the dangerous cell phones. Last Friday I went to Yonkers on North Bway from the Bronx and all the way up the car next to us was on the cell phone. So if there were an emergency how would he react. He had the phone on his left ear holding it with his hand. I do think it is important to have the cameras near the schools to help in the protection of the children. I did ask my cab driver if they were issuing tickets and he said they were and all the drivers are upset about the speed being lowered another 5 miles because they think it's to slow for the business they are in.

Morris Park

There's no doubt all of these measures are a revenue generating ploy!
Although I can understand the school zone camera's, signs should be clearly posted. In general I find the city is dumbing down the population and catering to ignorance. Rather than make people smarter and more aware of their surroundings they rather slow everyone down and find another form of taxation, at lease with those tickets one do not have to deal with a cop killing time witting a ticket!


On top of the fine, what will the administrative fees be? Another way of making money.

Park Hill



What a joke Blind Vision DePinhead is. He's not qualified to sweep the streets, much less control the traffic on them.

NYC is collapsing quicker than under Bloomberg.

Port Richmond

Ale all commercial trucks deliver from 11 am to 6am Lighten traffic flow in daytime


Who's gonna pay the $50 fine when politicians motorcade speeds thru the school zone?


Cameras and a $50 fine will not do enough; until drivers are fined for running red lights, cyclists for running lights and going against traffic and pedestrians for jaywalking, this problem will not go away. Walk down any avenue and you can see all of these groups totally ignoring the laws. Give the traffic police the authority to ticket all those who ignore the laws.

Upper East Side

I live just below the entrance to the Holland Tunnel in an area with lots of children. Vehicles consistently speed through our neighborhood, ignoring traffic laws, neglecting to stop at stop signs, blocking crosswalks and even driving the opposite way up a one way street. There is a complete disregard for pedestrian safety in this area in favor of keeping traffic moving to the Holland Tunnel. In reality traffic flow would improve if pedestrian safety was addressed and vehicles followed traffic rules. Any step toward safety by the Vision Zero is welcome. Signage is imperative so that safety as opposed to simply revenue is considered.


Speed cameras are a tax.
Pure and simple not to mention these activist groups with their phony statics.
Cameras do not save lives or prevent crime as we have seen in the housing projects.
States all over the country doing away with them.
It is also unconstitutional not to be able to face your accuser, being the camera, something I guess Governor Cuomo does not care about.


it's up the driver to focus and know what they are doing and where they are. Cameras are for safety. Don't want to pay tickets..respect the cameras and speed signs.

Staten Island

Speeding and revenue shouldn’t be the point – serious punishment for drunk and dangerous driving should be. Losing ones license for a year or more -- possibly forever for drunk driving — that would make a difference. Let’s not hit people at any speed.


We need to focus on pedestrians follow the rules of the road too. Texting and walking, j walking and poor usage of the sidewalk.

Staten Island

Speed limit in Florida's school zone is 30mph, it woks there, lets do the same here,

Bay Ridge

I think that there should be a warning sign advising drivers that there is a speed camera in such vicinity because we want cars to slow down. If we're trying to "catch" them if you will, what if a car is speeding and someone gets killed? Whereas if we put drivers on warning they will slow down.


My mother was recently hit by a car. She was inches from the side walk when it happened. Now, she lays in the hospital, broken and battered, because someone wanted to beat the light and make a tight turn.
The reason for speed limits is because the lower the speed, the less likely the impact will be fatal. This is good for all.
A slow moving object hurts less than a fast moving one.
Fearing traffic cameras is simply selfish. The money goes to the city, hopefully to fix the roads. Don't try to rationalize your own reckless behavior.


I don't know what part of Manhattan people are driving in during the day where they're able to go 30 miles an hour, with all the taxis, buses and other traffic. The only time you can go that fast is at night, on certain avenues with progressive lights, when schools are closed. Why are we not talking about pedestrians in Manhattan who are oblivious to what's around them and are responsible for half the accidents, and are never ticketed?


I think that the proposal for more speed camera's is a good one.

When a police officer gives people a ticket, it ends up being a court game of your word vs. his word.

Having a speed camera will avoid all the court games.

Staten Island

$50 is a mere slap on the wrist. Make it $250 and points on a license, then watch what happens.

Forest Hills

I think speed cameras will deter speeding. I am not thrilled about cameras being everywhere, but I know the possibility of getting a ticket in the mail will encourage me to respect the speed limit. Red light cameras work and I believe speed cameras will work too.


Due to the circumstances this is a rushing city PLp are always running around.The city wants more money people are just blind. How about spending money to fix those roads.
Where do all this money goes


"Speed cameras" are nothing more than a way to collect more revenue for the city & state treasuries!! Unfortunately, kids run & don't look & school crossing guards can't always stop them from doing that. The Mayors "Vision Zero" is ridiculous because you can't fix stupid!!


I have traveled around the country. I am Flight Attendant for a major airline.

In many states, drivers stop for pedestrians. I get amazed!!

I think is a new york arrogance and ego that they don't give pedestrians the right away.

I live in the city. NY drivers are just rude!


No one flouts the rules more than pedestrians. There's a fool-proof way to avoid getting hit my a car: look both ways before you cross the street. I learned that when I was a child.

You know why the city needs to raise revenue? Because it wastes money on projects like traffic cameras. Who got the government contract? I'd like to know who they lobbied and what criteria were used to determine whose company would get to siphon money out of the state tax coffers.

Do people really need traffic cameras to keep themselves safe? They're incapable of taking care of themselves?


I don't think there should be so many cameras and I think pedestrians should be more aware of there surroundings.they have sidewalks to use and they don't use them.


Are people being killed at 30mph? I remember the entire justification for lowering the limit to 30 was that it would eliminate traffic deaths. So, if people are, they were lying then or they're lying now. People speed, and always will. Making everyone else a little more miserable because of it seems politically popular but ultimately useless.


The pedestrian accidents that happen in this city
are the fault of both pedestrians who are not paying attention while they are crossing the street
and drivers who are in a rush, exceeding the speed limit.

When you have a speeding driver combined with an inattentive pedestrian, the chances
are very likely that the pedestrian will be struck, severely injured, and possibly killed.
We are living in a very high stressed society, where everybody is in a rush
trying to get to work on time, be on time for an interview, whatever it may be.

Also, it is unfair to always blame the driver. Many times the driver is
driving within the speed limit and a pedestrian just dashes out
without looking first, especially against a don't walk sign.
In this case, the pedestrian is 100% at fault.

The speed cameras are a good idea, but it will not totally eliminate
pedestrian accidents. I am also in favor of a driver getting a moving violation
summons when he or she is discourteous to a crossing pedestrian.


They need to focus a little more on the bicycle riders. They speed the wrong way, blow through traffic lights and injure a lot of pedestrians. They also cause more than a few car accidents. License them and make them obey the laws. They are not as innocuous as they would like us to think they are. They cause a lot of pain and suffering and get away with it.

East Village

What happens if two years down the road, this does not safe life's? What happens then?


I think there should be a little extension to the seconds the yellow light stays on. If there's a person behind you when driving and your at the yellow and it flips to red within that 2 second change, for everyone's safety you should take it. I hope cops wanting to hand out tickets are honest.


Sounds like 1984 why don't all these do gooders head back where they came from. This is NYC people come here for freedom & Chaos. This is the bostonification. of New York that Bloomberg started. The suburbanization of NY. The police can now bother regular cars they have already soaked the cab drivers. NO More Cameras. Your responsibility is when there is an accident to stop. They will giving pedestrians tickets more. Another Tax.

Jackson Heights

To the caller that suggested people should teach the children how to cross the street, that going to be a huge problem because the "adult" themselves doesn't know how to cross the street so how are they're going to teach the kids? People refuses to pay attention. They act like traffic lights doesn't pertain to them at all.


I grew up in Manhattan. When I was a kid, the police came to my school and scared the daylights out of all of us about the dangers of crossing the street by having a police car hit a rubber, kid-size mannequin which went flying into the air. My parents would wait until the light turned green before we crossed the street because they knew that it was the way to teach me what was expected of me. But time and time again, I see parents in a rush standing in the street and crossing against the light while the parents are B S. ing on their phones, people wearing earbuds and oblivious to the world. There used to be a law that it was illegal to read a book and walk down the street. Now everybody is reading their phones and stopping in their tracks for texting.

There is a growing phenomenon of people crossing the street and not considering if they have the light at the crosswalk. It is nerve-wracking for the driver. I should not have to lay on my horn to have the ten people strolling across when I have the light to get them to haul it.

I think this plan to lower the NYC speed limit is yet another example of our elected officials having a situation in front of them and they have no clue as to what to do. Enforcing what is in place is a good idea. They are trying to raise money and want to look like they're doing something.

The naiveté of people astounds me that they can't see that this is a set-up to reintroducing the Congestion Pricing to get cars off the streets. You won't have to mark my words, I will remind you!


$50 is not a significant amount. It's an annoyance. $100 is more appropriate but there must be a limit to how many fines a driver can receive.


I believe that a lot of accidents come from people not obeying the street signs. Why is it that drivers need to be penalized all the time? What about the pedestrians that like to run out in the middle of the road to beat that light? The majority of the accidents happen when the pedestrians are not in the cross-walk. Once again, I believe this is Governor Cuomo's way of trying to generate money for the city. I really don't believe that this whole speed camera idea is for the benefit of the pedestrian


YES, speed cameras and speed bumps are necessary especially around school zones.

The problem with NYC drivers is not only speeding but the main issue is that NYC traffic lights lack left and right turn signals.

Instead pedestrians and drivers are crossing paths at the same time and turning drivers DO NOT yield to crossing pedestrians.

NYC needs new traffic lights and stop speeding especially taxis and car services.


Where is the money going? To the schools to educate the public? This is just a added cost to New Yorkers that drive. 120 cameras how much revenue will the city make? Thanks Bill De Bloomberg


I read that more pedestrians are hit in NYC when crossing the street when the sign indicates Walk vs. Don't Walk. I believe it could be because of a false sense of security. I was hit by a cab when crossing the street when the sign said Walk. People may pay more attention when the sign indicates Don't Walk.


I think they should take the speed cameras and every time a car approaches and it's above the speed limit. The camera should flash the plate number and issue a 50.00 fine.

Richmond Hill

The Mayor and Governor are on the right track. I've lived in NY for more than 15 years and continue to be astounded by the sheer disregard for driving laws, lack of respect for pedestrians and common courtesy of NY drivers.

The complete disregard for obeying stop signs (actually stopping instead of pausing), and excessive speeding on side streets where kids play and pedestrians walk is and remains as rampant as ever.

If the authorities are serious about making the city's streets safer, put put a few police cars throughout the city's side streets and see how many tickets and moving violations will result. Additional traffic enforcement, regulation and points against licenses is the answer. It certainly works in other states.

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