Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: Budget Deal Gets 200 Cops Off Desk Duty, Provides More Free School Lunches

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It was certainly a less contentious budget process than in years past, but it had some of the same hallmarks. It wasn't firehouses this time, but NYCHA community centers that were on the chopping block, and same as before, they were saved at the last minute. I guess in the end, it's politics as usual.

Mayor de Blasio and City Council lawmakers agreed to the terms of a $75 billion budget last night that increases school spending and avoids layoffs of municipal workers. The budget, which is expected to be approved in a vote next week, also restores funding for 57 community centers in public housing developments. It also devotes $32 million to aid inmates with mental illness and reduce violence in jails.

The City Council lost its fight to hire 1,000 new police officers, but 200 cops who are now on desk duty will go back to patrolling the streets. The NYPD will spend $6 million to hire civilian employees to replace them. And the Department of Education will provide free lunches for all public middle school students, whether they are rich or poor. The Council originally wanted to fund meals for all public school students.

What's your reaction to this budget deal reached ten days before the deadline? Did you want to see 1,000 police officers hired, or are you satisfied with getting 200 cops off desk duty and back on patrol? Should all public school students get a free lunch, or do you support just a pilot program for middle schools? How would you spend $75 billion tax dollars to improve New York City?

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All public school students should get free lunches because that might be the only nutrional meal they're eating besides the school's giving them breakfast also some families with alot of kids can't afford to buy food because it's to expensive and the money they get in food stamps runs out before the month is over. I'm glad the money is restored for the NYCHA community centers it gives the people that are bored something to do. More money needs to be allocated for people with mental illness some people get sick when they're young and they go crazy like the 14 yo boy that stabbed his classmate the violence have to be stopped in the schools too not only the jails.I think 1,000 cops do need to be hired because the summer is here and more people will be out on the street and sometimes people get stupid and do crazy stuff.

Upper West Side

The budget is a disaster. We know it's the result of government pocket picking, but where is it going? How much of it is theft by forcing people to pay for other people's life?

Just one case in point: $6 million to hire 200 desk sitters to replace the cops now performing that duty? If there isn't going to be a savings by moving the desk cops to street duty, why do it?

Just one more case in point: school lunches. It has been reported widely that kids don't like school lunches and throw them in the garbage. Here's a Progressive Vision Zero idea: Round up all the homeless people on the streets and let them line up for lunches disposed of by school children.

Government sucks!

Port Richmond



I personally think these city council members have to much money and say in anything and everything and this is our tax money.
Why would they automatically allow everyone to get a free lunch. I heard a radio
announcer one day say that they cannot believe that a parent can't afford a box
of Cheerios to give their kids breakfast. Whatever food they give out is either half
eaten or thrown away completely. Especially the Yogurt. Yogurt is expensive.
i also feel that they should pay half fare for their transportation to and from school. i remember Bloomberg suggesting that and they all meaning the students and parents/guardians said they would boycott going to school. Of course bloomberg
backed off and it never happened.
It is a good idea if they keep the community centers opened but i remember that many of them had problems and also many of them were not fully occupied.

All of these politicians last evening were all gushing all over one another but in the they do the same thing and that is to be a good sport with our money.
This crew still is not for prime time at all.
Also of these politicians are not interested in any pilot programs and why should they be because they are spending our money = not theirs.= It's hit and miss .
What will these 200 cops do in the street? They have so many restrictions due to the demands of the public. Either he can do his job as he is suppose to do or n save the $6 mill and let them stay where they were on desk duty..
These politicians throw figures around like it was nothing. What's the difference one million more or less doesn't matter there's always more where that came from.

Morris Park

all good stuff. i sure hope there is funding for A LOT of new classrooms/school buildings for regular public schools in there somewhere, too...


I would first spend a portion on that in getting the pot wholes fixed
I agree on using some of it to help out the students in free lunch
More decent cops needed
More jobs.. meaning building some businesses to give people jobs
More teachers


I would definitely like to see more foot patrol, mounted, or motorcycle police on the streets.

The only way to deal with the increase in violent crime is to take it directly to those responsible for such crime, even if it means violating the rules of PC, and that someone might not get re-elected.


Millions could be saved by this placing full duty able body police officers from desk jobs to patrol to do what they was hired for. By hiring civilians to perform these positions would free up hundreds for patrol and keep new yorkers saver


Nice for children not to feel embarrassed but what percentage are they to merit ALL getting free lunches? There should have been another way around this.
What about the long term unemployed who are too young to collect social security but too old to be hired these days? Where is our free lunch??

Upper East Side

200 desk cops on the street is a drop in the bucket. Violent crime is up, assaults are up, even graffiti is making a massive comeback. Keep kidding yourself that crime is not on the rise and doesn't need more policing, and soon your free school lunch policies won't be necessary as families will be moving out of the city again. I beg Bill Bratton to stand up to the Mayor and do what Bill Bratton what he was hired to do: fight all crimes from the smallest to the largest. Otherwise it's a waste of a perfect hire.


Doormen in public projects? That's ridiculous.

Forest Hills

Hopeless city. I'm watching construction down the block from me. These were the fellows who put up a sign in front of a tree and had to take it down, That whole comic event probably cost us about 50 grand I bet!


200 cops back on patrol is just a drop in the bucket. The NYPD has been talking civilianization for as long as I have been affiliated with Department. There are probably hundeds of cops working inside.

And I don't think we should pay for lunch for families that can afford to pay for themselves.

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