Thursday, December 25, 2014


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The Call Blog: Security Camera Installation Begins At 49 NYCHA Developments

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I agree that cameras aren't necessarily a deterrent to crime and more a tool used by police after a crime has occurred. But why should that mean they shouldn't be installed? In this day and age, cameras aren't really a luxury anymore, but rather a basic security feature. Excessive use is big-brotherish, but there should at least be cameras at doorways and elevators in buildings.

Mayor de Blasio visited the site of a fatal knife attack in East New York, Brooklyn today to announce more security cameras are heading to New York City Housing Authority developments. The installation of 17 surveillance cameras at the Boulevard Houses and dozens more at 48 other NYCHA properties is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

NYCHA is spending $27 million tax dollars for the upgrades that many residents say are long overdue. On June 1, Daniel St. Hubert allegedly fatally stabbed a 6-year-old boy and seriously injured a 7-year-old girl in an elevator that had no working cameras. In the days since, the Mayor said the City expedited the camera contract review process because the "security of families living in public housing is a priority for my administration."

Why do you think only 58% of housing developments currently have cameras installed? Do you appreciate the expedited process to get more cameras to 49 NYCHA properties by the end of the year? What else should be done to keep residents safe in public housing?

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I think More cameras are needed because 17 isn't enough, cameras need to be placed in the stairwell elevators in the lobby and the hallways to keep everyone safe 17 is a good start though. NYCHA should of done this a long time ago P.J would of been killed and Mikayla wouldn't of been stabbed. The reason why 58% of NYCHA's buildings only have security cameras is because they're to cheap to put cameras everywhere in the buildings anything can happen. Comissoner Bratton should have cops walk through the NYCHA buildings to make sure everyone is safe.

Upper West Side

Nycha is a bloated patronage-driven bureacracy that cant walk and chew gum simultaneosly and there should be modern access control allowing only residents in and out. Wait a moment that may be problematic under the circumstances.

Kissena Park

To repeat myself, cameras don't prevent crime; they only document crime.

Imagine how many armed security guards could be employed for $27 million tax dollars? A guard with a gun is far more effective than a building with a camera.

Port Richmond

It is a start installing cameras. At least you will have evidence if someone is
trying to break the lock to the entryways
I still can't get over that they being all of these wanna be Mayor's of New York City have been around this town with a front row seat to see an hear all of the
complaints with NYCHA and up until this stage of DeBlasio's time as mayor they still haven't even put a dent in any of these numerous projects that should have been started immediately.

What was that all about !!

Once again I have to ask = Where are all the politicians?

Morris Park

I can't speak for the future of NYCHA, but as a former Correction Officer I can say the only thing camera surveillance throughout Rikers Island did was allow the violently detained to become even more violent towards staff, as well as each other, and only appeared to be use to punish the thousands of Correctional staff who tried to protect others from vicious assaults. Cameras can be a good thing, but if NYCHA uses cameras the way NYCDOC uses them, they will be far better off without them.


Why did the Mayor appoint someone with very little managerial experience to head NYCHA?


Cameras could make things worse. It makes some thugs think they're stars.

Richmond Hill

I've lived in public housing almost 50 years and I say give us back our housing police they knew the people and those who didn't live here


I will say it over and over the new Mayor should look into having the police returned back to a Housing, Mta and regular Nyc police as it was in the past. In the meantime there should be more police foot patrols in all boroughs and encouraging more tenant patrols in nycha developments. Improvements in nycha were stagnated by previous administration because of their concentration on privatization.


The doors can be fixed, but when each lease holder is only allowed 2 keys, they will keep breaking the doors. The young people can’t get in their own building! Also the Tenant Patrol is usually the people with the families causing the most problems.

Red Hook West

The city has spent millions on continuously replacing security devices including cameras, mirrors, lights, and door locks that have been vandalized. What would installing more cameras in housing projects solve if this vandalism persists ? Gangs and drug lords will only vandalize these security cameras so that they can carry on their illegal trade. It's a perpetual problem that will never be solved until there is 24 hour on-site police presence.

Forest Hills

Sadly, NY prisons today tend to be a dumping ground for the homeless, and those suffering from mental illness.

Prisons need to be PRISONS, not places for the homeless and mentally ill.

The city needs to take better care of the projects, or elect someone who knows what to do.


I think that housing needs to place camera's in all elevators and lobbies and these recordings need to be reviewed so housing can evict those residents that are destroying our home.

Lower East Side

Save the money and institute a lock down program of policed doorman for a period of time to break the bad Tennant habits and control access. After some time swap out Police with armed Guards with motorized scooter police and mini precincts in every project. No teen loitering in common areas ( reopen the project community/recreation centers.


As landlords NYCHA has a responsibility to keep their tenants safe. These are working people and they are paying rent they deserve a level of safety. NYCHA also need to do a better job of screening their tenants, as they did years ago. Police officers need to start patrolling these houses as they did back in the day. Everyone needs to take a level of responsibility.

Upper West Side

Tragic incident without a doubt, but I'm sick and tired of people talking about cameras or police presence. However, where's the plan to raise city revenue to pay for this. People love to talk about what the government needs to do, but never about how the government should pay for it.


Hold the tenants responsible for their buildings.
More Police.
Make guest sign in when they enter a building.
Tenants must report any and all illegal activity.


Cameras might record the crime. Stop and frisk prevents the crime. Politicians who are against stop and frisk are allowing Blacks to kill Blacks. The victims lives and the suspects lives are being ruined.They should ask their constituents if they want stop and frisk.


Hi I lived in housing for 18 years now and I live in the upper west side Amsterdam houses the projects has only some buildings installed with cameras not all cameras that are installed are even working so even if cameras are installed what good are they if they don't work. We should have more police patrolling the buildings and cameras that do work plus we need mirrors in every blind spots in the hallways around corners we go throw out the garbage we don't even know who's hiding around the corners and in the stairwells it happens all the time people getting robbed and raped like that people hear someone screaming nobody is going to get involved. Also having security guards at every building like they have in private buildings let people get announced who's going to someone's apartment as well as to keep violaters out and unwanted people especially those who are banned from housing properties. Its a problem its going to take time to really get a strong hold on but as long as housing spends the money to keep us safe it'll work housing hasn't spent any money on nothing new they give us hand me down type of necessities such as ovens refrigerators etc. It all starts with housing authority officials to do what's right to like keeping us safe inside and outside of our apartments. Have cameras put everywhere elevators stairwells and entrances all that are in fact working not just installed for show...


I do welcome the effort because like many callers have already said, it's way overdue. If de Blasio can come in office and enforce the installation of cameras, basically overnight, then obviously this something that could have and should have been done years/decades ago.

I think only 58% of developments have cameras because they were installed based on high crime areas or developments.

I blame past Administrations for not taking the welfare of those living in these dangerous developments and ALL housig developments more seriously,

Frankly, NOTHING!!! With or w/o housing police or local precincts doing patrols of the neighborhood, crime is going to remain as is or get worse. The Police can't be everywhere at once. These cameras may catch the perp on film, but it's still that thing of actually making an arrest. It's not long before many of the cameras being installed this month will be broke or damaged. Criminals don't care to be caught and they will do everything they can to continue in that lifstyle.


The low lives in the buildings just find out what angles the cameras won't capture a robbery or an assault on a victim so cameras unless they're everywhere in the building and very good quality won't make a difference


Public Housing needs cameras and officers to protect its residents. But more than that perpetrators in these houses need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Trouble makers get out! Make the tenant laws more restrictive and give some rights to the owners. I have seen housing that looked beautiful when put up till they were filled and the very tenants destroyed the buildings, apartments and neighborhoods. Create things to keep the kids busy, something for them to enjoy. Also let's make the parents responsible for their children not continue to give these people excuses for breaking the law/s.


It's a waste of money! Again, DeBlassio making bad decisions! It would be better to let these people be able to afford to buy their apartments without allowing to sublet (like co-ops). When people own they'll take pride in where they live and try to maintain it and protect it.
Just a thought!


The installation of cameras in housing projects will deter some crime but other criminals will adapt and work their away around this measure. If a person sells drugs on the corner of Park Avenue, the police will stop activity immediately. However, in low income neighborhoods where projects are located, such aggressive public action is sluggish. Our system is better than lots of others but inequality is its inevitable reality.


Positive parenting leads to a positive community. There are far too many children being born to parents who have little or no parenting skills.

Unfortunately, children are growing up and eventually becoming deviants of society.


I believe that parents that lives in housing should raise their children properly where they don't vandalize and destroy our buildings. They should teach them manners at home, that way they can become better residents.

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