Wednesday, December 24, 2014


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The Call Blog: Police Reportedly Identify Suspect In Fatal Stabbing; Reward Increased To $67,000

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It's a relief that police were able to capture the man responsible for attacking two innocent children. Hopefully, the Mayor keeps his word to get security cameras installed in more housing developments around the City. It's absurd that many NYCHA buildings have broken doors and locks that do not work, as a few of our callers stated tonight.

Detectives have reportedly identified the suspect wanted in the stabbing attack on two children in East New York on Sunday. The name of the suspect hasn't been made public as of this writing, but investigators reportedly matched DNA recovered from the knife used in the attack with a man in a criminal database. The potential breakthrough in the case comes as reward money increased to $67,000 today.

This case has galvanized residents in New York City public housing developments across the five boroughs. Many are calling on the NYPD to add more police patrols, while others want NYCHA to improve security measures by installing more surveillance cameras. Some are also calling for the Housing Authority to focus on securing access from front doors of buildings. What do you say?

Are you encouraged by the apparent breakthrough in this case? Does it affect your opinion on the collecting and storing of DNA in a criminal database? If you live in a NYCHA development, what suggestions do you have to improve security measures?

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Better than cameras is 24/7 armed security personnel on the property and at the entrance where only people approved by tenants would be allowed to enter. That's the way it was at my apartment when I lived in the City. For over 12 years, not one stranger got in.

Port Richmond

The NYPD caught the scum that killed little PJ injured his friend and killed that woman on Friday i hope every parent in ENY and all over the city will keep a closer eye on their kids espically the young ones don't let any child that uner 13 go off alone. Times have changed since i was a kid i give you aqnd the viewers a example i read a story about girls stabbing their friend over the slenderman video game that's stupid video games aren't real i believe mental illness starts when the child is young

The criminal database should be used more often so the right suspects can be bought to justice, whoever did it should be given life in a prison for mentally ill patients.The parents that live in the NYCHA houses need to keep a better eye on their small kids don't let them go anywhere alone that's only common sense, the NYPD should have a beat cop walking through the NYCHA buildings just to make sure everything is safe.The weather is getting warm the kids will be out of school soon and people will be staying out later than usual. NYCHA should always have cameras by the front doors of every building to see who's entering and leaving the building.

Upper West Side

If they have identified the person all well and good but this person that they seem to have found in the system has the same history as the other poor sole that died in Rikers. I feel that someone with authority should have been consulted about this man sleeping in the stairwells and the father of the little boy that was killed said he has helped him with a little change and cigarettes from time to time. All that it would have taken was to just ask a question. People have seen this man around. Also I give them the benefit of the doubt because of the way the other man’s life ended So Tragic !!! It’s just so sad. Why is it that these people from NYCHA are not being more than verbally reprimanded for their poor show of responsibility as far as taking care of some of the problems that all of NYCHA has. They have not even put a dent in anything. They make a decent salary and they should be fired.
What and when is NYCHA administration going to get started with these horrific building
complex conditions. I understand that the wait for repairs alone is still taking to long.
They should keep DNA in a database and they should fingerprint everyone also.

Morris Park

The collection of DNA from those that are arrested only reflects racist policing and impacts disproportionately people of color. The people in housing projects should be organized to secure their own buildings. The same money that is given to NYPD could be given to tenant associations to setup security in their buildings.


It is one thing to secure the front door of any building; another when the people living in the building purposely leave, damage and or make extra keys for people to enter these premises; there was a time in NYC history when the 'projects' as we call them were decent; people would not lock their doors; neighbors looked out for each other; the then NYC Housing Authority would keep the building spotless and clean; children were never seen playing in the buildings much less hanging out in front of the building but in the park area within the development to play. I was never exposed to crime as a child back in the 50's.

More importantly, my sisters and brothers were never allowed to get in an elevator with strangers. The circumstances surrounding this senseless killing of innocent lives. I asked myself why were these children as young as they were in an elevator with a complete stranger despite the fact that on any given day, I see children as young as these innocent victims going to school by themselves every day or in park after 10pm.

As the police now know who they are looking for, it is a matter of time before he is captured; as far as security is concerned, the same type of security initiative that is in place in many more highly developed residential apartments should be obvious but more importantly, the people who live in these developments must work together to stop these types of incidents from occurring in the first place.

I am not laying blame here but where were the adults who were responsible for these children? How do you have a 6 and 7 year old go home or wherever by themselves under the assumption that this is supposed to be the norm for children? Any child or children? What happened to common sense-especially in this late day in age where anything can happen to a child left unattended.

To the NYPD, catch the perpetrator as soon as possible; I have to wonder if this is not looking more like the autistic child who ran out of the school and whose body was found several months later in a frozen East River.


I am elated to hear that the NYPD may have apprehended a suspect
in this horrible crime.
It is unfortunate that this had to happen to innocent children trying to go home but it is not uncommon in NYCHA developments.
NYCHA spends alot of money (that is why are always in the red) to repair, renovate and make it a safe environment for every tenant in its developments.
I used to live in Cooper Park Houses (Brooklyn) a NYCHA development for many years & I tried to get cameras installed unfortunately I was not successful. I moved out several years ago and now they have cameras that sometimes are ineffective based on what I heard. It will never change because most of the tenants don't care how the developments look because they don't own it so therefore they care about!


I'm just so glad they got him my hats off to the nypd


The projects have been a hot bed for drugs, crime and dysfunctional families for a long time. How do parents allow young children to ride an elevator alone? I hope other parents will learn from this horrible tragedy.


Thank you for the report on the NYCHA doors today. NYCHA also needs to get grown people out of their parents apartments. The gang members arrested in Harlem...ALL GROWN. These people stay & takeover the apts.

Red Hook

Bravo to the NYPD for catching the suspect, and the DNA database technology that they could utilize. But shame on the criminal justice system for allowing this animal out on the streets in the first place with such a long track record of violent attacks.

Upper East Side

I have to say I am so glad they captured this "Mad Dog". Someone who killed as he did would have not simply focused on the Projects he would have eventually went to the streets. NYCHA needs to make "Keeping Tenants Safe" and priority and stop playing with the lives of their Tenants.

Upper West Side

Putting more cameras in the projects DO NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Cameras can't protect you. Arming citizen can. Wake up people, cops can not be everywhere. They can not be in every elevator. They can't be on every floor. They can not be in every building. They have enough to deal with.


They need a big security booth thats a post that has cctv footage that records the whole project and have security do patrols every half an hr with the help of police officers as well in case there a dispute that gets out of hand also they should make a curfew for no loitering as well.


The people of these areas should stop Defending the criminals who are being arrested. Then maybe police will be able to kee them safe. Police get abused and can not do anything to arrest criminals without be accused of some kind of abuse. Police are afraid to arrest anyone. Police are considered the enemy in those kind of projects.


Every one is praising the nypd to tel u the thruth it took way too to catch this guy!! Im a lt commander in the u s marines an let me tel u.. It was way to long!!


Today they caught the man who viciously stabbed two small children, and arrested a multitude of gang members who were wanted for various crimes, including murder, and guess where they will all be detained at? Rikers Island. Those are the kind of people who mostly fill the beds on Rikers jail, and the sooner the public realizes that, maybe the sooner society can stop pointing the fingers at the brave men & women who guard them, when violence erupts, and wants to blame the staff for being violent.




Nycha needs a better screening process before they rent an apt to them. When a tenant is an obvious threat or problem tenant, NYCHA needs to actually do something about them and evict them like it states in the lease. I used to live in east ny projects. Now im in manhattan projects we have security guards but we still have drug activity and all kinds of illicit activity. The NYPD and security dont work closely together. Bring back the housing police. Why did NYCHA cut the monthly stipend they used to give residents for the Resident Watch program? I never see cops patrolling the area at all and everyone knows it thats why they all come here to buy and sell drugs


NYCHA spent millions of dollars every year on scaffolding where no work has ever been done. That money could have been used on better security measures.


I live in a NYCHA building (Betances) in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx we have no camera's in this 20 story building. My building is not safe we have had our tenant's robbed many times. Camera's need to be installed not only in the front lobby and elevators, but on the stairways. Our building has two elevators one has been out since January for replacement. The other elevator is always breaking down, and we have to walk down stairway's that are not only filthy but dangerous. We also need to have those NYPD Camera's around the building, especially in the rear courtyard area. The rear courtyard is where criminal's and delinquents hangout late into the night screaming and fighting, and for awhile shooting guns off. There should be a curfew for being in the courtyard and camera's need to be installed in the courtyard. Most importantly these camera's must be monitored.


As being a friend of tanaya Copeland. I honestly am relieved that they caught her killer. If they set up cameras maybe they would have a better look at this man and caught him way sooner. They need to wake up and spend the money where it counts your loosing lives get the cameras and have more nypd around


Thankfully NYPD caught this creature, this story is devastating. But the issue isn't a lack of cameras in NYCHA buildings and it's not about racism concerning the DNA database (which, by the way, DNA is only entered into the system after you've been convicted of certain crimes). It's about a broken criminal justice system that allowed a man like this to be back on the streets. It's about repairing relations between communities and the NYPD so people are willing to talk to police, work with police. People in the projects and everywhere in this city should welcome a stronger police presence in their homes and neighborhoods and demand more from each other as human beings so nightmares like this stop becoming realities.


Very happy they have this person in custody. One half hour after the news conference and publication of photo he was caught.....our vigilant New Yorkers are our greatest asset.


Yes I am glad he was caught but I would like to know if this man suffered from mental illness. We know that people who suffer from mental illness are placed in prisons system instead of hospitals. So my question I would like answered, "Did the prison system know if he was mentally ill and had no place to send him except the streets. When a gun is used to take the life of children in other communities everyone says,"They suffered from a mental illness. So maybe this man was a violent mentally ill person, who needed treatment but was unable to get it from dilapidated mental ill system.


Condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Possibility to make things better and more safe: citywide training for secure and professional tenant patrols.


We need police to do vertical patrols again on a consistent basis. Maybe police should have two years of community service instead of two years of college. Get to know those who you will serve and protect. The people have to realize that the only difference between the projects and the penthouse is the mindset. NYCHA fix the intercoms and the doors. People, stop breaking the doors, keep the buildings clean, respect each other and yourself. Let's put the neighbor back in the hood.


WE NEED MORE HOUSING POLICE FOR OUR ELDERS AND CHILDREN.......IN EVERY HOUSING PROJECT. Security guards and police need to work together more...


This is what happens when you have politics involving people's safety...its so so sad that a tragedy has to happen in order to make these so called politicians realize how bad the largest public housing agency in the US has become and its an embarrasement in the richest city in the country...


I am a mail carrier who has delivered in several of these buildings. As the management repairs a lock, its broken the next day. People fail to realize that they should not be reactive but proactive.


Camera installation is only effective once a crime is committed, it is the responsibility of a parent to monitor their children. Police officers should not work in lieu of cameras, but in conjunction with. The burden and responsibility of this crime is partially the fault of NYC, to negotiate the necessity of camera installation in a housing project is beyond negligent.

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