Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Medical Marijuana Bill Passes Assembly, Clears Hurdle In Senate

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I agree with many of our callers tonight that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes only. I understand the concern that if legalized, pot will get into the hands of those who are not sick and want to make a profit. I know there are many New Yorkers will serious illnesses, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy, who would greatly benefit from using marijuana.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

New York may be getting closer to joining the ranks of 22 other states where marijuana is legal for the treatment of serious illnesses. On Tuesday, the State Assembly passed a modified version of the medical marijuana bill. And last week, the measure passed the State Senate's health committee on its way to the finance committee. A full vote could come before lawmakers end their session next month.

Some of the disagreement centers around how the pot is consumed. The latest amendment to New York's bill would ban the smoking of marijuana for patients under 21 years old. It comes as Minnesota today signed into law one of the most restrictive medical marijuana bills in the country. It bans smoking altogether and only makes the drug available in pill, oil, and vapor forms. What do you say?

Do you want to see medical marijuana legalized in New York? If the bill passes the Senate, should Governor Cuomo sign it into law? Does it matter to you if the drug is available to smoke or comes in other forms? What questions or concerns do you have about legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

No concerns. Let's do this already. What are we waiting for? I am a little concerned about Cuomo with he reelection looming. Will he cater to the more conservative parts of the State? Certainly NYC is all for it.

Jackson Heights

If medical marijuana works for some people then it should be legalized by perscription only. I know i wont use it because my health is good, my physcial therapist said i'll be walking without a walker soon.

Upper West Side

No I am firmly opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I don't want to breath the vapor as I walk the streets. I already have enough smoke from cigarette use. If anything it should only be avaialable in a clinic setting to be used inside that facility.

Howard Beach

Of course marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes in NYC! It's clinically proven to help glaucoma, insomnia, cancer-related pain and more. Legality means quality, government oversight and experts analyzing which strains work for what. It's working in jersey. What's the question here?


I think this is so wrong. I truly believe anything one man makes , another man can break . Sir , legalizing this drug only gives people the ability to do whatever to obtain it. Unfortunate you'll have licensed physicians stealing or shall I say putting aside enough to sell for their own profit. All tie while justifying it by falsifying documents. I also don't believe the city , state or government will be able to keep a handle on this.
It's bad enough that I must smell this crap in my neighborhood , now to have it legalized . We're all going to hell with gasoline drawers on. This world is headed to hell in a hand basket.


We've been told that we live in a free country. That's a lie. Consider the use of narcotics as a case in point. Whatever an individual inhales, imbibes or injects is nobody's business including that of the police. All laws restricting such actions are violations of individual rights and are invalid primafacie. Those who impose them on us are criminals themselves. The degree and extent of fascism grows in the USA.

Port Richmond

By all means = Clear all the hurdles = That will solve all the problems. Meanwhile whatever a potential voter wants they get it whether it is a hindrance towards anyone else or not. Now that we have made rules and regulations what’s stopping this marijuana from getting out of hand. As long as they buy their votes one way or another everything is
copasetic. No problem at all. These politicians are fooling themselves along with the rest of us.

Morris Park

Vaporized marijuana gives the exact same benefits of burned & smoked marijuana, but without the carbon monoxide. So yes, we could technically ban smoking it all together. The only issue is that vaporizers cost lots of money and can only be used at home.

Rego Park

Sometime I think our politicians got their degrees at diploma mills. No common sense at all. Let me understand this you approve an antidote to save a filthy herione addict, but struggle to approve a substance that can save or help a terminal patient. Are you really that out of touch? This is to both parties. You can still get your kick backs. Mind you I do not smoke pot nor do I have any desire to. LEGALIZE POT FOR THE HEALTH OF AMERICANS!


For medical use it has been proven over and over that it is the only solution for epilepsy and to help chemo patients to tolerate pains and to gain appetite. Also, for recreational purpose, it is definitely less harmful than alcohol and nicotine. And legalizing it will lower is cost and make it less interesting for bad people to grow it. Legalization of alcohol made the quality producers survive. Also the cost of policing it is such a waste.


Yes, absolutely - New York State should pass the Compassionate Care Act. As with every other medication, the mode of ingestion should be a decision made by the individual in consultation with their physician. The bill should not restrict the forms of medical marijuana made available to patients.


Will insurance company pay for this marihuana? Medicaid / medicare or Is this going to be another burden for tax payers?


I have no problem with people using marijuana but I hate the smell of it. They can bake it, drink it or whatever. They can legalize it as long as it's not the smoking method since that would bother people like me.


No, what is the problem medical marijuana will get you high, just like coke, heroin, alcohol, and if you look at it would you want to smell this all over the place. All of a sudden you need another way to make business. The problem with politicians is that they spend time on things that are not important. No to medical marijuana is just another way to keep us in slavery

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