Friday, December 19, 2014

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The Call Blog: A Crackdown On Speeding, A Spike In Shootings

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100 tickets an hour. Frankly, the police probably could have issued ten times that. The highest speed limit in New York City is 50 miles per hour. Most roads, the limit is 30 mph. Will it make a difference in slowing drivers down? Maybe. Will it make a difference in the City coffers? Yes.

Police officers issued 4,814 summonses to speeding drivers in just two days this week. The ticket blitz was part of Mayor de Blasio's Vision Zero initiative to reduce traffic fatalities to zero within the next ten years. Brooklyn led the way with a total of 1,249 summonses, with Queens drivers a close second with 1,219. Fines for speeding range anywhere from $90 to $600. There is no speed limit greater than 50 mph in the five boroughs.

The effort to make the streets safer for drivers and pedestrians comes as the NYPD is dealing with a spike in crime in some neighborhoods. Overall, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton says crime dropped three percent this year compared to last. But shootings are up seven percent, and shootings at NYCHA developments have surged 32%. Police recorded 14,261 street stops from January 1 to March 31 of this year, compared with 99,788 in the same period of 2013.

Do you approve of the NYPD crackdown that netted 4,814 tickets to speeding drivers in 48 hours? Do you welcome more enforcement and steeper fines as a way to deter reckless driving? What's your reaction to the spike in shootings in the city to start the year? Are you pleased with the job Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is doing so far?

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John & The Call -

I totally agree with the caller Burke who commented that the NYPD initiative to ticket speeding drives should be ongoing. To be blunt about it, isn't this one of their key job objectives for NYPD as part of public safety? Also, NYC should go one step further and install these speed cameras. Maybe the NYPD doesn't want because statistics from speed cameras violations would possibly show how bad the reckless driving is in all the boroughs.

I attended a fundraiser to raise funds to help with paying medical expenses of a victim of an auto accident. A reckless driver just went through a stop sign. It is heart-breaking.

For the caller Pat, she should come visit NYPD "chit-chat central" at the Staten Island Ferry terminals.

John, Oakwood

I agree with Alberto there are alot of people here now who are just not experienced enough here. And what's up with not using the turn signal on your car and actually turning that way?


People should get ticketed for hogging the left lane on the highway. Make are highways faster and our local roads slower. People use local roads as shortcuts to destinations, because of constant traffic on highways. Highways need to be focused on the the local roads.


Before adding more police I think the existing police force should be re-evaluated. There are many good men and women who are diligent about their work and put their lives on the line for us. I've also seen others who, while on assignments that require standing around and observing -- such as on the corners where traffic is blocked off when the President is in town -- often congregate in little circular groups and have laughing and chit-chat sessions. They should give their attention to the situation however boring it may be at the time. Thank you.

Upper East Side

NYCHA is full of people who allow others to live with them that are not on the lease. If management is told, they do nothing. My neighbor above me had up to 8 people living in 3 1/2 rooms. I complain about noise, management said “there is nothing they can do!”

Red Hook West

Hi John,

4814 tickets...let's see how many convictions in court. Tickets should be issued every day.

Commissioner Bratton doesn't think more cops are necessary...I disagree.

Midtown East

Hi John,

How many were caught on cell phones? Again we are using polls and all I think they are doing is giving out the same amount of tickets that they gave out in stop and frisk. The revenue they don’t receive from the stop and frisk they now replace it with DeBlaso’s VISION ZERO. They need the ticket revenue for something that they will not reveal to us just what it is for. Once again they just rob Peter to pay Paul. The shootings are still the same types as they were before. Projects and drive by on the streets and in the parks of our city. Just what is a $600.00 summons? What did they do? We should have a list of fees. Where is the list of fines given out to the Jay Walkers? When these drivers have an open road they just use it as a drag strip. [FLOOR IT] [DIG OUT] No one has a plan they just play it by ear and call it yet another VISION with a different name and the results will be posted 10 years down the road !!!!!!!

Thank you John,


If the city wants to catch a lot of speeders, spend a few days on Staten Island. Spend a day at Heberton and Bennett. Lots of stop sign runners may also be caught.

I predicted that crime would increase in the new rulers of NYC.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John

I think Bill Bratton is doing a excellent job as Police commissioner, i'm glad the NYPD is cracking down on drivers that speed because the summer is almost here and the kids will be out of school, some kids don't think to wait for the green they just dart out in the street the speed limit should be 20 miles during the summer around parks and places where a lot of kids congregate, More cops should be deployed this weekend to stop drivers from driving while intoxicated. More cops should patrol the NYCHA buildings to keep everything safe for the tenants. Have a happy and safe Holiday weekend God bless

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