Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Ceremony Marks September 11 Memorial Museum Opening

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As someone who is looking forward to visiting the museum to experience and witness the remnants of 9/11, I think the $24 is a bit much. Entrance should be on a donation-based or a discount should be provided for New Yorkers.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

Almost thirteen years after the 9/11 attacks, the National September 11 Memorial Museum at the World Trade Center opened to victims' relatives, survivors, and first responders this morning. At a dedication ceremony inside the 110,000 square-foot museum, President Obama said, "No act of terror can match the strength or the character of our country."

The museum opens to the public next Wednesday. It includes 10,000 artifacts, 23,000 pictures, and 500 hours of video and film chronicling the day and honoring those who lost their lives. The plaza and museum cost $700 million to build, subsidized with $390 million in tax-funded grants. The $24 museum entrance fee will help cover operating costs, which are estimated to be about $60 million a year.

Based on what you've seen so far, is the National September 11 Memorial Museum a fitting tribute? Do you plan on visiting this year? What's your reaction to the $24 entrance fee? Should photos of the 19 hijackers have been included in one of the displays?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

I completely disagree on the $24.00 entrance fee as I'm also a donor for the building of the memorial, some of the cobble stones should have my name on it as that should be a nice way to thank the donors for the effort, as is not only tax dollars that paid for the building of the plaza and the museum. The $24.00 entrance fee is a lot of money for a memorial, specially in the USA where many other memorials are free. Example DC all or most museums and memorials are free so why not NYC having at least one free attraction for a change?
Collecting $24.00 per person, average 1000 person per day = $24.000 per day. Seven days a week = $168.000 X four weeks a month = $672.000 average in one month. Then X 12 (a year) we are estimating the first year of opening an approximate amount of $8,064,000 that's only assuming that an average of one thousand of people will visit the museum everyday. Make the numbers. I may go once to see if is worth the $24.00 fee to see how friends and family suffer during the attack.

Hamilton Heights

The Sept 11 memorial museum is a fitting tribute to those that perished on that horrible day, maybe i would visit it in the future. Twenty four dollars is a little to much for a entrance fee it should be twenty, the hijackers shouldn't be included in a display because the visitors might get upset.

Upper West Side

What is being constructed on the former WTC site is a disgrace. What has been built is Zero WTC. It is not the tallest building in the US for several reasons: it sits on Raymond Kelly's Pedestal of Fear, has HVVAC equipment in the air and not the basement where it belongs and has a tower empty of anything that would make it even part of a building. The pedestal can't be occupied, nor can the HVAC floors, nor can the tower. Then there are the wading pools of grief occupying the space from which we lost the Twin Towers and on which they should have been rebuilt. For the full story of what has gone wrong, read Debacle: Failing to Rebuild the Twin Towers. It's available in paperback and Kindle formats.

Port Richmond

So I guess because Bloomberg with his big bucks he donated along with his arrogance gives
him the right to dictate this fiasco from the start. What a disgrace by these greedy politicians. How much and who are the chosen ones to be on the panel of this ground zero memorial? Where will their exuberant salary come from? To think we are asked to pay a fee to visit this museum. How did they come up with a $24.00

Morris Park

It should be free for the survivors and relatives of victims of the attacks. The fee is to high. $5.00 is ample. Cut out some of the bureaucratic cost and I bet you could run that place for a third of the cost. Reminds me of another gold digging organization, The Red Cross.

Park Hill

When you consider that, according to an Anti-Defamation League study released this week, half of the world's population has never heard of the Holocaust, it is a good thing we have this Museum so that there is a better chance of having more people remember this terrible event.


Isn't this a National Museum? The cost should be covered as other National Parks with NO fee. As for including the hijackers, it's necessary as they werre the cause and reason for the whole story as upsetting as it may be.


I can't believe people are disparaging the 9/11 museum. From everything I've seen so far it looks to be an amazing and educational tribute to an atrocity perpetrated on our country. People need to realize that this museum will still be here when all of us who lived through 9/11 are dead and gone. Showing the people who committed this heinous act is a part of the truth about that day. It does nothing to honor them. That's ludicrous. I'm impressed with the museum and can't wait to go see it in person. I will be doing it during the free hours on a Tuesday evening.


The entire museum was a waste...they should have stopped at the reflecting pool. 60 million to run per year, $24 admission fee. As a New Yorker and 1st responder, I wouldn't go in there if they paid me. 13 yrs later the politiicans are still getting 9/11 camera time in an election year.

Midtown East

As regards the photos of the hijackers. As Hitler was the face of evil,his picture is still shown. These 19 terrorists personify evil as well and are part of history. Leave them so we never forget who did this.

Queens Village

I know people might not want their pictures in the museum,but in history class,all that our children learn including me..all the evil people of historical significance their faces can be found in history books so no one can forget the face of evil. No fee is better accept to people to give donation. This museum is a place where the connection between the new yorkers will be all times fortified. Also the international connection between the people of the World.


As a memorial, photos of the victims are appropriate. As a museum, photos of the hijackers are appropriate because they were as much a part of the experience. I not only will go... I already have a ticket... I think every New Yorker should go. No matter how painful. Or how much it costs. Because we should never ever forget.


It's 9:20PM and so far all of the calls to NY 1 were negative except for Tina, who apparently was there and remembers it well. I suggest that New Yorkers who weren't here or are too young to remember what happened, not give any feedback. They are clueless. And the others should stop whining. It's embarrassing to listen to these New Yorkers. The service was magnificent and the museum is a moving tribute.


The same people that are complaining about the $24.00 can be found any day of the week in the Nail Salon having a manicure/pedicure. Give me a brreak!!!

East Harlem

I don't think residents of new York City should have to pay. You guys should only charge the tourist the $24 . Or charge a small fee for the new York City residents like $5


The museum admission charge is a major ripoff. Mainly due to the inflated salaries---both the museum president and the museum director are each paid over $400,000. Several others are also into 6 figures. These people are shameless ghouls and should be publicly exposed! This museum is called a non-profit! Non-profit for who? Certainly very profitable for the greedy ghouls with their inflated salaries!


The memorial is a great project is show how New Yorkers reacted to 9/11. It show us New Yorkers bravery and what the first responders faced through. It gives the family members hope and strength. I will see the memorial because, when 9/11 happened I was in the first grade and I really want to know what happened on that day. I agree with you that 164,000 a day for the memorial's bills are very high. If is that true then 24 dollars is a reasonable price for the memorial fee.


Stephanie from the UES and Valerie from Queens Village had some great viewpoints. The same people complaining will be taking their families to $20 movies with $10 popcorns this weekend. I'm sure this museum was built by people with big hearts who have done their best to build a responsible and sensitive site to reflect on the tragedy. You can't please everyone. Regarding the photos of the hijackers, I think that is a non-issue. It is important from future generations to know the entire picture.


I would like very much to visit the memorial however, as a senior on a fixed income it is not possible. I was there when the first plane hit and as a New Yorker living in Brooklyn, I don't really understand why there is not at least a discount price for all those who can produce evidence that they live in New York City. It is an extreme hardship for those New Yorkers who are struggling to put food on the table to have to pay for their family to visit the memorial.


It does not make sense to put paying for a movie or a nail salon and going to the gravesite of the people who died in New York. New Yorkers need to be able to pay their respects without being required to pay to say goodbye. The Met has a suggested donation. That would make sense. Those who can pay will. There are millions of tourists who can cover the fee.

Bay Ridge

Caller Michelle was spot on! Museum should b discounted for NYers who can go on a database who had 6degres of seperation. I was in Bklyn working for MJHS n the only view we had from our windows were the Twins. My coworker nmyslef were traumatized for years.


It doesn't matter what people are willing to pay for other things in life. We should ask ourselves the fundamental question whether we should make people pay to "never forget" about something that is and will always be part of US history. Wouldn't it be more appropriate if the US government would donate everything it has confisquated from Al Qaeda all over the world over the last 13 years, to both finance this museum and the relief efforts for the survivors of 9/11 ?

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