Friday, December 19, 2014

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The Call Blog: A Focus On Repairing Aging Infrastructure

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The facts are sobering - and daunting. An estimated $40 billion in repairs. 100-year-old buildings and gas mains. And this needs immediate attention. I know in Jersey, the Pulaski is shut down for two years and it has made things a lot more difficult for a lot of people, including myself. But I'd rather see all this addressed as soon as possible, rather than wait for another tragedy, whether it be a bridge collapse or a gas explosion.

President Obama visited the Tappan Zee Bridge today to bring attention to aging infrastructure across the country. Obama called on Congress to back his plan to fix crumbling roadways, bridges, and ports. The President said, "We've got more than 100,000 bridges that are old enough to qualify for Medicare." Work is currently underway to replace the Tappan Zee with a new bridge at a cost of $3.9 billion tax dollars.

Meantime, Mayor de Blasio also addressed infrastructure concerns while celebrating the reopening of an asphalt plant in Brooklyn. The Department of Transportation has patched 338,000 potholes and repaved 173 miles of streets already this year. Mayor de Blasio’s executive budget calls for $226 million for street repairs in wake of the tough winter and $670 million for complete street reconstruction. What do you say?

Do you welcome the use of your tax dollars to address aging infrastructure? Which roadway or bridge in New York City needs attention? Have you noticed fewer potholes since the DOT made this a priority at the beginning of the year? When is the best time for crews to do repairs to limit the inconvenience on drivers and residents?

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It's sad that this is one of the final projects on his agenda.
This should be 2nd in the agenda with tax payers' money, first being education.

West Chelsea

We did have a rough winter and i applaud the DOT for patching up the potholes in the crosswalks, the only thing that needs to be done now are the cracks in the sidewalks, i'm using a walker now and my wonderful home attendant always points out the cracks in the sidewalk so i won't i know the sidewalk cracks aren't DOT's responsbility that's the responsibility of the landlord that owns the building near the crack.The Mayor should use enough money to patch up all the potholes in the city and in the outer boros and whatever the cost is the taxpayers just pay it, if the MTA want to raise the fare we just have to pay it.

Upper West Side

My tax dollars should be used for aging infrastructure. Instead if worrying about the debt we will be handing off to our children we should be more worried about handing over aging infrastructure that they will have to pay for.

Midtown East

Unfortunately, De Blasio is stuck with the the neglect of the Bloomberg Administration. Expired contracts, deteriorating roads and bridges, and out of control contracts is what Bloomberg and his minions left us.

Park Hill

We really don’t need anyone to make us aware of the fallen structure of every
kind in creation. We have paid mega taxes for years and years and still no one
will show us the books and how they keep them.
Instead of re-naming all of these structures they should concentrate on the repairs.
Someone needs to look into the type of material being used over and over again
and again to repair the roads.
They crack they split and create craters that eventually ruin the cars and trucks of
and therefore it is a revolving circle. They repair and it never lasts long and no
one seems to look into it. So to me these jobs become just a matter of fact to
everyone in charge.
They can keep their speeches – we don’t need to hear from these people in
management with the bobble heads behind them. Meanwhile we are always
back so square one.
Once again all of these politicians – well the majority anyway have been around
and all of this should have been addressed years back and taken care of as problems
were found and we would not be in this predicament at all.

Morris Park

NYC and surrounding cities are in such bad shape, they should all be renamed Potholia. If all of these properties had been properly maintained, there would be no need to spend billions for relacement.

Port Richmond

What a shame that including a rail link over the new Tappan Zee Bridge was deemed to costly for now. What a squandered opportunity to add to our public transportation system and instead encourage more driving, more fossil fuel use, more pollution, etc. The government should have demanded a rail link or withhold funding.

Upper East Side

The city sends me a beautiful brochure to repair my sidewalk at my private home. They take weeks to complete it, do an awful job, charge me over 6 grand, now I'm sick and wanna get outta here.


I live by Hillside Avenue its horrible from 188st and Hillside to Francis Blvd. Also Jamaica Ave is also in bad shape. The DOT should repave both Hillside and Jamaica Ave. There are Pot hole some of the pothole that are fixed are just bumpy and horrible. It ruins the car suspension and tires. Our tax money should pay for the road that really need to be fixed sometimes the DOT resurfaces road that dont need to resurfaced.


Other states use prisoners to work on the highways and the roads are beautiful. NYS should do the same. Let criminals work off their debt to society

Midtown East

They need to fix nostrand avenue. Its terrible, when im on the bus it feels like im on a rocky roller coaster. I always see working men their fixing, but what are they fixing its been like that for years. Get off your lazy butts and fix these busy roads.

Downtown Brooklyn

With the changing seasons we experience in New York, and all the maintenance needed to fix the subways, streets, bridges and buildings. I think most New Yorkers are ungrateful, we are much better off now in this respect, than back in the 1970's. I salute every city worker who has helped improve this city.


There is such a bad pothole on 8th between 6th and 7th ave in park slope that you can see dirt under the pavement. It has been there for months. I will avoid the block until it's repaved to saves car


What a mess, and dangerous, too. The craters that are present on the Koscuiszko Bridge are numerous and a hazard that creates a daily traffic tie up. The city has not addressed this yearly problem, merely reacting to "symptoms" rather than a solution that is permanent. Even now, the roadway on the bridge remains in severe disrepair.

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