Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor de Blasio Unveils "Progressive" Executive Budget

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There may be some merit to Mayor de Blasio's goal of increasing funding for many New Yorkers that saw years of deep cuts during the Bloomberg administration. But too much spending too soon could spell trouble as well and would hurt the City later. These spending initiatives may serve the City better spread out over a couple of years.

Mayor de Blasio unveils his first executive budget, a $73.9 billion proposal full of new expenditures and little in the way of new savings or revenue. The budget, which updates a preliminary version released in February, includes the new $5.5 billion tentative agreement brokered with the City’s teachers union. It also includes spending increases for infrastructure and road repair, speed cameras aimed at reducing pedestrian deaths, and expanded after-school programs, after Albany only funded his universal pre-Kindergarten program.

The budget also fulfills de Blasio’s campaign pledge of helping the City’s less fortunate, with more funding for affordable housing and homeless services. Speaking at City Hall today, the Mayor said, “There are some that have trouble equating fiscal responsibility with progressive values. If you believe in the positive role of government, as I do, then you need a strong and stable foundation.”

There are still several fiscal challenges facing the City however. The Mayor today warned of a $2 billion budget short fall for the next fiscal year. There are also still more than 150 unions working on expired contracts that the budget doesn’t account for. And although the process has been far less contentious than the budget battles in years past with the City Council, there are still areas of disagreement. Today’s executive budget does not include funding for the Council’s budget proposal for hiring 1,000 new police officers. The mayor also rejected lawmakers’ calls for free lunches for all public school students. Both sides have to now come up with a final budget by July 1.

What’s your reaction to Mayor de Blasio’s updated budget? Do you believe it is a fiscally responsible document as the Mayor says? What do you make of the fact that it rejects two key City Council proposals? Are you concerned over a lack of details on how to deal with the City’s unions?

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Thanks, Albany, for the unfunded mandate that the city pay to rent & renovate space for charter schools. Freaking absurd.


I like Mayor Diblasio's updated budget plan because more affordale housing need to be built the rents in the city are to high for people living on a fixed income, all the students lunches should be free because that might be the only nutrional meal they're eating. I hope he be fair with the unions and give them fair and decent contracts because they have been working without a contract since the Bloomberg administration and that's not fair because they have families too

Upper West Side

He has no clue to govern. He just spends and spends and what happens to the remaining
unions that have to still be taken care of. The homeless can’t wait. That needs to be
taken care of along with other priorities.

Sometimes you have to change your advisors because they are on the wrong track.

Morris Park

I predicted the cost of government would rise with the induction of deBlasio. Government doesn't pay for anything. Citizens pay for everything. Be prepared to have your pocket picked by the Mayor.

Port Richmond

No surprises here clearly the Mayor is bought and paid for by unions .
The term progrressive is a code word which means tax, spend, borrow and anti business.

I guess the The Mayor's role models are Beame and Lindsay !


I hope fixing the New York City's (badly broken) Department of Correction will also be taken in budgetary consideration. Because of the past 12 years of Departmental Administrative practices, taxpayers have had to pay a high cost of compensating Correctional Staff who have had suffered unnecessary physical injuries, because they strictly demand that their officers oversee & interact with the City's most violent, forbidding them to proactively defend themselves, and others, from severe imminent danger, which always results in staff being severely injured.

If proper safety procedures are not implemented for the thousands of people who work; visit; and are detained in New York City's jail facilities, not only will the taxpayers have to pay for the care of the many who will be on workmen's compensation, but it will also continue to emotionally; physically; and financially victimize many of New York City's hardest working people.


The income to fund the budget is predicated basically on taxes and fees and is primarily affected by the ups and downs of the economy which directly impacts the financial sector. Good economy,more taxable income,economy goes down property taxes will have to rise to offset the difference. You do not buy a house based on the assumption you will have steady overtime. People are clueless as to where the money comes to pay for things.

Jack B
Queens Village

I think the Mayor needs to learn about and implement TRUE economics rather than SOCIALIST economics when creating budget proposals. Where is the money to pay for his proposal REALLY going to come from?


I know he is putting money on the budget for affordable housing. Here in East Harlem, there are buildings going up all over the place, however they are not for the people living here.

I hope he is putting a decent amount of money for "Education" A great amount of the school kids here, cannot even read well, and their math levels are low. Education should be a big priority. And I mean BIG PRIORITY.

East Harlem

It's obvious that our mayor never took economics 101. His progressive spending needs to be matched by aggressive revenue streams. His plan is completely unsustainable.

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