Thursday, December 18, 2014

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The Call Blog: Tenants, Landlords React To Vote On Rent Increases

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This vote is definitely a departure from the Bloomberg board, with those wanting rent increases in the very small minority for a change. But we'll see what the final vote will be - if it is on the higher side of the range, then it's not all that different from the increases approved in the past.

The Rent Guidelines Board now includes six members appointed by Mayor de Blasio. Last night, the new board approved a preliminary range of increases for New York City's one million rent-stabilized apartments. The board voted to consider 0 to 3 percent increases on one-year leases, and 0.5 to 4.5 percent increases on two-year leases.

Tenants left last night's meeting celebrating the announcement, but landlords said they wouldn't be able to maintain decent living conditions unless rents increase. After a series of public hearings, a final vote will be held June 23rd. The proposed increases come one year after Mayor Bloomberg's board approved 4 percent increases on one-year leases and 7.75 percent for two years. What do you say?

Do you approve of the ranges of increases for one-year and two-year leases for stabilized apartments? Are you worried landlords will try even harder to destabilize units if they don't get significant increases? What changes would you make to New York City's rent-regulated system? How is the cost of rent affecting you?

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In years past, I would have said that the board erred a little too far in trying to help tenants -- although we must caution that the board could opt for the upper end of both of these increases, which would certainly be more overly equitable in the total scheme of things.

BUT I should also qualify that last statement by saying that during Mr. Bloomberg's tenure, which coincided with periods of near-deflationary economic activity in New York, certainly in the wake of both 9-11 and also, to some extent, amid the 2008 "Great Recession," the board approved increases that were weighted too far in favor of protecting landlords, so this approach by the new board does nothing more than even the scales a bit.

Upper West Side

Over 90,000 seniors pay more than half their income in rent. Enough is enough. Please tell your viewers SCRIE income eligibility level will be increased to $50,000 as of July 1. SCRIE freezes your rent. If you are 62, live in a rent regulated apartment, and the rent is more than one-third of your income, apply for SCRIE. Call 311 or go to Dept of Finance website.

Sheepshead Bay

All of the landlords intimidate their tenants. It’s never enough for them. They always have
the upper hand all the time. They know how to get into your gut.
That’s why Miss Quinn pushing through a change of name on the 59th street bridge to honor
Ed Koch.
How dare her when Koch was responsible for turning over this city to the landlords. They need
to clean house once and for all and get rid of the venom in charge of our once beautiful
city. The people in charge are not even qualified.
As for myself unless things get worse than what they have been I will go out feet first if
I have a say in it.
It’s very disheartening for most of us and we are so disrespected. They get away with a lot
such as the up-keep of the apartments, etc.

Morris Park

Mayor Diblasio's appointees to the RGB know that most NY'ers are struggling to pay their rent after the bills are paid and they buy food for their families that's why they made the increases low, Mayor Bloomberg's appointees were only for the rich people that's why they made the increases high in the past. Affordable housing apartments should be included in some rent stabalized building or turn some vacant lots into affordable housing because some people can't afford to pay the high rent after the bills are paid and food is bought for their families, NY isn't cheap anymore.Mayor Diblasio should make a law so landlords can't destablelized rent control apartments.

Upper West Side

Instead of fiddling with rent increases and decreases, every tenant should be put on a road to ownership. Every rent payment should be a mortgage payment. When fully paid, some percent of the mortgage payment should remain for maintenance.

Port Richmond

NY is still too expensive.It'll be a madhouse here someday.

Richmond Hill

Most rent stabilized leases have preferential rent riders which allow the landlords to list the legal rent at a much higher amount than the actual rent the tenant pays, which they call a “preferential” rent. This is a loophole to give landlords a way to soft evict tenants by jacking up the rent.

As long as the landlord charges less than the legal rent registered with the city, it is still considered a preferential rent. So if there is a zero increase allowed, they will still be able to raise the rent some as long as it remains under the legal registered rent. Only tenants whose leases don’t have these clauses will benefit. That will not be the majority of people and the cost of housing will remain crippling.


De Blasio has to focus on the New York City transportation system and cleaning up the city streets to raise tourism.

Greenwich Village

I'm tired of landlords moaning and whining that they can't afford a rent freeze or low increases. The fact is that the rent stabilization code has a provision for landlords to get higher increases if they can show a "hardship". The thing is, landlords would have to open their books to prove these so-called hardships, and they don't want to because what they really want is more than a "reasonable" profit, they want huge profits, and their books would show that they are making plenty of money. 77% of rent regulated housing is owned by only 13% of landlords. They're making money hand over fist. Show me the books!!!


I am a senior citizen on a fixed income consisting of a pension and SSI. More than 50% of ,my rent goes to rent stabilized rent. I keep falling behind because the increases in my income are never equal to my rent hikes. I would prefer a roll back but will accept a freeze for a year.


I am all for the new rent Stabilization increase. Any work done on our building is done by non-license personnel to offset costs. I think a freeze in rent increases are in order.


All tenants should file Rent Overcharge Complaints through the Department of Housing & Community Renewal. Landlords will have to provide apartment upgrade histories.

In the 30 years I have been in Manhattan I have never heard of a 0 percent rent increase.

Midtown East

Rent control creates groups of privileged insiders and adds to the housing crisis by making new development unprofitable. The real problem is that there are too many people in a city with too little space. Unrestricted immigration contributes to this.


I was born and raised in Park Slope Brooklyn. 90% of my friends and family have moved to the upstate or to Jersey. Who wants yo pay half a million for a one bedroom with no backyard?
I have plans to move in the next few years because of this reason. NYC is no longer affordable for teachers, cops , and fireman. This situation was exacerbated by Bloomberg's over development.


I live in a rent stabilized apartment. As well as paying huge rent increases on my rent, every year, my landlord is charging the tenants in my building mci charges each month, I am paying $50.00 each month for a new window on a 40 year old building on the upper east side and $10.00 for the facade.
It is time to give the power back to the tenants. Thank you Mayor De Blasio.

Upper East Side

How about no increases for landlords whose buildings contain violations?
The new rent increases shall go into effect on Oct.1 and will last through Sept. 30, 2015.
When violations are corrected, the landlord is NOT to retroactive increases.

Sheesphead Bay

You have to wonder. How is it that landlords in other states can manage without gouging their tenants for every last penny that they have? Simple. Landlords here feel that it's their right to rip off the public. They use the repair scenario every year and fix nothing.

Upper East side

What worries me is that Landlords will retaliate for 0% increases and will try even harder to evict rent stabilized tenants so that they can deregulate them. Landlords are represented by lawyers and tenants have no representation. The playing field is not level and adversely affects Tenants. DeBlasio should really look at this issue.


Living in Bay Ridge our rent is more than a pricey mortgage in jersey. We have a 2 bdrm and pay close to 2000. However, I've lived in other apts that aren't stabilized and have been gouged insane amounts and knowing what the increase will be is something I can live with as opposed to having no stabilization.

Bay Ridge

Landlords should be rated.... The landlords that get the increase they ask for are the landlords that take care of their buildings and tenants needs. The landlords that allow their buildings to fall apart should get no increase at all. sounds fair no?

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