Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor Says Teacher Contract Will Be "Reality" For Other Unions

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I don't want to be that guy, but there's trouble brewing. Callers from other unions are complaining about the small raises in the teacher's contract. And callers from the private sector are complaining about the retroactive pay in the teacher's contract. Hold on for what promises to be a very interesting few months.

One day after reaching a tentative contract deal with the United Federation of Teachers, Mayor de Blasio said the City has now "established a pattern" for raises that will be "the dominant reality" for the other 150 municipal unions working without a contract. The deal with the UFT calls for 10 percent salary increases spread out until 2018.

If the deal is ratified, the teachers would also receive 8 percent in retroactive raises, but many other union workers already received those increases in 2009 and 2010. The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association is already taking a stance against the new pattern of raises. It broke off talks with City negotiators after the police union president called the proposed terms "unacceptable." What do you say?

Should the series of raises proposed in the teachers' contract serve as the blueprint for other municipal workers? Do you think teachers will ratify this contract deal? What's your reaction to the PBA refusing to negotiate with Mayor de Blasio? Should municipal workers contribute to their health care costs to help balance the City's budget?

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This is all nonsense and thievery. Both the unions and the government departments they serve are leeches on private citizens. They all should be shut down.

Port Richmond, SI

I think it is fair to the unions and to the taxpayers of the city. If the PBA don"t like it then strike so your members will be in violation of the Taylor Law. In other words take it or leave it.

Park Hill

Hi John;

First I'd like to say that on the face of it the mayor did not give away the store even though he received significant union support in the election so I applaud him and his team for that as well as Mr. Mulgrew and his team for being realistic in what was agreed to. Perhaps some of the work rules were of importance to the union and was a trade-off for smaller $$$ increases.

In theory this agreement being a template makes sense but the problem is that some unions only have three years not five years retroactive so does that mean the mayor expects them to agree to the remaining seven years (10% total raises) without the two early years at 4% each? 10% over seven years may be tough to sell to union members (I don't recall if they all got 4% for each of the two earlier years but to members that may be old news). If that's not the case, does he expect to average of 2% (18% over nine years) to be the offer or his he referring to the savings component of the contract (in this case healthcare savings)?

Ted from LES

Hi John

Mayor Bloomberg created the mess with the union contracts, the unions were supposed to be given contracts when they expired but Bloomberg didn't handle the situation and the economy was bad people lost their jobs, now Mayor Diblasio have to clean up Bloomberg's mess. I think the unions should be satisfied with what they get for now maybe in the future the economy will get better and the unions will get better contracts. People can always play the lottery and win a lot of money Hey you never know!


Hi John,

Well we are being told once again by this mayor that it is his way or no way at all. I do believe that all members in every union should pay part of their health care. The policeman’s benevolent assoc. is correct in calling this proposal unacceptable. Before they put a stamp on anything the mayor and the head of the union need to state in the contract stipulations that they will clean house to start anew. No one should be able to correct his or her misfortunes by just being transferred from one venue to the next. The days of sweeping everything under the rug should be long gone.

This mayor including his entire administration need to say no more often because we the people that pay the taxes are the ones being responsible for other peoples amenities. The mayor can’t just continue to please the same people over and over again. He needs to stop being a big sport at someone else’s expense.

Thank you John,



Today all I heard from colleagues was that teachers who plan to retire next year will not receive any retroactive pay. Is this true? In my mind I can't see being fair. If you worked for the past five years, why wouldn't you be entitled to the retroactive pay?

Thank you,
Concerned Teacher

Hi John,

The PBA and the LBA have been offered zero percent raises. Call me crazy but the City is not negotiatinging in good faith Pat Lynch is 100 percent correct going to PERB.

And I find it curious that Deblasio settled with Mulgrew so quickly.

Midtown East

Where were the other union presidents when the Bloomberg administration was scapegoating so-called bad teachers for the system's failures. Either sitting on the sidelines or running misleading commercials during the mayoral primary.
They should be thanking Michael Mulgrew for doing the heavy lifting to achieve a fair contract.


Please let your viewer who stated if we don't like the contract that we should go on strike know that it is illegal for the Police to go on strike in NYC ... that is not an option for us.


The public gets upset when a firefighter or police officer is killed protecting THEM yet they frown on the PD/FD getting raises.

Bob in Brooklyn

This will be ratified. This is a good deal for teachers and the city. This mayor has shown good faith and respect to city workers. People should wake up and be thankful that they don't have to deal with Bloomberg anymore. Bloomberg was the only mayor in city history to let all city contracts to expire. That spoke volumes as to what he thought of city workers. At least we finally have someone that we can bargain with again.

Chris from Brooklyn
UFT delegate

This is not a good contract. They can dangle $1000 to entice teachers to approve, and they might, but the UFT has not protected its members. ATRs have been thrown under the bus. The DOE should have gone back to the old system of 1 teacher = 1 teacher in the budget and each principal gets a budget for so many teachers depending on the number of students a school has. Under this contract higher paid teachers will be more easily gotten rid of. I am not an ATR but I have 18 years in, and if they could get rid of me, they could get two teachers for what they pay for me. My first principal told me, you're not a teacher until you've taught 7 years. It's true. It takes a while to learn this craft. Those teachers with more years in have more experience and in most cases know how to do the job well. Teachers in my school don't feel protected. It's not good faith if you don't protect all your teachers, so I don't think the UFT President has done a good job.

Pam from Hells Kitchen, Manhattan

Everyday that firefighters and police officers go to work there is a chance they could be killed! They deserve raises and retroactive pay.


No because we still have to wait for our money this will be spread out until 2020 And who decides who is highly rated.

But if you look at the agreement we are only getting 1% at a time until next year and only 1% retro now the rest spread out I am 55 years old I could be dead by 2020 to get my money.

Teachers are assaulted everyday. My arms are black and blue.


How dare Carrie [a caller into tonight's program] call NYC teachers whiny. She couldn't even name the university she worked at. Teachers put in tough work at school and planning and grading at home. Carrie sounds like she has a gripe with teachers.


Does the postal workers matter in the world? I mean we serve a purpose as well and it just seems like we don't get any recognition. We work in all kinds of weather and we deal with the public up close and personal also packages that could endanger our lives. We pay union dues and have very high health insurance we have families and bills also... We have pay cuts but more work it just don't add up we're human too. Try walking 6hrs in 100 degrees or 0 degrees or pouring down rain.... It's sad. It's almost like we're SLAVES.. And for some strange reason we don't just don't matter.... We need raises as well because we work very hard and deal with the world like every other outside job that deals with the public....

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