Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: City Reaches Contract Deal With Teachers Union

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Today's deal between the City and the UFT is a big start. The teachers union has been without a contract since 2009. It shows that this administration is willing to negotiate with the unions, and today's labor contract is a hopeful sign for the other unions waiting for a contract.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

After working with an expired contract for five years, New York City's 110,000 teachers and public school employees appear to be getting a raise and retroactive pay. Mayor de Blasio and the United Federation of Teachers reached an agreement today on a nine-year contract, the first deal struck with one of the 150 unions working with expired contracts. The terms still need to be voted on by the union's members.

The deal calls for retroactive 4 percent raises for 2009 and 2010, no back pay for 2011 and 2012, 1 percent raises for 2013 through 2015, 1.5 percent for 2016, 2.5 percent for 2017, and 3 percent for 2018. Workers will not contribute to their health care costs, but Mayor de Blasio says the union agreed to health benefit audits that could save $1 billion over the next four years.

The contract also "clarifies and simplifies the evaluation process" for teachers, establishes new incentives to attract and retain quality teachers in high-need schools, and pays bonuses to keep the best educators in the classroom. Other municipal unions are looking at these details closely as they could establish baselines for future negotiations. What do you say?

Is this a good deal for teachers and New York City taxpayers? If you are working without a contract, would you consider 8 percent in retroactive pay a victory? Should this deal serve as the blueprint for the other unions working without contracts? Do you support the effort to improve the teacher evaluation process and reward the best educators?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

I will only say Bloomberg did more damage that one realizes. He took care of Civil Servants like he treated our roads, he ignored both. But he certainly took care of his private business cronies I.e. Charter schools, city bike prgram.

Park Hill

Finally.....fairness for all! Students, parents and teachers working together! I am proud to have Michael Mulgrew as the leader!


I support rewarding the best educators because the students need the help to pass the common core tests and the need the best teachers in the classroom to help them get prepared for college. the parents have to pitch in too everyone have to get involved in the students education. I think they should get more because the cost of living is rising the rent is high and nothing is cheap anymore, the retroactive pay should be 10%

Upper West Side

Curious to see details about things like bonuses for the 'best educators.' I don't believe merit pay has been shown to work and I am concerned about what will determine 'best.'

Upper West Side

What has happened between mayors? Now all of the monies and amenities to reach
this deal are there. Just like magic. I also heard that some of the teachers that are not
in class for one reason or another will be included in this deal. What happens to the
teachers that are mixed up in the pedophile cases? Do they still have the rubber room?
We the people that pay all the taxes and more to run this city while all of these parasites
continue to just please whomever they owe favors to. [I guess that’s what they call Pay
back time] [When is it our payback time] [When do we get a break]
I also see that they the teachers do not have to contribute to their health care plans.
If the best educators are being paid then why are they being rewarded with extra dollars?
Once again us taxpayers are going to be hit with the bill for all of these raises.
If this deal is accepted by this union then the contracts by all of the other unions will
break the bank. This administration has taken over not for the better of our city but only to enhance their pockets and ego’s and we are not considered in any of the discussions.
IN THEIR FAVOR ] And so it goes !!!


Congratulations to UFT President Michael Mulgrew, Chancellor Carmen Farina,and Mayor Bill DiBlasio,as well as their negotiating teams for finally hammering out a fair ,viable, and equitable contract for the 100,000 teachers and other school staff. It was long overdue,and it took many,many, weeks to finalize it.With raises totaling 18 percent over 9 years,and retroactive pay also going back from 2009,as well as a 1,000 .00 bonus for all teachers,this contract proves that the UFT, DOE,and this mayor can sit down and negotiate. Now,it is time for all of the other hardworking city employees,police,fire,sanit,and other municipal employees to also have fair,decent,and equitable contracts as well.

Fresh Meadows

The financial part of this contract is a serious set back for municipal workers. All of the unions received 4% raises in 2009 and 2010 - after 3 years of 0% raises by the way - so it was a given that the UFT and other unions would get those raises as part of the "pattern" that governs most of the unions. But 0% for 2011 and 2012, then 1% increase for 2 years and so on until 2018 - who can live on that in NYC where the cost of living is so high?!! My rent went up 4% in my last lease, and it will go up again next year. The net result of this contract is that workers will lose money and suffer financially due to inflation and increased cost of living - because if the UFT takes this deal, most of the other unions will be stuck with it. It's shameful. The city is trying to balance its budget on the backs of working people - again. What happened to higher taxes for the wealthy?


Be prepared for taxes up the kazoo with the deTaxmam administration. Every benefit the unions get will be paid for by everyone else. Get rid of deTaxman and dismantle all the unions. We might then have a chance to save NYC.

Port Richmond

Do the math: 10% spread over 7 years is about 1.4% per year. That is nothing to celebrate. That big 4% payback for 2009 and 2010 won’t even be paid out until 2015 and even then, it will be over many years (not a lump sum). After taxes, this “victory” becomes chump change. I urge my fellow teachers to reject this proposed contract. We deserve better and we must act to get a better deal: no more feeling grateful for whatever crumbs are thrown to us. Say NO to this looks pretty but is actually quite ugly proposed contract.


It is nice that the first of outstanding city contracts is tentatively settled. We know the percentages going out. The question is the unknown health cost savings coupled with projected income sources to cover the increases. If the market goes down, so will tax income from the financial sector so it appears property taxes would have to go up. The fact that the city fiscally lives or dies on the ups and downs of the financial sector makes this contract scary.

Queens Village

When is the mayor going to decided to help out School Safety with a raise?


The question is.....when will the teachers get the retro pay? If it's in 2019-2020, then will it also include 7% interest? Or will the teachers get the retro pay right away?


When you hear the union saying things like "merit pay is bad and we don't support it" NY city taxpayers are reminded why so many of us question the sincerity of the union when they say they are primarily looking out for students. No one should be against Fair Merit Pay perform at top levels you get paid more than when you don't or worse can't!


Will parents get a bonus if they make sure their children do homework? Mine did for free.
Lousy deal for taxpayers. Teachers should pay for health insurance like Gov. Walker made unions in WI.

Staten Island

Teachers are some of the lowest paid professionals in this country and we do not get the respect that we deserve. Many of us have a first degree and at least 2 Masters degrees. Still, we are treated as second class citizens. Principals will always choose younger teachers over older "overpaid" teachers. Therefore, teachers on the ATR list will be forced out even when they have had many solid years of experiences in teaching and learning. Principals will decide what is the right fit for their schools, which will most likely be based on personal feelings and choices. So a second look should be taken in regards to the treatment of ATR'S. By the way, when will we see the money?


As a teacher I can say the proposed contract is not great. Adding merit pay is a bad idea, as it creates animosity and favoritism among teachers. And the raise is literally pennies over the years with inflation as it is.

Rego Park

Best believe the contract has nothing to do with the best interest of children. It is today, as it has been for decades, a contract aimed at satisfying the narrow needs of adults while children remain undereducated.


This is OFFENSIVE! Where is the cost of living raise?


I have absolutely no idea what UFT members are cheering about! Let's look at the facts, 18% over 8 years is a 2.25% increase per year. 2.25% in NYC Does not cover inflation. That's not a raise, that's barely a cost of living increase, nothing more. Real estate tax doubled in 8 years, so have water rates. Sorry, but exactly is "Landmark" about this?

Bay Ridge

I believe that this contract is the beginning of a better relationship between Uft and the DOE. I also agree having working on ab E4E policy team on contract recommendations, that some of the ones that we highlighted in our discussions were definitely met. For example, making sure that this contract was student focused throughout. Great start but still more work to be done.


What's missing from the conversation tonight is how much education it takes to become a certified teacher. I'm upset by other city workers feeling the teachers do not deserve a raise. No other city job requires a Master's Degree. Teachers begin their careers in debt. Sometimes up to $75,000.

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