Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: State Assembly Approves 120 More Speed Cameras For New York City

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I welcome the plan to bring 120 more speed cameras to the five boroughs. While school zones are crucial areas to install the cameras, I think the City should also plan to put them at dangerous intersections where accidents happen the most. As both a driver and a pedestrian in New York, I would feel safer with more speed cameras to catch bad drivers.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

If you speed near a school, the State Assembly wants you to pay. Lawmakers passed a bill yesterday that would increase the number of speed cameras in the five boroughs from 20 to 140. Drivers who are caught between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:10 p.m. would be sent a $50 ticket in the mail. Governor Cuomo approves the legislation, but it still needs to pass the State Senate.

The legislation is a key part of Mayor de Blasio's plan to reduce traffic fatalities to zero within the next ten years. A pilot program running in New York City since mid-January has resulted in five cameras issuing 12,162 tickets for more than $600,000 in fines. Opponents argue the cameras are just another way to raise revenue off the backs of New Yorkers. What do you say?

Should the State Senate approve an additional 120 speed cameras in the five boroughs? Do you want to see the program expand beyond just school zones? Is this a smart use of tax dollars to make the streets safer? Or is this just another tax on New Yorkers who are already struggling financially?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Who are they kidding, this as with almost all things done by the city - is about generating income.

East Village

This is just another abusive and stupid way for the government to pick people's pockets.

Port Richmond

The State Seanate should approve more than 120 cameras aroiund the 5 boros they should go beyond school zones because some stupid drivers don't obey the speed limit in all areas of the city. the warm weather is coming soon and school will be out for the summer some kids don't pay attention when crossing the strreets

Upper West Side

They are a good idea however I've seen school buses speeding and driving aggressively. Will this have any effect on the school bus operators?

Howard Beach

More Traffic Officers are needed, not Cameras. Even in the Highways (FDR DRIVE )


Bunch of socialists who do not know how to curtail spending, but certainly know how to tax and impose penalties under the guise of safety.

Park Hill

There are already traffic safety officers and traffic lights at the intersections by schools in my neighborhood. It would seem to me that cameras would be more impactful in places where there are no traffic safety officers or traffic lights. I can also tell you that during drop-off and pick-up that between the double-parked cars of parents and school buses traffic slows to a crawl so speeding is not an issue. At other times during the school day, when those vehicles are not there, cars may be speeding but where are the kids (in the school) so what is truly being accomplished other than taxing the cars.

If the purpose of putting in more cameras is to act as a deterrent, how have the 20 cameras already installed worked on that basis? 12,162 tickets works out to roughly 600 per camera in roughly three months. Are the cameras only active 7:00 - 4:10 on school days or all days? If only school days (roughly 60 school days since mid-January), the average would be about 10 tickets per camera, per day. If the cameras are working as a deterrent, the number of tickets should be going down over time; did the city release the data of the trend in tickets at the camera locations? If this is truly for public safety and to be a deterrent (and not at all about the money), there should be huge signs to tell drivers that cameras are watching and they should publicize where the cameras are. If someone speeds and gets a ticket but an accident happened because of the speeding nothing has been accomplished so make drivers more aware of the cameras beforehand.

One last thought, the serious accidents I've heard about this year have been about turning cars or trucks in crosswalks and not the result of high speed. Has the city released data on how many kids were injured in accidents around schools during school hours as a result of speeding?

Lower East Side

Only if money is used to improve safety. Classroom training for drivers. Ads for safe driving. Money should not be used as tax collection for any purpose.


Speed Cameras like Red Light cameras won't do a thing to slow any speeders down, just as the red light cameras haven't stopped people from jumping lights. Let the police stop those jumping stop signs, cutting people off on 1 lane in each direction streets, making it in to 2 lanes, etc. This is what causes accidents, a cautious driver won't be speeding in a school zone to begin with but a cautious driver can be killed when a reckless driver cuts them off or jumps a light or stop sign.

Arden Heights

Hard to answer the financial question because you are not reporting the cost to install and maintain them, administrative costs for the tickets etc. Current speaker quotes 600,000.00 in revenues, but he has no statistical back up that those fines have proven to reduce fatalities where the cameras were previously installed. I'm for the cameras near schools, but only if they have a proven record of improving safety, not just raising revenue.


This will do nothing to stop speeding . The only way is to send the data to the insurance company they will cancel the insurance on that car if that car is involved in multiple red light or speeding violations. Let's get them off our roads now!!!


Money, money. Going from 20 to 140 cameras is a 700% increase in cameras. Definitely a money generator. Not to mention water bills and taxes going up. It ain't cheap to live in the greatest city.


While I applaud the introduction of speed cameras in our city, a more in-depth approach is required. I am from the U.K. and the driving standards here are third-world in comparison. While I do not wish to criticize things here, it is clear that the standard of driving is appalling. Each day when I am on the road I see numerous instances of speeding, tailgating, not to mention jumping red lights. What is needed is a thorough change to the system by re-educating drivers by creating a much more rigorous test. It won’t be easy as this is a 10-year+ plan. The mindset of drivers has to change. It should not be about getting a $50 ticket, it should be about actually caring for other road users including pedestrians.

Greenwood Heights

I'd welcome speed cameras if bicycles were licensed that run red lights and can exceed the speed limit. The hit and run bicycle collision with a pedestrian in Midtown earlier this week left an elderly man in a coma and this is not a rare incident as so many others go unreported. Mayor de Blasio's flawed "Vision Zero" plan calls for demands of increased street-level enforcement against dangerous driving with zero demands on the enforcement of rogue bicyclists. Is this progressive Mayor de Blasio's idea of "a tale of two cities" in which some must pay the fine who do the crime while others can ride for free?

Upper East Side

How about the City studying ways to eliminate senseless hours of traffic off the highways so people don't have to rush through local streets to get to work? The BQE is always packed because people are trying to get onto the free Manhattan bound bridges. And then to top that you have year long construction work on the BE. You can not have more people living in the city without traffic. We wanted more people living in the city but no one thought about their cars!


What happens if the ticket is not paid beside the $25.00 surcharge. Does the Motor vehicle office not renew the registration or drivers license? What about out of state license plates?




If the camera says you’re guilty, then of course you must be guilty. Due Process? Right to confront the witness against you? Who needs constitutional rights? We all do.


Lately I am much more scared of bikes. So I hope they fine the bikes , too. So, they will stop speeding and showing up on every corner, on every wrong way on the streets ,on every color light, on every street walk.

West Village

I agree because drivers in New York think they own the streets and do not have any consideration for pedestrians let alone school kids. ..thank you mayor Deblasio!


Keep the cameras in school zones but raise the fine to $100.00 Too many cowboys on the road in eastern Queens.

Queens Village

bikes are not like cars -- they shouldn't have to follow the same rules. the only way to save your life when biking in the city is to get AHEAD of the traffic. The reason I run red lights it to survive biking in the city. Cars are hideously under-educated and hostile to bikes - they cause accidents by honking their horns when the bicyclist is doing nothing wrong. The honking startles the cyclist and they end up dead. Google it. Compare a 2 ton vehicle to an 80 pound bike - which one is more lethal? cyclists should use common sense and be mindful of pedestrians, not speed on the sidewalk, not be obnoxious in bike lanes -- I know because I always break at the crosswalks for people to cross. But using courtesy is critical, not following the same rules that cars follow. If I did, I would be long dead.

Park Slope

The cameras may work as a speed deterrent but are no replacement for pedestrians and drivers paying attention to the traffic-pedestrian, automobile, and bicycle- around them. Working in midtown and living in Astoria, it's scary to see the amount of people who are genuinely unaware of their surroundings. These cameras should not be a replacement for common sense.


Slippery slope my butt! Driving on state roads is a privilege, not a right. The more cameras the better. And THOUSANDS more speed bumps.

Rego Park

I think once these speed limits are enforced drivers will slow down. Maybe it takes a ticket and points on their license to bring the point home before someone else dies.

Clinton Hill

I feel that Mayor DeBlasio has to try some new initiative for pedestrian safety. Need speed cameras are worth it for safety. The Mayor and Police Commissioner should take away these PBA cards which appear to be well distributed and a way to get away with driving violations as well.


When I was learning to drive in thee 1950's, speeding was defined as exceeding the posted limit for 1/4 mile or more. Indeed, speeding checked by aircraft is based on a measured 1/4 mile. Radar is supposed to track the offender for 1/4 mile. How does a camera measure the 1/4 mile?

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