Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Should New York City Host A Parade For Veterans?

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Instead of calling for a parade, Senator Schumer should be leading the way to provide services for veterans. Lawmakers in Washington are directly to blame for the struggle so many face when returning from service. Covering yourself in ticker tape doesn't change that.

Mayor de Blasio is expressing support for Senator Charles Schumer's idea to have New York City host a parade to honor veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Calling it "one of the grandest honors," Schumer says American troops deserve a ticker-tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes.

Today, de Blasio said he felt it was important to have a parade "to show the respect for those who did so much for us." The stretch of Broadway in lower Manhattan has hosted parades for veterans in the past, along with celebrations for New York sports teams. What do you say?

Should New York City host a parade to honor America's post-9/11 troops? Would you attend? Should tax dollars be used to pay for a one-day show of appreciation or long-term programs to address the needs of those returning from service? If a parade took place, would you have any concerns about security?

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Of course they should get a parade. They deserve more than a parade - for losing body parts, lives and sanity - all for nothing. Bring on the parade !

East Village, NYC

Hi John

Before the city host a parade for the veterans Mayor Diblasio should set aside the money for education more UPK classes and bilingual classes and after school programs so kids wont get bored and do something stupid like start a fire, some money should be set aside for the union contracts and affordable housing. If the city have any money left over then the city can have a parade for the veterans i will attend it


Hi John,

Leave it to Schumer to act as though he is concerned about any of our Veterans. To me it’s just another one of his ploys. He is a phony just like all of the politicians from our area. I also question why should there be concern about how much it will cost to have this parade since they have given many amenities out to illegals that have broken the law in this country and continue to get a free pass. In the mean time our soldiers have been maimed and have given their lives one way or another. I would also like to know why this Schumer was not called on the carpet for signing his name along with other senators pointing fingers about certain Americans to the IRS so that they can be audited. That's dirty pool to me. No class at all. Such a hypocrite/disgusting to say the least to have to stoup so low just to get votes.

Thank you John,


This is a joke. Anything that Senator Scummer and Mayor de Blockhead does could be nothing else. You couldn't pay me enough to attend this calamity.

Port Richmond, SI



I think this only shows where the American Priorities have stood; evidently, the gov't won't even recognize vets with mental problems inflicted upon them by war's experiences; it is a shame...


I don't see the necessity of an additional parade when we celebrate veterans every year with wonderful parade . Use the money for their mental health issues.

Cambria heights

Hi John.

I support the parade for our returning veterans and for all of them. They greatly deserve this honor for all their sacrifices on our behalf.

Services are certainly needed - social services, medical services, mental health services, housing, employment etc. All are needed, but you know what?? We always come up with money for all kinds of things...we need to come up with the money to have the hugest ticker tape parade plus provide all the needed services so that they can re-integrate into society in a humane and respectful way. Their willingness to serve the country needs to be applauded and respected.

Those are my thoughts.


Hi john,

The country needs the parade.
But the follow thru is more important.
The veterans need a real medical ,
Re integration services training
Jobs and housing.

Jose in woodside


We need to hold the biggest Welcome Home parade that the city has every seen. And we must dedicate the necessary money to fund mental and physical health programs. I am willing to pay more taxes if the money is dedicated to veterans services.

midtown east

Yes I believe there should be a parade and it is well deserved. As a Vietnam Veteran we waited 10 years for NY to say Thank You. But I also believe that Veterans that have served in Harms way should not have to wait forever for their well deserved benefits.


sen. schumer with his sunday publicity stunts. we should spend the funds on long term programs. we can honor the iraq and afghanistan vets on regular veterans day parade. and more people need to attend that parade. give nthem the help they need.

herb from harlem a vet

Rather than spending tax dollars on a parade that will make everyone feel good for a day and think that they appreciate the time and effort that veterans sacrifice, do somethiing that will change lives.

I really liked Juan's idea of housing grants. Mental health issues are always important. Discounted public transportation would be helpful. Free tuition (not complicated tuition benefits) at City colleges, paid internships and *real* job training (not just greeters at your local discount store), and efforts to catch and rehabilitate those who are falling through the cracks such as residential rehab programs and supplemented, safe housing and childcare until they can get on their feet.

These are Soldiers, Sailor, Marines and Airmen. They don't need to be given anything, but shown how to do well for themselves.

The parade is a pat on the back, and a feel-good idea, but we should have more realistic and concrete solutions.

Thank you,
Jamaica, Queens
Afghanistan 2013

Were there parades for Korea and Vietnam Vets? If so, then have one for Iraq and Afghanistan. If not, honor all Vets with the Veteran's Day parade. Use the money for veterans' assistance.


No, I do not support this idea. I respect the veterans' service, but a parade would legitimize an illegitimate war in the case of Iraq. George W, Cheney and Rumsfeld would certainly be happy. Support the veterans another way.

They need help in other ways.

-Jeanne, Chelsea

Why doesn't Washington, DC honor these veterans by sponsoring and having a parade there since its the government that sends our citizens into these wars.

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