Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: On Mayor's 100th Day, Council Moves To Create Municipal ID Cards

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First, I'm very excited to be joining the team as Associate Producer.
I agree with those who say that 100 days is too short a period to grade Mayor de Blasio. While he has been able to expand paid sick leave and secure universal pre-Kindergarten, he still has an entire term ahead. I'm interested to see what he does with affordable housing in the next few months.

Your thoughts and comments are posted below.

Mayor de Blasio reflected on his first 100 days in office during a speech at Cooper Union today. The Mayor thanked members of his new administration for efforts to help secure funding for full-day pre-Kindergarten, expand paid sick leave, and reform police street stops. De Blasio also pledged that his next few months in office would focus on creating affordable housing.

Meanwhile, City Council lawmakers moved to create a municipal identity card for all New Yorkers. A bill introduced today would establish photo ID cards to help people access more city services, regardless of their immigration status. According to a new NY1/New York Times/Siena College poll, 65 percent of New Yorkers back the idea. What about you?

How would you describe the first 100 days of Mayor de Blasio's administration? Is he addressing your priorities? Do you support the creation of a photo ID card to help New Yorkers access more services? What's your opinion on the relationship between the new Mayor and Council?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

I've been listening to the discussion and no one has really answered the question about are you helping illegals break the law. Why bother with citizenship at all if you're going to make it easy for people to come here illegally. Illegals get more benefits from programs than regular US citizen and I just don't think that's fair. Pretty soon its not going to mean anything to be a natural born citizen here because you're given all these non-documented people citizenship benefits. And the kicker is they know that they are overwhelming the city when they can ask an American citizen why they don't speak their language. They have heavily populated a certain area in the city and it's theirs. I have to learn some other persons language to live in my on country? What the immigrants that actually get legal immigration status? Did they just spin their wheels for nothing? What about our elderly, veterans, orphans, homeless, can we take care of US first before taking on others? I'm proud to be an American and I hope it means something 10-20 years from now.


I think Mayor de Blasio is doing a fine job, and his initiatives are meant to improve the lives of all New Yorkers, my only advice is that he should not lead by the whims of polls or by sensationalized tabloid editorial comments.

Bay Ridge

I carry a New York State non-driver ID, which is all I need, thank you -- Mr. De Blasio and his Red cronies can play their little games all they want, and it means nothing here.
The priorities of this mayor are: increasing taxes, appeasing the teachers' union by trying to thwart charter schools, horse-drawn carriages (really? this is a burning issue?), funneling tax dollars to help illegal immigrants. First 100 days? I say 1095 days to go before we can vote him out!

Upper West Side

A municipal idenity card should be created so all NY'ers can get access for more city services no matter what their immigration status, maybe some city services will have bilingual classes for those that can't speak english, I'm glad the Maytor and city council are working on this project it's good their working on certin projects. iI'm glad the mayor is working on affordable housing because the rent in this city is to DAM high i can't wait to get into NYCHA i was so surprised when i received the letter i'm staying in Manhattan wherever i go. Mayor Diblasio's first 100 days gets a A plus he did a wonderful job getting this city back in shape after Bloomberg's 12 years of only catering to the rich Mayor Diblasio cares about all the people that live here, he needs to fine the landlords that don't fix their sidewalks. My home attendant and i were walking from the bus stop on 97 st and Centreal Park West to my building my walker went over 50 cracks m y home attendant couldn't believe it that's a lawsuit if i fall or anyone falls

Upper West Side

I’m glad this mayor is tooting his own horn. But we have been hearing about affordable housing for how many administrations. It makes very good theatre. I think we have just about had enough of this speaker and council members that think they can set the standards to accommodate themselves. Why propose anything when they are just going through the motions and in the end the results are already known from the get go. This idea of issuing a municipal identity card is utterly absurd. We that are born here and have to live by the rules in every way didn’t have it so easy as far as identity proof is concerned. A drivers license was not enough ID to open up a bank account. I had to take a picture also and when I asked about what will happen if I refuse to take a picture and I was told that I could not
open the account. The relationship between the mayor and the council is one that has been great since they are all on the same side. This should not be. We the people have no say in anything and it’s like we are just along for the ride. Has anyone bothered to tally up the cost of all these amenities and the added agencies to accommodate everyone. The test scores have been eliminated to make it easier for the students, they get free breakfast, brunch, lunch, transportation and who knows what else they have going in the pipe line. So we the citizens are being treated very disrespectful and also like we are just ships
passing in the night.



Re the ID cards, here's a simple question: Why don't these people apply for citizenship? If you want to be an American and receive all the freedoms and benefits there from, this is the procedure. Why is this so hard to understand?

Re deBlockhead's first hundred days, he has done nothing to increase freedom and protect individual rights, the only function of government. Instead he has take action to destroy freedom and deny individual rights. For example, there is no fundamental right to a particular wage, living or dead. There is only the freedom to negotiate with the employer. If no agreement is made, no employment takes place. The job seeker must apply elsewhere.

Re the relationship of the Mayor and the Council Speaker, it is an unholy alliance set out to destroy the NYC as we know and love it. It will be regulation, regulation, regulation, prohibition, prohibition, prohibition during their terms in office. Seig Heil, Seig Heil, Seig Heil.

Port Richmond

Another City Council agenda to circumvent the laws of the land and create a haven for illegal immigration without regard for the taxpayers or people who migrated here legally. A total slap in the face for all americans.

Park Hill

Too many people are sucking up our resources, no municipal card on the tax payers.
People need sponsors not from our tax dollars. People can afford name brand clothes etc, But can't afford a non drivers ID. Soon everyday people are going to be penalized for not caring a ID. I see future problems. He is trying, and I am hoping that he continue to work and manage the city problems.


de Blasio promised to appoint new leaders. When is he replacing acting fire commissioner Sal Cassano? If any agency needs to progress and finally end the racism and sexism it is the FDNY. A new leader is way over due.


Yes... That's a real good idea.. To give us New Yorkers photo ID's would work towards lowering the police stop and frisk issue.. Just show your ID card and they should just keep it moving knowing your an honest registered citizen ...


Diblasio did not keep his promise on keeping LICH open..he just passed it on to the state, what other promises will he be passing on? Family hospital members suffer and loose their jobs and homes? Where are the handcuffs now? If he didn't know how to fix it he shouldn't have made any promises but I guess pre k is way more important than hospitals that save childrens lives everyday.


Undocumented people would have a voice and some respect now " thanks mayor "


Are these people paying taxes? I, a NYC employee earning $49,000.00 year, (working very hard to earn that) am going to pay with my tax dollars to pay for the I.D. card. (I'm not evening taking into consideration the amount of people to run this department.


The Mayor talks brightly of equality and opportunity and postures as the voice of the little guy but let's not forget his devastating intransigence towards the carriage horse community. Proposing to confiscate privately owned animals and ban a whole community from conducting their business as payback to wealthy sponsors of his mayoral campaign does not speak well of his integrity.

Prospect Park

I think Mr. De Blasio is new to the job and has a lot to learn about being mayor.
We don't need a municipal identity card in New York. Those cards will only lead to services that illegal aliens should not be receiving!! When will our politicians start thinking of their own citizens? Why do they bend over backwards to assist illegals, when it's not being done for theie own citizens?


There is a federal law that prohibits employers from hiring illegal immigrants. This law should be enforced.

Midtown east

Pandering, pandering, pandering. The City Council will sell their souls to get re-elected and smack the face of all Americans. They better think twice on this one. And if they do decide to go forward , nothing less than a referendum vote by voters will be acceptable .

Forest Hills

It seems some viewers such as Peggy and Harry are terribly misinformed about the lives of undocumented people. We are not taking care of them and they are not wearing designer clothes but working long hours at low paying jobs that most Americans don't want. It bogles my mind when I hear people speak to stereotypes that are not based on reality but propaganda. As far as Id cards are concerned, I say why not! It doesn't seem like an expensive program.

Ditmas Park

I don't understand why the need for municipal ID cards. Why can't they apply for non driver ID. Pay the same fee we have to pay. If you want to help undocumented immigrants, make it easier for them to become legal.


Mayor De Blasio has finally stopped campaigning, and is now a fully operating as a bonafide politician. However, the municipal ID cards are a waste of money, it would be more economical to combine New York State ID cards with the pertinent immigration status, and allocate the expense to job training programs.


The Mayor is doing just fine, there are so many haters still living in NY, America is built up of immigrants, everyone here has foreign families, it doesn't matter what plans the lawmakers come up with there are those who will oppose. Way to go Mayor DeBlasio! I hope it passes.


Outrageous De basic supporting illegal aliens when we need to take care of our own tax payers and our unemployed that are American citizens. I think he knows he's got the black vote. The gay vote and this is his way of reading out for the Latino support. Why not work for new yorkers that are ny and us citizens?


It is actually a great idea to give everyone that municipal ID, and regarding the undocumented, they are working anyway but d'ont even have IDs to cash their paychecks!


I do not agree with the ID card for undocumented citizens. They are a vulnerable population. Making the invisible population visible will only make business owners prey in them and give them off the books employment.


What kind of flood gates are we opening with issuing these types of ID’s? We are essentially making illegal…legal when it comes to immigration


DeBlasio has his priorities all wrong. He's more concerned with horses, illegals and 'over rated punctuality' (see NY Times article today) than the welfare go ALL NYers. Delay pre-k and welfare checks and see how overrated punctuality actually is! Only 1360 more days of this nonsense...


To me, it seems like a covert tactic in order to get undocumented people into the system, at which point they will subjected to laws and applications. In other ways, it may perpetuate a tale of two cities and the issue of classism, through the stigma carrying one of these cards could carry.

Park Slope

My parents have paid taxes for years!!! As undocumented immigrants!! The only difference between them and citizens like us is that they don't get a nice check at the end of the tax year. Get your facts straight before making ignorant comments. An Identification card is not a green card or anything of the sort. Stop embarrassing New York with all the hate and ignorance.




I understand what the callers are saying who oppose id cards
On the other hand, I don't think people really understand how integral to the life and functioning of NYC undocumented workers really are. Giving them ids is not giving them citizenship. Let's give them ids. My bet is that many are so concerned about the government and deportation, they won't want it anyway. Let's help those who do. They probably want to be tax-paying citizens.

Upper East Side

Mr. Mayor, if you want to be “one term mayor”, try it !
Do not encourage illigals aliens to come in greater numbers to New York City.
How these illigals aliens are paying taxes? How do thei get Social Security numbers?
Don’t you need a Social Security Number to pay your taxes?


As far as the carriage horses. Why don't we have a retirement plan for the horses as a win win for both sides. Say the horses have a limit of working time. 5 yo 7 years depending on age and the retire to a nice pasture ft donated or paid for by a percentage of the carriage tide fees.


I like the idea of the Municipal Id Card, (MID). I just hope it will help those who are truly in need and not waste the city's funds. I personally know of a woman from Cuba who is an active substance abuser/ addict-she has actually thrown away her NYSID on numerous occasions-- when she is high. Her entire SSI check is spent on drugs. Now, she is trying to use the system to get the MID card because she can not collect the points to get a Motor Vehicles NYSID. I just hope the mayor's team will do their checks and balances to avoid this waste of funds.


this is a terrible idea.
1. id's can be had at the DMV
2. why not have the illegals register with their own country's consul.
A society is supposed to Teach Civil reponsibility need to learn to Obey the American laws before public officials start rewarding them. Do the right thing. wait on line.


I am against giving out municipal I.D. cards to the undocumented individuals who are here illegally. It's like having some one break into your house and when you come home and find them there you are told that you now will have to let them live in your house and feed them and pay their medical bills and pay for there children to go to college. Why they do not belong there, they broke in. where has the common sense gone. Next they will want them to let them use the cards to vote. Lets stop the madness.

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