Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor De Blasio Nears First 100 Days

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49% of those surveyed gave Mayor de Blasio a positive approval rating. He's lost half the room 100 days in. Then again, this is New York City. If all of us felt the same way about an issue, something is wrong!

How's he doing? Later this week, Mayor de Blasio will mark his first 100 days in office. A new NY1/New York Times/Siena College poll sampled opinions on his approval rating, his handling of signature issues like full-day pre-Kindergarten and police street stops, and whether the city is heading in the right direction.

Do you approve of the job Mayor de Blasio is doing? What have been the highs and lows of his first 100 days in office? What should his priorities be moving forward? Do you feel New York City is heading in the right direction or down the wrong track?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Why do you think over 3.5 million people with incomes exceeding $75k per yer ( which in NYC is not a great deal of annual income) left New York last year? Because they saw who was going to become Mayor, who was in the city council and were already paying
$ .63 of every dollar in taxes. The mayor & his supporters continue to want more & more money for "fairness"'s why I'm leaving New York next month!

Allen in Manhattan


My building is filled with illegally destabilized apts. That is why there is no affordable housing. Landlords get away with murder.

midtown east


McGriff from Bklyn

I believe mayor DeBlasio is doing a good job so far, being that he is getting so much push back from the Eva Moskowitz millionaire types and politicians against the wealthy paying their fair share in taxes and keeping the city running on the backs of the middle class and working poor. He also deserves credit for universal pre-k because he brought it to the forefront. Gov. Cuomo was never interested in UPK. Deblasio has gone forward with all the initiatives he spoke about in his campaign. That's why I voted for him.


Get the horse and carriages out of NY! Its about time, and I'm so estatic and proud of the mayor of bringing this to light and I hope he commits to it and ends this needless form of entertainment!


I was in Brooklyn this weekend and all I heard is what a terrible Mayor that NY has. I feel sorry for Bill, it has a been a long 100 days with bad decisions, judgment and poor managerial skills. As I mentioned in the past, he is surrounded with people who are not giving him good advice or making him look good after all he hired a woman from DEC to what run sanitation what happened to promoting from within the ranks (nothing against women)

Tony, Albany

Im very disappointed in him. I think he is deceiving. If he had of been asked certain questions as far as walking in parade plans for charter schools and horse and buggy plans during debate he would have not won. I think he has something up his sleeve. And cleaning of the streets in Manhattan and omg eating pizza with a fork. So not N Y. He used his family issues to win.


Even though I've voted for de Blasio, I'm neutral on this issue. It is still too early for me or anyone to make any judgements. Let's wait a few more months or so.

Mike from Morningside

Mayor DeBlasio needs to work on housing equality for the middle income NYers. To date, middle income New Yorkers cannot afford to buy a home within NYC. So what is he waiting for?

Candace from Harlem

i think the mayor should look at healthcare when he talks about a tale of two cities. how the city hospital system is unfairly saddled with most of the uninsured patients, many of whom are directed to the city hospitals by the private voluntary hospitals. why?

laurie from brooklyn

The Mayors idea to make taxi's drive at 20mph was not thought out. It would be impossible for cabs to drive at 19.5mph all the time. I lost all trust in the mayor when I saw him proposing this without thought.

How about all pedestrians cross only at the crosswalk and not in the middle of the street. That's a good start.


The Mayor asked for the NYC School Bus Drivers support when he was running for Mayor He GOT our DYKL Support!!! He WON!!! He promised to address the EPP to restore Job Protection in our Contracts. So what is he waiting for? There is more work being approved to companies WITHOUT the EPP. Come June, they'll be 4,800 workers without a job and Still NO JOB PROTECTION for them to get a job back in the industry...Thanks for Nothing ...... JUST like A POLITICIAN..... Promises, Promises, Promises!!!!

Marie, Howard Beach

He has gotten quite a bit done already, all of which is focused on improving the life of the average individual. Biggest mistakes: opening school during the snow storm and charter school DISASTER. However, a rally will be held tomorrow to protest the gov's mandate that Eva's colocation, in which HANDICAPPED CHILDREN will be displaced, be upheld.

Shelley from Park Slope

I admire the mayor's principals and his thoughtful style. I hope to see him work to support community schools, now that Cuomo has sold them out.

My only disappointment, really, has come in the swordfight between City Hall and Albany. Cuomo seems to have had it out for deBlasio from day 2, which STINKS. After his landslide, deBlasio was kneecapped by Albany and big money special interests over taxes and charter schools, both of which played right into Cuomo's ongoing political aspirations. Watching the maneuvering and listening to the rhetoric has soured me on politics for a lifetime. I hope Cuomo's star fades fast as people see his underbelly, and I hope people take a step back and let de Blasio get some things done so this doesn't turn into hamstrung Obama redux.



DeBlockhead is moving sideways and backwards. He is incapable of moving forward, if you mean by that increasing and protecting freedom and individual rights, the only function of government.

The quicker he's out of office the better off will NYC be.

Port Richmond, SI

I think Mayor de Blasio is doing a great job. In his first 100 days he has shown strong leadership skills. He handled record snow fall with great skill.

His Universal pre-K initiative is on track and will be an effective ways to reduce income inequality in our city.

Furthermore, it is refreshing to have a mayor who understands and respects working class people and families.

Battery Park City

Hi John,

First of all I do not believe any of these polls. We have gone down that road one time to many with the last mayors/administration. I’m not for Pre-K because I still believe that it is nothing more than a glorified babysitter. What I don’t understand is this Mayor’s fund was suppose to help restore the lives and properties of all the people that were devastated and many are still living is squalor since Sandy. What I would like to know is where did all the money go that was collected including a promise by Bloomberg that the mayors fund would be used specifically for a tragedy like Sandy. How can his wife be in charge of the this fund and also how come this will be used for the people living in Harlem that had their own tragedy. They had a fundraiser and they will use that money, so they say.


Thank you John,

Hi John

I definitely approve of the job Mayor Diblasio is doing, he cares about all the people that live in the city not just the rich people. His high points was starting full day pre-K the kids need to start learning early in life so they'll be able to pass the common core tests, no teacher should protest the common core thats stupid it's like they don't want the child to learn, i belive the test should be given in more than pone language because a lot of kids cant speak english that's why the educators need to start bilingual classes in the early grades. Mayor Diblasio didn't have any low points, the snow wasn't his fault that's a act of god, his next order of business is to start up the contract talks for the unions

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