Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: First-Ever Inspector General Named for NYPD

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Definitely a varied show tonight with some fully supporting the new inspector general to others thinking it's completely unnecessary. It'll be interesting what his first few reforms and recommendations will be since he will be overseeing all of the department's policies and practices.

For the first time in its more than 150-year history, the NYPD will have an inspector general overseeing the department. The commissioner of the City’s Department of Investigation named Philip Eure to the post today. The former federal prosecutor who monitored police in Washington for more than a decade will begin his oversight May 27th.

The independent watchdog post comes as a result of a City Council-passed law last year in response to rising concerns over the police department’s controversial Stop, Question and Frisk policy. Eure will be paid $193,788 a year, have a staff of 50 people, and be responsible for overseeing all NYPD practices and policies.

In a statement, Mayor de Blasio today praised Eure’s appointment: “Independent police review is a critical component in the constant improvement of our public safety efforts.” Police Commissioner William Bratton also welcomed Eure, saying, “Our intention is to work very collaboratively with him and his staff.”

What do you say? Do you welcome the new oversight? What would be your first priority? Do you support spending $193,788 of your tax dollars for this position? Will this monitoring help or hurt police officers?

Reply with your thoughts using the link above.

Absolutely a good idea. Too many cops act like brutes and criminals themselves.

Port Richmond

Another burden to the already overtaxed fiscal system. The liberals at. Work.

Park Hill

I think Mr Eure appointment to the I.G. for the NYPD will be good i just hope commisioner Bratton and him can work together, i hope they both can stop the policy of stop question and frisk because the NYPD is doing that to a lot of minority people that's not right because some of them didn't even do anything. There's nothing wrong with young people playing music and dancing on the trains at least they are staying out of trouble

Upper West Side

This monitoring will definitely hurt police officers. It seems as though certain members of the
public and the city council are running the show to their approval only. None of us outsiders
seem to have a say in anything. The city council speaker and members are instrumental
in instigating every issue.
Why do you need a commissioner making all that money $193.788 to be
specific and how will these 50 members be chosen and how much will it cost
us tax payers for their salaries and amenities that seem to go along with every job
in this system.
I thought this commissioner was suppose to be a blue chip guy all the way and yet he needs
all this help to resolve the problems.
This mayor has to many chiefs. Every time someone else is appointed it costs us more and
more money.

Morris Park

I just hope this Investigation Division does not do to the police what the city's investigating agencies has done to New York City Correction. All authority has been stripped from the Correction Force, which has moral so shattered, Correction supervisors are now literally ordering their officers not to rescue their own from physical assaults because doing so can & will lead to departmental & criminal charges. Maybe New York can afford to have correction's powerless, but was can not afford to have that happen to NYPD.

Sal M.

Typical democrats. More expensive government. Bring back Bloomberg!

Hell's Kitchen

I think this is a great idea that if implemented correctly could be really beneficial for the city. Police behavior needs I be monitored internally more closely and this position should take care of that.


I think it's a good idea to have a monitor, not just for Stop and Frisk. You have policies that NYPD officers are not following now. For example arresting individuals who are Video Recording Officer interactions with people they are stopping and searching on the street. Where there Patrol Guide 208-03 states in part:

b. None of the following constitutes probable cause for arrest or detention of an onlooker unless the safety of officers or other persons is directly endangered or the officer reasonably believes they are endangered or the law is otherwise violated:
(1) Speech alone, even though crude and vulgar
(2) Requesting and making notes of shield numbers or names of officers
(3) Taking photographs, videotapes or tape recordings

The whole idea of an independent monitor is a farce because the city council will control its budget and its agenda. Crime will skyrocket.


Whomever thinks that the NYPD should be autonomous clearly have very little regard for those that have been wronged by the agency.

Any agency that can do whatever it wants without any accountability bears watching to begin with. If you are above board what is there to be afraid of?


i tink from the start is bad, we should continue the,stop and search....and now the waste of tax payer ClientIP:, UserAgent: CCBot/2.0 ( Profile: TWCSAMLSP