Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: Police "Concerned" About Two Security Breaches At World Trade Center Site

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Why did it take six months for these men to be charged? My theory is the NYPD and PAPD didn't want to arrest them. This case makes the police look like fools. Detectives determined the men weren't a threat and were content to let the story go away. That is, until reporters started digging after the New Jersey teenager breached the site. That's my take.

Three men were arraigned today in Manhattan on several charges, including burglary and reckless endangerment, for allegedly climbing to the top of One World Trade Center in September and parachuting off the skyscraper. A fourth man was also charged for acting as a "look out" below. One of the BASE jumpers was an iron worker who had security clearance to the site.

The arrests came days after a New Jersey teenager allegedly entered the construction site through a hole in a fence and spent two hours atop the 1,776-foot-tall tower. Mayor de Blasio said today police are "concerned" about the security breaches. And the Port Authority, which operates the 16-acre site, condemned the "lawless and selfish" acts. What do you say?

What's your reaction to the recent security breaches at the World Trade Center site? Should the trespassers be punished to the fullest extent of the law or should they be thanked for exposing flaws in the safety measures? Have you come across other places in New York City where security is lax?

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I think that it definatley is disrespectful , to the site but an eye opening situation in many levels . A crime is a crime , If you were to be caught in a building that you don't live in horsing around you would be arrested on trespassing charges , this is not an ordinary building . I think that the blame game is going to be thrown around . everyone should be held liable . the kids that messed around , and the agencies that are hired to protect and watch over this site . Why is it that we can see positions of the world via satellite and yet we cannot protect our landmarks and buildings in nyc ? Why aren't there special cameras that haven't been installed while working on these buildings . I was stopped by the LIRR MTA police while driving past district 3 (queens) ny pulled over because they said I had a lapse of insurance , they took my license plates and had my car towed to a private agency in Brooklyn ! I was treated like I committed a horrendous crime .They are state police that supposedly has the right to keep their scanners on 24hrs . and when I spoke to regular nypd and nypd tow they say they do not keep cameras on and I was probably biased . So in this case who are the agencies that should be held responsible and take action accordingly and let the people of nyc as well as these guys that made the jump . It is great to expose the flaws of security but at the same time they should be held accountable . If I were to run someone over while driving because the city didn't catch me and have cameras in the area I hit someone I still should be held accountable , and just because I exposed an area where it is easy to speed shouldn't reduce my punishment . Agencies should be held accountable as well as thoughs breaking laws bottom line.

Kenny the carpenter

I have so much respect for the WTC, and was shocked to see these guys jump off, My Goodness; don't punish them, thank them for letting us know about flaws in security!! Security needs to be fired!! Get new security! Please!! Thank You John!!


In my opinion, this seems like a scapegoat to point people away from the fact that these men got in with such ease. But at the same time this is sacred ground for us. A place where loved ones of those lost go to Remember. Have more respect. Lives were taken there. And sacrifices were made that day. It is not a place for you to go and have your trills.

Victor from Harlem

I've last a relative on 9/11 and don't find that these recent acts at the site are a disrespect. I don't condone it. Our government does a lot more corruption and get away with it. Use this as a learning tool and fix the flaws of security at the site.

A. Ortiz

From a different perspective....maybe parachutes can now be considered as an alternate escape in case of another emergency from some of these tall buildings.....The jumpers actions were careless and so was the security...but at 3am?? There should have been a temporary alarm in place....for off the lower level entrances..

M from Harlem

As a first responder, to all the callers who say since they didn't hurt anyone no harm no foul... To you all should a drunk driver not be prosecuted if he doesn't hurt someone? there was a lapse of security that no one can deny, however take for instance it was just a construction site anyone trespassing would be prosecuted but since it was the trade center it carries a sense of disrespect to the memory of all. Bottom line they broke the law and got caught and should be prosecuted!!

-Nick , Queens

They deserve a slap on the wrist and security needs to be tighten up. Let it go. You hit on the head. Once the building is completed, security will be in force.

My two scents. (Parris)

Don't thank them but thank God they did what they did. Now we can do something about the security breaches.

Brooklyn, NY

DOPES! Are they for real doing something so stupid & disrespectful at the WTC? They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Especially the iron worker, he should know better. Make examples of them all now so anything like this doesn't happen again. A VERY selfish act with no regard to all that lost lives on 9/11.

Eileen in Kew Gardens

Why is the question thank *OR* punish?

It should be thank *AND* punish.

1) They exposed security. It should be improved, and anyone responsible should be accountable.
2) They broke the law. And should be punished accordingly.

If burglars broke into a store and stole stuff, would you thank them?

I think you would arrest them, and also improve security as a result.

By the way, this has happened there before, covered in the movie "Man on a Wire". Guess what, he was charged.

From the Upper East

These trespassers are reckless and disrespectful. Also where are the parents of the 16 year old? He lives in Jersey and was in manhattan doing this at 4am? If he had been injured while doing this they would have wanted to sue the city for lack of security. I've heard nothing about the parents of this 16 yr. Old. I'm very upset with all of them for being irresponsible and insensitive to the memory of the ones that lost their lives there.


I have mixed feeling about the incident that occurred. They should definitely get some sort of punishment for their actions. Thank Goodness they just wanted to jump off and not commit a horrible act, but that doesn't mean to give them a metal. Even though they brought up breaches that weren't seen before, it was still a crime and it was wrong. There's always consequences to people's actions.

Leslie from Astoria

Everyone seems to forget that while the original WTC was under construction, a Frenchman walked across a high wire from one tower to another during the morning rush hour. His punishment was to do a show for the city's kids. Let's just take this as proof security is too lax at the site, give them a fine and lighten up.


The jumpers were the wake up call of security issues at the site. The 2nd breach was more disturbing. These people should be New Yorkers of the Week for showing how lacking security is.

Jack B.

Praised? I think not. They are lawbreakers and nothing else. They should be prosecuted as such.

Forest Hills

Security was lacks in 1993, 2001, and in 2014. What's new? I'd rather have a guy who built it jump off it as opposed to a terrorist incident. The problem with fighting terrorism is that the terrorists don't mind waiting long periods of time to retaliate. Our vigilance has to outlast their patience.

Mike from cobble hill

First of all, if the Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey was so serious about public safety, I would expect the entire security company to be fired on the spot. It may be a cruel thing to do because people need jobs, but the message of "Unacceptable" should be enforced in order to avoid another 911 incident.

Staten Island, New York

As a native New Yorker, I am fully aware of the importance of having strong security in and around our buildings and landmarks. However, and with respect of 911, the one thing I do miss is the sense of fun and the sometimes unpredictable folly that makes our city unique. Terrorism has taken the occasional dork to a criminal status.

Michael In Woodside

The trespassers should not be penalized, police should take this opportunity and learn from it. If you get future copycats then they should be punish since the word is out and the public has been warned. NYPD were the true failures but of course they're going to stick to minimum wage security guards. Isn't that why federal money is given to the city --to be used against terrorism. It's easier to stick it to a low wage worker than to a cop who represents the NYPD. The public is not stupid.

Rob at Fordham hill

does anyone realize that the WTC site is a construction site--NOT a building? I'm sure when the building is finished, there will be adequate security.


Why is the media making celebrities out of these fools? This is like watching the Jackass TV show and finding it amusing. The dumbing down of our society never ceases to amaze me.

By your showing their footage on your network, -you are contributing to the ridiculousness of this stupid event. These guys and their attorney should be prosecuted. This is clearly reckless endangerment that we're giving a pass to.

Upper west

I hear very little about the possibility that one of these people could have caused an accident with their reckless behavior. These selfish people never think about the possibility of putting our first responders or the public at risk..



I'm forced by intellectual and architectural morals to advise everyone that there is no One World Trade Center. It was destroyed on 9/11. What we have in its place is an undistinguished vertical piece of rubble better referred to as Zero World Trade Center.

I might note that it is also not the tallest building in the US. For three reasons. The actual building sits atop a 200 foot tall pedestal (Ray Kelly's Pedestal of Fear). On the way up is a couple, maybe more floors dedicated to HVAC which is, in normal buildings, is in the basement. The pedestal and the HVAC space don't count as building height because they are not and cannot be occupied. Finally, that spire. It, too, cannot be occupied and cannot be counted in estimating building height.

As for the guys that climbed to the top, more power to them.

Port Richmond, SI

The para shooters should be prosecuted. They could have killed someone on the ground. These are grown men setting a really bad example for young people. They want the fame and glory, then take the legal consequences.

Tom in Forest Hills

Maybe we should learn from this, in that, if (God forbid )there's another attack where people may feel the need to jump. (Which we never though would, ever have to happen) This is a safe way down....THINK ABOUT IT


The parachutists and the climber of the world trade center should be thanked. People who survived the 9/11 have nightmares about how there must have been something that could have been done to save the others = the jumpers etc. They dream about helicopters with ropes coming into save people. these parachutists help deal with the trauma of survivors . they came up and found a way down, it kis ka great blessing that they do thing s like this. I thnk it is an attempt to heal the survivor wounds, and the focus on security is incredibly narrow anad peetty coompared to the much larger trauma with live with.

Thanks to these people who are brave and try to explore and survive in and from the towers.

Julie on the upper west side.


I find it shocking that you did not challenge the lawyer defending one of these jumpers. He claims that his client is being charged and that this was about the “the beauty of the jump”? Why let him off the hook? This is simply unacceptable. How did the judge postpone their hearing to July? Who is watching our backs?

Bklyn Hgts

They should be punished because they could have very easily had a mishap and ended up landing on someone and causing injury. But let's not trump up heavier charges than necessary. Demonstrating a security breach is all well and good. They didn't then have to go to the top and jump. If they didn't want fame why did they video. I am sure that video would have eventually made it's way to the internet to make a mockery of the security at the construction site.

Audrey - Clinton Hill

I find it quite disturbing to read that a sixteen old youth climbs all the way to the top of the WTC and is not stopped. Now my question was where was security or lack there of, at 4 a.m. Sunday morning. Now if this daredevil could do this than any terrorist could do the same and plant a bomb that could hurt many and do much destruction. This I believe is a wakeup call for addition security and security measures to be impose to lessen the risks. Many lives are at stake if nothing is done.

Glen Oaks Village, N.Y.

Hi John,

I consider both incidents very serious. The lookout that was an iron worker that had security clearance should be fired from his job and he should have to turn in all credentials pertaining to his union. He and the others should not ever be able to get jobs where there is such a high security risk. They should get the book thrown at them for these acts of whatever one chooses to call it. I mentioned in my e-mails during the campaign that no mentioned anything about the the security issues. Especially that we are always a target for attack all the time. This administration has started off on the wrong foot. They need to get a grip on this situation. They all need to regroup and get a handle on this important issue. Also while this was being planned what information has someone else been collecting to once again do harm to us.

Thank you John,

Hi John

The WTC site should have working security cameras and foot patrol that's on duty 24/7 the tresspassers should be proscecuted to the fullest extent for tresspasing, the PAPD now know they have to step up their patrols espically at night the security guards shouldn't be sleeping while on duty. When i use to be a night owl i use to come in at 3 and 4 in the morning the security guard used to be sleeping at the desk in my building i would knock on the door so he could let me in my point is no security guard should be sleeping on the job if they sleep on the job they should be fired ASAP


Hi John;

I think that the trespasser's should be thanked for exposing the grave security failures at the WTC site. The NYPD seems to be overly agressive in arresting the trespassers because they do not want to admit that the detectives and supervisors assigned to the Trade Center "Ring of Steel" must be sleeping on the job. They should all be transferred.

As for the "teenager" , did anyone notice that he tweeted "INSPIRED" ; Inspire is the al queda magazine that appeals to so called "lone wolf" terrorists. He is not an innocent dare-devil as the media portrays him...I see him as a potential terrorist.

John Miller is a liability for the Intelligience Division; he doesn't want to read the Intel guide so he is going to re-write intel procedures in Cliff Note fashion. Just because you interviewed Bin Laden doesn't qualify you to head the Intelligience Division. I don't sleep at night when I think about the lack of leadership in the NYPD.

For another night, Bratton's 7 policing strategies were written by an outside consultant. People think Bratton is doing a good job because his public relations people keep telling us he is; God help the NYPD and the law abiding citizens of New York City.

midtown east

Given the horrific events of 9/11 Its hard to fathom that security would be so lax around the WTC area, this should be a wake-up call for the city to act swiftly with better security measures around those hallowed grounds.

Bay Ridge

They are going to go after these people because they made them look like fools. Everyone associated with this travesty who are in-charge of security should be fired .

Midtown East

The prosecutors should throw the book at ALL of them -- the fact that the kid from New Jersey is a teenager has no bearing, as he knew full well what he was doing, and had ample opportunity to turn back, and never did and, in fact, reveled in his "feat."

They all need to know, along with the rest of the public, that nonsense like this won't be tolerated.

Upper West Side
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