Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Governor Cuomo, Mayor De Blasio Attend Separate Education Rallies In Albany

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In the day of the dueling rallies, it seems the charters may have won out with their message, especially with Governor Cuomo at their side. Mayor de Blasio's uphill battle just got slightly tougher.

Dueling education rallies in Albany attracted thousands of parents and students from the five boroughs today. Governor Cuomo attended a rally by charter school parents who are upset with Mayor de Blasio for reversing a decision to give three charter schools rent-free space. Cuomo said, "Education is not about the unions, and not about the lobbyists, and not about the PR firms. Education is about the students and the students come first."

A few blocks away, Mayor de Blasio addressed a crowd of supporters who traveled to Albany to show their support for a tax hike on the wealthy to fund universal pre-Kindergarten and after-school programs for middle school students. His plan faces opposition from leading State officials, but the Mayor said, "The facts are on our side. The people are on our side. Now we have to get Albany on our side." What do you say?

What's your reaction to the dueling rallies in Albany? Are you surprised to see Governor Cuomo join the group lobbying for more charter schools? Do you think Mayor de Blasio will be successful in convincing lawmakers to raise taxes on the rich to fund pre-K and after-school programs? Do you support the decision to close all 22 Success Academy schools to allow travel to Albany for the day?

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I believe the School System is embarrassing . It continues to under-go all the various changes , Yet , Are these changes producing smarter students? I think the answer is NO !!!! The Politicians need to stop using the Students as pawns . They all seem to have self-serving motives. The kids need Gym , after-school programs , sports , meaningful classes . The high dropout rate has to be addressed and blamed on more than just the Students. Charter Schools should be used if the students are doing better.


Mr. De Blasio has overplayed his hand, and come out the loser -- he's become a punching bag for editorial writers across the state, and also for politicians seeking an easy path to the center. And Governor Cuomo not only wins on every issue that is in dispute here, but sets himself up statewide as the reasonable alternative to our left-wing mayor, which not only helps ensure his easy re-election, but puts him in a position to run for president should an opening occur in 2016.

Upper West Side

The kids from the success academy should of stayed in school so they can learn new stuff, someone could of taken and video camera and put everything on film so they can watch it in a warm class tommorrow. Mayor Diblasio is doing the right thing when it comes to taxing the rich everyone have to help the kids it's about them, the Wall St honchos from the big banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have the money they should donate some of it to build ten charter schools but they're to darn cheap to do that. Gov Cumo should be on the same side as our wonderful Mayor he wants to see all the kids succeed in life the only way they will is to start UPK.

upper west side

How did they pay for all of these bus rides up to Albany just to get their point across.
I’m sure it came out of our tax money. Once again these politicians are being a big
sport with our money. If these children do not go to Pre-K where will they go. My
point is that I’m sure their parents have to pay someone to take care of them during
the day and so why do we have to continue to pick up the tab for everyone’s whim.
Since this is an election year they both being DeBlasio and Cuomo will promote
their personal agenda.
DeBlasio should stop quoting from polls that the majority rules in favor of the Pre-K
because it is free to them but not to the rest of us that continues to pick up the tab
and everyone seems to feel as though everything they want they get.
It’s not fair to the one paying all the time.

Of course we have flip flopping going on.


What is the actual position of teachers concerning the possibility of making teaching a career as opposed to just a shaky transitional job in charter schools?


Unlike DeBlockhead, I'm for the children, for what's best for them. And that is Charter Schools. Actually, privately operated, non-government operated schools are better, but it's unlikely the government will give up its dictatorial role in schooling.

How soon can we rid the City of such pestilences?

Port Richmond

Gov. Cuomo: Support of Mayor de Blasio's charter reevaluation HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LOBBYISTS OR UNIONS AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH CHILDREN - you are turning a deaf ear to the thousands and thousands of us parents who are opposed to the rapid charter expansion of the last decade and to the many ill-advised, harmful NYC co-locations. We are not flunkies for some special interest. You are blatantly taking a position that will allow the DFER and charter money to continue flowing to your pocket, and it makes me sick.

I do not support Success' closure today - they could have held rallies at their schools at dismissal if they felt it was important to make a unified statement.


Just the fact that 22 schools closed today for a trip to protest in Albany tells you that the charter schools don't care about the children. They care about the mighty dollar.
Cuomo says it's not about unions but children' education. Hate to tell him. The union only cares about children's education. Teachers aren't wealthy. We make a living and often times not even a live able living but we went into education for the children and not for the fancy cars or clothes.

Arden Heights

I could be wrong, but weren't the charter school advocates gathered and transported by the heads of the charter schools? In other words, this for-profit group paid for advocacy. Since they don't pay rent, I guess they can afford it. Where is that in the reporting?
That Cuomo would listen to a small special interest group funded by corporate money isn't shocking. It's the definition of his time in office.


The Governors endorsement tells the tale,specifically not about pensions,unions,etc. Game,set,match-Cuomo!

Jack B.
Queens Village

Mayor DeBlasio is playing politics, pure and simple. He is using this issue to show he can reverse at will a Bloomberg-era decision, notwithstanding that it was reached through a proper process, and also to show the teachers union he is their guy.

If it were not pure politics, he would have taken the RESULTS into consideration! Charter Schools, especially SA, deliver fantastic objectively measured standards of education for public school kids and families, with fewer dollars per student than those for the general public system . They raise the bar, dispel defeatism, and teach us all how public education can be better. Every kid and working parent has a right to expect better and have a choice.


The Teachers' Union is forcing contracts on public schools that makes them underperform and not even safe for students. Public schools have to give teachers so many breaks, while the children are unsupervised a lot and learning a lot less than in charter and private schools. That is why the test scores are so low in DOE public schools!!!


this was nothing but a political stunt by CUOMO....I support charter schools, I think their doing a good job with our children but, they should have their own building!


Cuomo is a rat- He is in bed with the big money groups behind charter schools. He needs to appeal to the suburban and upstate forces during an election year. He will flip flop according to his agenda. He was for common core but now he's not - again because the parents in the suburbs don't like common core- He is doing what he needs during an election year. It would be interesting to see what pro charter groups are contributing to his campaign.


Cuomo definitely came out on top; however, I would like to be a fly on the wall to see what Como and deBlasio talked about after the rallies. And Cuomo is up for re-election. What was Sheldon Silver doing standing next to deBlasio?

Midtown East

Yes, I believe Mr. Mayor was a success and got his point across loud and clear.
I support both because they are good ideas but Charter School
is my favorite. The time is now,
more parents are choosing the
Charter School concept and
policy rather than traditional

Tony, Albany

Diblasio (isn't that his mother's maiden name?) Should continue to focus on his fight of taxing the wealthy for pre school. Good luck with that. Cuomo should give the state funds that Diblasio doesn't want to the displaced charters.


Who paid for the buses?
Who paid for the shirts?


Shelly hit the nail right on the head! But I will correct her on this, charters leave behind the special needs students and English language learners!


I think people are missing it. Major de Blasio is not saying to get rid of Charter Schools. What he's doing is asking Charter Schools pay their own way. What people don't know it that Charter Schools utilizes Public School spaces without contributing to the expenses. Where can you run a successful business for free and not have overhead cost.

Ditmas park

Answer one question: Why would you close a top performing charter? What is going to happen to those 700 children? HSA has shown what poor/minority students are capable of achieving when given the right tools. I recognize there issues are complicated - but you can't argue with success.

Upper west side

The Mayor is out of touch along with his Board of head of Education Carmen Farmia. Children with issues will fail in public schools. Carmen Farnia did nothing for kids with specioal needs at PS 6. only care for rich parents. She was arrogant and rude. Charter schools surrport children with special issues.


I've noticed most people against charter schools are regular public school teachers or not parents.

De Blasio is backed by the teachers union and this union needs to be reworked so its about the children and not just about teachers (especially the BAD teachers). Education is about children and good teachers NOT just about protecting (bad) teachers


DiBlasio has a "Not" mandate by way of the small percentage of participating voters in the last election.

The UFT is looking out for their own interests not the children and families they serve.

The current administration has it all wrong.

Upper East Side

I saw tidbits of Governor Cuomo's speech who made it his top priority to attend the Charter School Rally and was just outraged at his participation at this Rally. To make matters worse he not only made Charter Schools the main event but he slapped the face of children and parents of public schools by not even addressing the other rally for education for Pre-k and after school programs. This was just despicable on his behalf. Is great education for all children Governor Cuomo's top priority or is privatizing public schools his main agenda here and eliminating unions -- I could not help but hear his derogatory remark regarding unions in the public school system. I thought that the favoritism of Charter Schools finally ended with the end of Mayor Bloomberg's regime instead it seems it has now taken a higher ground. Never mind that Governor Cuomo slapped Mayor de Blasio in the face but it was also a slap in the face for all children who need great education!

Upper east side

Eva Moskowitz earns over $500,000 while Public School Teachers have not had a raise in the last 6 years. Who pays her salary? The co- location is an issue. The Charter school takes over most of the building and makes it new for them, while the Public school in the same building doesn't even have a lunchroom or library. The children are separate and unequal. I am a DC 37 member and today was our lobby day, it was horrible. Every child was there today. The Charter school had rented trucks to carry their t-shirts and lunches. Who paid for that? Place more monies in the public school system, after schools are needed as well. I agree with Mayor deBlasio, pay for your building, they are selective while using our tax dollars.

Michelle from Staten Island

The governor prides himself on getting an on time budget. Speaker silver can= help the mayor get the tax he wants by holding the budget hostage. The gove= rnor will be blamed if a budget impasse goes into July and he will cave in a= nd agree to the taxes. The governor is no friend of democrats in Albany. the= governor is only for himself we democrats should deal with himaccordingly=20


We did not close school. Classes were held in Albany. Time well spent!


Hats off to Governor Cuomo for setting aside the petty politics & saying the right things. He acted as a true leader - unlike others who are only concerned about the vote bank politics. Our vote for him.

Washington Heights

It's not surprising that Cuomo sided opposite DeBlasio- he is setting himself up as the anti- DeBlasio for voters. If he cared so much about education why didn't he introduce any of these things in a non-election year?

Charter schools are not as successful as they claim because they can kick children out easily. Non charter schools are providing education to everyone who attends. If this was a pharmaceutical test it would not be an objective test.

Bay Ridge

They cannot be lumped together
The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning is very different from those operated by big umbrella, well funded organizations.
Please look at the differences in learning environments and funding before you air stories, so that you don't continue misunderstandings
Mayor Di Blasio needs to understand these differences too.

Gregg, Upper East Side

Charter schools have been instrumental in stepping up to fill the needs of students in areas of the city where the existing public schools are failing to meet the need. However, the schools should have to pay for their facilities and should not displace or disrupt the existing public schools. Most charter schools choose their students by lottery, but the parents tend to be much more involved and invested in their kids education.
Unions are destroying the teaching profession by creating a large group of mediocre teachers.

Audrey - Clinton Hill

Why is it that only the kids who are fortunate enough to win placement in charter schools are entitled to that kind of education & not public school kids? The charter school system should be implied for public schools as well. It's unfair to our children and their future.


--I thought separate but equal was considered by the supreme court to be unconstitutional.

How can charter schools that can select kids be a separate school system but still be public school? If these charter schools are so good and are public, how come anyone in the local area just can’t attend?
In the 1950’s didn’t the supreme court consider this type of set up unconstitutional since it deprived certain kids of an equal education?

Bay Ridge

All public schools are co-located! I don't understand why traditional public schools advocates are isolating charter school co-locations. All public schools are co-located, our building alone have 4 traditional public schools and one charter school. So what I don't understand is why people oppose co-locations when these buildings are suppose to service All public schools, including charter schools who are servicing tax payers like us.

Upper west side

In my neighborhood there are countless Hasidic children going to schools which I believe are paid for with public dollars, they are separate from the regular public schools. They have their own buildings, transportation, etc. Why can't the charters do something similar. They choose the students they want and provide statistics only for the Harlem 1 success academy to Brooklyn parents. They should do the right thing and pay for their space.


Let someone experience the impeccable pedagogic, discipline, didactic system of charter school.... then talk about it!


I'm offended by all the callers that day that children in public schools are doomed to failure. Myself and many of my family and friends are products of public school education, and are nurses, computer consultants, etc.. Once you are active and involved in your child's education, your child will succeed.


I am a parent of a child in Charter School Success Academy. The school has been a positive experience.
The charter school does not discriminate. The school does provide concern for children who need help and give resources. I know of two families who attend the school.

We hope Cuomo will support and protect the charter schools. Please provide the locations for education to excel.
I support the Governor.

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