Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Day Before Lobbying Trip, Mayor De Blasio Pushes After-School Expansion

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Let the games begin. Those wanting to tax the rich to expand after-school programs and those wanting to expand charter schools will be lobbying in Albany tomorrow. There are enough tax dollars to go around. So who will win?

Mayor de Blasio will be in Albany tomorrow to try to convince lawmakers to approve a tax hike on the wealthy to fund universal pre-Kindergarten and expand after-school programs for middle school students. Today, de Blasio said resources are in place to offer after-school activities to 120,000 students at 512 schools if State lawmakers approve his tax increase.

The Mayor won't be the only New Yorker in Albany tomorrow trying to convince lawmakers to support certain educational policies. 22 Success Academy charter schools will be closed so students, parents, and teachers can "rally in support of great public school options." Last week, the Department of Education blocked the co-location of three charter schools this fall.

Are more after-school programs needed where you live? Will Mayor de Blasio be successful in convincing lawmakers to tax the rich to provide a dedicated revenue source for after-school and pre-K programs? Which rally in Albany tomorrow means more to you?

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There are hundreds of charter schools across the boroughs. Why are success academy charter schools being targeted by de Blasio? Could it be a personal vendetta that is threatening to take quality education away from our children? Charter schools ARE public schools. When my son was ready to enter kindergarten, I wanted to make sure that he had a quality education, which I knew he would not get in my zoned public school. I applied to 10 charters and won the lottery into 6 of them. I chose success academy and could not be happier. If you live in a bad school zone and you want to guarantee a good education for your child - apply for a charter school.


Hello I was a single parent and Afterschool helped me. I knew where my children were after school the program they was in education alliance they help my children with there reading and it improved. homework help They had plays for them to perform, they had dance class they taught them tap. A lot of different opportunity for them .


De Blasio wants to kick off charter schools to get more space for the after school program. He doesnt want to compromise but simply close, for instance , one of the schools which performanced highly and being on the top our of NY State. Harlem success academy. Shame on you!


My name is Tiffany and my daughter attends upper west success academy and I live in Washington heights and I choose this school because all the schools in my "Zone" are horrible letters being sent out to parents because grades are low and their being offered a no child left behind slip. I would like to ask that teacher that called in a said she taught at a school in Washington heights and ask what was her students ela math test score 2013 ? And we can start from there. Our students speak for themselves.

When your primary concern is the children the hope of everyone should be to give them an exceptional education. I don’t care who does it, the Bd. of Ed., Catholic and/or Charter schools, just as long as it is a good education. There has always been a great need for schools and better educational programs in this city. Charter schools in my opinion have only provided the Bd. of Ed. competion. Just like the breaking up of Cable TV, the Telephone company etc. If we have choice in these areas then why can’t we have a choice in the school our children attend. I believe choice will force for better schooling from all schools.


Hedge fund managers should start private schools with their own money!


Competition is what makes our free market strong, and the same goes for our education system.

Charter schools give people choices. If the public schools what to improve- awesome! Improve. - Take notes from successful charters, loose the unionized teachers groups, implement systems and teaching styles that work in the most successful schools charter or public.

Don't take away choices. Different educational settings work for different children. It doesn't need to be all or nothing. Charter, private or public- let's keep working towards improving education.

Katie in Brooklyn.

As a retired Special Education Teacher and long term follower of Eva Moskowitz politics/charter school movement I can tell you try having an ESL or special Ed student in a charter school. And co locations is just a scheme for getting around the Bloomberg inability to close other so called failing schools. Much rather see money spent on after school programs especially as targeted at middle schools and special needs / ESL learners who are a good part of the school system.

Stephen. From Bayside

These education programs that Mayor de Blasio is pushing for are of the essence for our public schools. But Governor Cuomo will never, ever raise taxes on the wealthy. This is an election year and he needs all those upstate voters. I am so tired of hearing people worry about taxing the wealthy. We had 12 years of that in New York City. Please do not try and tell me that if we tax the wealthy they will all leave Manhattan. The wealthy will never leave Manhattan -- only the middle class. We finally have a Mayor who cares about public education -- there should be more people rallying behind him and his plan on doing this for the sake of all children!

But I am really wondering is Governor Cuomo and/or Albany lawmakers plan on giving in to Ms. Moskowitz's demands and giving her charter schools more space and once again leaving public schools in the lurch and behind as was done under the Bloomberg Administration?

Upper east side

We thank thank the mayor for his decision to safe public schools for Public School students. My children and a lot of the residents are college graduates who went to public schools.
That rally is a using children who should be in school. The unions would never close schools for lobbying much less make them go. This community did not need another charter. But we need after school programs for the children in community.

Once again, thank you Mayor De Blasio.


I can't understand what sense it makes to close a high performing charter school where kids scored in the top %1 in nys on the common core state ela test. these are low income minority students who are performing phenomenaly and he is taking that opportunity away. with no alternative but to go to other district schools where the passing rate is in the single digit percent . This is why I will be at the rally in Albany with my son and step daughter .

monique from harlem

No one is taking away anyone's choice, just location! Plopping charter schools down in the middle of existing schools wreaks havoc on THAT population.

park slope

The smart effective use of tax payers money for after school or as a matter of fact any educational program shall only be possible if there is no teachers union. In an unionized environment no matter how much tax dollars govt spend that would be futile. We have witnessed this for decades. It's for Teachers unions protectionist petty politics we have so many failing public schools & the charters have grown so rapidly.

Tony - Washington

I strongly agree and can speak for alot of parents who r fed up with traditional education. Charter Schools is the growing trend now parents want more for education for there children, they do not want unnecessary days off like February's winter break or the day after New Years Day. Children have to many days off, how r they supposed to learn and what r we teaching them by giving them time off like it is nothing?

Thanks :)
Tony, Albany

The untold story here is the amount of charitable donations made by generous and successful New Yorkers who are committed to making all of New York for all New Yorkers a better and more enriching place.

Upper West Side

Good evening. As a parent of a child in a well performing charter school I am interested in the mayor's plan in place for thousands of children who's education is in jeopardy. Does he believe that the school system will improve when you displace children and place them in low performance schools?


Hi John,

All this mayor seems to be accomplishing is to create rallies. Why is he not correcting the Public School system since they seem to be the ones suffering for lack of funds and everyone speaks of the non-existence of a curriculum. Also this mayor doesn’t even address the problems of the tests they all have to take. He’s so hell bent on taxiing [nd this is only the beginning] the rich and what will this mayor do to house all of these children that are being pushed out of the charter schools. Also babies are going to keep being born and what happens when all the money runs out or better yet they will ask for more taxes and those taxes will be pushed upon us middle class as usual. All this big bag of wind ever does about each topic is generalize and what are the requirements for the students to be eligible for an after school program. I would think that they should have a goal and part of that goal should be good scores. So once again this mayor just makes statements and generalizes. They should not be attending school just to hang out and then hang out after school. Who’s going to mind the store?

Thank you John,

Hi John

Mayor Diblasio will get the job done tomorrow in Albany because the kids do need to start school early in order for them to get a excellent education and to be prepared for college so they can get a good job. Mayor Diblasio should also think about letting the kids take bilingual classes earler it will help them when they get older. There could never be enough after school programs because some parents are single rasing their kids and they have to work it might be unsafe for the kids to be left alone. The daddies need to step up and act like a dad and help their baby mamas because they cant do it alone

upper west side

Is there an alternative? For every new program we should not have a tax increase.

Make a flat tax and eliminate all other local, city, and state taxes. No I am not rich but this can easily extend to me, the lower middle class.

Oh and then tell the mayor spend wisely. He has a family and there is never enough money for everything.


As long a Cuomo has presidential ambitions and needs to smooze Skelos from the Nassau GOP fold, this just isnt happening. Enact a commuter tax and a fat cat surcharge. Cuomo isnt his father's large D Democrat; hes a lower case version. NY is rich v poor with no middle class thanks to the former monarch of Gotham..



I hope that DeBlasto fails at everything he has so far proposed. His Zero Vision is nothing but organized government pocket picking.

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