Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: Police Department Focuses On Improving Relations

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If police officers have to be told to be polite and listen, we are in some trouble. These are basic human skills that shouldn't be taught after the age of three.

One day after announcing a seven-point plan to help police interact with New Yorkers, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton introduces a new Deputy Commissioner of Training. In his new position, veteran officer Ben Tucker will oversee all training of NYPD personnel.

Today's announcement comes as the NYPD tries to improve relations after years of tensions over street stop tactics. The new plan requires officers, when possible, to politely introduce themselves, provide their name and rank, actively listen, keep an open mind, be patient, make every effort to help people, and end on a positive note.

Are these steps, along with reforms to stop-and-frisk, a move in the right direction for improving relations? If not, what suggestions do you have? How would you describe the current state of relations between residents and the NYPD?

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Although it would be nice to have a more friendly police department, lets not have policies of kindness supersede with the protection, and safety NYPD now already provides. Because I assure you if we start scrutinizing, and reprimanding, police officers for lack of courtesy, NY will watch NYPD slowly develop into the same sad state that the NY City Department of Correction has become. Which has become so overly demanding on how to interact with inmates, that safety, and security has taken a back seat, which in turn is the reason why violence has severely skyrocketed.



What do you expect from the NYPD
Their boss was Ray Kelly a racist person and if you are not his kind your a problem
We need change in the city of New York

Rego Park

I believe the that the police have every right to stop any one. We have to respect the fact that police officer are in front line 24hrs to protect US. Police officer they SHOULD be Respect way much better from the public


Maybe if we taught police officers certain martial arts skills (Karate, Tai Chi, etc.), they would not only learn how to become more disciplined and more respectful when interacting with other people, but they might also not always reach for a gun to solve a problem, and be able to use less deadly force more often in the future. Food for thought.

Lower East Side

Community relation has to work both ways. People like Michelle dislike the entire police force and all the officers because of 1 incident she experienced. That is very dangerous way of thinking because I've seen some nice officers on the streets.

Sean from Queens


Police departments throughout America have to stop taking credit for crime reduction. Police departments are assigned to catch criminals after the crime has been committed. They are not empowered to reduce crime. It was probably J Edgar Hoover, the consummate con cop, who started the idea of police as crime busters. Such a notion erodes their credibility as leaders in the community. That is the place that they can do the most good and actually have an impact on the elements that breed crime.

Michael in Greenpoint

A caller made a point about the NYPD not being very prevalent where they live... and I think that's true. But I also think that is very location specific. The department is focusing the majority of it's man power on neighborhoods with high violent crime rates, but they have definitely lost touch with the citizens. There is also a very prevalent language barrier with some officers. It's very hard for a citizen to interact with a police officer who is accusing them of wrongdoing. I speak intermediate-level chinese and I have actually had to play the role of translator/advocate for a basic/non english speaker. I think Police Officers should get some sort of basic second language training, keeping in mind that there are upwards of 30 different languages spoken in the city.


Bottom line. The cops need someone to physically watch them too...just like they watch the streets! Perhaps, they will do their jobs properly.


as civilization gets more uncivilized, cops get more confused.

MZ Queens

It seems to me that this issue has become a big political talking point The reality is we have the best police force in the world, and most people respect the police. That is not to say its perfect,The implementation of stop and frisk for example may need to be looked out. New Yorkers need to count their blessings sometimes.

Union Sq NYC

Commissioner Bratton should approve a Community Crisis Intervention Teams in NYC just like he did in Los Angeles. Trained officers (40 hours training versus 10 hours training for precinct officers) would respond to 911 calls dealing with emotionally disturbed individuals and the situation would deescalate because these officers would know how to respond to mentally confused people.



These actions seem like a good idea and will be if they are successfully implemented. However, given the history of the police, I am not optimistic.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John,

I’m confused because isn’t this Bratton the one that originally initiated Stop and Frisk. So now he is taking a polite approach instead of a cautious one. How would the officer know what will entail during this idle chatter. They all have a name tag. Why is it that this administration is giving in to every whim just to secure their votes and popularity. So if someone is carrying whatever weapon it might be this is not the time to have a conversation. Why is it that in every story on arrests the ones arrested always have a long list of prior arrests. I also found out yesterday that no one serves time for carrying unless they are of a certain age. I believe it’s either 17 or 18 yrs. old and the question I have is all of the students that are caught carrying a weapon of some kind or another to school end up getting it confiscated and they are held in a certain room and they whomever they might be get a free pass. So it’s open season all the time and they know it and so the merry-go-round keeps going like a revolving door. I believe in second chances but there is a limit and for all of these politicians to just ignore these situations repeatedly until their infamous photo ops is just absurd.

Thank you John,

My name is Kecia and I live in Harlem. I am what you consider a native New York. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I remember back in the days we had community police until around the late 80's. They knew the residents in the community and the community knew them. With that being said the police would know the good and the bad.


I think these "innovations" are about 25 years old. All police officers I worked with would always introduce (rank, name & command), let the person know why they were being stopped. We always tried to deescalate situations and bring just conclusions in each situation. Perps were treated as repectfully as they treated us. Each situation different.

Mayor DeBlasio bashed the NYPD and Commissioner Kelly to get elected. The new commissioner has let go the brightest minds in law enforcement (and many left the NYPD the day Kelly left). We have a television reporter as the head of the Intelligience Division. While the new Commissioner is parroting whatever ridiculous thing the Mayor says, New York"s security is being ignored. In the event of a terror attack, we may have 1 or 2 Officials who know how to lead.

As a caller said last night, Deblasio is undoing everything good Mayor Bloomberg did and Bratton is undoing everything great Commissioner Kelly did.

midtown east
retired nypd

Hi John,

It's absolutely a move in the right direction. I suggest video attachment in someway to monitor compliance. For decades now the state between the NYPD and residents of color continues to be horrid and needs radical improvement..


I think that the communities which feel they are being targeted should act like the rest of the city and quit blaming others for their shortcomings.

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