Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: City To Reverse Several School Co-Locations

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All said and done, considering how harshly Mayor de Blasio has spoken out about the co-location process, stopping 9 out of 45 schools this fall isn’t a lot. And considering only 3 out of the 9 are charters, I would think charter supporters would be relieved. Your thoughts are posted below.

The Department of Education is reversing course on nine school co-locations that were supposed to take place in the fall. The DOE made its decision today after reviewing 49 proposals that were previously approved "at the very end" of Mayor Bloomberg's time in office.

The DOE says it decided against moving forward because of concerns over shared resources, construction to create additional space, and because Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina does not support opening elementary schools on high school campuses. Three of the affected schools are charters run by the Success Academy network.

In a statement, Mayor de Blasio said, "We are turning the page on the divisive policies of the past, even as we work with the difficult hand we've been dealt." But the leader of the New York City Charter School Center called the ruling a "disappointment." What do you say?

Are you pleased or disappointed the Department of Education is putting the brakes on nine school co-locations this fall? Is the practice of housing multiple schools in the same building affecting you or your child? Do you think your wishes for public education will be taken into consideration by Mayor de Blasio's administration?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Here's what Debuffoon really said, "We are turning the page on the divisive policies of the future and plan to be as progressively destructive as we can get away with."

Port Richmond

Many ill-advised and unsupported charter co-locations have been extremely harmful to neighborhood schools (and even some DOE co-locations have hampered the growth of their own schools) so I think it is wonderful that they are putting the breaks on. I am surprised and sorry, though, to see that it is only on 9 of them. It would be nice to see a list and to understand how they made the yes or no decisions. I believe DOE had said they would do walk-throughs of all of the affected schools with SLTs and CEC representatives, since the city's Blue Book cannot be trusted for accurate capacity numbers, but I cannot imagine that all 49 were done already...were they?


Do we have another Mayor in charge of the school system or not? Is this decision based
upon Mrs. Farina’s recommendation alone.
I think that this Mayor alone [without the bobble heads standing behind him and without having others step
forward to give their explanation about this very important topic should inform us exactly how these Charter schools are born
and take it from there just as though we were going on a journey to inform us just what roll the public school system
takes in this.
From the complaints I have heard throughout the Bloomberg administration it always seems as though the public school
children are being pushed aside to give charter school students a front row seat so to speak. Also we must find out if there are
empty seats in some of the classrooms as has been stated during the Bloomberg administration. To also ad to this ridiculous
education public school system we’ve also heard that from the public school section are not even permitted to use the same
stair cases that the charter school students use. Once again this mayor repeatedly treats this
problem and every other matter concerning us in this city in the same manner. It’s as though there is never any discussion
all there is a statement with authority and I get feeling he’s telling us that’s how it is and that’s how it’s going to be.

Someone should inform this Scott Stringer to get busy looking at these books=check it out!!!

Before this mayor even turns the page he [ another famous saying of his ]is ranting and raving about about Pre-K!!!

So all of these politicians have such great concern about all of these children’s safety and education and yet they have done absolutely
nothing while most if not all have been working as so called civil servants.


I agree completely with Mayor Deblasio. I have children in a HSA shared space school in Harlem. My children's school has held meetings on space constraints and HSA has constantly been secretive about their numbers and space needs. I was in on these meetings unfortunately the children's needs in Non HSA schools weren't important. We would start out a new year having lost more space when we were fight for more. The schools that have suffered that I have personally been witness to was the newly named Stem Academy and Opportunity Charter School. HSA moved in to their building and squeezed these poor children out of space need for Special Education resource and other classroom space. So EXCUSE ME IF I DON'T BOOHOO for HSA where was the support when they were screwing over my children and others for the past 4 years. Finally someone is standing up for the students who were injured by Bloomberg and his cronies at HSA.

Good for you Mayor Deblasio stand up for these Students. A finally satisfied parent.


Finally, a Department of Education leader and Mayor who make sense. I am extremely grateful for their decision to pull Bloomberg's destructive policies. Co-Location doesn't make sense, especially when it's a charter and a public school. Somehow the public school always get the "short end of the stick". Charter's choose their students, public schools accept all. Charter's brag about their successes, while public schools have their ratings fall because every child's - Special Needs children included - academic performance is used to judge the public school. If a public school only had students with grades of 3 or 4 - the public school would outshine the others too.

We almost had a co-location take place at our local middle school. The outspoken support of our parents and community members and leaders, prevented it from happening. Otherwise we would have been one of these schools.

Arden Heights

I am a current parent of a 2nd grade scholar at Success Academy Harlem 4. I am not only sad but completely disgusted with the decision De Blasio has made. These scholars at the Success Academies are exceeding and having STELLAR test results compared to so many other public schools. Yet they keep those schools with the low performance, low grades basically failing in more than one category OPEN! I don't understand instead of allowing more charter schools like Success Academy to open so that the kids In these low performance schools can have the opportunity to join Success Academy & exceed, get the education every child deserves, De Blasio goes against it!!! Makes no sense! He's done nothing but disappoint people since being in office! My scholar needs a middle school to go to and I refuse to place her in one of these low performing no good public schools that's out here!!!! We need more CO-LOCATIONS!!!!

Proud parent of a Success Academy Scholar,
Norma C.

Charter school advocates like Eva Moskowitz and Michelle Rhee who are "waiting for Superman" should be careful what they wish for. Superman was an implacable foe of their ideological progenitors during the Second World War.


The mayor seeks to limit educational choice for caring minority parents by diminishing access to Charter schools. Perhaps a better objective would be to improve current schools that have a surplus of failing students by finding causation,whether it is disruptive students , poor teachers and/or ineffective administrators, thereby negating the need for Charters. Way too many NYC students currently "under-educated" and who is to blame? And the poor graduation rate? And students entering college needing remedial instruction? These are decades old issues. Maybe Eva Moskowitz should be Chancellor.

Jack B
Queens Village

I am not a huge fan of charter schools or of co-locations, but I do believe in giving those schools that were ready to open, appropriate notice.

West Brighton

I'm disappointed in mayor de blasios choice because these children need to learn .


When the highest office of the city becomes the puppet of the teachers union for the petty vote bank politics -then it's an alarming signal for the entire hard working student population of the city. Because here the excellence would not be rewarded - on the contrary protectionism shall prevail & as a result mediocrity shall always get the preferential treatment .Success academy has been doing an excellent job in imparting education for the low income New Yorkers. Taking out school places from them just to please the Teachers Union is a shameful act indeed.

Washington Heights

It did not go far enough. Moskowitz has a big business that pays no rent. Who else can have a business and not pay rent?

Bay Ridge

I think that Mayor De Blasio and the DOE made a terrible decision in reversing back these 9 Schools, especially Success Academy who has done well throughout the years.

These parents deserve a decent education for their children. The DOE had decades to improve the education of our students and for decades continue to fail us. If they can't get it right they need to let the Charter Schools do it.

Upper West Side

This is one of the reasons why I voted for Bill de Blasio -- to watch former Mayor Bloomberg's education mayhems reversed! During Mayor Bloomberg's regime Charter Schools enjoyed privilege and were held as sacred over public schools. We watched for years and years parents, students and teachers of public schools scream against these co-locations as well as school closings. Ms. Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy was heavily favored at all those PEP meetings as she enjoyed her cozy relationship with Joel Klein and the Department of Education. Looks like that chapter of the story is finally over!

Favoritism of Charter Schools must finally end. A great move for Mayor de Blasio!

Upper East Side

After years of Bloomberg ramming charter schools down our throat, there is finally some normalcy being brought back to our public education system. The companies behind the charters have plenty of money to help students if they want to- but the charters were always about breaking the unions.

Students and families still have choices to pick different schools.
This is truly the first step in bringing back our public schools to full strength -


The people in charge of the Charter Schools need to STOP using minorities to get the big salaries they get, because that is all they care about.
New York needs to stop charter schools and concentrate (FIX) in public school for EVERY KID IN N.Y. And I hope that he also keeps his word on charging them RENT.

Rego Park

I agree with the mayor's decision to reverse some of the co-location because public schools are crowded as it is without having to make space for another school to occupy their building.lots of classrooms would have to be given up to make space. I think charter schools need to get their own buildings, not take up our space. I think the mayor needs to reverse more.


Why should HSA students have automatic entry to these "gateway" transitions?

Morningside Heights

I think the parents of the Charter schools have a lot of nerve only considering their children... yet they want us all to feel for them.
ALL children deserve a Good education. If the Charter schools feel they have such rights above the community children, they should pay rent or get their own buildings.
Co- location is unsafe, first snd foremost. A child in need of medical attention being sent around the building to get to the nurse's office is unfair; a child eating lunch at 10 am is also unfair! They treat the school as property... it is supposed to be FOR THE CHILDREN! WHAT ABOUT OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN! The difference in public school parents and Charter school parents is that public school parents care about ALL children in the community, Charter school parents only care about their own. (From a SLT Member)


Public schools should Be protected / enhanced in all areas by the best use of public dollars.

The Mayor did the right thing. They will find new space. As nothing to with political pandering.


As a teacher who has taught within the charter school system and who currently teaches at a DOE school I completely agree with the mayor's decision. I have witnessed first hand how charter schools abuse their power and undermine student's and teachers within traditional public schools. These charter schools feel so comfortable moving into DOE space and displacing current students. In addition, charter schools have plenty of money why don't they build their own schools?


Good call! The mayor is putting a stop to the privatization of public schools.Parents have a choice of where to send their kids. If they don't like public schools then let them pay for private schools. Charter schools should pay rent and be as transparent as any public school. This has not been the case so far. Time for a change!


he is bent on undoing all Bloomberg has accomplished. mayor is acting like he is running against Bloomberg. no contest Bloomberg would have won hands down. and by the way mr. mayor and council. stop disrespecting irish new Yorkers. take part in their parade.


I wonder does the greater population know charter schools get PUBLIC dollars? Do most people understand Charter are an asserted effort by those who favor privatization of everything and relish the dismantlement of unions? NY'ers should look around at the roads, transit/infrastructure, hospitals etc. and really THINK about where there money should go!

GO Mayor DeBlasio!


If a Charter School is considered a Public School, why are they given more resources and other special privileges.....All Charter schools should be abolished. If the private sector or so called non-profits are in the business of education let them set up their own private schools on their own private property. Why take away space in already over crowded public schools to suit the whims of those in power. What is the hue and cry about just revert to the old system of public schools or Catholic schools and not have the free-loading charter schools on public school property.

Staten Island

This decision to stop co-location just means that Eva Moskowitz (and all the other corporate leaders who run charters), will have to dig into their big fat paychecks and use that money to rent space for the children they claim to care so much about.

April in Bayside

The families at our small, progressive East Harlem school fought for more than two years for the opportunity to fulfill a longtime hope and dream of our community -- to expand to serve middle school. That dream was realized in October, only to be withdrawn today. I am heartbroken. The DOE didn't even have the gall to let us know why our school -- a regular, district public school -- had its proposal withdrawn. We learned only after a reporter forwarded an email sent by the DOE to the media to our principal. Our children deserve better than this!

Mother of a PreK and 3rd grader at CPEII Elementary School

Mayor DeBlasio is playing politics, pure and simple. He is using this issue to show he can reverse at will a Bloomberg-era decision, notwithstanding that it was reached through a proper process, and also to show the teachers union he is their guy.

If it were not pure politics, he would have taken the RESULTS into consideration! Charter Schools, especially SA, deliver fantastic objectively measured standards of education for public school kids and families, with fewer dollars per student than those for the general public system . They raise the bar, dispel defeatism, and teach us all how public education can be better. Every kid and working parent has a right to expect better and have a choice.


CHARTER SCHOOLS ANIT what you think. The bottom line is safety and inequity. My son was traumatized by co location. they ruined the community in public schools


DeBlasio won an election with a mandate. Bloomberg circumvented the political system to steal a third term and basically dismantled the DOE. DeBlasio with his mandate, is putting the education system back together. It will take time, but when DeBlasio is done we will have a cohesive, functioning education system once again.

Mike from cobble hill

There are some Charter Schools who have been successful by hiring teachers who are willing to try more advanced teaching methods, have longer school days and generally a more rigorous method of assessing the individual needs of the students. With smaller class sizes and funds donated from other sources the schools provide more tutoring and also tend to attract the parents who are more involved. All of these things contribute to higher quality of education. If your kid is not spending 2-3 hrs a night on HW in HS, the program is not rigorous enough period.

Audrey C.

Closing a school should really be about a clear lack of performance or improvement. Wasn't that the purpose of charter schools to begin with? If children are performing to a higher level aren't they the ones that benefit? Why should any New York City parent be accepting of sub par performance or lack of improvement? We should not be scared of moving forward in the face of progress.

Diane, Jackson Heights

The decision to end collocation is a terrible way to go. Let us compare the performances of both sides. When we do, charters have performed way better in many tangible areas. Those are the facts.
The simple reason why parents are running to charters and not from charters is reason enough, in addition to the success of these schools.

Mor from Harlem

Charter Schools goes against Mayor DeBlasio's socialist ideals.

Let the schools fall or stand on their success rates.


DeBlasio didn't go far enough. Striking down 3 charters but allowing 24 more to move forward, despite an illegitimate approval process is an outrage. And Eva Moskowitz's claim that kids are being evicted is laughable. These are all NEW colocations so the schools and grades haven't even been enrolled yet. That's not eviction - it's scaremongering. Every kid who might have gone to these Success schools has multiple other options - something the public school kids, especially with special needs, don't have.

noah eliot gotbaum
community education council district 3

The mayor should make adjustments to charter schools. Example, they cannot kick out lower performance students and send them back to public schools.


I enjoyed the discussion this evening.

Mid-Manhattan Adult Learning Center, is a four story building that has been around since the 1960's offering "tuition-free classes and literacy programs for adults (over 21yrs of age), including GED classes, air-conditioning and refrigeration repair training, and medical billing" for the community in Harlem. In September 2013, the Department of Education began a co-location with a charter school (Democracy Prep) in our building, taking over the fourth floor.

Currently, there is a waiting list for adult learners to be enrolled in classes. Each year the charter school will take over another floor until the adult learners are pushed out. Teachers and classes will be displaced and this will the beginning of the end to our wonderful community. Where will OUR adult students go?

Please read the attach article. Let the charter schools get their own buildings. Children & adults should not co-locate in the same building -- and that my final answer.

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