Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor De Blasio, Police Commissioner Bratton Address Traffic Violations

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This one-day story turned into a front-page story because of Mayor de Blasio. City Hall mishandled this from the start. Now it's just a matter of time before they acknowledge it. If they don't, it appears Mayor Bloomberg left a few pages from his playbook in the office.

One day after television cameras captured Mayor de Blasio's caravan running stop signs and speeding, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said he was "not overly concerned" with what he saw. After the Mayor deferred questions to the NYPD, Bratton said drivers on security detail have special training to make decisions based on security needs.

The video emerged two days after Mayor de Blasio released more specifics of a plan to eliminate all traffic fatalities in the five boroughs. The "Vision Zero" initiative looks to reduce speed limits to 25 mph, install more red light and speed cameras, and add more police officers to enforce the law.

What is your reaction to the video of Mayor de Blasio's caravan breaking multiple traffic laws? Are you concerned with the message it sends to New Yorkers? How frequently do you see official City vehicles driving recklessly?

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This mayor is a joke . It's one thing after another with this guy . I can't believe this guy made mayor on NYC it's a embarrassment . This shows the mentality of most of NY , that voted for this man. He has done nothing but repeat his statements and contradict everything he's said and done . Other s have to see this ... How long can this show go on ?

Staten Island ny

Rubbish- a cover up.

Midtown East

Hi John;

The scary thing is that DeBlasio seems to be "playing" mayor. If you weren't filling potholes three years ago, you shouldn't be filling them now. I don't think there are any grown-ups in City Hall. As for his security detail, this problem should land directly on Commissioner Bratton's desk. You don't put rookies on Dignitary Protection details.

midtown east

I like Bill,but he still has a lot to learn.

Rosalie from Canarsie

Frankly, this is a weak topic for a Call episode. But, yes, of course the mayor's cars should stop/signal/not speed unless there is an emergency, and the NYPD statement this morning was lame. Next?

Anni, Manhattan

p.s. fwiw: I can't remember the last time I saw a police car sit and wait at a red light. They do the flashing lights thing and move through.

Hi John,

How dare these people insult us with a bogus excuse like this commissioner has given. The message is don’t do as I do but do as I say. From the beginning I mentioned that this whole administration is not ready for prime time. Also I can just imagine how they all will handle the threat of terrorism in this City. This is a MICKEY MOUSE Administration for sure.

Thank you John,


How many other Zero Vision members of the DeBlasio gang are going to be allowed to break the law and not even get a ticked?

Port Richmond, SI



The utter arrogance and ignorance regarding Di Blassios violations of his own standards and his police commissioner cohout's response is utterly irrisponsible, if such thing would exist in New York City I would start the impeachmen procedure, if i would have done these iggreagious violations I would have no licence any more. His piousness discusses me!

Joseph from Sunnyside.

Hear what I say don't see what I do. We are supposed to drive safely following the laws which we all should be doing. But unless security or police are on their way to an emergency they should be observing the same laws with no exceptions.

Arden heights.

The driving pattern of the Mayor's vehicle described in this report is exactly the type of driving that causes accidents. It is obvious that the driver is completely unprofessional; a professional driver would not operate a vehicle in such a manner.

One of the things the Mayor proposes is lowering the city speed limit to 25 MPH. This will have no effect on safety because the real issue is people driving like the Mayors unprofessional driver; the people who insist on driving at 40 MPH and faster on city streets. The Police Departments explanation that the Mayors drivers receive specialized training is ridiculous. What kind of training would that be exactly; how to drive completely opposite of road rules?

I think with all the recorded data of this little trip the driver should be ticketed for every road violation he committed since he was not driving an emergency vehicle in an emergency. That is what would have happened to an ordinary motorist, even if that ordinary motorist was a professional driver.


Give the man a break. His security detail has certain procedures they follow to protect theMayor. This can include ignoring traffic regulations.

Howard Beach

"The Mayor has been scrutinized enough already about everything from snow plowing to the proper way to eat pizza. New Yorkers, give the guy a break!"

Albany (upstate NY)

this is a small potato issue. the mayor needs to show a sense of humor and a spine and needs to give the press a push back. they are slowly but surely pushing him to the curb.

bay ridge

He wants to lower the speed limit for all of us. What is there to say about this lying mayor? This is so offensive. We all have places to be. He is truly a liberal hypocrite. Clearly do as I say not as I do. He needs to resign after this disgraceful behavior. By the way, what happened to his transparent administration? I guess when the motorcade kills somebody we will address it.

Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Even if DeBlasio considers himself above the law, as it seems he does, he should ask former NJ Gov Corzine how it feels to be in a car being driven at high speed by a cop. Corzine didn't make it out of the car all in one piece. Remember?

East Village

What concerns me is DeBlazio's unwillingness to say 'I screwed up' or 'that's how it is' - Mister Mayor, please provide the transparency you promised us. Let's get past this and move on so we can address other issues.

Jay, Sunnyside

The mayor should come to the realization that he is not in his old Public Advocate position where he notoriously shrugged off and hid from his duties. He is the mayor now, and every New Yorker is watching .

Forest Hills

He first promises to discuss the issue "later" and then refuses to honor that commitment! Also, he had just spend out tax money to do a silly photo-op in Maspeth pretending to fill a pot hole. How much did that "show" cost us? Staff, equipment, supervisors, etc. He is now hiding behind Bratton! Grow up, please and act like a man and admit an error in judgment, and move on!

What a bold and brazen liar! Wastes our tax dollars pretending to fill a pot hole; wasting staff, equipment, supervisory personnel, etc just for a photo op

Stuy Town

People wouldn't be so upset, if the mayor hadn't said that he was going to hold his administration as well as us poor new yorkers, to this new "vision zero" policy. Pure hypocrisy!!! Didn't he Jay-walk in on his block today as well? What about The story that broke today about the NYPD arresting the man after hitting his car, while driving down the street the wrong way that was caught on camera.

I cant!!

Leave the man alone and let him do his job! Everyday its something different watching him like a hawk!!!


Speeding and running stop signs inexcuseable. Specially trained personnel excuse laughable. How come they missed the news vehicle tailing them.

Jack B
Queens Village NY

While the Mayor is able to get around as fast as possible, the working poor like me are trying to get to my job that takes nerves of steal to get to. The speed limit was just lowered on Father Cappodanno blvd where I got a ticket last week for doing more than the 35 miles, dodging large potholes that result in me having to replace a tire tomorrow and let's not talk about the cost of the Verranzano, this week has cost me a lot$$$$ And let's talk about why everyday at rush hour it takes an hour or two to drive 11 miles into downtown Brooklyn.

Natalie from South beach

Give me a break. You know how many traffic violations I see every day from NYPD pulling out in traffic without their sirens, U-turns in the middle of the street without sirens. He is not the first Mayor to do this and he won't be the last. Diplomats do it in this city every day.

Miss Mae
Harlem NY

DeBlasio is not ready for prime time. I can tell you the reason why he could not respond. His wife did not have time to write a good explanation. Maybe if DeBlasio actually left a place on time he would not have to break the law and throw Bratton under the bus. Congrats voters we elected the tall version of Jimmy Carter minus the intelligence.


I applaud CBS for catching that video. Nobody, including the Mayor, is above the law. Police, ambulances, and fire trucks do it all the time when they don't want to wait. DiBlasio is a hypocrite. Give me a break. His security detail should be fired and the Mayor should have an answer for his behavior.




The mayor has set the bar regarding how he wants people to drive in NYC. Therefore it has to apply to everyone, ESPECIALLY those in public office and ESPECIALLY when his reasons for implementing such strict driving measures are for public safety reasons. His actions betray his reasons for implementing "Vision Zero". If he doesn't think it's important to follow what he himself is trying to sell, how is the public supposed to buy it?


Do you guys remember when Richard Cody (the then governor of NJ) when not wearing a seatbelt, his speeding car (driven by the State Police) was involved in a terrible accident?
Stuff happens no matter who's driving.


Shame on you and your staff for your dangerous act. mayor De blasio


First, the most pertinent and unaddressed issue regarding pedestrians is not speeding as much as infrastructure failure. An example would be the “new” train stain at Broadway and 96th Street, where the option of emerging safely on either side of Broadway has been taken away or also areas on Queens Blvd. for that matter. So, if I were DiBlasio, I would focus on areas proven to be unsafe to pedestrians before condemning all drivers to go 25 mph regardless of a need that may match or exceed the mayor’s presumed need to go fast.

The mayor and the police should not be above the law in a non-emergency situation. I would not be opposed to police vehicles operating under the same rules as those proposed for taxis in a non-emergency situation, having all their quota-based parking citations wiped if they break the same law.

Maybe not having the mayor stuck in an assailable position is a point, but regardless, it is especially dangerous for any road vehicle to not indicate when changing lanes.

Jeff from Queens

I can totally relate to your story about the sanitation truck in front of your apartment. I just passed 51 street firehouse in Woodside Queens and once again, the No Standing Zone to let the fire trucks make a turn on a one way street is filled with parked fire fighter's personal cars with their pass in the window. There is no sign for NYFD Parking. I do not understand how their cars can fit, but not mine.

Tommy from Woodside Queens

I think it's a minor issue. The NYPD has been doing it for as long as I have been a New Yorker. Are they going to give themselves tickets? Who is going to protect drivers from reckless jaywalkers?


our city council rep lives down the street and parking is an issue in bay ridge Brooklyn. but not for him. he consistently parks his car overnight in the bus stop outside his apartment. this forces the bus to stop in the middle of the street, forcing people, many senior citizens, to step off the curb to board the bus. this has been going on for years.

jerry /brooklyn

Hi john....The old saying goes, "practice what you preach". He was so interested in cutting down traffic deaths, and afew days later his driver is breaking the law? I think it's a huge story, and New Yorkers have the right to ridicule their politicians.

S.I. Ny

This topic is completely obscured! With all the important issues that needs to be addressed this is the least on the list people really to get a grip on reality. Just because he didn't respond to the incident doesn't make him a bad Mayor.. His life is already publicized so just because he didn't state where he was going while speeding is such a big deal!! He's human we've all broken laws @ one time or another get over it & let's move on!


I am an Independent who leans Democrat. Sad to say this is what happens when Democrats blindly vote based on their party instead of issues. If people paid attention to Mayor de Blasio prior to him being elected, they would have known things like this would happen. He's proven he is inconsistent. 4 years from now I hope everyone whining on air tonight will remember today and actually pay attention to issues rather than voting solely on political party affiliations.

Bruno from Bronx, NY

I appreciate all of the Mayor's effort's to improve our way of life which Is a good deed, but being in a position of public authority makes you responsible to be the first to obey the laws you inform others to follow, to do other wise will place you on the spot light immediately as being a hypercrate and a lier so he must correct his actions or think twice about continue office as mayor.

From the voice of Victorious G R

Mayor DiBlasio must follow the law just like the rest of us. He has been late numerous times to press conferences. Is his speeding because he was late? We live by Rikers island and the correction officers consistently break the laws! They run stop signs, lights and double and triple park to get food. We have requested a traffic study and have been told it takes 6 months. This was over 6 months ago! Where are our answers? I guess no where, like the Mayor's answer

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