Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: Deal Reached To Save Long Island College Hospital?

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When SUNY threatened to close LICH, we got dozens of emails every night we talked about the uncertain future. Tonight, we didn't get ten. The lack of interest proves once again that angry people are motivated people.

After months of lawsuits, hearings, and protests, an agreement was announced this afternoon that "delivers a viable long-term health care solution" for the community served by Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn. Governor Cuomo, SUNY Chairman H. Carl McCall, and Mayor de Blasio said the settlement "ends all pending and future litigation" and "allows SUNY to exit operations of the facility" by May.

Governor Cuomo said today SUNY is reopening the solicitation process to find a new operator that will "guide the facility as it modernizes." Sources say the new RFP will ensure a full-service health care facility remains in Cobble Hill. SUNY has been looking to sell the property because it says LICH loses $13 million every month. Both sides are due back in court tomorrow afternoon to present the agreement before a judge. What do you say?

Do you agree that this is a "win-win agreement" in the fight to save LICH? What's your reaction to this settlement to deliver a "long-term health care solution" for residents of northwest Brooklyn? What questions do you have about the future operation of LICH?

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Our hospital has a very strategic location which cannot be overlooked. we are across from the world trade center, atlantic barkley center, Brooklyn bridge etc. what about when the QE2 docks in red hook and a passenger is sick. they are 1 block from a hospital that can help them. we have taken care of patients from south Hampton England in our ER and they were very happy with the care they received in a foreign country. Keep the hospital and lets all enjoy the gorgeous view as we take care of our patients.

Gerritsen Beach

Too early to call it a WIN WIN. What kind of response will come from a new RFP? How much of the existing structure will remain? What percentage will be medical care? Will jobs be lost? How many? It's good news and a fresh start. It's hope...BUT that's ALL it is right now.


Kudos to all the parties responsible for saving LICH. Special thanks to Jim Walden for an extraordinary job. This is a message to SUNY Downstate, Good Riddance. The good Lord never sleeps.


As a community activist regarding LICH, I am very pleased, but remain cautiously optimistic. Continued community involvement is required to improve the plan.

What has been accomplished was possible only because of the coordinated work done by the Public Advocates, past and present, the community groups, the strong union employees, the legal defenders -- so many people acting in concert.

To preserve adequate health care in Brooklyn we need to preserve other hospitals under threat of closure -- Brooklyn Hospital, Interfaith Hospital, etc.

Midwood (LICH patient)

I think LICH should remain opened. Red hook has no near by hospitals and we need LICH to stay open. Working class people can barely afford rent so we don't need Condominiums.

Nita - Red Hook

I've lived here in Carroll Gardens for over 20 years and this deal cannot be considered a victory. This should have always been the bare minimum. The community has spoken loud and clear that this hospital is an absolute necessity in this part of Brooklyn. SUNY from the beginning took over LICH and purposely ran it to the ground to make it look less profitable in order to sell it off but the community stood up and it backfired on them. Hospitals need to be protected at all cost, if they're being mismanaged then those people need to be fired and a new team brought in but we should never allow a hospital to close. We don't need condos, there's plenty of waterfront property in Red Hook for them, what we need is healthcare.

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Hi John,

I don’t see where this solves any problem at all because by Cuomo, McCall and DeBlasio putting this loosing hospital up for sale is just passing the buck and thus it is out of these 3 politicians hands for now or just until it gets the approval of the judge. If it goes through and they succeed to find a solicitor to re-open this facility once again. I have to ask just what will make it a success this time around even with the new modernization. This is a loosing proposition just like all of the other hospitals. I can’t imagine how a new owner of this site will be a success in the business when we know full well that there were so many more closed previously to this one because of being in the red and yet they continued to keep all of the facilities opened and in the end they were sold to real estate investors and DeBlasio and Quinn and the new City Comptroller knew what was going on. How do they continue to run a 13mil dollar loss per day and in the end they are doing the same thing as the last administration did.

Thank you John,


This is yet another lose, lose proposition. Nothing can justify healthy people paying for the care of unhealthy people. Government has screwed up healthcare. It is only when healthcare is removed from the regulation of government that it will survive on its own and provide needed healthcare.

Get government out of healthcare. Now!

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