Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor De Blasio Will Boycott St. Patrick's Day Parade

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This topic definitely got a huge viewer reaction as evidenced by the emails below. You can read your thoughts below.

Mayor de Blasio announced today he will not be marching in this year's St. Patrick's Day parade, the largest in the nation. De Blasio said he will be taking part in other events to honor Irish-Americans, but he disagrees with the parade's organizers and their ban on gays and lesbians marching with identifying signs or banners.

The parade along Fifth Avenue dates from 1762, but protests and lawsuits over its stance started in the 1990s. Protestors have called for municipal workers, including police officers and firefighters, to be banned from marching in uniform. But de Blasio said today he respects their right to participate. What do you say?

What's your reaction to Mayor de Blasio's decision to boycott this year's St. Patrick's Day parade? Should gays and lesbians be allowed to march with signs and banners? Do you think City workers should be banned from wearing their uniforms during the parade?

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If police, firemen, sanitation workers, local schools, and other groups can march under their respective banners, why not gays and lesbians? Yes, they're not part of an "organization" - they are who they are -- but pride should be displayed no matter who or what you are! And yes, let the City workers wear their uniforms -- as long as LGBT can march behind their banners. It's all about Irish pride, gay, straight, city employee or private sector employees.

Dina and Ed of Throggs Neck

Every day, I am more proud that I campaigned for this guy!!!
(...especially now that Jon Stewart showed him how to eat pizza. baby steps.)


The city workers should be allowed to wear their uniforms because they keep our city moving that's why they need decent and fair contracts. I know Mayor Diblasio isn't like Mayor Bloomberg Diblasio is fair and he cares about the citizens of the city and the outer boros. Diblasio is for all the people, he dont care about your race religion or gender preferance.

upper west side

I think that is his choice. I personally have an issue with the fact that the lifestyle is being forced on people. It is in effect the reverse of the same persecution they have issue with. Gays and Lesbians don't appreciate being told how to live their lives. I agree they should not be. However the same should apply to someone who is straight and uncomfortable with the lifestyle. One should not be told that they HAVE to include someone, when doing so on some level excludes their way of thinking. If we all have the right to express our feelings and likes it should be accepted across the board. It isn't. Expressing any dislike for the lifestyle in any way opens a flood gate of controversy, and I don't believe it to be fair at all. The organizers of the parade have EVERY right to exclude any group they see fit to. How would the organizers of a Gay/Lesbian parade like to be forced to include a homophobic organization in their ranks? One group should not be made to feel uncomfortable for the sake of another's comfort. Enough already. We get it. You are the way you are, and should not be persecuted for it. Others are equally the way THEY are and should not be persecuted for it either. Forcing yourself into the ranks however will not make things better. It will just push things underground. Hate is Hate.. whether it is raised under the guise of love and embracing or not. It still brings about strife!

My 2 pennies.

Logan from Washington Heights.

Any activity that takes place on public property should not be allowed if
the participation by all citizens is not allowed.

Port Richmond

Glad to hear it.


The Saint Patricks day parade is for Irish people/heritage, not for
declaring your partner preference.

There is a gay pride parade for that reason.

He should march.

Just saying.


This DeBlasio always sounds like a big bag of wind that says nothing at all.
He always seems to have to explain after any statements that he’s made.

You are a Mayor now and you are not The Public Advocate.

I thought you were bragging that you are for all of the people.
Doesn’t look that way to me. You continue to look as though you put
your foot in your mouth more often than not.



Thank you John,


Mayor Bill De Blasio Says he won't march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade because he says it excludes certain groups. Whatever happen to unifying a city not dividing a city. It sounds like the tale of two cities, which during his campaign he said he was against. The Mayor can march in any parade he wants but not to do so because he disagrees with the Catholic Church and those who run the parade. And this is because of their religious and moral beliefs. He didn't want to be seen as anti-gay and now will be seen as anti-Catholic. Now as a Catholic and as a member of the Knights of Columbus, I find this most disturbing.

Glen Oaks Village

The St. Patrick's parade is a Catholic parade. Every religious organization is entitled to their beliefs. Mayor DeBlasio won't be missed. I doubt that Irish Catholics voted for him

Best regards;

midtown east

I hope Deblasio stays out of the parade for his full term. The St. PATRICKS DAY PARADE is for people celebrating their Irish heritage not celebrating their sexuality. Isn't there a gay parade already?

Vinney Breezy Point

This parade has NOTHING to do with gender preference. It is a celebration of Irish heritage and our mayor is putting his personal feelings into something that should be kept personal. Shame on him.

Beryl Bay Ridge

While I don't agree with many of Mayor de Blasio's stances, I completely agree with both decisions. By boycotting he is making a political statement, but allowing workers to be in uniform supports their 2nd amendment rights.


Police officers can protect all people while on the job and also take pride in their jobs by participating in uniform has nothing to do with the other!!

Roxann from new Dorp

Bravo Mayor DiBlasio! The city should not even allow a parade that discriminates against a group. City workers should not wear their uniforms.


Does this mean that our mayor will only march in the gay parade???


The Mayor should march in the parade. The Irish have contributed so much to this city and represent a large majority of the population here, including a strong representation of both the NYPD & FDNY protecting New Yorkers every day. I also think anyone who wants to march should march, but why do they have to march with signs & banners? I don't think anyone's sexual orientation is something that belongs in any ethnic parade. Keep the politics out of it and stop ruining the fun traditions that are left in this city.


No they should not be allowed to march with signs.

Jah Love

This is great news! I support De Blasio's decision not to march, and am proud that we have a mayor that is setting a good example for the city. It's pathetic that parade organizers are so discriminatory, and this is an appropriate way to to bring their bigotry to light.

Gabrielle in the West Village

this is more hyperbole by an a minority group with an already outsized voice for a group of its size. its another tack on the same old same old only this time it is a ridiculous cry that somehow officers in uniform are not representing everyone by not allowing gays in parade.

why are there no gay groups in puerto rican day parade? why don't we hear about that? why this focus on the st pat parade? if the case is really that gays are fighting unfairness wherever it is, why not the same exact outcry against the puerto rican day parade?

because gay groups are hypocrites that seek headlines and nothing else. obviously, being in the parade won't make a difference but this new angle that police are not repping them since they are in uniform is a complete and total lie and a new way to make themselves victims


Workers who are proud of their jobs should be allowed to wear their uniforms.


Why do we need to know what someone's sexual preference is during a parade?
Isn't bring Irish enough.
Why does a gay banner need to fly?


If the Westboro Baptist Church decided that they wanted to march in June's Pride Parade would the organizer's of that parade allow them to?

Should the organizers of the Israeli Day allow Hamas to march with banners which read "Free Palestine"?

If the Saint Patrick's Day is a celebration of the Catholic Faith then why should the Ancient Order of Hibernians allow a group who's message is anti-Catholic to march?

Kew Gardens

I really don't care for him & I stand with the Irish as I'm an Italian American & I don't want him at THE COLUMBUS DAY PARADE the heck with him I have no use 4 him St Patrick's parade is a Catholic religious parade get over it DeBlasio !!!!


The problem is that gay people have always been a part of the St. Patrick's Day parade, despite the fact that gay groups are not allowed to march. One aspect of this issue is political, but either way, it's a fine line to walk, with respect to Mayor DeBlasio's decision not to march.


Shame on you Mayor DeBlasio! What happened to equal rights? We voted for you in hopes for change. I'm Irish American and believe everyone has the right to be who they are. Support ALL nyc residents di blasio. Think about your re election!

Jennifer, east elmhurst

Absolutely. They have hid there sexual preferences for long enough let them have their banners, flags, etc..... 2014 people get over it......

Bill de Blasio is missing the point of the St. Patrick's Day parade, he should not turn the Catholic holiday into a fight for LBGT rights. Hopefully he will reconsider.

Upper West Side

Mayor Bloomberg has indicated that he will support inclusive Irish parades, not homophobic Irish parades. We are not "Some New York Citizens”. We are New York Citizens.

As for City Workers, this is not open parade, it’s a religious parade, showing homophobia, that NYC has signed up against. If they are working then okay. But to wear the uniform of NYC that supports all for a religious parade that discriminates is wrong for NYC workers.


Didn't NY legalize gay marriage? What is the mayors definition of equality? This decision is offensive especially as an Irish Catholic. How dare he act like Bloomberg and start dictating - uniformed workers can't wear their uniforms! Really?

Jordan, Astoria

I'm sorry but this city has much more things to be concerned about than the Mayors decision to March or not, like why are the schools open during snowstorms putting our children's lives at risk! The St. Patrick day parade is the oldest and should be respected! Point blank!


This mayor is a sellout. He is a disgrace. He has no backbone...he merely answers to anyone who has money to sway him on a agenda.

There is a Gay Pride Parade that excludes straight people and that is ok? Enjoy your parade and leave this one alone, be a true liberal, and accept differences.


Deblasio has to realize this city belongs to all its citizens boycotting the parade is a disgrace! Just because he married a lesbian is no reason to boycott. AGAIN he is MAYOR of the city of NY and it comes with certain responsibilities and marching in this parade is one of them so glad I did not vote for him!

I fully support Mayor Deblasio's decision to not march in the parade I would encourage both the Mayor and any others who agree with his decision to join the Sunnyside Queens community in celebrating Irish culture in the open and accepting "St. Pat's for All" Parade!

Thank you,

to say I won't participate in any event that will discriminate against any one type of people is ridiculous. if Men wanted to parade in Bikinis would that be expectable. I'm sure if miss universe was waving in her bathing suit that many would not disagree. I think it's ok to have conservative views and that the Irish managers of parade are in their right to disagree with gays separating themselves by walking with a banner.
Would it be discriminative to not allow heterosexuals to walk with a banner promoting opposite sex relationships.


The attitude the organizers have, that gays can march but secretly, sounds very familiar. It's the same line the Russians are giving gay athletes. Makes me wonder.


If the Irish vote truly mattered in NYC, I wonder if de Blasio would take this stance. He is above all, calculating.


I don't think Deblasio is offending anyone by choosing not to walk in the saint Patricks parade because he has that right as an individual to make such a decision. Especially if he is doing it to protest against lgbt discrimination. I agree with his choice one hundred percent. Anyone that is against it probably doesn't understand the Irish culture and catholic religion in it's entirety which is why they believe Deblasio is doing it for Coverage but I see his bigger picture. He wants equality something we all want and he's the only mayor with back bone to act upon it.


The Mayor is our leader whether you like it or not. And if you don't you are allowed to put it on a banner.


De Blasio’s stance on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade appears to be one of the three lonely thoughts bouncing around his skull.

He’s just in office and already he’s being divisive. I guess it is safe to assume that he is more politically indebted to the Gay community than to Catholics. A political…..hooker.

Three years and eleven months to go!


I am Irish and catholic and I support the mayor. He ran for office stressing the need to unify all New Yorkers. How could possibly support a parade that is selective about people showing pride in themselves. Ibeit religion, nationality, profession or sexual preference. This is the only St. Patricks parade that excludes gay people under their banner.

Would de Blasio have an issue if Palestinians marched in the Israeli Day parade--protesting treatment in Gaza. They live in Israel..they should have that right, right?

Upper West Side

We have to remember WHY a police officer or firefighter shouldn't walk under a political parole with uniform.
The uniform shows that you represent the city!
Besides, it should not be worn outside the service!
They can walk the parade in civilian clothes, which is perfectly OK with everyone!


Gays should be and ARE allowed to march. Gay cop join the cops group. Gay musician join the musicians. Gay city workers join the workers who march. And so on!!! Who cares to know what u like sexually; i don't care. You do what u want but if u want to join the st pat parade then do like everybody se does.


I'm not a big fan of the mayor but I'm impressed by his decision. He actually DOES show the backbone by protesting the discrimination. If the organizers have the right to exclude IRISH GLBT individuals who want to celebrate their heritage, then anyone, including the mayor, had the right not to participate in this event. I'm sure he will honor the Irish in some other way. And people, please stop saying this is a celebration of Irish identity, not gay identity - there are gay people among Irish, Jews, African-American, every ethnicity, color of skin and national origin. Irish GLBTs have the right to be there as much as straight Irish people.

Brooklyn Heights

If deBlasio really wanted to be a progressive mayor he would just get rid of all these ridiculousparades! Once upon a time there were a handful of them and that was OK; now there are multitudes and all they do is tie up the city and cost lots of money.


When Christine Quinn refused to march she was invited to be grand Marshall of the Dublin at Patricks day parade. The Hibernians are antiquated, and shouldn't be generalized as all Catholics and Irish

Dennis mccarthy - bushwick

The mayor decision to not march in the St patricks day parade is a great one. It takes a big stand to make a difference,but on the other this parade is of religious origin and should be respected. I voted for deblasio and I don't regret it.

Bx Res..

No one that matters cares of his appearance in these frivolous matters. The Mayor should take care of important matters like making sure that Mass Transit is frequent and running well; especially the Woodhaven area local bus lines!

It's 2014: the LGBT community can't continue be second class citizens in a city like NYC. Hats off to the mayor; may this create some much-needed change.

Kudos to De Blasio for respecting LGBT, Irish NY-ers rather than the prejudiced organizers of the St. Patrick's Day Parade.


Finally got a mayor with a backbone. I support and respect de Blasio 100 percent. The best mayor NYC ever had.


I don't think anyone could have handled it better. The Mayor specifically respected the rights of city workers to march in uniform and expressed his support for LGBT by not marching.


Since it seems that Mayor de Blasio's stance on not marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade seems to be so disconcerting, perhaps we should have all voted for the infamous Christine Quinn and watched her march down 5th avenue waving and smiling to everyone.

Upper east side

The public also needs to remember the parade is in honor of a Catholic saint. The parade organizers are protected by the same amendment that protects our right to protest their decision. To take the right from them is to take it from all of us. There are two sides to the same coin. The implications of taking the right away is far too detrimental, and DeBlasio should NOT be giving society the impression that stripping society of that right is a good or right thing. Its not about believing in gay or straight, its about believing in the first amendment and DeBlasio by abstaining is essentially saying he does not.

Stephanie from the bronx.

Mayor De Blasio is an individual and he is entitled to his right to march or not to march. We have painted ourselves into a corner by magnifying this gay business out of proportion. .If offended, let the gays organize their own parade as they have always done
Ola, Bronx

While the organizers of the parade can exclude anybody they want, perhaps they should listen to the Pope. Who are they to judge?

Catholic means universal.

Henry from Brooklyn

I can respect Mayor De Blasio’s traditional values but where is the dividing line between politics community inclusion. I guess the message is LBGT feels left out of political decision making. Perhaps the city should give the new Mayor a pass on this one,

Steven Gokey
Malone, N.Y.

Shame on the Mayor....Honestly not many New Yorkers watching the parade will care if he and his followers boycott... The parade is about celebrating St. Patricks Day. Not about expressing if you're straight or gay. PERIOD.

DiBladio is suppose to be the Mayor for all the people of New York. Choosing to stand in solidarity with one group reflects his disregard for all the other participating non discriminating groups. Wawawa who will cry next!


I think parades are very political. If not. Why do they care which nationality has the oldest or largest parade and who can and cannot march? America should have one parade for all nationalities carrying their own flags and banners. Those who are particular, should go back to their country on their general parade day and march there.

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