Monday, December 29, 2014

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The Call Blog: In Two Weeks, Speed Cameras Issue 900 Tickets

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When it comes to speeding, I don't mind the cameras. Fine the fools.

Is the new "Vision Zero" traffic initiative working? Two weeks ago, Mayor de Blasio announced a multi-agency effort to improve safety on city streets and end traffic fatalities. Today, the Department of Transportation announced six speed cameras have resulted in 900 violations issued to speeding drivers.

Albany has approved the installation of up to 20 additional cameras in the five boroughs. In addition, the plan increased police patrols and reduced speed limits in some areas. What else should be done where you live?

What ideas do you have to improve dangerous streets and deter dangerous drivers? Are you surprised to learn 900 drivers were caught by six speed cameras in two weeks? Have you noticed safer roadways in the past two weeks? What intersection in your neighborhood needs a speed camera or speed bumps?

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Hi John

The vision zero is working very well, now more drivers will slow down especially around school zones. I'm not surprised about the number of drivers that were caught, everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere. i'm glad the DOT is doing something about the 96st and broadway intersection that's so dangerous especially when the kids walk to school and leave some kids don't pay attention to the traffic signals the DOT need to do something about the 3 avenue and 106 st intersection because to many tractor trailers turn on to 106 st from 3rd avenue sometimes the driver cant see the kids. all trucks should go to 125 st then turn to the bridge its safer because not to many people cross the street there.

upper west side

Drivers not stopping or even slowing down at stop signs. On a two way street, with one lane in each direction, drivers make a 2nd lane to cut traffic it's dangerous it's annoying. Yet never a cop to do anything. Half the time the cops drive right by. Also double parking for hours on end, making it hard to navigate narrow streets. Staten Island roadways are nothing like the other boroughs. It's time our police force gets busy .

Staten Island.

I hope that the cameras also detect the drivers that are using their cell phones and even worst texting while driving. Florida is the worst state as nobody respect those laws, I hope NY is better than that. Maybe adding a phone number where we could send text messages and pictures to report those drivers, that would be a good improvement as well.

Alberto from Hamilton Heights.

Hi John,

So I guess DeBlasio is taking credit for this by quoting numbers once again. Where have we experienced this before. I certainly can’t see the difference this new Vision Zero program is working in my neighborhood. We have a school in my neighborhood and the main drag is Morris Park Avenue and they go up and down that Avenue as though it were a drag strip. The corner of Radcliff and Morris Park is where the traffic speeds down to the corner of Radcliiff to make a right turn onto Morris Park and they usually go full speed and they are still cell phones. They pick up speed after the bump in the middle of Radcliff which one of the schools blocks.

This area looks like a great place to install a few cameras. I have a question about the cameras. Can they be moved from one area to another easily? It seems as though they installed them immediately. I’m just curious.

Thank you John,


This Zero Vision claim by de Blasio sounds totally false. Let's see the numbers. Put the criminal drivers in a lineup.

Re speed bumps, what I see is traffic slowing before them and speeding up after them. Another foolish traffic obstruction.

Port Richmond, SI

YES - cameras monitoring speeding in Manhattan are a GREAT step. Cabs, trucks, and cars race through red lights in our Upper East Side neighborhood; it's as if they know they can get away with it..

Hopefully the increase in tickets and "big brother watching" will make speeders think twice about running lights and speeding. Not to mention the revenue to the city from the tickets.

Upper East Side - Yorkville

Speed cameras have caught 900 speeders on camera. Well our Mayor Bill de Blasio has it right, for speed kills. Now all we have to do is catch the person who was driving and scratching off a lottery ticket who almost hit me today.

Glen Oaks Village, N.Y.

I haven't noticed safer streets in the the last 2 weeks but I think higher police patrol and cameras are a good idea. In Astoria on 21st Avenue and 21st I helped a man who was struck and killed by a speeding vehicle. Although Councilman Vallone requested additional street lights, all that was done was some speed bumps along the stretch of 21st Avenue from 21st through 29th street that has only 2 traffic lights that entire way. It is also an area that has 2 schools within a few blocks. We need deterrence from speeding and more tickets to be issued.

Jennifer - East Elmhurst

speed cameras are money-makers for the camera companies, & that's about it. so many other cities have done this & learned the hard way, then done away with the cameras.

Karen, Chelsea

Camera on Hylan Blvd & Tysens Lane flashes all day as it catches speeders. I'm as guilty as everyone else on SI when it comes to speeding. No one likes getting a speeding ticket. We all need to be slowed down, maybe the cameras will work.

Dan / New Dorp, SI

U still have cars speeding on FDB and on the westside hwy. R we getting cameras?? Probably not. Tonight we had off road vehicles speeding on morningside drive, no cops in site. We need cameras in the northern part of Manhattan. Its always about downtown or love for uptown.


This is Nicolas from Far Rockaway...I drive my daughter everyday to the city and it is so frustrating whey want to en you get to is not about speed it is about people walking without looking 99% of the time..they see the walk sign and for them this is holy...they have to remember that on the streets anything can happen and while they want to cross cars want to turn left or right at the same time...just put the cell phone while crossing and look around aware...these speed cameras are nothing bu another reason the city want to take advantage of to make money and make the drive more stressful than it is now

Senior citizens on 65th place in Maspeth are terrified to cross the street because there is no light. Cars are constantly speeding down 65th place off of Queens Blvd down to LIE. My 92 year old father in law was stuck and killed unnecessary. After an additional fatality, the only remedy the city provided is a blinking yellow light at the top of a steep hill.

Mary. Astoria

i agree with ginger, its human nature to be on your best behavior when someones watching, (and if you have a problem with the cameras being there, you're probably doing something you have no business doing!!! bring'em on, more cameras won't hurt!!!

teddy from queens

I cross 96 & Bway almost everyday enroute to work. I often find myself reflexively putting out my arm to stop people from crossing against the delayed traffic. The past few days I have see traffic cops at the intersection, but I have not seen them do anything. People are scampering across the street as recklessly as ever.


The area of ditmars between 80th st. and 77th st. is an area that is very well known for speeding vehicles disregarding the traffic lights on 82nd st. to get on to the Grand Central Pkwy. or the BQE. As residents, we have requested several traffic studies, which we have been told could take 6 months. This however has still not been addressed. There is also a light on ditmars blvd. and 76th st, however this is only there because of a student fatality. A suggestion would be to add more 4-way stop signs, more traffic lights, and increased police ticketing.

Jordan from Astoria

Now its time for cyclist to obey rules of the road- stop at the red lite Follow the flow of traffic-yield for pedestrians- stop paying chicken Crossing the street has become an extreme sport Signs saying. Cyclists dismount are ignored- Delivery men racing around and those who bike to and from work destinations.


Neither cameras nor police will keep cars/trucks/bikes from hitting pedestrians. It's not the speed -- no one talks about the law!!! Pedestrians must stay in crosswalks and cross with the light or they get what they deserve. Vehicles, INCLUDING BIKES, must WAIT until the pedestrians are out of the crosswalks. The pedestrian is HOLY. Make hitting a pedestrian and FELONY, no matter what. If someone dies, the driver must go to prison. Leaving the scene, I believe, is already a felony, but no one mentioned penalties at all in the last killings and hits of pedestrians. What's going on. This includes bikes.

Terry, Hospital Zone in Yorkville

i think there should be like a mechinal eye on the stop lights. because sometimes the light is green for traciffic and there are no cars or pedestrians waiting, but if there was something on the stop light that could determine movement or an amount of traciffic, the light could stay green longer where necessary.

teddy from queens

tonight coming home from work I travelled via 8th avenue. there were 2 traffic cops at 97th and Columbus avenue. as an ambulance approached they directed traffic through a red light. No problem. However, as the cars approached 96 Street they did not move over and yield to the ambulance.

My suggestion: When we go to DMV to renew our drivers licenses while we are waiting DMV should run videos showing safe driving rules. maybe something will sink. I think persons who have been driving several years forget the basic rules of the road.

(Wait 'til Jewish Home builds their behemoth nursing home on West 97 Street! Yikes!)


This is nothing more than an additional way to tax New Yorkers and hardly addresses the safety issue. As both a driver and pedestrian in NY, I log about 15,000 miles a year in a car and 3 miles a week in manhattan on my feet. Amongst all parties involved, pedestrians, bicycles, passenger cars, taxis, buses, and sanitation trucks, bicycles are the worst, but pedestrians are a close 2nd in reckless behavior. It's bad enough with jaywalking and crossing during red lights, but people cross during red lights with their heads buried in their phone. Cars can only move when they have a green. When pedestrians obstruct this time slot, it causes drivers to be more aggressive. And Park avenue is the worst because the median gives pedestrians courage to jaywalk more than any other avenue. In fact, I can't believe more pedestrians aren't hurt. People actually cross red lights with baby carriages!

Speed cameras will not make anything safer if that is indeed the goal. Look at every other major city in the world. They've ended up with sidewalk barricades,pedestrian overpasses in really bad spots. Because they ultimately realized the actual problem.....pedestrians. Let's call this what it is, a new revenue stream. Calling it anything else is at best... naive.

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