Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: City To Drop Appeal Of Street Stop Ruling, Will Appoint Monitor

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It's no surprise de Blasio went through the appeal since he didn't make it a secret that he would do so. But, we don't know yet what the effect of the reforms will be and if it actually make a difference in reducing street stops or creating safer streets. I don't think we can measure the success - or failure - of this for a few years at least.

Mayor de Blasio delivered on a campaign promise today to end a 14-year court fight over the NYPD's use of the Stop, Question, and Frisk policy. Speaking alongside Police Commissioner Bill Bratton in Brooklyn, the new mayor said the City will drop Mayor Bloomberg's appeal of a federal court decision that ruled the way the NYPD implemented street stops was unconstitutional.

In addition, de Blasio agreed to appoint a monitor for three years to oversee the creation of reforms aimed at ending discrimination. The monitor will seek input from communities affected by stop-and-frisk tactics. In response, the President of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association said it continues to have "serious concerns about how these remedies will impact our members and the ability to do their jobs." What do you say?

Are you pleased or disappointed with Mayor de Blasio's decision to drop the appeal to stop-and-frisk? What advice would you give on ways to make streets stops effective, while respecting the rights of innocent New Yorkers? Do you share the PBA's concern that these decisions will make it more difficult for police officers to do their jobs?

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I'm glad Mayor Diblasio is ending the policy of stop question and frisk, it's a form of racism against African-American and lationo and latina youths, i see to many minority young people being aressted for something they didn't do that's no good. The way to make street stops more effective is if the NYPD see a person or persons acting suspiciously stop them but treat them with respect. Hopefully Commisoner Bratton will make the NYPD more people friendly, when the citizens of the city see a cop say good morning and thank you

Upper West Side

On this issue, de Blasio gets my approval and great support. The stop, question and frisk actions, AKA warrantless searches, were so very clearly in violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution they had to be stopped.

Port Richmond

Good for him.


DiBlasio has a habit of just accommodating his voters every whim.

I believe this is not a great idea for the Mayor to drop the appeal because this
will handcuff law enforcement from doing their jobs.
We do know that the procedure did need to be modified and also be effective.
As this stands now it will be like the OK Coral in every aspect.
My suggestion is if stopped then just do as they are being told to do so that
the law enforcer at the time can due their job.
Why do we need Sharpton’s appearance there to validate every decision.
What has he done besides insight riots in his years of interfering with every
situation? Has anyone seen anything he puts his two cents in have a successful
ending? I don’t see the benefit of his interference in solving any situation other
than accusing people that do not agree with whatever the cause may be at
the time.

Some of us have been called Racists and also have been accused of
discriminating without cause or reason !!

The name calling needs to stop !!!

Morris Park

Mayor de Blasio has drop appeal in connection to the policy of ," Stop and Frisk." Now watch more guns to enter New York, murder rate will go up as well as robberies. We will all be unsafe. Now as such more children and elderly will surely die.

Glen Oaks Village


South Ozone Park

The problem is not Stop & Frisk it's the EXCESSIVE use of Stop & Frisk and quotas of any kind which force officers be overzealous. I am against Stop & Frisk but I do realize that it is, and should be, a valuable tactic in the reduction of crime but not in the way it has been implemented. Hopefully this reform will still allow officers to use it but only if it is warranted not the way Ray Kelly and Bloomberg used it. The NYPD cannot swarm these communities like an invading arming Stopping & Frisking everyone in sight.

Washington Heights

Any community that deals with social ills is susceptible to bad actors, why do we characterize an entire community because of that? This issue speaks to particular mindsets, esp. fear...


Of course, it will be more difficult for police to enforce the law without large scale stop and frisk.

But if they were able to enter homes without warrants,or tap your phones, I suppose crime would fall as well.

So yes it will be more difficult. But we can't allow a trampling of all our rights because we can't figure out to police in an professional and constitutional way.

The NYPD is up for the task.


Carlos and Rachel must not have been paying attention. Mayor de Blasio isn't stopping the policy, he is revising it. He is only stopping the former mayor's appeal to the judges decision.


I do not agree with De Blasio and many of the people that live in this city, I believe that the police athletic league should be reinstated and expanded to include a police community league. It should aim to establish distinct community leaders and have a strong responsibility to every member of the community regardless of age and gender. The sense of community (evident by the last two calls) is floundering and a holistic movement is needed to re-establish unity.


These people use the fact that a specific group commit the crimes. Logic dictates that we would find out why this is the case and what we can do to assist those of that group from engaging in destructive activity.

If we do nothing except point the finger, we will run out of fingers fast, because unless you address the core issues; there one will be born every day...


I believe the Mayor made the right call, why throw the baby out with the bath water?
I personally believe that police officers should have to wear small camera's on there person while on duty. This will deter the few bad cops from violating NYers right and this will also help with frivolous lawsuits filed by NYers who claim police harassment where there was none.
That to me is the best solution. They should start a pilot program in the percent with the most complaints first and go from there. Its a win win situation.


Before Bill de Blasio dropped the appeal today, he had said that stop-and-frisk was no longer a problem, because Bloomberg and Kelly had already lowered it. Dropping the appeal was good, but what really changed ?

Today's press conference overshadowed the nomination hearing of the new Department of Investigations chief, who said that the mayor will have an input in deciding who the new NYPD Inspector General will be. Also overshadowed today was a protest outside NYPD, calling for justice in the beating death of a Islan Nettles, a transgender woman of color.

The whole fight for NYPD reform began because we need independent oversight of the police. Dropping the appeal changes nothing, because it was already a fait accompli.

Bill de Blasio and Bill Bratton are already acting as if there will be no real police oversight, even as the community continues to demand justice for minorities.

Louis Flores
Jackson Heights

it is all about politics... the mayor wants to show his electorate that he is doing what he promised during the campaign... I am not sure if anything will change in the real day to day police work.
education and teaching trades to young people who are not willing or can not afford to study is the answers... learn to be an electrician. plumber, welder, carpenter etc... there is a. lot of construction activity again out there...

South Park Slope

BRAVO! finally, an elected official that keeps a promise. what a concept.
hopefully stop and frisk can be reformed so that racial profiling is reduced and young men of color aren't constantly humiliated. Walking while black is not sufficient cause to be stopped. 700,000 stops with barely 10% arrests was ridiculous.


1st - I find it interesting that most of the people who are displeased with DeBlasio over his stance on Stop & Frisk are people who are not themselves profiled and stopped and frisked repeatedly like myself, my friends and family have been.

2nd - As an African American man, police don't make me feel safe at all. I feel like I should behave like a Black person in the Jim Crow south when police are concerned. Avoid eye contact, don't ask questions... and NEVER act like a law abiding citizen with rights and dignity... otherwise I am in danger of things escalating unnecessarily.

3rd - We are all New Yorkers. We all deserve to be treated with dignity by police. We all deserve to feel safe when police are around. And my rights should not be violated just to make other people, who never have to deal with it, feel safer.


I'm so pleased with Mayor de Blasio decision on dropping the city's appeal, and reforming the tactic. Stop and frisk isn't wrong, it's the excessive and abusive use towards minorities. Officers need proper training on policing and their approach towards civilians.


I do noit think Blassios action will make a difference, I have been approached by cops when I was carriing two large cotton bags at the Union Squiere station waiting for the Queens bound N trains, they ask me what I have in Bags I responded food othervise non of they f… busuiness, they ask me if I have any ID, I said no they said go get f… up, and this was the end of it, I am a 70 years old white man carriing deliberitely no Id.


Anyone who thinks stop and frisk should be stopped is insincere. Where the carcass is that's where the vultures congregate. Stop and frisk is necessary because of the criminals.on the street. The necessary reform is making the cops more courteous and disrespectful when doing their job. More often they behave like an occupying force in some 3dr world country. They should practise courtesy, professionalism and respect as inscribed on their cars


Not too long ago, I was at the Jay Street-Metrotech subway station. NYPD had a table set up for random bag searches. The cops tried to stop a young white woman, and she kept on walking. Two officers had to literally step in front of her to get her to stop walking. She tells the officers "not to touch her", and "they need a warrant to search her bag". Once of the two cops told her that if she did not allow the bag check, she would have to leave the station. NYPD didn't arrest her for disobedience. They just told her to leave, and she left the station without a ticket OR a bag check. I truly believe that if this young lady was a minority, the police would have been more aggressive with her. Who knows what she had in her bag, that she refused to let NYPD check.


I am a minority myself who has been stopped numerous times by the NYPD while I was minding my own business. I am a law abiding citizen. But I do really believe that stop and frisk is a valuable tool that is much needed in poverty stricken communities. I come from a neighborhood that plagued with crime and guns on street without this valuable tool I believe we will see crime rise. ClientIP:, UserAgent: CCBot/2.0 ( Profile: TWCSAMLSP