Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor, Governor Join Forces Over Hospitals Amid Pre-K Showdown

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Today's events show Cuomo and de Blasio were clearly feeling some pressure to show their alliance is still strong. It remains to be seen if it's a PR move or a genuine effort, but it doesn't help the federal government has clearly stated the move is moot and that it can't provide the waiver for hospital funding. In the meantime, let's see if they can strike some common ground over pre-K - one that doesn't make the other look bad in the process.

Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo may be in disagreement over how to fund universal pre-Kindergarten, but they’re joining forces to help save struggling hospitals in Brooklyn. The two held a news conference in Albany today, pressing the federal government for a $10 billion waiver that would fund cash-strapped facilities like Long Island College Hospital and Interfaith Medical Center.

The show of unity came just hours after Mayor de Blasio testified in front of Albany lawmakers to convince them to support his plan to raise taxes on New Yorkers making more than $500,000 to fund full-day pre-K in New York City. He is at odds with the Governor on this issue, who is calling to fund a similar, statewide program without a tax hike and through existing tax dollars in the budget. De Blasio maintains the program needs a steady, guaranteed source of funding.

Do you want to see pre-K funded through the state budget or through a dedicated stream of revenue? What’s your reaction to Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio’s show of support over hospital closures? Should the federal government help struggling City hospitals? Do you think the two can find similar common ground over the pre-Kindergarten issue?

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I want to see the UPK program funded thruough a deticated stream of revenue because all kids should start school early so they will get a head start in life, they also need after school programs that would teach them english if they cant speak english. I'm glad the Govenor and the Mayor are working together to keep the hospitals open because every community needs a well organized hospital with excellent nurses aides like Evonne at Mount Sinai she made my stay there a excellent one, the doctors are excellent too.

Upper West Side

Why in the name of reason should every citizen be taxed to pay for things they may have no interest in whatsoever? Money from WAS is money picked from the pockets of all tax-paying citizens. It is theft, pure and simple. In fact, all taxation is theft.

Look at Schumer's latest act of theft in asking the Feds to fund a warning system for lost autistic children. Only the parents of autistic children and those who want to provide aid voluntarily should be involved in the fate of autistic children. Why should anyone be forced by the power of government taxation to take care of anyone else's children?

Port Richmond

I think we should do everything we can to help our children advance and prepare for a better future and the mayor has a concrete plan to do just that, the governor's plan to make pre-K part of the state budget sounds ok, but what state programs will be sacrificed in order for the governor to implement his plan, is the question. And definitely the feds need to do more to help the keep Brooklyn hospitals, especially given the disparities in health services and its effects on children's health and poverty levels in the US, which according to UNICEF, ranks 34 among 35 industrialized countries with the worst childhood poverty, a shocking number, surely we must do better.

Bay Ridge

Why the sudden interest in trying to save these two hospitals when this Mayor was
Public Advocate did absolutely nothing to save these hospitals and how many more
were closed? If I remember correctly the figure was in double digits. We are all aware
of the reasoning and that is they were closed and he himself, Quinn, Bloomberg and
all the other politicians made and gave deals to Real Estate Brokers. So now we are
going to pay for Pre-K and subsidize the few hospitals that are still opened. How can
we keep up with funding pre-k when we know full well that children will continue to be
born and we can’t even estimate how many people will have free access to our medical
facilities. All of these politicians that are guilty of these actions/favors what ever one chooses
to call it are in the same circle of retreaded politicians. Because of this we suffer financially
while they fill their pockets and secure their votes.
A great example concerning DeBlasio even before he became mayor and that is he already
made a deal with a builder that wanted the site of the stables that store the Horse and Carriages.
Thus with great authority by Bill DeBlasio we were told that the horses were being treated
inhumanely and they will be replaced. They have been around for ever and ever and it is a
popular attraction for tourists. We in the outer boroughs know how all of you in Manhattan feel
about your beloved tourists.


Morris Park

It's good that the two got together to support a worthy cause and that they were able to put their differences aside on the Pre K issue. Shows they're professional.

I support DiBlasios idea for funding. His way taxes the wealthiest and Cuomos way will somehow tax the middle class at some point.

Arden Heights

Admirable program with many questions attached to it. Would this program be a one or two year program. What would be the ratio of teacher to students? Would the teachers be covered by the UFT labor contract? Would these pre-ks be bused to locations? Just how many children would be involved and how were these numbers arrived at. Too many unanswered questions,plus the market is down. When the markets are down,so is the revenue stream that the Mayor is relying on.

Queens Village

I am glad to see Gov Cuomo working together on issues. Hopefully the spirit of cooperation will carry over to other initatives. Governor Cuomo needs Mayor de Blasio and Mayor de Blasio needs Gov Cuomo. I believe the at the end of the day they will find common ground on Pre K funding. The mayor will not be able to raise state income taxes without the Governor's support. Even former Mayor Dinkins mentioned at an earlier press conference that de Blasio should be open for other funding options.


Cuomo could save the hospitals in NYC but hasn't and won't. We attended this photo op today because he had to, to save face, but he doesn't want to save any hospital. So he joins DiBlasio at this press conference and puts it on the federal government so when he does finally shut it down he can point the finger at them. I can't believe people are actually falling for this and think he's "working with DiBlasio to try to save the hosiptals". Cuomo is the worst governor in my lifetime.


This is just another term for day care. If parents keep having babies then they should be responsible enough to pay their way.. Why should hard working responsible taxpayers be made to foot the bill? This is completely unfair and smacks of racism.

Forest Hills

It seems like he cares more about taxing the wealthy than all day pre-K. Doesn't he have anything else to focus on? How is he going to manage a city as large as NY for 4 years if he can only focus on one thing at a time. Stop the madness!

Elect Mr. Wonderful!


Good evening Miss Milito. Just would like to express my thoughts on this matter. I don't understand why they would close hospitals over this pre k thing. It is a form of babysitting and why should taxpayers have to pay for your kid to be taught and looked after. Anyone I know with kids and puts them in pre k ain't for free and shouldn't be.

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