Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor De Blasio Defends Storm Response, Says "No One Was Treated Differently"

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A strong viewer reaction today as seen by the e-mails below. De Blasio's second snow storm did not go the way he planned. If he's smart, he'll address this fully and right away and ensure New Yorkers it won't happen again or it could haunt him for years to come. He just has to look to the 2010 blizzard to know how a bad snowstorm could ruin a long career...

Mayor de Blasio paid an unannounced visit to Manhattan's Upper East Side today to talk with New Yorkers about yesterday's response to the storm. De Blasio said he's proud of the effort, adding criticism that certain neighborhoods received preferential treatment is "just not accurate." Speaking alongside Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty, the Mayor said "no one was treated differently" while crews plowed and salted the roadways.

De Blasio's defense comes amid backlash by many New Yorkers who sat in traffic for hours and woke to snow-covered streets. In addition, some parents and teachers are questioning the decision to keep public schools open. The Department of Education reported a 47% attendance rate today, compared to 93% on an average day. What do you say?

How did Mayor de Blasio and his commissioners handle yesterday's storm? Were the roadways in your neighborhood cleared quickly? Should public schools have been open or closed? If you went to school today, what was class like?

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If the President of the US is judged by economic and foreign policy the Mayor of New York is judged by his response to snowstorms. That being the case, at this point De Blasio is doing pretty poorly.

Travelling through Queens and Manhattan yesterday I saw very few plows and salting vehicles out. Traffic was at a standstill on any street that led to a bridge or tunnel and rides work in Brooklyn to home in Queens reportedly took up to three hours. Traffic control personnel were non-existent.

In a walk from the 179 St. F station to my home near Union Turnpike I walked over a mile on the unplowed Midland Parkway. Pathways were made my vehicles driving through the 8 inches of snow. The side streets, for the most part, were inaccessible.

This situation was in sharp contrast to the snowstorm response of the Bloomberg period when plows lurked for hours before a snow and the streets were salted almost endlessly.

Notwithstanding the fact that New York is a pretty difficult place to regulate a little more attention to the matter of snow would create a much better environment for the Mayor over the next four years. One would have thought that he understood that.


I'm writing in reference to the snow we had yesterday and the people who were so angry about the traffic didn't they know it was going to snow how many times the mayor says stay off the roads and streets "don't drive" who ever was stuck last night is good for them people never learn they always want to blame it on the mayor police and traffic agents everyone but themselves next time stay off the roads so sanitation can do their job and traffic agents and police won't lose their life trying to get you home.

The decision by the Mayor and the Chancellor to open public schools after the heavy snowstorm was not a very smart move.Even though many streets had been plowed by the Sanitation department,who did a very good job, those streets still had layers of ice on them ,making them treacherous for school buses and children having to walk to school. Many private schools decided to close the night of the storm,yet the Mayor and Chancellor made the decision at 11:15 p.m. to open the schools for the next day. This also caused great difficulty for thousands of parents,because they were not told until the last minute.The mayor and the chancellor need to put safety first-for the children,parents,teachers and administrators.There are extra days built into the school calendar for just this type of situation.When the next big storm hits,students and teachers should not come in . This will send a message to the mayor and chancellor

Fresh Meadows

Can we please start calling him Mayor Shovel since he likes so much to have his picture taken while shoveling the 23 foot wide span of sidewalk in front of his house.

Clinton Hill

I think cleaning up after a storm is a gargantuan task and it is nearly impossible for any mayor to get it right.


I can say that it seemed to take longer than usual for the neighborhood to get cleared but its always been a priority and honestly there is a lot of city to plow and its about time other areas got some attention first Poor rich peeps could not cross the streets Stay home there was 10 inches of snow Schools opened sucked for kids But at 8 am this morning the UES roads were mostly clear and all the businesses were open New York used to be a tough town But with all these people moving here from other areas of the country we now are a city of cry babies

Upper East Side

Another de Blasio faux pas: keeping the schools open in a blizzard. I hope de Blasio continues and increases his mistakes. It will be easier to get him out of office when election time comes.

Port Richmond

My roads were fine this morning & getting to neighborhood schools was no big deal (my high schooler had a little longer & mushier than usual commute, but not too bad). The sun helped a lot. My problem is with stores and high rises in my area that have unshoveled sidewalks. Today was treacherous for the many older residents I saw on Upper Broadway - just slippery, wet, annoying and slow for the rest of us. Shouldn't someone have been ticketed? and if/when they are, does the fine go to the store or to the apartment building it occupies?


I say no matter what he decided, there would be criticism. Everyone was warned about the storm and to keep the streets clear if possible, so ignoring the warning caused the traffic problem. Streets cannot be cleaned of relenting snow in rush hour traffic. Up until DeBlasio, no areas of NYC were as neglected as Queens & Staten Island. Storms are to be taken seriously as no amount of man-power or equipment can over-power storms. "in essence humans are not "STRONGER THAN THE STORM"

Springfield Gardens

Blaming De Blasio is wrong. The streets were clear today and schools should have been open. Kids and their parents took advantage of the weather to keep the kids home. I think everything was handled well.

Park Hill

I waited, no exaggeration, for an hour and a half for any of three bus lines that go up Third Avenue to UES....and, at my tender age, had to wind up walking home....Third Avenue above 59th Street was like "no man's land"....absolutely no plowing I could see, etc., etc.,

Below 59th Street, all traffic in both directions were going against their light and blowing their horns incessantly...all of Third Avenue below 59th Street was a huge parking lot for hours....

Some traffic people at lights would have been a great well as a few buses...never in my life....BRING BACK MIKE PLEASE....if this is any indication of how the city will be run...I am afraid

Your OLD friend TONI

Next snowstorm de-B should go to the neighborhoods that have the highest number of complaints. We NY citizens have endured 12 years of Upper East Side governance! it's time for the rest of the city's neighborhoods to be recognized as important.


If every child had the internet Mayor Diblasio and Comissoner Farina would of closed the schools the teachers could of given the students classwork and homework via e-mail that's why it's so important for every child to have the internet, getting a good education is very important a mind is a terrible thing to waste. The plows couldn't get through the streets because the traffic was backed up it was rush hour, Commisoner Dohrety and his team gets a A plus for handling the snow removal considering the conditions, someone need to clear out the bus stops so people in wheelchairs and the elderly can get on the buses. Mayor Diblasio gets a A plus too hes a great Mayor, he's a Mayor for everyone

Upper Eest Side

It has become to obvious that DeBlasio is going overboard to acknowledge praise
to Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty since he took office. People well remember
that lives were lost and that was due to the negligence of the Sanitation Department
and they and the mayor at that time didn’t even give it a second thought to blame us
New Yorkers for interfering with their work. Such as blocking streets, etc. The
Commissioner John Doherty was also a no show at one of the meetings. Why is he still
on the job?

They really have short memories. Plus no one was in town and we all just as much were
told point blank that they didn’t have to reveal there whereabouts. [WELL EXCUSE ME]
The same thing happened with the derailment of the metro north train. How many
politicians showed up at that site and when they did it was kind of late. Then Schumer
decided to ride that train for all the glory. We all have your number and we are keeping
our eyes and ears open.

This is appalling that juvenile tactics are being used to get back at certain people.
The roads should have been cleared, the schools should have been closed and we should
have had employees to direct traffic. Their juvenile answers were just that = Juvenile =
Storm not handled to well.

Morris Park

My daughter went to middle school today and slightly more than 1/2 her class was in attendance. My son is a freshman in high school and they're in the middle of finals week. He isn't home yet but I'm guessing there was higher attendance given the exams. My son was actually hoping school was not canceled because he prefers to get finals over with. From a family point of view, we have a trip schedule for the President's Day school break week and I would not like to see the situation that happened last year where the break was cut short due to school closings during Sandy.

Last night about 10:30 I ventured out by car to Union Square to the 24 hour Best Buy because we needed a replacement computer cord. The snow had stopped but it was so fine and powdery that it was very easy to move and to drive over (we park on the street). I was glad I dug out last night because it got colder and the plows started packing snow in towards cars overnight. We're on the Lower Eastside and the roads near here and on the way to Union Square were slippery and I went slow but they did seem to have been plowed at least once.

I think this was a tougher storm than the last one due to the cold and the fact that the snow continued for quite a while but overall I was happier with the response this time vs. earlier this month. I was glad to see the schools chancellor state unequivocally last night that schools would be open.

Lower East Side

I used to hear plow trucks every hour coming down lexington ave on UES in past snowstorms. But not so this time, this mayor doesn't seem very organized, has he even finished appointing posts in his administration?


Mayor elect DeBlasio gets a big fat F for both storms. I live in Queens Village, Queens and our streets are terrible. Plow where! Say what you want about former mayor Bloomberg but once there was word of a storm the plows and salt trucks were out and continued until the streets were clear, i would go to bed hearing the plows and wake up hearing chains on the salt truck. The MTA gets a big fat N for never. The Q110 bus to 179th street operates on a when available schedule and the city is doing nothing about it. Riders stood out in 4 degree weather waiting for a bus that operates in 20 minute intervals that never showed up from Jan 6-10 2014. All of the latter makes me want to leave NYC!!!


So the over-privileged denizens of the upper east side are whining that they did not get the expected preferential treatment. Boo Hoo. The city does NOT revolve around Manhattan. I remember going into "the city" (ie Manhattan) after the last big snowstorm (Dec. 26) and seeing how much better their streets were, while I still had to scale mountains at each intersection over a week later here in Brooklyn. At least the plowing was done well here after this storm.

I also find it comical (but to be expected) that that right-wing rag made a big deal out of the Upper East Side's complaints ... blaming DeBlasio for the performance of the same Sanitation Commissioner who served under Bloomberg. Of course, if he had made a priority of plowing Manhattan's tonier areas at the expense of those in the "outer" boroughs, they would be ripping him for being a hypocrite.


I live on 57th street between Third Avenue and Lexington Avenue. This is a main artery leading to the 59th Street Bridge. Believe it or not...this street has not been plowed even once since the storm began.

This same thing happened two weeks ago when we also had a major snow storm..our street was not plowed or the cross walks cleared. Several of us have contacted our assemblyman's office and called 311 to report this...obviously there is a glitch in the system as 57th street between Third and Second was plowed and cleared both times.

Please see what your office can do to rectify this awful problem.


The two most frustrating things about last night's "parking lot" traffic from midtown to the UES was the absence of traffic cops and the lack of communication within the MTA. Why couldn't bus drivers answer simple questions about the condition of other routes? Don't their supervisors have a way to contact them? And the police commissioner's statement about conditions being "too dangerous" for traffic cops is insane. So you leave it to the citizens to fend for themselves; it was absolute anarchy out there. Unacceptable.

Upper East Side

I live on the Upper East Side, and I can tell you that a lot of people up here aren't happy unless they're complaining about something. They complain about the weather. They complain about the food in the restaurant. They complain about this. They complain about that. My advise? If you don't like the way they do their job, buy a shovel and do it yourself. I for one think they did a fine job!!!

Upper East Side

As a resident of the UES, the real damage that was done by the lack of foresight from the Mayor's office and the sanitation department was not to the Upper East Siders, but to all the New Yorkers trying to get home to the outer boroughs (not to mention NJ and CT). There are so many shopkeepers, workers, teachers and students to do not call Manhattan their home yet commute daily. These were the real victims affected by the lack of snow removal. Those of us who live on the UES, we could brave the walk, though slipping and sliding. It's the poor teacher who took three hours to get home to Brooklyn, to turn around and have to come back to a teaching job today, and to only have half the kids show up anyway.

So this really wasn't just a dis to the UES or Manhattan, it was really to all New Yorkers. It's a shame.


Give the Mayor a break. He's new to the job like all of us were at one point. We all have to learn he ropes in order to do a better job. Can't please everyone.. You have had 12 years of power from another individual and change is not easy.


Do you remember the great storm of 2010 that caused mounds of garbage 17' high as far as the eye can see to be left out for days? That was nothing compared to the mess that Deblasio's ignorance left the UES with this time. ?He needs to start focusing less on issues like jay walking and a little more on real issues like storm preparedness and cleanup. Honeymoon is over!


I noticed the absence of the traffic control agents at 96 and FDR while returning from my reverse commute around 2:30pm. Traffic was already gridlocked. A few points:

Where was our occupying army, aka the NYPD? God forbid they should get out of their cars.

What will happen when there is a real storm.

Is this coddling of a municipal group a hint of the outcome of union negotiations to come.

Upper East Side

I work on the UES and live on the UWS....yesterday's snow removal on the UES was a NO SHOW. I could see this from my personal viewing and it was further documented by the gps update throughout the day.

I voted for Mr. DB and I have to say, this storm has caused yet another divide in the "Tale of 2 Cities"....

I know he is just getting into the role BUT he has to be open and honest with New Yorker's. If he wants to pretend that ALL neighborhoods were visited equally, he is either not as hands on as he SHOULD be or already playing POLITICS. It just is not the truth.

.....advice to DB....perhaps if you (DB) would stop shoveling your personal driveway and keep your eye on the would know the reality.

You are the mayor more campaigning, please get down to the job at hand!


I did not like the fact that he had schools open and also that when I went to class today I there was only 11 kids.


The Mayor's real issue with Upper East Sider's is not one snowstorm, it is his continued silence on the issue of the East 91st street marine transfer station. Even his closest advisor Bertha Lewis has stated her opposition to the project, it is enough already. That is the real storm in the neighborhood. We can handle a day of snow.


The upper WEST side did not get plowed either. Broadway is better but the streets (85Th street) is still not.


OMG, the elitist UES residents are having a big hissy fit. Yet, this is nothing like the travesty of Bloomberg's Xmas blizzard, where people died while he was diddling in Bermuda. And frankly, the mayor handled this well and said that all boroughs will be treated equally. Apparently, Manhattan can't handle equality. Frankly, anyone with a brain, would have left their cars home yesterday.

Upper West Side

I feel that school being open was a great thing as a student myself the streets were fine and the sidewalks shovel. People need to bundle up and face the cold. Trains a little bit on delay but school was almost a dead zone. School should be close on really bad snow storm days for example a blizzard.


I hope everyone is safe and warm :)
Poor DeBlasio on his 2nd storm, I feel sorry for him :(
What happened to NYC Strongest? Doherty did not care because he is out the door and was not asked to stay on as Commish!
The schools should have been on a 2hr delay at least

Tony, Albany

DeBlasio should have consulted Bloomberg on this. If this man can't manage the aftermath of a snowstorm, God help is for the next 4 years. Smh

Dennis from Harlem

Queens village n hillside ave was horrible
A 15 mins ride took 75mins
A big fat F


I did agree 100% with this decision. There were not reason for kids to stay home when the main roads were cleaned and public transportation on schedule. The storm was handled in 80% effective way for everybody to wake up and go through a normal weekday.


no snow plows on the island of manhattan -- great !! ambulances next to me could move

get ready new york for a return to the 1970s bankruptcy was the final upshot

the city traffic police were warm and snug in their houses in the boroughs where were those highly paid workers ?

watch out guys -- its time to take more corporations and move out of town like everyone did in the 70s and 80s. DEBLASIO HAS ARRIVED AND THE CITY OF NEW YORK WILL END UP THE CITY OF DETROIT

I think the mayor is doing a good job distributing the snow plows throughout the boroughs, hes doing a better job then bloomberg did with that snow storm we had a couple years back, and mind you deblasio just got into office. Manhattan always got more attention with snow storms under Bloomberg and these two snow storms here in jackson heights we've had clearer streets then before. Only thing is making sure they keep driver off the streets, suggest more mta transist so plows can get their jobs done. I didnt move my car today and im not planning on it until the snow melts down.

What is it with some of your viewers? They love to attack the nearest target like a swarm of yellow jackets. The man just took office. I understand that many need to have someone to hate but this borders on the obscene. de Blasio is just getting his sea-legs. During any job there is a period of adjustment. Give the man a break.

upper westside

Since Cuomo won't let the mayor tax the rich, the mayor found another way to screw the rich, ignore the ues. I live on East 73rd and my street was never plowed.

A 2 hour delay would have been better. Everyone knew the sidewalks and roads were still messy. My stoop hadn't even been shoveled when i left at 7:30. Half my class was absent. It was a day of glorified babysitting.

Lisa teacher BK



De Blasio did not do a good job yesterday as I was forced to take a taxi last night. There were no buses or trains running for over 2 hours on the UES. This was not a severe storm. Buses and trains should have been running. As a single mother on limited resources I should have had other alternatives than the $20 cab ride I was forced to pay to get home. We pay high metro card fees and public transportation should have been available. De Blasio's lack of planning was a disgrace and unfair to all New Yorkers.


Never in 20 years have I seen such a complete lack of snow removal for a medium snow storm. We've had real Northeaster blizzards with cleaner streets. Mr. DiBlasio is apparently taking a lead from the New Jersey 'Bridgegate" people on how to punish people who do not agree with his plans. He seems to want to harm the people who have jobs, or businesses ie: keeping the schools open but telling everyone to stay home. What was that about? Why doesn't he start to work on creating jobs instead of trying to tax the same people over and over, not very creative.


This was the first disaster for
Mayor Deblasio. But I think it is
Time for him to act for the best. Otherwise the politicians won't give chance but overall he did an ok job.

Staten Island

I understand the desire to keep schools open for the state funding, but when so few kids show up, classes are often combined, there is no new instruction given, and teachers risk their lives on hazardous roads to be overpaid baby sitters.


There was no reason not to go to school today. Most kids could get to their schools. Why parents kept them home is beyond me.

And drivers on the Upper East Side (and elsewhere) should think twice about getting into a car during a storm. Take the train, stay with a friend in the city, only drive if absolutely necessary.

Rachel, UWS

I am a teacher.

Schools were open today. This was despite the fact the roads are dangerous, the trains delayed, and the temperatures brutal. The conditions were worse than any of the last four times schools were closed for snow.
There are 1.1 million children in the public school system. (There are also 60,000 teachers, and various other school and related staff). There are roughly 8 million people in the city. 1.1 million is 13.75% of the total population. One decision could have kept them off the roads.

The mayor advised everyone who could stay hom should. His decision to open schools permitted the possibility that 13.75% of the city might not.

Guess we fail the Common Core, because that just doesn't follow reason!

Yesterday, buses took up to 5 hours to bring special needs children home. Today that number was mitigated only by the fact that less than half the city's kids came in, and very few of those were kids that use/need buses to reach school.

I understand that schools provide heat and food to those in need, but maybe like Hurricane Sandy, today should have been a school shelter day, Kids and staff should not be marked absent, but those staff that came in should be given a +1 day for in effect volunteering to be there for those kids in need.

Have the mayor give me a call, I'd love to explain this over lunch. :)

Jackson Heights

With the temperature frigid, roads treacherous, and cars and sidewalks snow covered, it would have made sense to at least delay the opening.
I don't know why NYC schools rarely close when NJ and LI schools close fairly often and it doesn't seem to effect their grades.

John - Glendale

Midtown, UWS, & UES were a mess. The mayor only responded to the Manhattan mess after the morning press conference. He acted arrogant and angry when asked about the topic during the press conference. The buck stops with the mayor. Mayor de Blasio must own up to mistakes and successes. Manhattan is the center of business and commerce...He must take responsibility for the lack of response time and city coordination.


The Governor declared a state of emergency but the mayor kept the schools open. What is up with that?
John from Astoria

I'm a cab driver & felt major streets like 42nd street & 57th street could have been plowed better for the past two storms. I found myself in danger of slipping & sliding although I was traveling at no more than 5-10 miles per hour. I also found entering Broadway at Houston st going south especially slippery.
Manhattan used to get better treatment in the past. Perhaps the mayor is trying to be balanced for all 5 boroughs and Manhattan is no longer getting the same attention?

Hi my name is autumn im a 13 year old student and I think this was a bad idea to have schools open today and I sort of blame the new mayor he needs to make changes fast!

As a left wing East Village De Blasio supporter who happened to be on the UES yesterday taking a friend to a Drs. appointment, the lack of preparation for what we all knew was coming was evident. First Avenue traffic conditions were biblical and not a traffic cop in sight. Our new mayor clearly flunked his second weather emergency.

Patrick, East Village

I think the mayor did what he could. I do think that it is interesting that Upper East Siders are complaining about the snow storm when people all over the Queens and the Bronx experience that kind of negligence all of the time. It was a winter storm- there will be snow.

Veronica- Upper West Side

I can understand the reasoning of not putting traffic agents
out on the icy streets due to it being somewhat dangerous,
but when you have a total gridlock situation, how are emergency
vehicles to get through? What if there had been a major fire
somewhere on the Upper East Side last night? Isn't that a bigger
potential danger?


Yesterday's traffic problems during the storm were due to police commissioner Bratton's decision to not but any traffic agents out to direct traffic. What we're they doing than during their shifts. We never had traffic. Jams like this before during storms. The mayor and commissioner should rethink this policy because it was a very dangerous situation.


The storm started around 10 and it was announced to start later, the mayor couldnt of have done anything to prevent students from going out, it was announced 2-4 inches and it went to become a 6-12 inch. Even if they would of spread salt it would of made the roads worse, I spread salt in my sidewalk and this morning it was nothing but ice. The mayor did the best he can and distributed the plowers equally as he did last time, people should of stayed off the roads if they knew there was going to be a storm and took the bus or train. How are you suppose to plow with a traffic jam, plows can only do so much.

Tulio jackson heights

Mayor deBladio did a horrific job yesterday. No plows or salt spreaders for hours after the storm on the Upper Eastside and their excuse was that one of he trucks lost their GPS? I don't even understand the connection between having a GPS and plowing snow.

Al Roker said the Mayor had more than enough notice. Upper East Side was also a big mess with traffic backed up for nine hours. What a snow job!

Upper East Side

The Grand Concourse in the Bronx was anything but grand yesterday morning at about 9:45-10:00 am. No salt had been dropped on this MAJOR thoroughfare. I was seething because when I got to Fifth Ave and 135th in manhattan it was obvious that street had been treated.

I called the borough president's office to lodge a complaint.

The Bronx

I still love what de Blasio stands for even though I am less than happy with yesterday's clean up in the Bronx.

De Blasio just showed us what we can expect from him and that is one incompetent mayor. In Astoria still today very few streets are clean. This has never happened with Bloomberg. And do not even get me started on opening the schools. Lame

I live in Manhattan. I voted for Deblasio. But he was not prepared for this at JFK.

I arrived at JFK yesterday at about 2:40 pm. The snow was coming down pretty bad. There were no cabs which isn't his fault. The AirTrain was down again not his fault. The problem was the shuttle buses were an absolute mess. Whoever was operating the shuttles needs to re-evaluate their process. It was a total mess. It took over 4 hours to get home. No one operating the buses communicated with people who were riding them. I took 3 buses to get to the subway. An older woman h told me she was told several different things about which bus to take. It was the most ridiculous mess I've ever seen. The drivers of the buses were confused. Several buses passed by saying "Not in Service" while me and over 50 other passengers stood in the snow for over 10 minutes. Then I decided to walk. Took another bus and was dropped off at Lefferts where I was told to walk two blocks to the subway. Absolutely ridiculous.

Hells Kitchen

All we did in school was wait in the auditorium most of the time due to the lack of teachers. There was no point of even going since we didnt learn anything.


Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge was plowed every other hour but other neighborhoods weren't so lucky :( the Dept.of Sanitation did much better during the recent blizzard , what went wrong this time?

Carmen Bay Ridge

I live in Turtle Bay (midtown east) near the UN. I can see both 1st and 2nd Avs from my apartment, and looked out periodically throughout the day to see how the avenues looked. Cleaner at some points than others, but traffic seemed to be moving, albeit slowly, with no backups.

Went out shortly after 6 to go to Lincoln Center (by subway) -- big traffic jam on 3rd Avenue. Totally impossible to get plows in there. Assume people were trying to get to 59th St. Bridge. Also assume traffic jams further up on 1st and 2nd were also due to problems there. Actually, traffic is frequently tied up on UES because of heavy traffic going on to bridge or problems on bridge.

Came home about 10 last night -- traffic gone, teams of plows at work.

People shouldn't go driving around Manhattan with storm forecast like we got Monday night.

Ellie - Turtle Bay

The city EOM was following the weather forecasts that had the storm going out to sea just 36 hours before it ended up hitting us. The sudden change in the jet stream forced the city to scramble to deploy equipment. The city did its best.

Forest Hills

we never heard a word out of the 1% when outer boro's where clearly neglected ....welcome to the world of the you know how we felt for the last 12 yrs

McGriff from bklyn

If safety is the priority, the 6th grader is correct (what's good for the cops should be good for the kids). For a mayor who wants to be different from bloomberg, he's doing what bloomberg would have done and did. Also, a tale of two cities? This would be a great picture of that! Manhattan's mostly ok to good to great compared to queens' bad to ok to good. Specially a day after the storm this becomes obvious.

Francis - Queens

NO doubt mid town was not plowed, terrible job
It only hurts the touristic business that the city needs.
Not putting the other neighborhoods down or saying anything bad.
But the city should be a priority.
Schools should have been closed, that should not have been even q question.


My son and his bus mates spent 4 hours in their school bus yesterday on 1st avenue. We finally got them off the bus at 7:15 PM.
Weather was too bad for the police to help traffic, but it's OK to leave our children with no food water or bathrooms for 4 hours. Horrible.


School should be closed today due to the icy condition and bitter cold. Walking is difficult and the weather was in the single digit. So, the next time please close all public school until all the snow is cleared.


This shows the incompetence and lack of proactive planning of the DSNY and Mayor Diblasio

Forest Hills

The governor was wrong not to close schools. This storm was twice as worse as the storm we had 2 weeks ago and the storm we had 2 weeks ago, there was a snow day. So if the governor is calling State Of Emergency and he says stay off the roads as much as possible, why is there school?

Anissa Brooklyn

Suburbs do it all the time. Allows teachers and kids to get there safely. More time for people to shovel so kids don't have to walk in the street.

Lisa cob hill

I am a teacher and I went to work today. I walked 45 minutes through ice, snow and cold. We had teachers from other boroughs come in to work. I only had three kids absent and had a productive day at school. Everybody needs to relax -- it was an icy day and we need to toughen up. People in Wisconsin are laughing right now.

Bay Ridge

I have to complain about the D train heading into Brooklyn. It was unacceptable to be stuck on the bridge for 25 minutes with no information on the delay. Mta and the mayor dropped the ball on this storm.


State of emergency but schools are open, stay off the roads but schools are open, kids can go to their schools because they live in the neighborhood but teachers often commute from other disappointed

Staten Island

We knew the snow was coming.

Take mass transit or walk if you are close enough. Leave earlier to account for delays.

We live in the northeast, winter happens.

I am teaching my daughter resiliency through understanding, preparing for and living with what nature deals us. To do less does not prepare her for a challenging future.


People should stop being so critical. The Mayor will be damned if he does and damned if he doesn't !


I go to forest hills high school and each class was a joke queens is filled with a bunch of softies its winter what did you except !!!


In Jackson hights there was not a single plower in sight till now. I work down town and the same thing was there. Mayor needs to look out if he wants to have admiration.

George from Jackson heights

of the 120+ students I am scheduled to see , i saw 12... my co-workers were no different... schools should have been closed!


Just wanted to say my streets by reservoir were plowed. I heard plows all night long and salting throughout the day. two miles from me by my dads house 180th and creston ave they have not been plowed at all or salted. Also commenting on upper east side, sorry people bloomberg moved out.

Hi I watch your show all the are great...nobody has yet to call tonight about people like myself who are physically challenged and the impact this has on us...I have had to cancel a Doctor's appt physical therapy appt because they did not do the walkways outside my courtyard in Bellerose Queens...last few years it has been the same thing...this is so sad nobody cares anymore about each other so so sad...the city should be ashamed of themselves...thanks for listening...very little is done for us New Yorkers who have handicaps and disabilities...keep up your good work John

As a parent and educator I totally disagree with the decision. There wasn't consideration for the safety of students, parents, staff and school bus drivers and maitrons. I chose to keep my daughter home since she, an asthmatic, would have to take 2 buses and then walk 1/4 mile to get to our zoned I.S.

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