Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor De Blasio, City Council To Expand Paid Sick Leave

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The former speaker refused to do it for years. The new speaker did it in days. Just another example of how a few votes can change the course of history. Remember that the next time the polls open.

Mayor de Blasio announced a sweeping expansion of paid sick leave today that will affect an estimated 355,000 New Yorkers. The Mayor, along with new City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, said lawmakers will approve legislation that will require businesses with five or more employees to give its workers five paid sick days a year. It would go into effect in April.

Under the current law enacted in June, only businesses with 20 or more workers were required to provide paid days off. Mayor de Blasio also said the new legislation will remove exemptions for the manufacturing sector, and no longer allow employers to opt out of granting the benefits if the economy gets worse.

Do you welcome the expansion of paid sick days? Will the new law burden small businesses? If you currently don't have paid sick days, how is your life affected when you or a loved one get sick? What's your reaction to the relationship between the new Mayor and the new Speaker?

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Expect the worse from comrade de Blasio. He will assert authority over all human action, violating our rights and freedom. He is a destroyer.

Port Richmond, SI

I think this bill is fair and it should not be a burden on small businesses, since it only covers 5 days of sick leave per year.

Bay Ridge

Hi John

I think paid sick days should be at every company it will boost the morale of the employees, they would continue to work for that company. Mayor Diblasio seem to have a great working relationship i like his policies on education he cares about every child getting a good education

upper west side

This is awesome! I am totally supportive of this and feel for anyone who doesn't have sick days. Those that don't go to work sick because thru can't afford not to and then spread their terms around to everyone else.

Arden heights.

Hi John,

This as predicted is a rubber stamp administration for sure. How was the gathering they both went to other evening? Did they have a good time? They are both knee deep in with Real Estate and while they line their pockets we have one that has not paid her taxes and the other that has banned all the horse and carriages with some sort of an excuse about them being abused and meanwhile a deal has already been made to build on the site of the stables. How can they allow laws to be passed such as if the economy gets worse they the employers are not permitted to opt out of granting benefits. How many jobs have either of them ever created or even discussed the subject at all. Neither one of these two have any compassion for the small businesses that will have to either close or will have to release some of the employees. Yet these two Being the speaker and the mayor seemed to have forgotten about haves and have not's since they seem to be living high on the hog and we the middle class are sinking lower and lower.

Thank you John,


Everyone needs paid sick time; however, the city must reimburse small business owners through a tax credit or some other type of compensation. If not, New York will become a city of big box stores only.

What is left of the charm of New York City will be a fond memory.

midtown east

Any restaurant I have ever dined in (and I eat out ALL the time) that has a sneezy, snottering, coughing employee on duty: I NEVER go back there! I can turn a blind eye to roaches, but NOT sick workers!

East Village

Hi I am appealing to Mayor DeBlasio to give some relief to Direct Care Workers by helping us to get better wages for the work we do. Most of us are recieving only$10.00per Hr for the type of work we do which include taking total care of the individual who may not be able to tidy his or her self after using the bathroom. While some of us enjoy our jobs we would prefer better wages.


My name is kbcooljaySwagger and i would like to say that Bill de blasio has a good announcement for doing or making that bill

Expanding paid sick leave I predict will SAVE businesses money. When a sick employee is forced to work because they can't afford to take the day off, they get other employees sick and reduce the businesses productivity.

Park Slope


To Dave on the Upper West Side: I once worked for the federal government. When I left I had a few hundred hours of sick leave I never used. Part of that, I guess, is because I was rarely sick and I enjoyed doing what I did.

Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn

My mother works as an escort, meaning she operates kids on school buses. The days when she doesn't work is mostly the days when she is sick. My concern is why doesn't she get payed on those particular days?



mayor deBlasio is anti business and the sworn enemy of any small business . This will lead to a loss of jobs in the long run and a tax on everyone . So much for tax the rich .


I totally agree with the Mayor Bill De Blasio with sick days for employees for small business. The small companies will be or are receiving incentives to have a business, secondly how inconsiderate to allow a sick employee to work and get others sick, thirdly I am all for it small business need to be implemented into the rules of the labor department.


I think it should be kept in mind that food service workers are often "undocumented" people who work gruelingly long hours for very low pay and have to travel to their jobs on long subway and/or bus rides. They are more vulnerable to picking up bugs because their resistance is probably quite low from inadequate sleep (especially if they live in those houses where they sleep on a rota system!). Of course they are going to get sick. If they are lucky, they will come down with just a bad cold or the flu, but there are much worse infectious diseases - viral and bacterial - that they are exposed to. My heart aches for these folks and I wish that the Mayor and City Council (indeed the entire government at all levels) would start considering these people to be humans and not expendable "subhumans" who do the work that no American would put up with considering the conditions. Have you ever rode on the 7 Train or one of the lines that goes out to where the Mexican and Asian immigrants live and seen these bone tired workers barely able to stay awake? They're not drugged or drunk; they are simply worn out. I would love to see New York and the United States in general come into the 21st Century and start valuing human beings as human beings. I'm all in favor of stopping the carriage horse industry (another throwback to 18th and 19th century standards of "life"), but I am also in favor of human life being valued and not simply used and abused.

Thank you for letting me have my little vent.

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