Thursday, December 18, 2014

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The Call Blog: Hundreds March On Albany To Demand More Funding For Education

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When it comes to pre-K, a majority of viewers don't mind if it's paid for through existing tax dollars or a take hike on the wealthy, as long as it's paid for. We'll definitely hear a lot more on this issue as Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders get ready to discuss how to fund the measure.

Hundreds of students, parents, and teachers rallied outside Governor Cuomo’s office in Albany today to demand an investment of $1.9 billion in new school aid this year. Dozens of residents from the five boroughs took buses upstate this morning to join the effort to prevent schools from having to make "yet another year of cuts to staff, resources and courses." The group is also calling for Cuomo to support Mayor de Blasio's plan for universal pre-Kindergarten.

The protest coincided with the release of a report from the Governor's "New NY Education Reform Commission" that listed recommendations for improving the quality of education statewide. The Commission suggested lawmakers increase early education, expand the use of technology in schools, and reward "the best and brightest educators." What do you say?

Do you agree with the Commission's recommendations to improve the quality of education in New York? What ideas do you have? Should Governor Cuomo agree to invest another $1.9 billion tax dollars in school aid? Do you think today's protest will make a difference?

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I sure do agree with the NYERS's recommendations all students should know how to use the internet, the best educators should be rewarded the worst should be fired starting with the principal and the worst teachers at PS 106, i was shocked when i heard that the students didn't even have gym art or music more parents need to go to their kids school's to see whats really going on. The Govenor need to invest more money into education so Mayor Diblasio can start UPK and after school programs for the students that need help with homework, chancellor Farina should have bilingual classes in every school for students that don't know english that well. A education is very important all parents should help the satudents if they need help, they're our future.

Upper West Side

I'm unalterably opposed to the government picking the pockets of those who have no children to subsidize the education of children birthed by someone else. The parents should pay the whole bill out of their own pockets.

Port Richmond

I am all in favor of increasing educational spending if it gets in the schools, where it is needed. Classes are too large and many schools have cut things like art and music. Capital investment is needed as well, to meet current and future demand (look at all those shiny new buildings going up!); infrastructure is lacking or crumbling, classes are held in moldy trailers way beyond the structures' expiration dates, and some buildings have no gyms or libraries or rooms for special ed services.

Expanding technology sounds good - certainly all schools should have wifi and computers -but in some circles, expansion for its own sake is just about creating opportunities for companies to sell more stuff to schools and to collect more market-driven data on our kids.

If "rewarding 'the best and brightest educators'"means merit pay, then I am not in favor of that; I'm not aware of any cases where it has been shown to be beneficial (though higher starting salaries for teachers might be). The teachers I know would like more professional development (even the great ones) and would like to see more mentoring by excellent, experienced peers.


I don’t go along with teachers, parents and students by the hundreds rallying outside of
Governor Cuomo’s office in Albany today because I might take a word or two from last
evenings topic which seems to me as though all of these people are asking for funds to increase
the start of early education. Now according to what many callers, e-mailers and twitters they
seem to go along with Civil Liberties and others, etc. saying that by suspending students for
what they all seem to believe were minimal offences and it was believed that they were singled
out because of ethnicity. The reason being that they should get a free pass because of suspensions
being unfair to them all and didn’t look good on their record.
I would also like to know that with the attitude and disrespect in general towards the teachers
and students in their classes do they think that by acting in these types of manor will help
them apply for jobs down the road? I doubt it = not with an attitude.
I believe that it’s time for people who continue to be a big sport with other peoples money must
come to realize that this has become out of hand = Seems as though ask and you shall receive.
There was an article yesterday about what I refer to as a Phantom Principal that makes
her own hours and is a no show much of the time. Did any of the parents/guardians of
any of these children attending this particular school ever report this. How many more
principals are doing this very same thing.
Why would anyone believe that by pre-K for all will solve the problem. They need to fix
the problems that they now have in all the schools.
Where is DeBlasio when we have people busing up to Albany. Does someone incite this
and or does someone pick up the tab for these types of demands.
DeBlasio and Company have been in this system for a long time now and they should already
have an idea what to do with the situation that now exists.

To many hands in the soup.

Morris Park

I was under the impression the money from scratch offs and numbers game lotto etc. that money was for the education of our children .where does all that money go?

I was there John and it was packed
Will today's rally make a difference?
Maybe, last year the Gov said "He will the education advocate, it was just rhetoric talk"
What ideas to improve the quality of Education?
Increase school days & hours, eliminate the unnecessary days off like the February recess!
Children in the US don't have enough days to learn and falling behind compared to other states and countries.


$75 billion is spin. That number includes all state funding for colleges and universities. NYS school aid for pre-k to 12 is only $21 billion

Billy Easton
Executive Director
Alliance for Quality Education

how much improvement can 2 billion dollars do when they already spend 75 billion a year-----thats a big gap

Castleton Corners

There is too much money being spent on institutions that are hired to advise school administrations. Most of the classrooms are fine. Other countries do far more with less. One major concern is the lack of investment on infrastructure. Many public schools look like prisons, and lack the amenities that encourage students to do well in school.


Stop wastage & ban teachers union. Continue working like this for 2 years - you'll get a much lesser number than this 2 billion. Good for everybody especially for the taxpayers. Bad for only teachers union.Make the education sector more privately managed -otherwise even 4 billion dollars would be inadequate.

Washington Heights

Go ahead and triple the money for our schools. It's pointless Too many kids go home to families that are all nuts.

Richmond Hill

Opponents of the Mayor's plan cannot deny that the NFL is more exciting nowadays when minorities are given the opportunities to play as quarterbacks,, it has been proven that when poor kids are afforded the same early opportunities to compete as rich kids,society will benefit largely from the gifts and talents children are generally endowed with.


All that lottery money that was supposed to go to education is - but it has not been used to add additional funds, it has replaced funds that are now allocated elsewhere, and the education budget keeps getting cut. The State, City and Federal government have abdicated responsibility for public education. Cuomo is bragging about a surplus, but that comes on the backs of city and state workers by forcing them to contribute more to their healthcare and cutting their pensions. yet Republic rat Cuomo is cutting corporate taxes. The gap gets wider, and public education and kids suffer.
Soon only the rich will be able to give their kids a good education - what does that say about our future?


In order to improve education (i.e. test scores), is to feed theses kids three meals a day otherwise too many kids are just not ready to learn. Doesn't matter how early you start educating if they are hungry.

Lower East Side

1) The best private schools in NYC offer two periods of gym a day! (plus art and music during the week)

2) One of the biggest overlooked problems in public education especially among poor and minority kids and behavior problems and special hneeds kids is the incredible performance anxiety they bring to school and testilng because of aspirations and parental pressure for achievement, but often without home support.

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