Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: Governor Cuomo Expected To Support Medical Marijuana

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We got a big reaction to this topic on our show tonight. Most of our viewers seemed to support Governor Cuomo's measure and wanted it to go further. And compared to the rest of the country, where the trend seems to be towards more and more expansion of medical and recreational marijuana, Cuomo's action is a pretty conservative step. But, maybe it's just the first step towards a long term solution to be worked out with the legislature.

During tomorrow's State of the State address, Governor Cuomo is expected to outline plans to introduce medical marijuana in New York State. In a shift from his previous stance, Cuomo is expected to bypass the legislature and use an executive action allowing limited use of the drug by those with serious illnesses.

Medical marijuana is now available in 20 states and the District of Columbia. Governor Cuomo's plan would allow 20 hospitals across the state to prescribe the drug to patients with cancer, glaucoma or other diseases that meet standards set by the State Department of Health.

Marijuana cannot be legally grown in New York State, so the supply would have to come from evidence seized by law enforcement officials or the federal government. Do you support this idea?

Do you support the use of medical marijuana in New York State? Should the program be expanded to more than 20 hospitals statewide? Should New York follow Colorado's lead and legalize (and tax) the drug for recreational use as well?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

Marijuana should be legal to grow and legal to use medicinally or for pleasure. All prohibitions and regulations are violations of individual rights and freedom.

Port Richmond

I support it if it's only going to be used medically, the only hospitals that should use it are the ones with the most patients with cancer and glaucoma because so many people have those diseases. No drug should be legalized that's stupid because young kids might find a way to get it and that's bad, Mayor Diblasio's idea was awesome about taxing the rich so the schools can have all day pre k, after school programs and maybe longer school days some kids are smart they want to learn.

Upper West Side

It should be legal for Recreation

Upper East Side

Gov. Cuomo must have of had a brief lapse of thinking; last year he's against med marijuana and now he is going to legalize by Executive Order. And he's going to import the marijuana from other states since it's illegal to grow in-state. I recently read that buying nail polish remover requires the buyer show ID; due to the fact that marijuana is being laced with polish remover. The marijuana we smell in the streets and unfortunately some of our apt. bldgs. is chemically laced. I, for one, am opposed to both legalization and medical marijuana.

Call me crazy, but I don't think that sick people should be smoking pot; there are tons of legal pharmaceuticals that alleviate the suffering that cancer causes.

We must tell children and young people that marijuana and all drugs, including alcohol, will cause their lives to spiral downward; our politicians (who might be getting campaign donations from marijuana growers) will not.

Midtown East

All well and good if Cuomo limits it to the chosen hospitals for medicinal use. I have
much sympathy for anyone that is so terminally ill because like many others I have
had my share in my family.
I do hope they can keep track of limiting it to the people it is meant to help and that it
doesn’t fall into the wrong hands and end up having it get out of control by others that
insist on using it for recreational purposes.
I would not extend it to any more hospitals = please stop following other states = I’m
curious to know the name of the state that we will be purchasing our supply from.

Note: I am totally against it becoming legal in our state.

PLEASE: No behind closed door meetings !!!!!!!!

Morris Park

I am very optimistic about Cuomo's plan, and hope we will eventually legalize recreational marijuana. We have demonized this "wonder drug" for far too long, and I'm happy to the changes.

Jackson Heights

Cuomo is a loose canon. We cannot believe that allowing marijuana use will not cause a rise in crime and drug addiction. If you believe otherwise the drug you are on should be banned.

Park Hill

Legalize the stuff already! Medicinally, recreationally, WHATEVER. TOTAL REVENUE FOR GOVT!!!!


Bay Ridge

Cuomo is pandering again. He pandered to the casino industry and look at the mess Resorts Casino in Queens is in. He caused HUD to collapse under his watch not too long ago. Now he wants to dabble in medical marijuana . Does he realize how much security and oversight will be involved with his next debacle? The financial and liability risk will make it prohibitive.

Forest Hills

Cuomo is leading from behind on this, since he's already thinking about getting re-elected.
but who cares, progress is progress.
it seems often that the SAME CALLERS get aired on this program. at least with the snap poll EVERYONE gets their opinion counted!!!

Kew Gardens

Whats next out there to legalize and collect revenue. Theres gambling, got it,drugs, getting it, prostitution, on it way. What's is this Country coming to. Gambling ,drugs, why not go for the prostitution.

Staten Island

I'm all for legalization, but what about second hand smoke? What if I have children or don't want my place to smell like dead skunks. New York is a city mainly of apartments. What rights do the people who don't want to participate have? Perhaps legalize it in the form of teas, pills, cookies, (a non smoking form).

Yes, legalize marihuana and tax it too, cigarettes don't have any medicinal properties , are lethal to your health and are sold legally.


I think they should just legalize it completely because the taxes would help out the economy also a guy called the show yesterday saying the state could use the taxes from the marijuana to help pay for the all day kindergarten program they are trying to do I think it an great idea it about time they legalize it !!


I find it rather predictable that Cuomo would pull this about face, at the end of his term, in the beginning of his last year, during an election year. I fully expect Cuomo by the summer the latest, to support further legalization similar to California. Just like with the DMV, the state could raise plenty of capital from the fees of the card. This move, especially in he's behind in the polls compared to his opponents, would easily bolster support from college age voters all throughout the state, guaranteeing Cuomo a second term. Add in the simple fact that he was with Biden today and both have aspirations for the White House in 2016. Maintaining his position as Governor, is one easy way to guarantee himself at least a Vice Presidential nod.

Bay Ridge

The worst thing is the smell of it. The scent is strong and it stays with you. As long as it's controlled and used responsibly, not to mention taxed like cigarettes, why not?


It should be legalize for all adults recreational and for health issues as-well Im sure governor Cuomo has a lot of friends who hide to buy and smoke pot.
I smoke marijuana because I like it and It doesn’t make me a bad irrational addict person, It could be regulated like regular cigarettes “only for adults in non public places”
Make it legal, tax it and stop the hypocrisy.


I would like to know more first - to have this increase would be a nightmare for me and my asthma - I think there would need to be laws to protect those of us whom it could hurt not help,


Do we all really believe that legalizing marijuana whether for medical reasons or recreational reasons will not allow this drug to become easy access to teenagers or to young children? Teenagers of parents who use prescription drugs for medical reasons easily get a hold of these drugs for their own use. There are plenty of teenagers addicted to prescription drugs. Why would marijuana be any different -- Marijuana is also addictive.

Is marijuana really being demonized? Seems to me that people demonize cigarettes and all those who smoke them. Imagine making cigarettes illegal and legalizing marijuana . . . who said that marijuana was healthy and pure and why should people breathe in that secondhand smoke??

Upper East Side

As someone recently diagnosed with a chronic disease, this is a joy! I fully support the use of medical marijuana. I'm afraid that when I begin my medications I will suffer from the side effects of nausea, dizziness and loss of appetite. Although knowing that I can use marijuana to offset the symptoms can honestly be wonderful. Recreational use will come with time..

Lower East Side

I already have neighbors who smoke weed all day and all night - it's nasty, rude and intrusive. I don't like any sort of smoke for my own health reasons, and don't support any sort of smokable marijuana legalization. There need to be laws to prevent smoking of any sort on the premises of older buildings where air freely travels from one apartment to another. I don't intend to share intoxicants with adjoining apartments. If I can't be forced to drink alcohol with a drunk, I won't share smoke with nearby addicts.


What is going to happen is the cartels will undercut the prices of the government. lower their prices on the harder drugs. And a bigger addtion problem in our country.

Staten island

Tabacco is way more harmful for the young and old it isn't addicting unless the person already has a addictive personality which is a whole different conversation

Why can a a youth, at 21 years, drink hard liquor? What are teenagers able to smoke cigarettes? Why is the use of crack, cocaine or heroine so prevalent? Marijuana is for "the healing of the nations." I do not smoke but I would love a cup of ganja tea. All of this is political. Legalize it I say. It would eliminate poverty in Jamaica, where it is grown organically? Stop politicizing and start planting.



Uruguay is the only country that legalized marijuana. The congress approved legalization in 2013. This year of 2014, licensed pharmacies will start selling marijuana and the govern will tax it. We should watch the Uruguayans very closely.
Maybe, we can learn from their experience.


Love these smokers talking like they know something about marijuana besides smoking it. Marijuana is a mutagenic, it can mutate your DNA. Perhaps some real scientific studies first on whether or not the side effects, which there are many, outweigh benefits.


I support it for medical mariguana. The doctors who prescribe it first of all have to apply for a certificate to be able to prescribe and have to take a class on it. Not every doctor can prescribe. Also, it is not only administered to be smoked it can also be administered in the form of an oil to be taken orally. I have a niece who can be saved thru the use of medical mariguana. It has already helped out a little girl in Colorado who suffered from non stopped seizures to be her self again. everyone should do more research about it before making a decision. It is also being used in hospital in Israel to help patients with pain management, memory problem, and numerous conditions. Why are we so backwards an narrow minded.


I think governor Cuomo is doing the right thing. We are on the path of a continuing trend which will eventually lead to legalization for recreational use. There are many concerns of course, but done probably many people can benefit.

Washington Heights

Most parents don't know teens buy their marihuana in school anyways. So even if it's legal students will still buy it in school. I know I used to. It was so easy!


C'mon. It's a plant! More safe than all the crap made by Pharma companies. OxyContin kills people and causes way more harm than a natural plant.


it is just my opinion that a better understanding
of why so many people think it makes them feel
better\ ,laugh ,eat, dance that these facts
make the medical use, an important understanding
which could contribute to a better human life history .
we cant continue to think for others
as a person every being should learn what his body
needs to develop and live happy on earth for at least
a couple of decades.
try living only to make war , what would you give
people so that they dont kill each other .
i dont think the answer is coffee or tea .


The inhalation of smoking marijuana Is dangerous to the general public as well as the individual so if for medicinal purposes, why not legalize using it in the firm of solids like pills or liquid tablets? These solids may not adversely affect them and the many others who suffer breathing 2nd hand smoke by inhaling fumes as well as having a less addictive result for the user.


I feel that the legalization of Marijuana in medical fields is Long overdue. Not to mention for recreational purposes. I have done my research I have never encountered a statistic about Marijuana based deaths, but cigarettes & alcohol which are highly more addictive are legalized. For the record Marijuana is a plant it just grows like that and if you should so happen to set it on fire there are some effects: hungry, happy, sleepy (Katt Williams, 2005). These governors and political officials could benefit from marijuana usage to.


I think that Marijuana should be legalized for Medical reasons. Also it will help with taxes taking it from the drug dealers and lowering the many legal misdemeanor cases and leaving more room to prosecute and arrest rapist, murderers, etc.

Glo from Manhattan

From a person who quit smoking marijuana - I think while marijuana may be safe physically, it is possibly for it to effect people's emotions in a negative way and lead to depression, though this is not always the case. It depends on the person emotion and situation at the time.

On the other hand, I am against imposing how people should live.

- Nori from flushing queens ClientIP:, UserAgent: CCBot/2.0 ( Profile: TWCSAMLSP