Thursday, December 25, 2014


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The Call Blog: How Did The City Handle The Storm?

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The new mayor appeared a little unsteady at times during his storm news conferences. But for the most part, he won't take any heat for his handling of the cold. The exception being parents who struggled with child care arrangements because the call to close schools came early this morning. On the next challenge...

Did New York City's new mayor pass his first test? Mayor Bill de Blasio was out early this morning, clearing a path in front of his Brooklyn home with his son, Dante. Later in the day, he praised City agencies for their response to the winter storm, especially the Sanitation Department. Some 2,500 plows hit the streets after 6 to 11 inches of snow fell overnight in the five boroughs.

At 4:50 a.m., Mayor de Blasio and new Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina announced public schools would be closed. But the decision may have come too late for many New Yorkers who were hoping for more notice to make child care arrangements. Alternate Side Parking regulations are suspended today and tomorrow. And there will be no trash and recycling pickups until snow clearing efforts are complete.

How did the City do handling the first significant storm of the season? What grade would you give Mayor de Blasio for his leadership during the first test of his mayoralty? Do you agree with the timing and the decision to close public schools today? How are the streets in your neighborhood?

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Hi John

Mayor Diblasio passed his first big challenge with flying colors all the city agencies worked together especially the sanitation department, but its the job of building owners and people that own houses to shovel their sidewalks and walkways my home attendant almost slipped walking by my building the mayor shoveled his own sidewalk and Dante helped. Mayor Diblasio and chancellor Farina should of made the decision about the schools last night because it takes time for parents to find a babysitter and make other arrangements for the kids. W 97 street is finally cleared and the sidewalks are too i just hope they put salt down by the curbs because i'm in a wheelchair when the home attendant pushes me i don't want to go flying into traffic.

upper west side

Hi John;

Waiting until 4:50 in the morning to close the schools was bad for a multitude of reasons; was the mayor up all night thinking about this? It would have been so much better to know last night that school would be off today. It's not like the kids have missed a lot of school this year and one snow day (even if it turned out the snow was not that bad) would put the schedule behind the eight ball. The streets in our neighborhood were plowed but that was not something that called for much decision making, I would give the Mayor a B- on this one.

Ted from LES

The Sanitation Department did a good job-if only those people digging out their cars didn't throw the snow back in the street.

Howard Beach

Hi John,

The decision was almost unanimous about the closing of the schools on last evenings show. This ferocious storm was though out the whole United States. We were very much for warned about it. No matter how many children one has they need ample time to make arrangements before time. To many people have to be considered.

I question the high marks given to the sanitation department and this mayor simply because I have mentioned many times last year that this commissioner of the department of sanitation has not business keeping his job in Bloomberg or DeBlasio’s administration because people died in that storm and no one in administration was anywhere to be found and got all bent out of shape when questioned along with their arrogance and attitudes combined.

I noticed immediately that the we were told not to go out and don’t block the roads in order that the sanitation workers could clean the streets. EXCUSE ME: BUT WE WERE BLAMED FOR BLOCKING THE ROADS AND REMEMBER THIS SANITATION COMMISSIONER HAD THE NERVE NOT TO EVEN SHOW UP AT ONE OF THE MEETINGS OR WHATEVER THEY CALL THEM.

Please : Mr. Mayor stop trying to do an Ed Koch !!!!!!

Thank you John,

How did they handle the storm?! There is snow everywhere!! I was going to wear my suede shoes tonight. Now what! Terrible, just terrible.

Andy - Clinton Hill.


I watched the snow news into the late hours last night. Given that every school in the tri-state area--except MYC--had announced closing, I wondered just what de Blasio's hold up was. The weather was clearly going to be bad on Friday and the week had been a holiday week anyway. What was the problem with closing on Friday and announcing it at 11PM Thursday evening so that parents and students and teachers wouldn't have to stay up all night awaiting a ruling from City Hall? I can only say pretense.

Port Richmond, SI

Overall we learned some valuable lessons today.

Our new mayor is good at photo-ops, he has more safety sense regarding children in snow storms than his fiscally concerned predecessor, "the outer boroughs" still doesn't include Staten Island and lastly, there is a difference between going down the block on PlowNYC, and going down the block with the blade down.

Overall grade for the storm from here - C-

-John from S.I.

A- on his first test. Why? Announcement for closing schools should have been made before 9pm Thursday night. People can still make calls at that time for child care. 4:30 in the morning is not a good time to do that.

Arden Heights

Well for the first time in 7 years of living in Throggs Neck on a TERTIARY street there was plowing in a timely fashion. The first plowing came through around 3am and a second plowing took place around 9am. It has been customary to get a first plowing about 24 hours after the major snow arrived. I spoke to Jimmy Vacca after the last big snow when as TERTIARY residents we had to arrange for car services to get to work because our cars were stuck.

I told him that TERTIARY street residents are taxpayers too and that Throggs Neck's streets are already narrow and if emergency vehicles needed to get through they would be a day late and a dollar short! He was very attentive to my concerns.

I used the PLOW MAP provided by and lo and behold there was my address shown in yellow instead of the purple! I am certain that all of this was well in place before Mayor de Blasio took his oath, but, I give the results a two thumbs up. As for closing the schools I didn't have a problem with the timing of the announcement of the public schools.closing announcement.

kathy from Throggs Neck da bronx

My street on Staten Island is in excellent condition. The DoS Commissioner did a good job. School closure was handled well. If school closures were announced last night and it stopped snowing the critic birds would have been tweeting. School closure announcements are not intended for the convenience of parents to get baby sitters.

Park Hill

The sanitation workers of this city have done a superb job in clearing the streets of snow during and after the first major winter storm of 2014. The men and women of the Department of Sanitation ,as well as their boss ,Commissioner John Dougherty,are to be commended for a job well done!The highways and secondary and tertiary roads were 92-100 percent plowed.Our sanitation workers are pros at doing this-they have had a lot of experience,especially since the 2002 winter season and beyond.Thanks for all your hard work and dedication-you are a credit to this city,and the Commisioner and Mayor DeBlasio must be proud of all of your professional work!

Fresh Meadows, NY

The Winter snow storm Hercules has just blown in and the city was well prepared. Our New Mayor Bill de Blasio was a true novice in such matters but with the help of our Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty and his tenacious and diligent sanitation crews they got the job done. Now I live in Glen Oaks Village and our main roads were done by morning. Our Sanitation Department had done what was needed to keep us safe and allowed us to get to our daily tasks and for that I give them all a ," High Five."

Glen Oaks Village, N.Y.

The trash hasn't been picked up in a week, that means last Fri then Tues and tonight. It snowed last night but on last week's piles. Is there's a slowdown going on amid the change of administrations and ahead of negotiations?


Hamilton Heights looks great!! Roads are cleaned up, so are the side walk! Good job Mayor De Blasio.


Streets in my Turtle Bay neighborhood, especially the avenues, are black but not dry, sometimes slick. I think it's impossible in weather this cold to get them dry. The sun this afternoon seemed to help, but it needs to warm up a bit. Cross streets have been plowed, but still have more snow on them than the avenues. I can't complain; it's very cold. Have been wearing my hiking boots!

Ellie - Turtle Bay

I think DeBlasio did a GREAT job cleaning up the snowstorm!! He's the best NYC mayor EVER!!


It was so nice to see such a normal family handle a mundane situation! Dante helping his dad shovel the walkway is adorable!

Lisa bk

It was a wise decision to close all NYC Schools today. Putting the safety of our children is of paramount importance. In addition, it would have been a complete disaster with all of the teachers and other essential staff that would not have been able to safely make it in today. Bill De Blasio and Carmen Farina...kudos!!

Carol...Down Brooklyn

! What a departure from the past administration ! Love this guy - thank you God! :)




Good night just wanted to let you know that as to now our st is still not yet clean 176th st and 90th ave Would really appreciate if you can look into this


I give the mayor high marks for getting the streets plowed. However, I think he should have called for the closing of schools last night. It was an inconvenience to both parents and teachers announcing it at 4:50 a.m. Many teachers come from Long Island and the LIE was shut down all night. How would they have gotten in. After all we do have a snow day


We saw the mayor on TV shoveling the snow from in front of his Park Slope home this morning. I applaud his leadership style and how he connects with common people. Keep it up Mr. Mayor because the 98% feel that we now have someone running the city who is just like us and everyday we see it more and more. Good Job


Mayor DeBlasio, Mayor DeBlasio, what a beautiful, beautiful sound!

East Village

ps Yes, he did very well today. Came across like he cared - unlike ole what was his name?

Washington Heights can use more cleaning up. Trash has not been picked up in several days and is now covered in snow.

Washington Heights

I think New Yorkers are a little too quick to praise the mayor regarding the snowstorm. What about the Sanitation Department? They are the ones that truly deserve the praise. And anyway, the Ocean Parkway bike lanes & sidewalks in Brighton Beach were not plowed. City sidewalks are the roads for us New Yorkers that do not drive. I would love for both the roads & the city sidewalks to be plowed. Before praising the mayor so much, let’s let the mayor truly prove himself with bigger jobs beyond just snow.


Still all the street covered with snow at Chelsea area Manhattan. Too dangerous to drive. I thought he was careless about removing snow or save some cost to do. I was amazed to see at the news he says 90-100% road was cleared. That is not true. Unlikely previous mayor.


I think that our new Mayor did a wonderful job today. It was a good thing that he made the decision to close the schools. Parents should be prepared to face these type of emergencies and they should be thankful that the children did not have to go out and be exposed to this extremely bitter cold that has struck our city.


Well from my experience last night i can only say it was handled poorly. I had no option but to work and my commute takes me from the Upper East side to the meatpacking district (therefore my commute incorporates many neighborhoods also including using the Fdr). I left for work at 9pm (only 3hrs into the snow) and saw no ploughs or nothing looked remotely ploughed. My cab did a 180 on 2nd and 25th and again there was no evidence of any ploughing being done. I got out of work early which was at 1 am again did not see another plough on my travels and again another car nearly crashing out of control on the FDR which i thought was a primary road. This was the early hours of the morning and maybe his focus was on rush hour which is fair enough but for someone that works at night disappointing.


It was horrible it was minimally plowed and not safe saw a lot of spin outs

Upper West Side

I was not pleased with the snow removal. As always areas of Staten Island North Shore were plowed poorly. In fact my street has maybe removal service once if that. The main road need some improvement as well. What grade do I give our new mayor ....still yet to be determine.

From Mariner Harbor area of Staten Island

Great job as our guys are stronger than hercules. Good thing the Mayor didn't disrupt the SDNY and it's leadership - they handled this storm. They usually do under Doherty. Being it was a Friday and still in a holiday week - it was far from a crisis.

Carroll Gardens

Hi John:

Happy New Year.

What's wrong with people, giving the mayor A grade, A++. I would assume that they do not know what a grade is. I am living in Queens at 126th Street and my street nor the streets in the neighbor never see a plough or salt truck for the entire day. It has sooooo much snow that you cannot see a piece of black on the road. Please people, if you want to be nice just say so. The mayor is trying to do his best but do not go over board. There is not grade from me, it is a trial test.

Thank you,

With all respect to NY’s First Lady, I am in love! The Mayor gets an A from this CUNY professor. His demeanor was warm, fatherly and so comforting and reassuring. What a welcome relief to finally have a Mayor who comes across as caring human being not as a bored, jaded and vaguely importuned reptile. I’m on the Upper East Side and the streets are not as snow-free as under the previous administration, but I feel confident that we will get there. No complaints, Mayor, God bless you and keep up the great work.




I say that Mayor Deblasio gets an A++,and the sanitation dep't as well! I am on a main street,and I would have to say that the street was plowed all night and after! He was on top of things,and I really think that he is all for the people (all of the people). I really hope and pray that he will do as much as I think that he will. He seemed to be very concerned for the homeless,which is a great thing. I really like this new mayor a lot,and I hope that he keeps doing a great job,and stands by whatever he says that he will do!

Lauren G from Willowbrook--Westerleigh Staten Island

Sanitation Dept. did a nice job in my neighborhood. As far as the Mayor Diblasio goes I think it's too early to tell. Like that he closes the school's @ 5:00 AM.

John from Prince Bay Staten Island

Mayor de Blasio is relying on the Bloomberg's infrastructure to deal with today's snow storm. He has not made enough changes in the relevant departments to truly own this storm. Any criticism or praise belongs to Bloomberg until de Blasio puts his own stamp on the city's ability to respond.


Finally a major who cares about the safety of students and teachers. I think it was a great decision to close the schools. Too many children take school buses and public buses. It was too cold for waiting! Also, many teachers live very far and would not have been able to travel in safely. Our neighborhood streets have been plowed several times! So far, so good DiBlasio! The first family mayor we have had in 20 years.

Jenn from Astoria

I live on Schenectady Ave on Ave L. I got better service from Mike,B..Sorry. B. Bill

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