Saturday, December 20, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio Appoints Carmen Farina as Schools Chancellor

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Based on our show at least, it seems the majority of teachers and parents are very happy to have Carmen Farina as the new schools chancellor. A lot are hopeful that an educator will be more likely to understand another educator's concerns and issues. Once all the good sentiments quiet down though, Farina will have a lot of work to do on day one; luckily, it seems she is more than up to the task.

With just two days to his inauguration, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio names his long-awaited pick for the City’s new schools chancellor. He tapped longtime Department of Education insider and former deputy schools chancellor Carmen Farina to the post. Based on her 40 years of experience as an educator, including as a former teacher and principal, Farina will be the first chancellor in more than a decade that will not require a waiver for the job.

In making the announcement today, de Blasio said Farina, “knows what teachers are going through, she knows what parents are going through… She knows it because she’s lived it.” Farina, emphasizing her own immigrant roots, added she will ensure a system where all parents have a voice in their child’s education.

Farina enters the role at a crucial time with several challenges, including negotiating a contract with the teachers union. She also has to execute two major platforms of Bill de Blasio’s campaign: implementing universal pre-Kindergarten and a moratorium on the expansion of charter schools. The pre-K program calls for a tax hike on wealthy New Yorkers and would have to be approved by Albany.

Do you welcome Carmen Farina back to the Department of Education? How successful will she be in carrying out de Blasio’s campaign promises? Are you hopeful New York City parents will have an active role in the de Blasio administration?

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The selection and appointment of former deputy chancellor Carmen Farina to be the next chancellor by Mayor elect Bill DeBlasio was a very sound and wise choice. With over 40 years experience in our public school system,she is the perfect person for this very important and demanding position.This writer would like to extend to her his very best wishes for much success and happiness in her new position. This job will be an undaunting and herculean task,and she will be on the go all of the time,but as her excellent work record shows, she is willing to work with teachers,principals,superintendents,and parents to insure that every single child receives a good education in our city public schools.Welcome, Chancellor Farina!

Fresh Meadows

Ms. Farina is a awesome choice for school's chancellor because she know what the teachers need and she knows what it takes to make the schools great. i'm sure the parents that care about their kids education will get envolved and have active role in what their kids are doing in school even if they dont know english Ms Farina would have plenty of bilingual teachers to help the parents and kids that cant speak english, i hope the people in Albany do apporove taxing the rich because the kids are our future.

Upper West Side

Bill Deblasio's choice for chancellor could not be better. Finally we have someone with real educational experience. Carmen will capitalize on everyone's talents for the benefit of our students Our students will be getting the leadership they deserve.


Bravo. Carmen Farina is the perfect choice and she will be able to implement Mayor elect DiBlassio's programs as well as tin our school system.

I Look forward to returning to work on Thursday under this new leadership

Arden Heights

I do welcome her back and am curious if she will have complete control over the
whole education system. It’s mentioned that she has to deal with the salaries
of the educators in the system. DeBlasio is counting on a tax increase of the
wealthy in order to send youngsters to pre-K school.
There is a question about the new speaker that seems to me is just another
owe me job = like it’s their turn now to climb the ladder of success and meanwhile
we end up with the same people in charge of the different positions/departments.
I would also like to make another observation and that is the Police Commissioner
being picketed against because of his style of managing and he to is a re-tread.
So much verbal statements have been thrown out there that it just seems to be
political promises and each subject is becoming more and more a question mark.
If this DeBlasio can’t get his act together then how can all the agencies if you
will get their acts together. Much of this should have been resolved long before
this week.

I also think that the council members that ran for third terms should not have done
Also these council members have some nerve running for a third term. And this is
suppose to be a better New York with this crowd. I doubt it. This is another
QUINN awaiting for her throne.

Morris Park

I am optimistic. The system is a wreck right now. What I really wish is that we could get rid of the Common Core, as it is not working for most kids and parents alike.

Jackson Heights

I am encouraged that Carmen Farina has been a life long educator in the NYC Public Schools. I hope she will strengthen parent involvement on School Leadership Teams and place all excess teachers (ATRs) and staff in to vacant positions.

James (Educator)
Middle Village

While Mike Bloomberg was busy comparing himself to Dwight Eisenhower, and getting smacked in the behind multiple times on his way out the door, he neglected to do something important.

Alan Turing, who broke the German naval code, “Enigma,” was finally pardoned by the Queen this week for the crime of being gay in 1952. Some say too little, too late. Maybe so. We cannot change the past.

But we can send the right message to children going forward. Surely New York can find an appropriate way to honor this great man to whom we owe so much, whose reward in life, shamefully, was to be tortured into an early grave.

If Mayor Bloomberg does not use his last day in office to correct this oversight, then it falls to Bill deBlasio and Carmen Farina to find a way.


Loved her press conference. So many contrasting vibes between what an educator and educational leader brings and what has gone on for the last 15 years (counting Harold Levy).

Good riddance to Mayor Bloomberg, his chancellors and the host of consultants they hired--so arrogant and unaware of their individual and collective incompetence that were probably inured to the pain of knowing the harm they visited on our children.


Finally an educator! The mayor-elect had made a wise and the correct choice. Klein, Black and Wilcock were the type to sit on their hands and ignore teachers, parents, and students. I have a strong feeling this new chancellor won't. Kudos!

Morningside Heights

As an educator in the NYC public schools, I am very happy with Bill De' Blasio's pick for Education Chancellor. I like the idea of minimizing the role of standarized testing. I like De'Blasio's stand on charter schools and closing schools, rating schools and some of the other misguided policies of the Bloomberg administration. I also liked her advocating for Science, Art, and Social Studies areas that have been neglected by the focus on Math and Ela in the previous administration. Overall, the choice of a former teacher to the position of Chancellor will only help to focus education back on the students.

I don't know much about her but I hope Chancellor Farina 1st point of order is to reverse Bloomberg's Executive Order on Mayoral Control
and return School Boards and District Superintendants!
Have a Happy and Safe New Year 2014 :)


I object to this appointment. I mean, she's not a magazine editor or lifetime political crony. How can a veteran, experienced, and popular teacher know anything about education?


I am pleased that Mr. DeBlasio chose an "Educator" to serve as School Chancellor. This is how it was always done before Mayor Bloomberg. A candidate needs to have been in the School System in order to understand it from the ground up. Only an Educator can understand what Teachers go through, the frustration of the parents, and the needs of our children etc. "Bravo, Mayor DeBlasio", finally someone has gotten it Right.

Upper West Side

I was so pleased to hear Chancellor Farina speak today. We finally have an educator in charge of the DOE!

Michael (School Administrator)

I hope Carmen Farina implements a program where the strength of a student's integrity & community service are more important than standardized tests. There's too much stress with all the testing, and not enough learning & enjoyment of educ_tion.

Rego Park

I applaud the choice of Carmen Farina
for the position of chancellor. She is highly
qualified and most importantly she is
a hands on educator. I hope that teachers
that were harassed to retire under the Bloomberg
administration will be welcomed back to contribute
their knowledge and expertise.


It is fantastic to see someone who has taught and is familiar with our educational system inside and out. I have high hopes that she will do a much better job than the previous jokers.

I would also like to see principals and assistant principals back in the classrooms, teaching at least one class on a regular basis. That way, they would be more sympathetic towards teachers and the difficulties which they face in the classrooms.

Mt. Vernon, NY

Nice to get someone with a touch of humanity who can actually lauglh. Already an improvement over the humorless impersonal automotons of the Bloomberg administration.


I couldn't be happier for students, parents, and teachers on the election of Carmen Farina.
As I have in the past, I invite Chancellor Farina to visit my classroom at any time to share my passion for teaching with her!!!


As a long time ELA Staff Developer, I absolutely welcome Ms. Farina! She's knowledgeable, wise, tough, and progressive in her thinking and approach. I was interviewed by her, years ago, for a position in District 15, and was very impressed with her hiring techniques (she and her staff were innovators). Years later, once she became Deputy Chancellor, I sat in her workshop, quite excited to hear her thinking about the educational direction our city was taking. To me, she's representative of the kind of great initiatives that Dr. Rudy Crew (another great educator) brought to NYC...I'm looking forward to her tenure as Chancellor! Thank you!

We've come a long way from the likes of Cathy Black, a magazine exec. who managed to offend parents parents with an offhand joke about birth control and bewildered City Hall aides when she seemed to mock a crowd of parents protesting the closing of a school.hall meeting of the District 14 Community Education Council, in Brooklyn. And Wolcott was just Bloomberg's yes-man with no real vision.

The new chancellor will have a tough time, but she's up for the job and knows the territory. Can't wait till Jan.1st! Good riddance to the oligarchs.

Upper West Side

Hmm, a teacher to lead teachers? The world, she be round!!!
Happiness is, a new Mayor, new administration and hopefully a renewed New York!
Happy New Year, to One and All at NY1!


Is it my imagination or has every person that Bill De Blasio has announced for his administration been an elderly person?

Rob G.

Good choice, but as Ed from Sheepshead Bay said there needs to be a crackdown on the disruptive students----politics be damned---they ruin the education process for the 98% of serious students.

Also there needs to be honesty in test scoring-----tests (regents exams) should not be done in pencil and marked in the buildings----too much pressure for results leads to too much temptation. Look into the recent scoring scandal in Oakland, CA and the expose in the book, "Freakenomics" about the same thing in the Chicago school system-----cheating (on the part of school administrators) is rampant country wide.


I am hopeful in hearing the choice for chancellor. I pray she takes the politics out of education and the business of playing one group of parents off on the other group. Charter vs Public school parents and bring back the business of educating our children. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Miss Mae

I graduated with a Master's in Education from Hunter College in 2009. I am still looking for a teaching job so I hope this new chancellor will help open some new positions.


I am thrilled at the appointment of Carmen Farina as chancellor. I spent the first 10 years of my career as a teacher at PS 6 with Carmen as principal. I can tell you she provides inspiration, knowledge, and support in a job that often feels overwhelming. She was able to bring together a community of teachers, to inspire us to take on leadership roles, to help each of us learn our craft and create a partnership between parents, teachers and students. I know Carmen will work to improve a system that right now seems to have forgotten its primary purpose is to provide a rigorous education as well as foster an excitement for learning in all students.


I want to know if she is going to eliminate those test and bring back actual gym playing. The kids nowadays do not play in gym. Learning is not fundamental. Maybe she can also help these autism kids with this bussing situation that the OPT can never get right.

I want to see Chancellor Farina end the ABSENT TEACHER RESERVE policy. The ATR policy wastes tens of millions of dollars in a time of austerity. It merely is designed to get rid of experienced teachers that have higher salaries. They should be placed in schools and allowed to teach. They are being used as extremely expensive substitute teachers and the practice is shamefully wasteful.

Stuyvesant Town

Carmin Farina is a true believer in the arts and social studies and was instrumental in helping The Toy Museum of NY get off the ground over 14 years ago. The Museum started in one of her District 15 classroom's and now is now a thriving museum in Brooklyn that also focuses on social studies and the arts. She and the Mayor Elect DeBlasio understand quality ideas that help our school children learn in innovative and new ways. She will be an excellent leader.



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