Friday, December 26, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor-Elect Heads to Washington, Poll Finds NYers Optimistic About De Blasio

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Sometimes high expectations can be positive, but it can also be a double-edged sword. Just as in Obama's case, people are expecting incredibly huge things from Bill de Blasio, which isn't really fair. Change, at least real change, takes time and if people are really optimistic de Blasio will deliver it, they should also give him time.

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio was in Washington today to meet with President Obama. De Blasio was part of a group of newly-elected mayors from around the country. The meeting was held to discuss ways in which the Obama administration can serve as an active partner in creating jobs and ensuring opportunities for middle-class families.

President Obama today called the mayors the ones who could “actually get stuff done.” Speaking after the meeting, de Blasio said he will join with other mayors to push for his key issues of fighting income inequality and funding universal pre-Kindergarten.

Meanwhile, a new poll finds a majority of New Yorkers have positive feelings about the incoming mayor. According to a New York Times/Siena College poll, 73 percent of City residents are optimistic about the next four years. Another 65 percent say the new mayor will bring about real change in the way things are done. Majorities also expect Bill de Blasio will have a positive impact on everything from the quality of schools to keeping New Yorkers safe. And while most respondents said the Bloomberg administration favored the wealthy, they expect the de Blasio administration to treat all New Yorkers equally.

What’s your reaction to the poll findings? Do you think the de Blasio administration will have a positive impact on the City? Are you hopeful Washington will be responsive to New York City’s concerns? What ways can the City ensure job creation and opportunities for the middle class?

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I think the poll is a positive sign that New Yorkers want to move forward in a new direction, and want this mayor to succeed in making the city work for the vast majority of us who have to grind and struggle each and everyday.

Bay Ridge

De blasio has said he wanted to impose a higher tax rate on the rich. That is not treating everyone equally.

Park Hill

De Blasio will have an effect on NYC, but it won't be good. I rate de Blasio a zero.

Port Richmond

I know Mayor-Elect Diblasio will do a better job then Bloomberg we had 12 years of Bloomberg the city can't get any worse, Bloomberg only favored the rich. Diblasio will do more for education, affordable housing, public safety and creating jobs Diblasio is a mayor for everyone.

Upper West Side

There was never any inclusiveness with the Bloomberg Administration. Only the wealthy mattered. There may be a chance to include all citizens in NYC. I am optimistic for the most part.


I am cautiously optimistic that DiBlasio will be able to heal some of the wounds inflicted on us by Bloomberg.

East Village

As a retired Lieutenant NYPD i feel that crime will go up and the middle class will flee the city. The morale of the NYPD is at an all time low and DeBlasios plan to further handcuff our brave Police Officers will only make matters worse. Vito from Ozone Park.

We have a Democratic Mayor, 47 out of 51 City council members are democras and we have a Democratic Governor. we have a Democratic President and Senate. Problem, is the 1 percent controls them.


I think Deblasio should stay in New York and focus on his apppointments for the next four years. As of now, the same old faces are being appointed with the hope they will reign in Deblasio's outrageouis promises to special interest groups throughout his campaign. And the bashing of Commissioner Kelly still makes me sick to my stomach. Deblasio needs to make a public apology to Commissioner Kelly, the true "top cop" in the United States.

I see very little hope for this administration.

Midtown East

Give our new mayor a chance he will be a great mayor for our city.

Mr. Eddie
Far Rockaway

Anything is better than Bloomberg! I believe de Blasio will do all he has said he would do. NYC animal shelters which needs a major shelter reform done because of enormous daily killings and disease which is running rampant inside ACC. De blasio promise he will do shelter reform. De Blasio will save many animals from unnecessary diseases and euthanasia inside these killing machines in NYC.


All this talk about changes in the public school, and Police Department, but New York City really needs to become concerned about the New York City Department of Correction. Since under the incompetent watch of Commissioner Dora Schriro, her administrative staff idly does nothing while their male & female staff are brutally assaulted by these criminals are are now recklessly playing the knockout game with female staff, and only appear to take action when a staff member defend themselves, or others, from physical harm, and that is when they want to hold them up to rediculous scrutiny, so they can determine whether they should be criminally indicted, or departmentally charged. If something is something is not done soon New York City will end up paying the dangerous price.

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