Sunday, December 21, 2014

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The Call Blog: Days Before Newtown Anniversary, Lawmakers Focus On Gun Regulations

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Law-abiding gun owners and people stopped and frisked by police tend to make the same arguments. Both want the government to stay out of their business because they aren't the ones "doing anything wrong." Both also want a similar outcome. That is, to feel safe and not have their rights violated. If you listen closely, suburban and urban voices do sound a lot alike.

Two days before the anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, lawmakers turned their attention to gun control legislation. Today at City Hall, Mayor Bloomberg and representatives from Mayors Against Illegal Guns announced the results of an investigation into online gun sales. Their report found nearly one-third of gun ads on the website were posted by sellers who do not possess a mandatory federal firearms license.

The report concluded nearly 244,000 guns are sold illegally every year because private sales do not require background checks in most states. New York isn't one of them. In January, Albany lawmakers passed the SAFE Act. It requires background checks for private gun sales and purchases of ammunition, restricts possession of high-capacity magazines, and requires the registration of assault weapons.

Twenty children and six adults were killed by a lone gunman in the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. Organizers of today's event said 31,000 Americans die every year from gun violence. Should Congress and state governments across the country do more to enact "sensible gun laws?"

In the year since the Sandy Hook shooting, have lawmakers done enough to prevent gun violence? What suggestions do you have to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, while respecting the rights of law-abiding owners? How would you grade Mayor Bloomberg's handling of this issue during his 12 years in office?

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Hi John

Congress and government officials should do more than the SAFE act, they should create more gun buyback programs in poorer neighborhoods since the economy is bad people need the money for food. There should be more checkpoints on the turnpike to see if criminals are bringing guns to the tri-state area because to many kids are being shot or worse Mayor Bloomberg gets a C for gun control

upper west side

I am on the Social Action Committee at my synagogue, Stephen Wise Free Synagogue. It is a progressive Reform synagogue, on the Upper West Side. We are concentrating on two main issues this year - fighting for gun safety and to end homelessness.

On Gun Safety - I am extremely disappointed that there has been no progress on the federal level to promote gun safety. It seemed inevitable that after twenty young children and six adults were murdered, that improvements would be made to help prevent future tragedies. On the plus side, New York State now has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

Riverdale, NY


Guns don't kill people; people kill people. Banning guns will have zero effect on incidents like Sandy Hook. But it will deny your right to protect yourself in such cases.

Port Richmond, SI

Hi John,

I’m sorry to say but I feel this Bloomberg is the most insensitive, uncaring and sadistic person to even bring up investigations at this time. The families/loved ones, friends asked everyone to respect their privacy and this mayor is grandstanding against their wishes. There are more than enough laws on the books that are not followed and these so called upstaging politicians seem to always be playing a game of can you top this to make points. If this mayor is so hell bent on stats and investigations he should take a look at what his money tried to buy and that being sheriffs and mayors all over the United States to promote his gun laws by giving large sums of money contributions towards their elections and he has failed by doing that = end of subject.

When it’s time to back off = just do it out of respect. God Bless these people and we all pray for you and your loved ones.

Thank you John,

This issue makes me ashamed to be an American. NOTHING has been done in Washington, it's disgraceful. We need to fix this problem, it's outrageous. It's a public health CRISIS - wake up! I am PROUD to be a New Yorker, strongest gun laws in the country!!!

Kew Gardens

School safety in NYC has not changed in a year later. The most common sense decision is for the NYPD School Safety Division to know which Agents are absent and send a replacement into the school each morning. Also, to cease the practice of having an absent agent report to headquarters the morning after they were absent to sign paperwork, leaving the school void of an agent for the morning arrival. As a school secretary, I have to call in the morning to inform the division that someone is missing. A school aide is then placed at the desk, sometimes for hours, until someone drives the replacement to the school. During this time, 1500 students are in the building without the one single trained agent. assigned to the building, I hope our new Mayor DiBlasio will hold NYPD School Safety Division Supervisors accountable for any building which opens in the morning without a School Safety Agent in place.


I think the state is over stepping its boundaries . The constitution of the united states doesn't say anything about getting a permit. It say i have a legal right to bear arms.

Shawn. Bushwick

Are we being fully truthful about this pathology with Guns? Legal gun ownership was what the shooter had in Sandy Hook ,or was that his mom? Either way, this is more about our propensity for violence, as a nation. Any and all methods of violence becomes the result, #1 choice...Guns.

Organically speaking


Gun trafficking won't stop when you have a culture of violence, thanks to the music & films that make youth want the guns. It's existed for decades now & can't be reversed.

MZ Richmond Hill Queens.

96% of all gun crimes in the USA are committed with handguns. Therefore we need all States to require a permit to buy a handgun, and limits to how many you can buy each month, just as we have in New York.

-Dan from Rego Park

If all the guns in the world are destroyed. People will still find way to hurt each other.

Big Paul

Tougher restrictions should be made to the manufacturing companies. Tougher laws should be stricter towards the criminals. Each bullet should count as 30yrs to life. Mass murders and terroristic threats should be 50-100yrs to life per body. Bring back the death penalty. For each gun turned in, raise it to $200 per gun and $2 per bullet.


Guns and cowards go hand in hand. What other person (a coward) would kill or wound an innocent child? The lawmakers basically condon this because the really don't punish people for illegal gun possession or usage. Ten years per bullet no negotiations, automatic life without parole, no negotiations. Now you will see a different. Buy back is a joke. Why are you paying someone for a gun only for them to go buy another one. WAKE UP!

New York City

If we legalize some of the things that finance the people buying guns - marijuana and gambling - maybe the criminal access to them would decrease. There is much talk of gateway drugs - they also create the gateway to financing gun purchases. Strict gun laws may have an impact but stopping the criminal environment that fosters illegal guns may be a smarter approach.


As a NYC gun owner having your entire life tied to keeping your gun safe and out of the wrong hands reinforces the fact that most of the nyc gun crimes are done with illegally acquired weapons

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