Friday, December 19, 2014

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The Call Blog: New Yorkers React To Selection Of Bill Bratton As Police Commissioner

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Bill de Blasio's vision of change includes bringing back a familiar face. A person who expanded the use of stop-and-frisk while the police commissioner in Los Angeles. This choice tells me the substance stays, but the style changes. When it comes to policing, Bill/Bill will be similar to Bloomberg/Kelly, just with a few more smiles.

For the second time in almost 20 years, Bill Bratton will lead the New York City Police Department. New Yorkers are reacting with mixed reviews to the news he will return as the top cop in a Bill de Blasio mayoral administration. De Blasio made the announcement yesterday, saying he's confident Bratton will help reform the use of stop-and-frisk, while keeping the streets safe.

The 66-year-old resigned as police commissioner after serving from 1994 to 1996 under Mayor Rudy Giuliani. His resume includes leading the Boston and Los Angeles police departments, and the New York City Transit Police. Bratton emphasized the broken-windows theory of policing that targets criminals who commit small crimes because they may also commit more serious crimes.

Bratton said yesterday, "We have a situation in this city at this time that is so unfortunate. At a time when police and community should be so much closer together, that there should be a bond of legitimacy and trust between them, it's not the case in so many communities in this city. It's unfortunate. But it can be corrected." What do you say?

Do you welcome Bill Bratton back to the NYPD? Will he be able to keep the crime rate down while reforming street stops? What should his first priority be when leading the Police Department?

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YES, I welcome Mr. Bratton back, he has a proven record, and I honesty agree it would be best if POLICE OFFICERS, And the community have respect for each other, like it use to be many years ago, THIS is the only way to have Safer streets!


It is unfortunate that City Council members played the race card instead of basing their stop and frisk objections on the merits of the program. Good luck to the new commissioner in overcoming the race card.

Park Hill


Commissioner Bratton has to do a great job. New York cannot have it any other way.

John, thank you for such a great program. I look forward to watching every night (except tonight which is going to be a good one!)

midtown east
actively retired

I'm sure if comissoner Bratton don't do the job correctly mayor-elect Diblasio would hire someone better, the city needs a commissioner that have the right policies for keeping the city safe for everyone. His first job should be changing the stop and frisk policy because to many minority people are being arrested for no reason.

upper west side

He should be retired. Not the best choice.

Midtown East

Hi John,

The selection for police commissioner should have been settled before this due to the times we live in. At least I’m happy to see that someone that has experience in this field was chosen. [Lets hope that he competes the job] I hope that DeBlasio and Bratton will see eye to eye on this very important appointee. DeBlasio is running into problems because he has promised to many things to the voters and he can’t possibly deliver. [promises = promises don’t ever work] Another important thing to be considered is that they must make an attempt to due away with the quota system. There certainly is a lot of work to be done and they had better get to it because we in New York are still vulnerable and always will be.

Thank you John,


With de Blasio in charge and frequently arguing against stop and frisk, I question whether Bratton will be effective at reducing and preventing crime.

Port Richmond, SI

His first priority needs to mend fences in neighborhoods where police and community have been at odds. Is it possible to do? Absolutely. All people deserve to be treated with respect and not assumed guilty simply by the color of their skin and/or religious and cultural beliefs.

Will he be able to keep the crime rate down while reforming street stops? Although a Caucasion, I can see no useful reason for stops unless an explicit crime solving possibility exists. If people are breaking the law, they should be stopped. If people are simply standing on the street, "hanging out" if you will - it doesn't necessarily mean they're up to no good. When I was a teenager, my friends and I "hung out" too. We never got stopped - we were White. Double standard.

What should happen - is the police on Staten Island should start pulling people over for speeding, jumping stop signs, jumping red lights, cutting people off, tailgating, illegally passing on 1 lane in each direction streets, etc. This should be done based upon nothing more than drivers breaking the law with no difference between age, sex, race, religion. If guilty, there should be consequence - for all!

Arden Heights

I think Bratton is an excellent choice. He's experienced and superb at what he does.


Any disassociation from Bloomberg’s administration will be no doubt a vast improvement. But De Blasio will have to be very careful not to step on any toes. Bratton has a close to impeccable record. But leave it to the press and the liberal elite to find some fatal flaw in him. I’m sure the onslaught will be unstoppable.

Bklyn Hghts

Bratton is another white male commissioner - Mayor de Blasio promised to make the agency leaders reflect NYC. Let's hope the new FDNY commissioner will be a minority and/or female!

Park Slope

Banks will be made the commissioner Of Correction. The correction officers are Afro-American and Latino and the majority of the inmate population is Afro-american and Hispanic. Commissioner Schriro has began an effective plan to end solitary confinement for the mentally ill but receives no cooperation from the unions.


Lets not forget that it was Bratton's creation of CompStat that helped make policing a numbers game--complete with quotas and incentives that fuel racial profiling.


It is dispiriting to think that we have to go outside of the city for talent or leadership. If it does start and end with the Mayor then why not enlist Banks or Pinero, they are a real reflection to what the city looks like and they are also qualified. Why not give them an opportunity?


Bill Bratton is a Godsend. The hubris of the current administration is unmistakable. Yes there are people who will miss Bloomberg but those are the same folks who missed Julius Caesar and Napoleon. Bill Bratton will have to be very politically correct with all the critics and our ultimate hope is that the Police Department doesn't wind up to be totally emasculated.


Bratton was a good pick but any Commissioner is only as good as their boss, the Mayor. Bratton had a tough prosecutor and Mayor under Giuliani. Now he has an avowed radical who said a few weeks ago that he'd meet with rogue biker gangs. Only time will tell but I see Bratton clashing with deBlasio. deBlasio wants Bratton to turn the NYPD into a bunch of social workers. If Bratton does that, we are all doomed

Nick / Oakwood, Staten island

Ray Kelly was a megalomaniac who drove hundreds of talented people from the NYPD. Bill Bratton should try and undue the damage to the morale and public distrust that Ray Kelly created

The Village

Although, I am sure that appointing Bratton as NYPD Commissioner may be a positive move for the future of New York City's law enforcement practices, my concern is what is de Blasio's intentions for fixing the New York City Department of Correction? As discussed on COBA President Norman Seabrook's radio station today, the current Correction Commissioner, and her administrative staff, have allowed New York City's incarcerated to viciously assault way too many staff members, without repercussion, while allowing too many innocent correctional staff members be criminally indicted; as well as wrongfully terminated for attempting to defend them selves, and others, from these attackers.

If something is not done soon to rid the Department of Correction of Dora Schriro, and her harmfully clueless minions, then Mayor de Blasio should just surrender the keys over to the violent felons who are detained on Rikers Island.

Sal M.
Springfield Queens

Bill Bratton is an excellent choice but there will always be the disgruntled who will object to anyone appointed as police commissioner other than Al Sharpton.

Spudge in ENY

Decidedly, Bill DeBlasio made the right choice. Bill Bratton is not a carbon copy of anyone. He knows enough about law enforcement to balance out the deficiencies and the advantages the police department has cultivated, over the years. Had a unknown candidate of similar experience come to the table, there would be a skepticism to deal with, and with a larger debate over a more socially acceptable
police commissioner.

Michael in Woodside

This confirms my believe that the developers, bankers, Wall Street and Elitist's put Bill De Blasio in power, so the regular New Yorker will think they have someone they can relate to. Here is to another 4 years of Bloomberg.


Police are NYC citizens too. What do they think of the new Commissioner and their new Boss? I think that's important to know.

East New York

Is this what democracy has boiled down to? Opinion polls? This is a political appointment. DeBasio was elected to do a job. This was his choice.

There's beaucoup racial tension in the country, and will be as long as people of "mixed race" still consider themselves "black". They are factionalizing. And this is at the root of this poll. Racial tension can serve political motives to emphasize the differences along racial as opposed to financial lines. Which exists anyway. If you want to serve the public, stop giving play to black against white. Start linguistically using "mixed race" as it is appropriate, and, as more people are becoming mixed anyway. It will hopefully reduce the tension among the races.

Why don't you put out a poll that askes if "mixed race" offends mixed race people? Whites, or Blacks? Or Eurasian? Do you think you have a civic responsibility to quell the racial tensions in this city??? Or are your aims to create more tension?

When are we, the people, going to have a say in governement choices regarding fundamental political positions, and how our tax dollars are spent? Heck, I'd settle for a chance to vote on whether Daylight Savings time still has revelence to this society?

Just calling "a spade, a spade" and a "mixed race" a "mixed race" would be a start in unifying the population.

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