Thursday, December 25, 2014

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The Call Blog: Nelson Mandela Passes Away at 95

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The world lost an amazing leader and person today. The things he accomplished should be remembered and learned for years to come because he paved the way for all the other great men and women that followed him along with those that will continue to follow him. Your thoughts are posted below.

Former South African President, world leader and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela passed away today. He was 95 years old. Mandela had been battling a number of health issues in recent years, including a chronic lung infection. He had been listed in serious condition at a hospital since June.

After enduring nearly three decades in prison, Mandela went on to dismantle the country’s brutal apartheid system and become South Africa’s first black president. He was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his leadership in ending apartheid without violence. Today, President Obama, calling himself “one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s life,” said the world has “lost one of the most influential, courageous and profoundly good human beings.” Mayor Bloomberg also offered his condolences to Mandela’s family and ordered flags at City Hall to be lowered to half-staff.

How are you remembering Nelson Mandela today? What legacy is he giving behind? What are your personal recollections of the beloved global statesman?

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The death of former South African president Nelson Mandela indeed is a very sad loss for not only South Africans,but also for millions around the world who supported him during his very active life. He endured 27 years in a South African prison,because he stood up for what he truly believed in-that all people had rights that could not and should not be ever taken away from them.He was a Nobel prize laureate ,and he was loved and respected all over the world for his ability to stand up for what he believed in. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family,friends,and the people of South Africa. The world has lost a powerful voice for human rights,freedom,and dignity. May he rest in peace.

Fresh Meadows

First of all i would like to say god bless the Mandela family. now Nelson is in god's hands, my brother endured a lot, 3 decades in prison fighting aprthed and he turned out to be the first African American president in south Africa he died a great man god decided it was time for him to go to heaven. All minority parents should teach their young kids about him tell the kids they can be anything they want to be in life they need a good education and stay in school Barack Obama Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela should be role models for the minority people

Upper West Side

not without self sacrifices.
He is to be remembered by all as a great person without selfishness on his
What he has endured to reach this goal of his was to me almost inhuman for
him to comprehend.
No matter what he did it his way.

RIP = Mr. Mandela

Morris Park

It is sad to hear of the lost of Nelson Mandela who was a iconic beacon of hope. South Africa and the world has lost a great leader but more than that a great human being. He fought against apartheid and fought for peace and unity of a nation. His tenacious and courageous efforts to achieve democracy in South Africa was truly remarkable if not epic. He was a unique human being who would not acquiesce nor capitulate to the evil powers that existed. Even being in prison for 27 years could not destroy his indomitable spirit. Nelson Mandela did right the wrongs of his day and did make a difference. Remember this too, Nelson Mandela favorite poem was called ," Invictus ," which closed by saying," No matter how straight the gate or charge the punishments the scroll, I am master of my fate and captain of my soul." He truly lived by those words. Nelson Mandela we say goodbye but will never be forgotten.

Glen Oaks Village

I'll remember Mandela as a freedom fighter who unjustly served 27 years in prison for fighting for freedom.

Port Richmond

Nelson Mandela has influenced me in advocating an end to solitary confinement by meeting with the president of the correction officers union in order to seek common ground to end the torture of solitary confinement. We must speak with those who we don't necessarily always agree with.


I feel grateful to have lived in a period where a Man Like Nelson Mandela existed. For me his strength, his endurance, and his believe in what was right will always be an example for me. To see one man lead the fight against "Racism and Oppression" is great. I hope his life will inspire others to stand up against racism and prejudices wherever it exist. Let us keep what's right and decent in the foreground and not forget Mandela's achievements and accomplishments. Racism still exist and we need to continue to stomp it out of a Civil society.

Upper West Side

The name Mandela has become synonymous with freedom. The first thought that crosses our minds we hear the name Mandela is freedom and the enormous sacrifice paid for it by one man. Although Mandela the man is no more, the freedom he won for millions of others lives on.

Mandela means freedom.
Freedom never dies.

May God strengthen his family.


Today the world has lost Mandela, he is gone but not forgotten, and especially in this world today that seems to be greatly motivated by selfish greed, and lack of consideration the privilege show for our less fortunate, lets us hope that his spirit lives in us, and teaches us all that greatness, and wealth, comes from giving.

Like others before him (like Leonidas from Greece; William Wallace from Scotland; & Martin Luther King from Alabama, USA) who sacrificed, suffered, and even died, so others can have freedom, and equality, the best this world can do is keep his spirit alive, and continue to tell his story.


Let his actions propel you to perform to bring peace in each situation, to remember freedom is not free it was won by the blood of many. Most of all remember respect yourself when you think of Mandela, Kennedy, King, Malcolm to behave with dignity and self control, strive to become educated be a part of the solution not a part of the problem.


We grew up in South Africa - and was a part of the Anti-apartheid struggle.
It was an awesome moment for us - when he was released from prison.
Mandela made a great difference in our lives.
We were blessed to have had him as our first democratic President

Nelson & Valerie
Staten Island

As a retired Lieutenant NYPD i got to shake the hand of Nelson Mandela. A man of peace and love. That loudmouth Charles Barron should take a lesson from Mandela.

Ozone Park

If you take a tour of America's prisons you'll find that 9 out of ten jail cells have Black Men in those cells. Something is very wrong with those numbers. We need to look at the laws and conditions that would cause such an atrocity in a "FREE" Nation. More than half of those men should not be there. Rockefeller laws. Guns and drugs pouring into Black communities. The public school systems destroyed=a Black male prison crop. Honor Mandela with justice here in this Country.

East New York

I would love to share my thoughts to the family and the fans of this great man " Mr. Nelson Mandela" a man that changes the world and make us have a better understanding about life! This man went from being a prisoner to a president of the great country "South Africa". This man taught us how to become a leader. I would like to send my sincere condolences to his family and fans!
May his legacy lives on forever!


P.E.A.C.E. Positive Education Always Cause Elevation! President Mandela Is The Definition Of This Word PEACE! He Is One Of a Hand Full Of Great Minds That Truly Lived By This!

Magnanimous Luz!

Nelson Mandela was non-violent person who believe in peace!!!!!! Give me a shout out!!!!!


Wish more people would use Mandela's example for unity and living together in peace instead of trying to divide and conquer among ethnicity and religions as it is the case in so many countries today: in Africa, in the Middle east and so on...

We wish him a good rest and all our thought are with him today and his family

Karima and Hassen
New York City

As a young educated South African in New York, today is an extremely sad day. If it were not for the efforts of Father Mandela I would have not been educated and had the opportunity to dream beyond the struggles of a young democracy. Many commend father Mandela for the years he spent in jail for the freedom of South Africa but father Mandela has given South Africa hope in his teachings of also humility and human dignity.

We are ever so grateful to him for his perseverance and South Africa will continue to hold his teachings.

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