Sunday, December 28, 2014

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The Call Blog: Report Finds One in Six New Yorkers Lack Sufficient Food

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The cuts in the farm bill have really been devastating to Americans and food agencies that are trying to get people out of poverty. That's the catch-22 -- without help, people can't get out poverty and then they rely more on the government and on and on it goes. The government needs to make a concerted effort to bring healthy food to food desserts, get people out of shelters and help them get jobs so they can begin working -- which will actually help improve our society.

An annual report by the New York City Coalition Against Hunger finds many New Yorkers are still struggling to put food on the table. Studying data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the report concludes one-sixth of New York City's residents and one-fifth of its children live in households without enough to eat.

In addition, the survey shows a ten-percent increase at soup kitchens and food pantries from last year. The problem is most prevalent in the Bronx. Thirty-six percent of residents and 49 percent of children in the borough didn't have enough money for balanced meals from 2010 through 2012.

The findings don't take into account recent federal cuts to the food stamp program. New legislation will result in nearly four million Americans losing access to the benefits next year. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio says he will make reducing hunger a priority in his administration. What do you say?

Are you surprised to learn one-sixth of New Yorkers lack sufficient food? Are rising food costs affecting your family? Will cuts to the food stamp program impact you? What grade would you give Mayor Bloomberg for his efforts combating poverty and hunger in New York City?

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I hope Mayor-Elect Diblasio will make reducing hunger a priority i see to many people begging on the streets and subways for food. I feel bad when i see a child begging for food that's no good no one should go hungry. When they make cuts to the food stamp program it won't affect me because i have cash on me I give Bloomberg a "D" on this issue

Upper West Side

Why should anyone be forced by the power of government to pay for another person's welfare? Everyone could make it on their own if their pockets weren't picked by government, federal, state and local. Repeal freedom destroying and rights violating regulations, cut taxes 10% a year until they reach zero then start over building a free country.

Port Richmond

Food and paper products are definitely a huge problem. I’ve seen products increase
in price by 30 and 40 cents. It’s outrageous. We by name brand products and I will
name a few. Huggies Wipes, Kleenex, Scott Extra Soft Tissue. Now I hope my goomba
in Albany is reading this. I noticed what was happening for about two years now. What
they did was cut the width of Huggies, Kleenex and the Music Roll by quite a bit and
we still pay top dollar for these products. The quality is not there so we pay and we
do not get our monies worth.
Now I hear people talking about unimportant things and what no one is addressing is
where are all the jobs. Huge buildings are going up in the masses and it’s like
uncontrollable and where is the affordable housing and when do they repair housing
already in existence.
The count being 1 in 6 not having enough food is just awful.
I feel so sorry for the people that have to go into shelters. I can’t even imagine this.

This DeBlasio had better get busy and this Bloomberg can’t leave to soon for me.
Something is not right to me when the outgoing mayor says he’s banning Styrofoam
and the incoming mayor agrees with it. [NOT NOW GUYS=THAT’S FOR THE BACK BURNER]

Sad to say that it’s become a chain reaction because of not having enough jobs for
people to at least try to get on their feet again.

Morris Park

about where his next taste of food is coming from or how he would feed his family. Unfortunately there are so many people in our City that live this every day, it's heartbreaking. We all tend to take what we have cooking on our stoves, stocked in our pantries, etc for granted. We were born into homes that had this and we grew up providing it in our own homes as we matured and had families of our own. I am a NYC school teacher, I eat as often and as much as I choose but I look out over my classroom and I see hungry children. We feed them, often we also clothe them - providing warm clothing for this time of year rather than seeing them wearing a wafer thin windbreaker or light sweatshirt. This is the life of a NYC school teacher. We don't just teach our students, we protect them and help them thrive when outside sources are not there for them.

I give Bloomberg an F for cutting the food stamp program - what he should have done was hired one of his million dollar consultants to find the fraud in the department - people claiming they need the stamps while they drive away in their late model Mercedes or Cadillac, pulling their card out of a Gucci wallet, etc. These people should not be entitled to a dime. Those who work for dollars a day, many of them immigrants to our City, should receive them for their families. They deserve to eat, whether or not you feel they should be here or not.

Arden Heights

I'm not surprised at the report's findings given the cities high unemployment rate and those that are working have not had a decent increase
in their wages for many years now.

Bay Ridge

It's a very upsetting statistic; especially when you consider the amount of wealth there is in NYC and the amount of food that is wasted each and every day as people leave
food uneaten on their plates in restaurants and let food rot and spoil in their kitchens. It would be nice if some of the sales tax collected by restaurants was redirected to hunger programs in our city. We could take 1% out of the 8.75 sales tax and that would add up. I think/ hope DiBlasio will do a much better job in addressing the issues of the poor.

Jackson Heights

Want have your heart broken? Go to a food pantry and see the hundreds of people on line and they keep coming. One out of two seniors eligible for food stamps in NYC are not receiving them. Democrats and Republicans both want to cut billions out of food stamps. Proud that two NY Senators and NYC congressmenbers voted against cuts. How did our federal government get so cruel?

Sheepshead Bay

The Dow Jones hits new highs each day and today we learn hunger involving our children and senior citizens is a serious problem.

Something doesn't make sense here.


I'd give soon-to-be former Mayor Bloomberg a letter grade of D for his efforts. This sad state of affairs reflects the depths to which the mayor is out of touch with the vast majority of New Yorkers.


Unfortunately as NYC becomes more expensive than it already is to live in, the food pantry lines will only get longer. Unless one has a very good paying job, then handouts will be the only way to make ends meet.

Forest Hills

Rise of food costs, rent, taxes, transportation and no raise for city workers have had a great effect on the middle class. Why are we just focusing on the poor?


In a couple of years,we're all gonna be on food lines. Except for Bloomberg & his pals.

Richmond Hill

For a seemingly wealthy State, we seem to be resembling a third world country. It is outrageous for us to have so many people unable to put "decent meals" on the table, and our Greedy Congressman are continuing to cut the food benefits from those who clearly are in need the help. Where is the compassion? For me it's not that bad because I don't eat meat or dairy, or sugar, that makes my budget is quite small of things I do eat.

Upper West Side

First off, it's obscene that ANYONE, of any age goes hungry.

But I do get annoyed at the constant emphasis on children or "families " (ie adults with dependent children). Let's not forget the seniors and middle-aged people -- people who are retired, may or might not have family to help, or jobs which pay enough to allow them to pay rent and buy enough food and/or medicine ... people who might not be able to work due to health problems. So when people give, don't forget about groups which helps this part of our city's population.


US soldiers die everyday to insure that Americans live decently. The minimum wage should be $15.00 per hour.

Greenwich Village

i think the state should build a fort where the homeless can take a bus from nyc to the fort --Here at the fort the person can receive a bed and food ---------possibly volunteer to keep the grounds neat --a place they can all take care of

Staten Island

New York ranks 50 ,bottom of the barrel as the least friendly to business. Is it any wonder business people do not want to start business here.


I was sitting at a light looking at people in line waiting for food. A 40 year man with 2 toddlers with anemic looking eyes stood at his knees. He took out a fresh pack of cigs and lit up. He gave a cig to another man standing in line. Just because he smokes
doesn't mean that he is not hungry or shouldn't get free food. I saw a man at the homeless shelter lines on NY1 smoking too?
I suppose that someone could have given the man the $10.50 pack of cigs.
I am just confused.

Throggs Neck

It would be interesting for the media to look into how people on food stamps became 'poor'. Did they have multiple children they can't afford? Where's the self responsibility in the decisions that people make about their lives that in turn lead them to a life of poverty? If you dropped out of school, went on drugs, had children you couldn't afford, sorry but I don't feel sorry for you. NYC is the most expensive city in the world; people are very unrealistic in thinking they can have multiple children, no education and live a comfortable life here. Food stamps are not meant to cover your entire food bill. Get a second job if you can't afford to live here.

I am appalled that I dont hear the obvious solution being reoeated ad wages across new york would live scores out of poverty! I reject any solitary attempt to frame this common sense proposal as radical. But, will anyone act?


Bloomberg was installed by the big banks and the corrupt corporations. His role is to keep the rabble from revolting. Keeping them fed is not in his job description. He gets an A in inhumanity.


I would give Bloomberg a solid B for New York's hunger.

Every city will have its share of poverty and hungry. It's inevitable.

As long as this city provides a direct link between food programs and the hungry, I feel that the social responsibility is being met.


I am 68. I have food stamps. They don't go far. I no longer have enough to live on decently. My USN son died in the Pentagon 9/11. My mom has dementia and has to pay what she does not have. I pay. I am alone and carrying more than I can. Food stamps have kept me eating and that just got reduced.
I have family 60 miles away who can't help me.
I see no livable future. Would you?
Thank you Michael Bloomberg.




It is bad timing that food stamps were cut during this holiday season, food & gas prices are on the rise, someone else stomach is getting fat off the poor, it is about time that corporate pays the piper!


All "billionaire" Bloomberg cares about is suger less soda!! Give him F +


It is truly appalling to see how so many people in this city can be so callous and disinterested in a problem as big as hunger, a problem that, believe it or not, affects all of us. These are not animals that we are taking about, these are Human BEINGS with the unalienable right to food. Why have we allowed our society to view the lives of others with such low regard? What ever happened to compassion? I've been taught all my life that our government is here for our protection, but when I see millionaire law makers and office holders not doing anything substantial to combat the food issue, while at the same time they're making sure their family is eating ok while thousand are going hungry, my whole perception of our "government" is one of disgust.

Port Richmond

Bloomberg gets an f++++. All he's done is allowed the development of luxury condominiums to go up in poor neighborhoods, driving the cost of rent to go up in this areas therefore this people are becoming homeless because they can't afford to live where they've lived all they're lives.


Why are companies that make millions in profit allowed to pay their workers so poorly that they need govt asistance? Some of them even get tax breaks! There should be a legal amt required to pay the workers who earn these profits determined by the actual bottom line. Am so glad that Bloomberg, his cronies and his mentality are on their WAY OUT!!

I'm sitting here listening to you read the e-mails, watching them scrawl along the bottom and hearing the callers.

That anyone would think Bloomberg deserves anything but an F is beyond me.

There are more people hungry, more people poor, more people struggling today than before he was in. To those calling this a "hand out" - get over yourselves. Would you rather we live in a society where we let people go hungry? As for that anonymous e-mail, trust me, no one chooses to be poor. Did you choose not to be poor? Idiot.

Lets not forget, while Bloomie was making it easier for his developer buddies and doing everything he could to make this in fact a City for the wealthy, he also issued NEW food guidelines - unless your donations meet certain specifications (nutrition, fat, caloric intact, etc.) and you receive City funding, you cannot accept those donations. So more food wasted.

The mayor should be ashamed of himself - and the City Council under Quinn (aka Bloomie Mach II) for allowing this great City to wind up where we are.

Jackson Heights

I believe Bloomberg deserves an F in many categories, especially where the poor is concerned. He is only the mayor for the rich. He has made it extremely difficult to make ends meet in New York. There are not enough programs out there to help the poor establish a better living. Not everyone living in poverty is hooked on drugs or trying to take advantage of the system.

Park Slope

Unfortunately the dilemma facing today's New Yorkers is either pay the rent or feed the family.


Bloomberg has not done anything to help the poor or to limit the impact of cost of food on the poor. He donated over 300 million to his alma mater, instead of donating some to the local food pantries. Personal, I am on food stamps due to lack of employment and that is not by choice it is by need. People go through hard times and these programs are put in place to help these people in a time of need in their lives. No one should criticizes people on these programs, because everyones circumstances are different. If Bloomberg wanted to really help he would never have made changes in the shelter program having them pay to have a place to sleep. That is an oxymoron, the homeless/jobless pay to stay at a city shelter. Come on, Bloomberg helped his bank account and his finical portfolio instead of the poor families in New York City. Bloomberg gets an F++.

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