Monday, December 22, 2014

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The Call Blog: Mayor-Elect Bill De Blasio Announces 60 Leaders Joining Transition Team

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61% of those who responded to our Snap Poll said they would like to see Bill Bratton as their next police commissioner. Will Bill de Blasio take that into consideration? Probably not. The mayor-elect said today he respects the voice of the people, but will be listening to his inner circle only.

From the Brooklyn Museum to the NASDAQ, the Children's Aid Society to developer Forest City Ratner, leaders from dozens of organizations joined Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's transition team today. The list of 60 "experienced leaders and experts" will assist him in "building a progressive, competent and diverse city government."

The transition team includes leaders from corporations like Google and AOL, hospitals like Montefiore and Long Island College, colleges like John Jay and York, and non-profits like the Coalition for Asian American Children & Families and the Queens Council on the Arts.

De Blasio also visited the "Talking Transition" tent in Manhattan for the first time today. There, he said he talked with former Police Commissioner Bill Bratton about replacing the current Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. De Blasio called the meeting productive, but said there will be further discussion about who should lead the NYPD. What do you say?

Who should be the next police commissioner of the NYPD? Do you think your interests will be represented in Mayor de Blasio's administration? What should he focus on during his first year in office?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

I would definitely say Philip Banks should NOT be the new police commissioner. His focus as the new chief of department has showed nothing but what he will do as the commissioner. First implementation as the chief of dept., he changes cargo pants for police officers and bands them. Pants shouldn't be something of focus rather than training and policies. I know him personally and he is a great person but not for commissioner. His focus is on petty things and not the more important issues. Bratton should definitely be the new commissioner. Hes experienced and knows what it takes to be a commissioner. Banks only knows what compstat tells him and is out of touch with the police.


I don’t care who he picks, anyone he picks will be mediocre, I don’t trust Warren Wilhelm Jr.(De Fazio).. never had a left wing Mayor before. He will have the unions and thugs running all over him. He did break US Law by going to Cuba, and did support the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. I fought in Nam.. against his ideology. No reason to put extra taxes on the rich. Businesses and people will be fleeing this city and so will I.


I believe that former Chief of Department Joseph Esposito would be the best choice. He has extensive experience and has the total respect of the rank and file and of the community. He led us through 9/11 without anyone's knowledge of his strong role.

- Susan

Can't believe Bratton is being considered. It was under him and Guiliani that all this excessive policing including stop and frisk began. Also he was dumped really because he was getting more newsprint than his boss the Mayor. Has everyone forgotten the arrogance of the dept under him? Also can we forget him being in the society pages. How many times he was at Elaine's, show openings, etc Do we really need this again???


Easy to be against Bloomberg now.... remember we came out of 2008 economic crisis very quickly thanks to him.

I am skeptical of de Blasio's ability to run NY ..the Unions can not run this city any longer we are not in the 1920's ... free market, more competitions this should be how the way enterprise make decisions!

South Park Slope

When the name Bill Bratton is tossed around as a candidate for police commish I'm amazed at how easily people forget police relations with minorities during the Guilliani Administration in my opinion and I'm sure a few other in my community it could be summed up with a few names Abner Louima, Timothy Stansbury, Amadou Diallo...that's what I remember.

Francisco G.
Upper West Side

[EDITOR'S NOTE: All of the police-involved incidents above happened after Bill Bratton resigned as police commissioner.]

All I want for Christmas is a Mayor better than Bloomberg, nothing else. I already have my two front teeth :)

Carmen, Bay Ridge

Focus: crime and education.
Police Commissioner : Bill Brattain

Brattain did great for the city when he was police commissioner. He should get the opportunity to finish the job. He was a well respected police commissioner when he served under Mayor Juliane. NY CITY will be better served with Brattain. I hope mayor elect DeBlaso chose Brattain.


Why do we need Bratton? Especially, when this city needs someone who has the task of not only keeping the city safe ,but also building a coalition with communities.
Bratton did his stint in NYC, why do we believe that only he is capable? No one says put in place an unqualified officer, but let's start to think forward with new effective ideas .


Revisit NYCHA - remove Rhea's buddy system. Place everyone back in the field and restore residential services as oppose to duplicating departments for favors/friends. Promote based on civil service titles not friendship. Revisit the infill process. For Police Commissioner Piniero or Timmoney - both career law enforcement. The best Commissioners are those who move up the ranks.

Lower Manhattan

Chief Pinero would be an excellent choice. He is a New Yorker, he has worked his way up, he is Hispanic, fully bilingual, a lawyer and has Harvard credentials. I’ve known him from the time he was Captain Pinero under Commissioner Ben Ward. He is super-disciplined, a healthy eater, mild-mannered, fair and sharp as a tack.




One of the things that should be on De Blasio to do list. Is finding a way, they can help regulate the MTA's fare. It keeps going up but mind you have of us are student wether public private or in college it becomes a burden.


Bill Bratton knows the terrain of New York City, he's experienced and well versed in dealing with the media, and he didn't allow Giuliani to break his stride. If Bill De Blasio won't keep Ray Kelly as police commissioner, he needs to seriously consider Bill Bratton.

Michael in Woodside



The candidates for police commisioner are stellar choices. Bill bratton has run 3 different Police departments and brought the NyC transit Police Department to the forefront of law enforcement when he was the Chief prior to being the Police Commisioner. However I think being removed from the NYC dynamics for so long I believe Chief Banks who ran the Community Affairs division and a stellar precinct commander is a proven leader and better fit for the current Policing issues in NYC.

Rodney from manhattan

The best police commissioner for the New York City Police Department would be Bill Bratton. You need an outsider who has an extensive background about policing, who is totally away from the current administration. How is the mayor elect even considering someone who is currently in the administration because of race? This isn't about race, it is about intellect and making the right choices and decisions.

AJ from Manhattan

If not Ray Kelly who did a great job I say Bill Bratton He should concentrate on keeping NYC safe from terrorism and crime, increase job availability and improve education by modifying core is not appropriate for all students.

Staten Island

the new police commissioner must establish a community Crisis Intervention Teams to respond to 911 emotionally disturbed calls. The new mayor should appoint prison advocates to the Board Of Correction. There are no non whites presently on the board.


I think Al Sharpton should be the next commissioner. There have been too many illegal searches on Black People for far too long

Breezy Point

I think de Blasio will run the rich out of New York with his tax increases. Ray Kelly has done a good job. It is the liberals and socialists who will undo all NYPDs hard work and de Blasio is one of them.

Park Hill

The police commissioner should stay on with him because Commissioner Kelly has done a great job. However, if he is definitely getting rid of Kelly then Bratton was also excellent.

In his first year, he should focus on keeping crime down, keeping peace in the City, unemployment, housing, contract for all City workers who have been without for up to 5 yrs, funding public schools while doing away with co-location and closing of schools, etc.

Jessica, Arden Heights


Bill Bratton is my pick for Police Commissioner. He has a good track record.

Flushing, NY

Hi John,

De Blasio’s talk with Bratton seems to be meaningless because Bratton’s beliefs were for stop and frisk and the voters told DeBlasio that it was un constitutional because it was infringing on their rights because most of the ones stopped were blacks and Hispanics. So it goes back to the same thing DeBlasio talks from both sides of his mouth.

Thank you John,


Really....he needs 60 more people for his transition team? Are they being paid? Was hopeful that DeBlasio had his own vision for New York City. Now it appears that he needs tons of help to do his job. How many of the 60 are campaign donors? Along with Chief Banks, 1st Dep. Peneiro and Bratton, why isn't deblasio looking at other chiefs within the NYPD. I'd start with the Chief of Detectives Pulaski. I have very little hope for our City.

midtown east

For the good of the middle class, and working poor mayor de Blasio needs to put his efforts in the area of affordable housing especially since the neglect this vital concern suffered during the Bloomberg years.

Bay Ridge

Hi John

Mayor-elect Diblasio should focus on affordable housing and education, because for twelve years those two things have been neglected by the Bloomberg administration there is no affordable housing for the families that arejust getting by, The kids need to stay in school and go to college so they can achieve their goals in life. I think whoever Diblasio picks for the next P.C. should be a commisoner for everyone

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