Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Today Is Deadline For Bids For Private Development On NYCHA Land

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It's all about trust. Many New Yorkers (and most NYCHA residents) don't believe Mayor Bloomberg when he says they won't be affected by this plan. New Yorkers have watched Bloomberg's personal fortune quadruple while developers built luxury condos all over town. This, as New Yorkers in public housing have waited three or more years to get a leaky pipe fixed. It's all about trust. And there isn't much left after the last 12 years.

Today is the last day developers can submit proposals to build market-rate apartments on public housing property. The New York City Housing Authority wants to raise much-needed revenue by leasing 14 parcels of land at eight developments in Manhattan. The plan calls for the new construction to be 80% market-rate apartments and 20% affordable housing.

NYCHA says the plan would generate up to $50 million on a yearly basis, and residents will not be displaced or face rent increases. But the controversial plan by the Bloomberg administration is currently facing two lawsuits, and the fate of the project is unclear once Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio takes office. What should happen next?

Should the plan to lease public land to private developers be put on hold until Mayor de Blasio takes over? What advice would you give him when it comes to moving forward with this idea? Do you support this revenue-generating idea, or do you find it objectionable?

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Hi John

The Plan should be put on hold until Mayor-elect Diblasio takes office, I dont trust Bloomberg. I would suggest to Diblasio to get rid of Mr Rhea then hire someone he thinks is right for the job and he can work with then both of them go over the plan if Diblasio thinks its a good plan to raise revenue go for it. It should be 50% affordable housing and 50% market value. the city needs more affordable housing for single parents with a lot of kids.

Upper west side

Financially the is a great win for NYCHA-

Midtown East

This is just a tricky way to increase land value and eventually raise the rents on the current working class tenants, displace them, and increase the rent on any future tenant. I pray this doesn't happen.

Ari, West Chelsea


Government should get out of the housing business. This plan will be just as corrupt as those that preceded it.

Port Richmond, SI

One question who the hell can afford market rate apartments in this city besides Romney and Trump? No public land to private developers thru eminent domain. The city was virtually for sale under this mayor and it impacted everything they even kicked out Nick of Burger Joint. Ridiculous greed and the worst of the worst is Rudin (Bloomberg's realestate baron).


Hi John,

All projects should be halted until the next Mayor takes over. This rush on Bloomberg's part is hastily trying to start to many projects that will be left hanging in mid air and we might also run out of money in the interim. He had all the time in the world to get things done and still this is yet another Manhattan project. Why are they only building 80% market rate and 20% affordable. All of these politicians starting from the top down are all responsible for letting NYCHA get out of hand. I also would like to know why the same people are being put on these so called panels to try to decipher the needs of us New Yorkers.

Thank you John,

Who could be against this? Who better to go into the real estates business than the New York City Housing Authority. The people that could be against this are the people that didn't think of it first. Give credit where it's due. Well done Mayor Bloomberg, and "Boss" Rhea. I'm sure Mayor De Blasio will make sure it doesn't turn into another Lottery Scam. Remember all that money from that was suppose to go to "Education" from the NYS Lottery. Every cent that was made from the lottery was taken from the schools by NYS. It's a great idea if we're not played again.





The state should have a a law were if you make x amount of money owners can only charge you x amount. Also if its for two people someone has to make x amount of money in order to get either a one bedroom or two bedroom. I also agree withwhat nycha is doing this will improvethe conditions of the housing. Also to give these housesto senior citizens.

Jose from Bushwick

The federal government has drastically reduced the funds available to maintain NYCHA housing. The proposal to build market housing will produce substantial revenue to provide needed funding for NYCHA. It's easy enough to object to this on political grounds, but the alternative is to watch NYCHA housing to deteriorate even further. This proposal needs to move forward. Diversity is a positive development. This is a creative way to provide NYCHA with badly needed capital funds.


That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one! Bad idea! Unfortunately, privatizing anything public means the public will get the shaft! The affordable housing program currently underway means many low income working class folks will get squeezed out!

Gentrification is written all over this! Just a way to move the rest of the low income working class middle class people out!


The residents of public housing need to take more pride in where they live. I live in one of the complexes named in the lawsuit. As soon as the Housing Authority fixes a problem, residents break it again. We can't expect people not to come to "our neighborhood" when we do not appreciate it. Also, residents in housing have electric and gas included in their rent, a luxury many people in the city do not have.

Upper West Side

The projects already suffer from severe deferred maintenance. If that continues, many NYCHA buildings may be declared uninhabitable and face the wrecking ball, which is what happened to many other low income section 8 housing projects around the country. The federal govt. has reduced aid to all these projects, which has partially created the shortfall. New development may save this from happening. I'm in favor of mixing it up.


No ,nycha should not build more high rises on property. People are living on top of each other now. To save money nycha should stop spending millions contracting out jobs that nycha employees are more than capable to do. Instead lower level employees were laid off while more executives were brought in with exuberant. Salaries and have no housing experience only private business experience to sell off nycha buildings. The chairman John Rhea is only a puppet of the mayor doing his bidding.


Instead of fighting for more public money, we're sold on the idea that the rich are our only salvation, when every bit of evidence screams otherwise. It's a scam and a con, plain and simple.



Would love to know the names of real estate investors who submitted plans today. What is their track record. And yes, I believe this is a plan to gentrify lower manhattan. Where are the original nycha residents supposed. to go? Wearhousing apts. in Baruch houses. We all know what is going on here.

midtown east

Go Foward!!!! I live here and it's a great idea. People can stay if they work. Do not have to make a million dollars but, have to work.

Thank You

No Real Estate company would Lease out their land. they would develop it themselves and the rent roll is very profitable. The projects were made for working people and veterans who pay rent. They should develop the land and rent it too working people the rents roll would be more than what there going to get in a land lease. Higher the bar to get into public housing as the man said before.

Jackson Hts

Everything Bloomberg touches turns to gold...For the rich!

Shelley from Park Slope

Take a look. at LaGuardia projects. between Clinton street and Montgomery street. on Madison street in Lower Manhattan. A company has come and put scaffolding up around the project at 280 Madison St. and no work has been done for months. what is that about


if deblasio allows this plant to go forward, we should start a petition to have him recalled!


80% 'market' and 20% 'affordable'. IF 80% IS NOT AFFORDABLE ... THAT IS NOT A MARKET. Stick the 1% somewhere else.

It's just like the transit and tolls which have gone up hundreds of percentage points and they STILL cannot run themselves. WHERE IS THE MONEY??? No jobs in NY are done on time, yet the people doing them still get paid week after week after week. Clearly they are not competent. Bidding is rigged - how is it that the entire population is aware of this and the administration is still in the dark AFTER DECADES???


Save public housing. .generate funds by....

1_ stop the pilots funding. Payment in lieu of taxes ...why do nycha residents HV to subsidize NYPD police services to the tune of 75 million annually? Residents in new developments get tax abatements for years. And poor residents HV to pay for public services. Also, why does nycha outsource the trade skill jobs to no bid contract . lawyers..again out sourcing to white shoe firms millions.

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