Saturday, December 27, 2014

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The Call Blog: Which Policies Of Mayor Bloomberg Should Bill de Blasio Keep?

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Our viewers are not the biggest fans of the Bloomberg administration and unsurprisingly, many of them said after 12 years, they'd like to see new ideas and new people. A combined 72% said they would like to see de Blasio get rid of some or all of Mayor Bloomberg's policies. The rest of your thoughts are posted below. Have a great weekend!

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's transition team continues to work to establish the first new leadership core in City government in 12 years. Last night, New Yorkers had plenty to say about which commissioners should be asked to stay on the job. Tonight, we want to know which policies of Mayor Bloomberg should be continued in a Bill de Blasio administration.

On his radio show today, Mayor Bloomberg said he was proud of all the accomplishments of his administration over the last 12 years. Bloomberg added that he is "going to turn over a City that financially is in good shape, crime, education, and housing, and traffic and all those things. But he’ll take it and hopefully he’ll improve on it." How so?

Which policies of Mayor Bloomberg should Bill De Blasio keep? Should Mayor de Blasio continue the fight to ban large sugary drinks? Should he expand on the pro-cyclist ideas of the Department of Transportation? Should he start with a clean slate of appointees on the Rent Guidelines Board and the Panel for Educational Policy?

Send your thoughts using the link above.

I guess that, if pressed, I would say that we should keep Mayoral Control of schools BUT BUT BUT it has to be overhauled. There have to be checks and balances in place, and more stakeholders must be at the table before and during decision-making. No matter what, the mayor should absolutely no longer have the power to appoint a rubber stamp majority on the Panel for Educational Policy.

I like NYC°CoolRoofs initiative, from plaNYC, to have more white and green rooftops to save energy and cool the city down.


City residents voted by a huge margin for a major change from the Bloomberg years, so I'm hoping Mr. de Blasio will set out his own course and pay minimal mind the Bloomberg policies.

Bay Ridge

The mayor's appointees to the Panel of Educational Policy should definitely be replaced, but Patrick Sullivan should be reappointed.

The Panel members should be elected, and/or Community Education Councils (CECs) should have approval for charter schools and other matters.

When CECs and the communities they represent opposed charters, the PEP approved them time and again.

West Side

I would start from scratch. Otherwise what is the point in electing a new mayor.
There are many issues to be dealt with that have Bloomberg's stamp all over it
and a good example is the City Island Bridge. Bloomberg is rushing all of his
projects that please him and his cronies and not us little people that pay taxes
that live in the outer boroughs. It looks as though we are going down another
wrong road once again.

Already the inexperience of DeBlasio is continuing to show.

Morris Park

He needs to change education policy which has devestated our school system.He has to more carfully regulate the carriage horse trade.


Clean slate on appointees for the Rent Guidelines.


What Bloomberg policies should de Blasio keep? There was one, but for the life of me, I can't remember what it was.

Port Richmond

Mayor-elect diblasio should start with a new panel for educational policy because 12 years of eductional policies under mayor Bloomberg didn't work, some of the kids aren't on their grade level when it comes to reading and math. Its not all the mayors fault some schools need better teachers and the parents have to help the kids if they need help. The kids are our future. Diblasio should also appoint a new panel to the rent guidelines bosrd because the rents in manhattan are to dam high for middle class people

Upper West Side

If Bill DeBlasio wants to start off his reign of the City of New York well, he needs to form his own policies. There isn't much in the City of New York that Bloomberg has done, that is worthy of keeping. Traffic is the pits. I work 11 miles from my home. It takes me 50 minutes or more to get to work each day and equally long time to get home. He has literally destroyed the best public school system in existence. The past 12 years have seen nothing but change after change, after change. As he turned our school system in to a business, the students in our schools lost out on a quality education. They received nothing more than preparation for tests so that the data from these tests could be used to rate teachers. If the City is financially in good shape, explain why all the agencies and unions of this city - have been working for years without a contract? The NYC teachers haven't seen an increase in salary since 2008. Inflation hasn't stopped but the ability to purchase anything more than bare essentials of life, has. Maybe the rich got rich, but the middle class got poorer. Bloomberg and his policies need to go. I welcome a new Mayor and some new beliefs. De Blasio is capable of forming his own policies,, that is why he won the election in a landslide victory.

Arden Heights

Far Rockaway

Get rid of the bike lanes, let's get traffic moving again. The bikers don't go in the bike lanes and cater to .0001% of the population. Ask bikers if they want bike lanes and to stop at all red lights or remove the bike lanes and do what they want (NY's do what they want) and 99% of bikers would agree to remove bike lanes. Citi bikers go in the bike lanes all the rest don't, just go look on any street at any time. The bike lanes are to slow down traffic specially the yellow cab, so Bloomberg can sell more medallions. Money, money, money, legacy, legacy, legacy.


The new Mayor should end solitary confinement at rikers Island.


DO NOT expand the bike lanes. They are under used compared to the disruption in the traffic pattern and congestion they have caused. Delivery trucks parked in the center of Avenues makes no sense, and in the winter there is going to be even less use because they don't get plowed when it snows.


As a cyclist I think people don't understand the issue. If a cyclist is not in a bike lane it's because:

A. There is no bike lane on that street
B. There are cars parked all over it
C. The cyclist is going to turn right and the lane is on the left side making it safer than to cut traffic

Greenways save life. Random bike lanes just painted on the road serve no purpose. We need more greenway for bikes. And they shouldn't be alternate parking for Coned and the police.

Upper East Side

Good Bloomberg policies DeBlasio needs to continue - Smoking ban in most public areas; fight for better gun control -

DeBlasio needs to end the growing number Charter schools and closing failing schools and instead give all public schools the financial support and resources they need to succeed.
He also needs to end stop and frisk policies which widely targets innocent citizens.


I got rid of a car I couldn't park anywhere nor I needed I now realize. I bike everywhere or use the very reliable subway system getting to places faster than with car without having to pay hundreds of dollars in car insurance while helping the environment.


Hope next Mayor will build on Bloomberg's public health policies. "Stop and frisk" may stay if less harassed. They have to throw away the racial profiling! That's the thing peoples don't like. They could use something like the body scanners, and also set up portable checkpoints around the city.

Our new mayor must get rid of stop and frisk and Ray Kelly has to go. Stop and frisk is domestic terrorism. NYC should be ashamed of this policy. The police feed the media crime statistics that are lower than they really are and too many New Yorkers fall for their story.

Jackson Heights

Think they should stop pushing the band on big drinks as it probably is not a major problem for a large majority of the population.
Think that stop and frisk does deter those up to no good from carrying weapons or drugs and unfortunately many that are stopped are innocent of wrong doing

Staten Island

As the public has already horrifically watched on Eyewitness News, when they showed a recording of a melee that carried on for almost an hour on Rikers Island, Mayor Deblasio needs to immediately remove Correction Commissioner Schriro, and all of her civilian supervisors, who have implemented unrealistic policies in running the City's jails, and enhanced irrational micro managing practices, that only tightly tie the hands of the entire Correctional Force which has allowed imminent danger, and reckless violence to heavily expand so out of control, that if something isn't done almost immediately to restore much needed control, and order, we all soon be reading about a major tragedy that could have been avoided all along.


Bloomberg needs to keep his opinions to himself considering the damage he caused to Fire, Sanitation, Education, Roads Disrepair and Police cutbacks hence the increase in Stop and Frisk.

De blasio must restore the Pay and Respect for Teachers again, hire more Police Officers. and Firefighters.Start a Keep New York City Clean Campaign increasing the numbers of Garbage Bins and making spitting Saliva and Gums an offense with stiff Fines.He must make Public Housing livable including Tenants in the Maintenance and Management of the buildings. He needs to make major roads drivable by fixing the dangerous Pot Holes all over the city.

Bloomberg and aides have made the city too tourist friendly. Pedestrian plazas should be only be temporary (summer + weekends). Buses and traffic have to move to a crawl. Bloomberg has vilified drivers and teachers.

Hell's Kitchen

I am incensed by the public space give away to Citibank to run the for-profit bike program. Bloomburg gave his banker friends millions of feet of free public space, parking spaces and sidewalk space, so that the corporation can operate their business. On top of that, the bike lanes are making traffic congestion unbearable.


Although high fructose corn syrup is controversial there's no direct evidence it causes issues. A sugar is a sugar is a sugar to the body. People need to learn what a serving size is especially with an obesity epidemic!

Broad Channel

I hope there's a really good look at the NYPD, not just stop and frisk, but the quotas, the way they organize, their training, everything that has turned the police into something closer to an occupying army than traditional law enforcement. They have changed, and not for the better.

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